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The Real “Love & Basketball”: Kevin Durant Engaged To WNBA Baller Monica Wright

July 8th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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kevin and monica feat

Well ladies, another one off the market. And though many of you were looking at Kevin Durant for yourself, we hope that you can still manage a Congratulations for the OKC Thunder player. The Associated Press reported that the 24 year old forward is engaged to WNBA Minnesota Lynx guard Monica Wright.

We have to admit that these two kept their relationship under wraps as many of us didn’t even know they were dating. Smart.

That was until Wright, who is also 24, confirmed their engagement after the Lynx defeated the Phoenix Mercury 91-59 (ouch!) on Sunday night.

After scrounging through  a little light search on Monica’s Instagram, it’s clear that these two had a little something going on. The pictures (below) detail the two together or Face Time-ing one another. There are also messages of her support for the Thunder.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Is He Turning Her On? Looks Like Keri Hilson Has A New NBA Baller Boo!

December 8th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Serge’s Instagram

She’s pretty (and seems nice). He is fine on every day ending with “y” (and seems nice).  Keri Hilson and OKC baller Serge Ibaka, we are present for this one!

There have been rumors that Keri has been at a few Oklahoma City Thunder games since the season started and they were apparently spotted leaving a game together headed to dinner. But that’s no big deal because celebrities meet and some just get along more than others, right?  But she also serenaded Serge for his 23rd joint birthday party that he did with Angela Simmons back in September.

Well, last night, Miss Keri Baby celebrated her 30th birthday in Oklahoma City (now, she’s a big city girl so celebrating her birthday in OKC gets a raised eyebrow) with a party hosted by Keri, OKC superstar Kevin Durant and…Serge Ibaka. And yes, those are her edges looking sweat out (probably from partying) and Serge with the hood low while they’re hugged up.

There are random pictures of them in the club last night floating around but this picture just about does it for us. Oh, did you notice the seven year age difference? Keri found herself a nice tenderoni who’s also still learning the English language so I’m sure they’re having a good time…learning languages and being all “grown.”  Just having fun, people!

In the past, Keri has stated that she’d prefer not to date celebrities because she feels like those relationships are easily penetrated. But a little wooing from the right man can change your mind.

Anyway Keri, you go right ahead and enjoy the dirty 30s! You certainly did bring it in right!

Chris Bosh Makes Love to a Bottle of Champagne & 6 Other Moments From Last Night’s Game

June 22nd, 2012 - By Veronica Wells
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For the ladies who really don’t get down with the sports scene, know that last night’s game was… something like a blowout. The Miami Heat won by nearly 20 points. The game was over sometime in the third quarter; but aside from the actual game, there were a few moments you must be made aware of. So if you’re not into sports but you dig pop culture, check out the moments you need to know about.


Chris Bosh’s [Very] Intimate Moment

If you hadn’t heard already, there has been much speculation that Miami’s power forward, Chris Bosh, is gay. Despite the fact that he’s married to a woman and just had a child, people constantly reference his effeminate mannerisms as proof that he likes the thang that swangs. And after last night’s victory celebration, those rumors won’t be going anywhere for a long while…if ever. The pictures don’t do it justice. Watch Chris’ very sensual encounter with a champagne bottle and see what we mean.

I Don’t Know Your Stats, But I Know You’re FINE: 6 NBA Finals Cuties Who Bring The Thunder & The Heat!

June 20th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Let’s be honest: some of you have no interest in the NBA Finals.   So if you’re going to pretend to care while you’re at the bar (because you know that’s where men will be) or at home (because that’s where your boo is watching the game), let us provide you with some eye candy.  Lord knows that professional sports teams are never in lack of some fine a** beautiful Black men. Is it getting hot in here? Oh yes, it is indeed. Check out our picks for the cutest and swexiest players from the two teams vying for the NBA Championship: The Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. And be sure to let us know who you think should get the MVP crown for hotness!