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Beyonce & Nicki Minaj Perform Flawless Remix

September 13th, 2014 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Beyonce’s Parisian fans received the surprise of a lifetime!

During the European edition of her On The Run tour with husband Jay-z, Queen Bey brought out Nicki Minaj! The two superstars treated fans with a performance of Flawless Remix. This marks the first time Beyonce & Nicki Minaj performed Flawless and have appeared on stage together.

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj shut down the stage and left the fans wanting more. Nicki also made sure to share a selfie she took with Beyonce after the performance.

We’re hoping the two will release a video for the remix after watching this performance.

Nicki Minaj Banned From Speaking At Her Former High School, Did The Principal Make The Right Choice?

September 12th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Nicki Minaj Banned From Speaking At Her Former High School


Nicki Minaj was recently denied the opportunity to speak at her old high school Fiorello H. La Guardia High School. A very prestigious performing arts school in Manhattan.

The school did not give a specific reason why they weren’t going to allow Minaj to speak but the rapper, who’s dominating the music industry these days, didn’t take too kindly to the news.

She tweeted:

I know Nicki Minaj might not exactly be the role model you would choose for your child. Yes, she sells sex and recently released a video that prominently featured her jiggling posterior. But schools allow alumni with questionable backgrounds, song lyrics, personal lives and even shady business practices to come and speak to students all the time. But few high schools boast the very accomplished alumni list like La Guardia high school. Passing on Nicki Minaj will not leave them hurting. But also, not allowing Nicki to speak doesn’t mean these students wouldn’t be exposed to her music and mature messages anyway. They might be familiar with the artist but now they won’t get the backstory.

Personally, I’m on the fence about this one. I’ve seen Nicki tell several children who look up to her to stay in school, pursue their education and work hard. And I mean several. Whether they are fans skipping school to come see her, fans on Twitter who reach out for advice, or Sophia and Rosie, the two British girls who became famous singing her hit song “SuperBass,” she always has some type of message of encouragement. And I feel like the students at La Guardia would have been particularly receptive to that knowing that Nicki Minaj literally walked the same halls she did.

The Nicki Minaj we see on stage is far from a role model. But Onika Maraj’s story is inspirational, an immigrant from a dysfunctional family goes on to become the most powerful woman in Hip Hop? That’s a story I would want to hear even if I wouldn’t execute my career in the same Nicki does. I’m of the mindset that you can learn from anyone even if you don’t agree with every decision they’ve made in their lives.

But what do you think? Do you agree with the principal’s decision? Why or why not?

Serious Question: What Is Going On With Nicki Minaj’s Booty?

September 12th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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What Is Going On With Nicki Minaj's Booty?

Source: Getty Images

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would argue that Nicki Minaj’s butt is real. But in case you were one of the few people holding out hope for it’s authenticity, this picture of her performing at the Fashion Rocks event earlier this week, will cause you to lose faith.

During her performance of her new single “Anaconda,” Minaj sits in a chair and the way her butt is positioned in said chair is just…unnatural.

It’s not every Friday morning that we analyze another woman’s backside, but it’s such an enigma that we can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on.

Look at the images?

What Is Going On With Nicki Minaj's Booty?

Source: Getty Images


Can you explain it?

You Smell That? “Anaconda” Gets A Gassy Remix

August 30th, 2014 - By Toya Sharee
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

If you were looking for maturity, the internet has proven once again that it’s the last place you’re going to find it. If you were less than impressed with Nicki Minaj’s video homage to her ability to twerk, Derick Watts and The Sunday Blues have taken it upon themselves to make the “Anaconda” video a little more amusing.

Not only is Onika breaking records with the single, but now thanks to Youtube she’s breaking wind for a whole 2 minutes and 23 seconds. What’s even funnier is how her dancers’ and even Drake’s facial expressions kind of fit all of the flatulence added to the video. Come on? You mean to tell me with all of the overtime these booties were getting on set, no one had some bad Taco Bell for lunch?

Take a look at the silliness below:

“You Got It Like Dat Daddy?” Drake Splurges On Nicki Minaj …At 7-11

August 27th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Drake Splurges On Nicki Minaj

Nicki is always calling Drake her brother. But the questionable way she’s always crawling all over him have had some of us scratching our heads.

Recently though, Nicki and Drake took a break from the hectic schedules to pal it up at a local 7-11…or some type of convenient store.

And they really did look like brother and sister.

Drake told Nicki she and a friend could get whatever she liked because he was balling owt that day. Apparently, he’s good for it.

Anyway, there’s no real reason to share this video other than the fact it’s incredible cute.

Check out the video below and let us know if you believe that these two really are brother and sister or do they need more people.


It’s Not That Serious…Is It? Why I Don’t See Taylor Swift’s Controversial “Shake It Off” Video As Cultural Misappropriation

August 26th, 2014 - By Alexandra Olivier
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Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj both took the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards to perform their latest singles (“Shake It Off” and “Anaconda”). Despite occupying two very different genres, both stars have one common detail in their recent visual productions that seem to be bringing in a fair share of controversy– twerking backsides.

One video is being well accepted, albeit a little controversial, and is cited as a return of the booty bounce days. 

The other? Well, that artist is being shamed for apparently being misguided and being given two definitive thumbs down.

Twerking became the most prominent dance craze of the moment last year. While twerking isn’t anything new within hip-hop culture, pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen have received an insurmountable wave of backlash for including the rump-shaking dance in their own music videos. It’s very easy to cross the thin line of appreciation and appropriation (just ask Katy Perry, who is often side-eyed for the latter), but in the case of Taylor Swift, if you ask me, it isn’t an open and shut case. How is it possible to celebrate Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” that features four minutes and 49 seconds of vibrating assets while Taylor Swift included fragmented segments of it in her four-minute production?

I understand rapper Earl Sweatshirt’s immediate response when he says that this video may be “inherently offensive and ultimately harmful.” But if this video montage of dance is harmful than what does that say about “Anaconda?” If Swift spent her entire video with only black dancers putting their hands on their knees while she rapped in her hoodie, fitted cap and boom box, then I would better understand how some view the video as wrong. But seeing as how she’s showcasing a medley of dance from ballet, cheerleading and even break dancing (all in a seemingly comical way), when does it really become offensive?

We’ve become so sensitive as a culture and throw darts at any artist that doesn’t have the same amount of melanin in their skin, deeming them to be culture vultures when they feature the same images in their videos that we do. There are moments of taking it too far, but sometimes we can take things a little too far.

There has to be some sense of balance. Every white girl who features twerking in her video is not racist. Things can be done in good taste and in good, clean fun. The storyline of the video is clear that it is poking fun at Swift’s two left feet. As director Mark Romanek put it: “If you look at it carefully, it’s a massively inclusive piece. It’s very, very innocently and positively intentioned. And — let’s remember — it’s a satirical piece. It’s playing with a whole range of music-video tropes and clichés and stereotypes.”

If we fault stars for including what is popular in their visual work – because let’s face it, white, black, purple and green people are all doing it – and even for questioning what seems to be popular, we’d all be stressed out.

Each video fits the genre it operates within. The head Barbie had every man, and maybe even some women, glued to the screen when “Anaconda” dropped, while the former country star has provided a cutesy, cookie cutter “be yourself” video for her fan base. Sometimes that’s all there is to it. So really, is this video really that bad?

The Story Behind Nicki Minaj’s VMAs Wardrobe Malfunction

August 25th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: MTV

Source: MTV

Last night, millions looked on as Nicki Minaj attempted to rap and dance while holding her little black dress together. It seemed apparent that the Queens rapper encountered issues while trying to pull off a swift outfit change between her “Anaconda” set and joining Jessie J and Ariana Grande back on stage for their “Bang Bang” performance. But according to one insider, Nicki’s wardrobe hiccup didn’t come as a shock to the “Pills N Potions” rapper.

“She could never get into that dress,” the source told Us Weekly. “During the dress rehearsal she did the number numerous times and could not make it into the dress zipped up even once. I’ve no idea why she didn’t just decide to wear something else. She just didn’t have the time to change from one outfit into another, there was no way.”

Nicki also reportedly addressed the malfunction while making her way into the post-awards show party.

“You all know I had a wardrobe malfunction,” she said.

“It felt amazing to open the show,” she also revealed just hours prior in the VMA press room “We ran out of time getting the dress zipped up.”

She held it all together though and the trio still managed to pull off a great performance.

In other Nicki Minaj news, the media-fueled beef she supposedly had with Iggy Azalea was laid to rest last night after the “Fancy” rapper caught her backstage and congratulated her on her performance—despite the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

“You did great, don’t worry about it,” said Iggy referring to Nicki’s dress that wouldn’t close.

“Thank you, honey,” responded Nicki.

Check out footage of their exchange below.

Success & Shade: Winners & Losers From The 2014 MTV VMAs

August 25th, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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The MTV Video Music Awards is a pretty popular ceremony that brings some of the best entertainers in the music game. Each year, artists put on stylish (or questionable outfits) and unleash a few surprises, patiently waiting to see whether or not they will take home a coveted Moon Man. Obviously this is no Grammy but still held with pretty high regard.

Here’s a look at some notable winners from last night’s event who are making major waves throughout the music industry — along with folks who got shut out. Are you surprised by any winners or losers?

Bey, Nicki’s Butt, Ariana Grande & Big Sean’s Love Connection: The Most Talked About Moments From The 2014 MTV VMAs

August 25th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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The 2014 VMAs came on and had people talking in no time flat on Twitter–and for good reason! There were wardrobe malfunctions, love connections, and of course, Queen Bey was scheduled to put on a historic performance. All in all…we were a little underwhelmed by the end of the night, but here are 10 things about the big show that did have us talking. What about you?



Questionable Wardrobe Choices

From Nicki’s booty popping in a tiny two-piece to the rapper wearing a dress that wouldn’t zip while performing “Bang Bang,” a lot of skin was exposed during the show. And did anybody else peep Amber Rose’s revealing gown!? Her husband, Wiz Khalifa, rocked a shirt that brought awareness to teen suicide, but Rose’s ensemble distracted from that big time…

“Go Mommy!” Beyoncé, Jay Z And Blue Share A Sweet Moment As She Picks Up Video Vanguard Award At VMAs

August 24th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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So it was the moment a lot of people were waiting and watching for! Beyoncé performed and picked up her Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. With MTV lauding it early as a “historic” performance, expectations were super high, especially since there were rumors that Yoncé would hit the stage with Nicki Minaj to perform the “Flawless” remix. However, the singer kept it safe. She performed her entire visual album on the stage (with a short snippet of “Superpower”) and accepted the Vanguard Award from her husband and daughter, Blue Ivy.

She opened with “Mine” and ended with “XO,” serenading her fans who have helped her get so far in her career. She also had a sweet moment there when she sang “Blue” with images flashing of her family and Blue from birth until now. And how can we forget Bey busting a move with a crowd of background dancers to “Flawless”?

But really that was it.

I don’t know if Minaj’s wardrobe malfunction got her cut at the last minute, but Yoncé kept it simple. Nothing too risque (there were flashes of booty from the singer and her background dancers, but that was about it), nothing too exciting. It was just right I guess you could say.

In the end, the singer picked up her award from her husband, who she shared a kiss with. Throughout her performance he sat in the front row next to Kelly Rowland with Blue in his lap.

Blue also came up to clap for her mom and looked cute as can be, especially when she was caught saying “Go mommy!” Yes, Beyoncé shut the show down…literally. Once she picked up her award the whole thing ended abruptly. But it was a great performance from an artist very deserving of her award.

But what did you think? Check out her performance below and share your thoughts.