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Look At This R&B Thug: Ray J Gets Into A Screaming Match With A Woman And A Fistfight With A Man!

March 23rd, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Brandy needs to get her little brother.

For years, Ray J has been trying to prove he is “about that life.” According to him, when he was feeling lost and alone because their parents were more focused on Brandy’s career back in the day, he joined a gang and ran the streets.

Well, he may not be affiliated with a gang anymore but Ray J is always randomly into some foolishness (remember that fight and beef with Fabolous that had him all in his feelings?) and this time is no different.  TMZ received a video with Ray J getting into it with two people in what may or may not be unrelated events at a Mack 10 concert.

In the first part of the clip, a woman is pretty much face to face with Ray screaming on him because he apparently called her a “fat b**ch.”  Now, ignoring her actual “look,” one has to wonder how she even got that close to him.  Sure, Ray J isn’t an A-list celebrity but people know him so it’s weird that she was allowed to be in his face that much.  But he didn’t back down either so maybe they know each other from a different time?  She also told him not to try her because she “ain’t no fake A$$ b**ch from Carson.” Well, alright now.

But in the second part of the clip, Ray J is filmed throwing major blows at some random guy.  It is unclear if the man he was fighting knew the woman he was arguing with but it clearly went down. It doesn’t even look like the man got a hit in edgewise.

Listen, ya’ll gon’ learn today not to mess with this man.  You will learn even if he has to teach you!

Ladies, Don’t Fret: Ray-J Is Not Engaged!

December 15th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Well, it looks like some prime meat is still on the market.

According to TMZ, singer Ray-J is not engaged to his model girlfriend, Mia Milano.  There had been reports that “she said yes” a few days ago after pictures surfaced of her wearing an engagement ring.  But friends – or sources – told TMZ that Ray-J is not engaged to her and is still very upset over the death of Whitney Houston.  That sounds about right considering how he’s been vocal about being heartbroken over losing her.

So where did that ring come from?  That’s anyone’s guess. There is a chance that Ray-J did give Mia a ring but it wasn’t supposed to be “like that.”  It could be that Mia, who we don’t know too much about besides the fact that she’s pretty, bought her own diamond ring and was wearing it on her ring finger. We’re sure you know someone who’s done that.  Last option? They really are engaged but Ray-J didn’t think the news would get out so quickly about it.

TMZ also noted that their source said he’s not making any relationship plans so as we’ve seen in his past relationships, Ray could still be playing the field.