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Omarion And Girlfriend Apryl Celebrate Pending Arrival Of Their Son With Baby Shower [Photos]

June 23rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Who doesn’t love baby showers?
Singer Omarion and his lady Apryl Jones, who is toting a “bump, bump, bump” (Get it!? B2k? Nevermind…) are expecting their unborn son to arrive in the next few weeks. To celebrate this new stage in their lives, the two threw a beautiful baby shower in Los Angeles this past weekend.

The mother-to-be wore a custom Haus of Milani gown that was both sheer and adorned with lace blue and coral embroidery, which hugged her baby bump. The bash took place poolside with friends (including the Haus of Milani designer and Karen Civil) and family hanging out and taking pictures. Both Jones and O looked great, and happy, on their big day.

And not too long ago, Omarion spoke about the conception of their son on The Breakfast Club and didn’t hold anything back:

“I really have a special lady in my life and we just connected on that level and it was time for that. It wasn’t planned but it was a real turnt up night. It was during my birthday weekend, it was one of those things and it was kind of like a question like ‘baby are you sure’ and I was like ‘baby I’m sure.’

It’s kind of like one of those things like, should I pull out?” he continued. “And, I don’t know and then it was like okay.”

Check out more shots of the baby shower attire and designs below and share your thoughts.

‘Should I Pull Out?’ Omarion Strangely Discusses Conceiving His Unborn Child

May 2nd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Former B2K singer Omarion discusses conceiving his unborn child and tackles gay rumors.

Source: Instagram

Former B2K singer Omarion Grandberry is expecting his first child with girlfriend, Apryl Jones. And interestingly, he recently discussed the decision the led to the conception of his unborn son. Though he says that the pregnancy wasn’t exactly something they had been planning for a long time, he seemed to allude to the idea that he intentionally got her pregnant after nearly a year of dating.

“I really have a special lady in my life and we just connected on that level and it was time for that,” he told The Breakfast Club. “It wasn’t planned but it was a real turnt up night. It was during my birthday weekend, it was one of those things and it was kind of like a question like ‘baby are you sure’ and I was like ‘baby I’m sure.’”

“It’s kind of like one of those things like, should I pull out?” he continued. “And, I don’t know and then it was like okay.”

The singer-turned-actor and rumored reality star  danced around recent reports that he’s slated to appear on VH1′s “Love & Hip Hop LA.”

“I can’t confirm that,” said the father-to-be. “I’ve been doing this for a long time—entertainment—and I think there is another part of me that people don’t really understand. So if I did get the opportunity to let people in my life and get another opportunity to understand who I am, I wouldn’t mind it.”

As for those long-lived gay rumors, O says:

“I’m so tired of the world trying to sex-play Omarion. They want me to be gay so bad. I come up from a time where privacy and mystique was important. So a lot of the chicks that I’m sure y’all know that I definitely smashed, I’m not going to discuss that.”

Watch Omarion’s interview below.

Way Before That Hiatus From Music: 9 Big Songs You Probably Didn’t Know Keri Hilson Wrote

June 18th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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The last few years haven’t been the greatest for Keri Hilson when it comes to music. She hasn’t put out an album since 2010, and that last effort, No Boys Allowed, wasn’t necessarily album of the year caliber. And let’s be honest, people haven’t always been the nicest when talking about the singer, probably because of past allegations of ish talking when it comes to other big singers like Beyoncé and Ciara. But aside from all that, Hilson is really a talented artist, especially when it comes to her writing abilities.  In fact, she actually has helped write many hits for big names as a part of the writing team, The Clutch (which included Candice Clotiel “Gg” Nelson, Ezekiel “Zeke” Lewis, Patrick Michael “J. Que” Smith, and Balewa Muhammad) as well as on her own. So what songs have you been jamming to that she contributed to or wrote on her own? Let’s take a look and see shall we?

Bite Size Ballers: The Shortest Guys In Hollywood Who Are 5’7″ And Under

June 11th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Maybe it’s because I’m almost 6’0″ myself, but it’s interesting to me to see how many fellas in Hollywood are a lot shorter in person than they look on television. They make up for a small size with big talent, big personality and/or big enthusiasm on-stage and on-screen, and they even date the most beautiful women. But still…we can’t help but notice. Here are 14 celebrity men who we could fit in the back of our pocket.

Omarion Talks Figuring Out A Good Girl From A Groupie, And The Greatest Lesson Women Taught Him

May 30th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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If you didn’t get the memo, Omarion is out here really trying to get back in where he fits in within the R&B game. He sort of faded into the background after his massive success with songs like “Touch,” “Entourage,” and others when Chris Brown came on the scene with his baby face and sick dance moves. But there’s no time like the present for a comeback, and after receiving a good response after putting out the track “MIA,” Omarion has a new album on the way. He sat down with Vibe Vixen to talk about the project. However, the most interesting tidbit from that interview was on the art of deciphering between a groupie and a woman he’d want to have something serious with as an artist in the limelight. Maybach O, who says he was raised by only women, also talked about the power of a woman and the greatest thing he ever learned from us. Let’s discuss:

Despite the few women (or many, whatever) who throw themselves at artists, Omarion actually found himself a girlfriend. But it wasn’t easy, seeing as he claims it was hard to find a woman he could take seriously:

“It’s important how the relationship starts: the place that you meet, the setting, the class of friends they have, the homies you’re with. All of that sets the tempo. You can tell when a woman’s a woman [because] no matter what setting, she knows how to handle herself. The club is a really good example because it’s a lot going on. Any girl that looks nice, 9 times out of 10, there’s going to be a million dudes flocking her, and she handles it. A “bottle rat,” chicks that go to the club but they can’t pay for their own drink, they got in for free so they want to act super friendly with you to drink up all your Isht. If I’m in club setting, I would pay attention to if they want to stick around or they ask to stick around like, “Hey do you mind if me and my girls kick it with y’all?”

He continued to describe a respectable woman in the club:

“Those are the kind of chicks that go out to have a good time, and if they’re vibin,’ they’re vibin.’ If they’re not, they’ll do their thing. But you won’t see them at every other guy’s table.”

He was then asked what he thinks about the power women have over a man and his moods. He says that it’s truly in a woman’s nature to know how to nurture:

“It’s the ability to change things. I remember a friend of mine got shot and he called me. I was stressing. My cousin came to me while we were talking on the phone. She just started rubbing my shoulders and I totally forgot what I was mad about. She calmed me all the way down and I was good. Women have that power. I don’t know what to call it, but it’s that power, that nurturing power. The ability to change the situation by nurturing you. The encouragement, the nourishment, a woman just knows how to do that.”

And what is the greatest thing he learned from a woman?

“Patience. Women are emotional and it takes men to learn this about women. I just happened to be raised by all women so I got some of the pieces earlier in my life, but patience is a big part with the woman because you guys change so much. How you feel at 20 is different than at 14, and when you get your period, you act different. The greatest thing I learned from a woman was patience and sensitivity because you can’t always be tough. You have to have some sensitivity when dealing with a woman and her concerns, and things she goes through.”

We see you Maybach O! Check out the rest of his interview over at Vibe Vixen and let us know what you think of his evaluations of the women he deals with below.

Artists Who’ve Had A Few Ups And (Quite A Few) Downs In Their Careers Who Still Deserve To Win In The Long Run

May 14th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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It’s hard to stay relevant in the music industry. Every day there is a new face ready to drop their clothing and sing with auto-tune that can easily catch the attention of the masses and take it away from true talent. Nobody knows that more than these artists, who’ve had major highs in the industry, and quite a few lows as well. They’ve managed to bounce back and forth over the years, some finally getting positive shine, but their talents are so worthy, we just want to see them win in the long run. How about you?


"Brandy PF"

Source: WENN

Currently, Brandy is doing big things. She’s got a regular casting role as Chardonnay on The Game, recently put out a critically acclaimed album, Two Eleven, and she got engaged to music exec Ryan Press during the holidays late last year. But as we all know (and you can watch the Behind The Music) episode for further confirmation, things haven’t always been a winning situation for the singer. There was the fatal car accident, the fake marriage scandal, the reality show that didn’t paint her or her brother in the best light, and a fickle listening audience who stopped checking for her. Now that she’s regained a good amount of relevance, we’d love for her to keep it. B Rocka’s voice has always been one of our favorites!

Thank God You Got Rid Of Those Cornrows! Celebrities Who Look Better Without The Braids

December 6th, 2012 - By Meghan Williams
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Many celebrities have rocked cornrows at some point in their careers; some for years and others for days. Although some of these stars may have looked good in their braided ‘dos, we were generally happy to see the hairstyle go. With that, the purpose of this list is not to say that all fifteen of these celebrities looked bad with cornrows (although some definitely did); it’s just that, in our opinion, they look better without them. Agree?


"Lloyd PF"



Admittedly, Lloyd wasn’t bad looking with his cornrows; they even complemented his persona back when he was singing songs like “Southside” and “Get It Shawty.” But now that he’s grown up a bit in the industry and is singing songs like “Lay It Down” and “Dedication To My Ex,” it’s definitely more appropriate that his image be cornrow-free.

“O” Really? Omarion Says That He’s About To Be On That MJ/”Thriller” & Beyonce/”Crazy In Love” Level

November 29th, 2012 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I’m probably one of the few people in my office right now who wants to see Omarion win. Probably because I used to be a B2K stan (though I had more of an affinity for Lil Fizz), and more or less because I’ve seen him at his best (“Touch” anyone?) and knows he can drop some chart topping stuff. And after watching him dance for his life in almost a comical fashion at the BET Hip Hop Awards a few months ago, I can tell he’s hungry–thirsty even. But at the age of 28, post his boy band heartthrob status and dropping four solo albums, the latter two which were received with lack of enthusiasm, can Omarion really blow up big again? Or better yet, as he says, can he ever be on the level of Michael during Thriller? Beyoncé during Crazy In Love? Justin Timberlake during his FutureSex/LoveSounds reign?

He seems to think so. When talking about his upcoming EP, Care Package, with Billboard, Omarion discussed why he believes that it’s his time now to drop a classic. He’s a new and improved and eclectic O, and he’s excited for the fans, and the haters, to hear what he’s got, especially since he personally feels like most people still look at him as teeny bopping “Bump Bump Bump” Omarion from B2K:

A lot of my fans are adults and have children and lives. It’s really interesting because they still come out and support, the fans that used to chase my car. I think they ready. This is the real grown-up me. This is that age when Beyoncé had ‘Crazy in Love’ and Michael Jackson had ‘Thriller,’ when Justin Timberlake had ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds.’ I feel like I’m at that age. I can’t wait to display this new me.

If he’s trying to show that he’s grown up and out of his dance friendly pop stuff from back in the day, it helps that he’s rolling with Rick Ross and MMG, as he got signed with Ross’ crew after they met up at a strip club of all places. Magic City is the perfect place to do business, right? And since then, he’s been so hype and full of enthusiasm that he’s not letting anybody bring him down. Don’t want to see an Omarion comeback? Well, homeboy says too bad, because it’s coming: “I hope that they hear the emotion and take away one thing, and that’s that I’m coming. I’m going to continue to create music. I’m here, and that’s what it is.”

While I do like Omarion, I can’t say that I really see him making an impact or the type of music that really blew people like Bey, Justin and MJ into the stratosphere of stardom. I feel like that opportunity came and went. But hey, you can’t knock a brotha for trying. Never hurts to be ambitious, or it least it doesn’t hurt much? Care Package drops for free on file sharing sites on November 29, will you check it out?

He Wrote That? Part II: More Surprising Songwriters Behind Some of Your Favorite Jams

June 21st, 2012 - By Desire Thompson
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While jamming to your favorite songs, do you ever wonder about who wrote your favorite tune? Okay, probably not. But it’s still cool to see who helped put some of today’s major hits together, and most of the time, it’s  people who you didn’t expect. We started looking into the names behind some popular tracks back in March, and now we’ve compiled a few more. Here’s a list of some major songs by major artists that were created with a little help from their famous (or at the time, soon-to-be-famous) friends.

Graphic by Desire

“Baby” Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris (2009)

The-Dream/Tricky Stewart/Christina Milian

The song that threw Bieber into pop’s stratosphere, and was his highest charting single until 2012′s “Boyfriend,” was put together by former lovers The-Dream and Christina Milian and Dream’s writing partner Tricky Stewart (who has penned songs for Beyoncé, Rihanna, and more). The Dream claims that Milian only helped with the melody of the song- but there’s no way you can just get a royalty check and credits off a melody right? If so, then I stand corrected. Either way, it’s the jam folks of all backgrounds and ages can’t help but sing to, and it’s the song that pretty much made Bieber a household name.