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Nia Long Engaged To Longtime Boyfriend Ime Udoka

May 26th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Nia Long


After a few days of speculation, it has been confirmed that Nia Long is engaged to longtime boyfriend Ime Udoka. The rumors began swirling this weekend after Nia was spotted in California rocking a noticeably large diamond ring.

Although the couple has not spoken about their engagement yet, a rep for Long confirmed the engagement to E! News earlier today. The Love Jones actress shares one son, 3-year-old Kez Udoka, with the San Antonio Spurs assistant coach. Long is also mother to 14-year-old Massai Dorsey II, who appeared alongside his famous mom in 2014 Tyler Perry film, The Single Moms Club.

Long and Udoka have been the target of speculation and breakup rumors for years. Throughout their courtship, especially after the birth of Kez, Long was frequently met with questions about when she and Udoka would tie the knot.

“I don’t know [if we’ll be getting married anytime soon],” the actress said in 2013. “You know, he’s assistant coaching for the Spurs, so we spend a lot of time going back and forth to San Antonio. It’s tough. It’s hard. It’s a challenge. But we are committed to one another and our babies. You know, you just do what you gotta do. It was a great opportunity for him, coming from being a player. It was like the perfect way to parlay into his coaching career and so I have to support that.”

It looks like they were able to find a way to balance it all. We’re confident that Miss Nia is going to make a beautiful bride.

Nia Long


Nia Long


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[Watch] First Look At Nia Long & Mike Epps In ABC’s “Uncle Buck”

May 13th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Last week, we told you that an “Uncle Buck” reboot starring Nia Long and Mike Epps is heading to ABC this fall. The network has since dropped a trailer to promote the forthcoming series. In case you missed our previous report on the series, check out ABC’s brief synopsis below.

Based on the hit movie of the same name, the new comedy Uncle Buck is coming to ABC. Mike Epps is a fun-loving but irresponsible guy who needs a job and a place to stay. By happy coincidence, his nieces and nephew’s Nanny has just quit and his brother and sister-in-law need his help. His unconventional personality just may make him the right fit for the family and they may be the answer to his problems, too.

Judging by the trailer, the show has a bit of a “Blackish” feel to it. Hopefully, it does well with viewers. Mike Epps on primetime television definitely isn’t a bad thing.

Take a sneak peek at the new series below. Will you be tuning in?

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ABC Orders “Uncle Buck” Reboot Starring Nia Long And Mike Epps

May 8th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

Mike Epps and Nia Long will be heading to the small screen in an upcoming television adaptation of 1980s film, Uncle Buck, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The pilot was recently picked up by ABC. Epps has been cast to play Uncle Buck, who is described as a less-than-responsible middle-aged man who is out of work and scores a job looking after his brother’s children.

Long will be playing the role of Buck’s sister-in-law Cindy Russell while James Lesure has been cast as Buck’s brother and Cindy’s husband.

Iman Benson, Sayeed Shahidi and Aalyrah Caldwell also star in the series produced by Will Packer. Of course, this isn’t the first time producers have taken a stab at an on-screen adaptation of the late 80s classic. In 1990, CBS aired a sitcom based on the comedy, but it was cancelled before the season ended.

Of course, reboots are commonly associated with drama—especially when they don’t include talent from the original project. According to Deadline, the families of both John Candy and John Hughes have complained about ABC turning the movie into a sitcom. Their statement reads:

Disappointment has been expressed by both the John Hughes and John Candy families over the conduct and decision by the ABC Network and Universal Television to develop a comedy series based on the feature film Uncle Buck. Rather than either entity providing advance information to the Estates, the families learned of the project’s potential via the media.

The families feel a strong attachment to the original film which symbolized the great and unique collaboration between Hughes and Candy. Recalling that the director was displeased with first Uncle Buck TV show effort which failed on CBS in 1990, it is well expected that he would not be supportive of this current attempt.

Apparently, ABC is moving forward with the reboot anyway. Scheduling details have yet to be announced.

Do you think you’ll be checking this out when it airs?

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Is It Okay To Crush On Someone Who ISN’T Your Man?

April 19th, 2015 - By Brooke Dean
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My husband is not one to watch reality TV. Wait, let me clarify. He is not one to watch MY reality TV shows – Love & Hip Hop, The Real Housewives of Atlanta and basically any reality show that features “ratchet broads fighting each other pulling weaves and throwing drinks.” His words, not mine…although he’s not too far off in his assessment. Though, they are my guilty pleasures, he rarely indulges with me…until one day he caught a glimpse of Hollywood Exes. Suddenly he was sitting down with me watching the show intently. I think I even caught him searching the DVR for an episode he missed.

While that show was watchable, it lacked the explosive antics that garner huge ratings other shows featuring mostly women have commanded. So why the interest in THIS particular reality show? Two words: Nicole Murphy. It suddenly hit me – my husband had a new crush.

I say new because he’s had several that I’ve known of over the course of our relationship. Jill Scott, Nia Long, Beyoncé, Rihanna…the list goes on. I actually think it’s cute how he tries to downplay his crushes to me, or say things like, “(insert celebrity here) is hot like you are” or something along those lines. While I appreciate the compliment and know that he thinks I’m beautiful, I know what he’s really trying to do is reveal his celebrity crush to me in a way that is non-threatening and respectful. And I appreciate that.

However, let’s be real for a second. The chances of him actually meeting his celebrity crushes are slim. And the chances of them actually giving him the time of day if he DOES meet them is even slimmer. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is charismatic, charming and FINE! But his fantasies are less likely to become realities, so I simply smile when one of his crushes pops up on the big screen or one of their songs plays on the radio. It’s just not that deep to me.

But what if your man had a crush on a co-worker, or the woman who makes his latte at Starbucks every day? Would it still be a big deal? Would you want to know, and if so, would you consider it disrespectful to have a crush on someone he actually has a shot at?

Just because we’re married or in a committed relationship doesn’t mean we can’t notice and appreciate an attractive person who isn’t our mate. While I only have eyes for my husband, I’m not blind and can see that Idris Elba could certainly get it – if I wasn’t married of course. But that’s Idris Elba…not the FedEx guy who delivers packages in my neighborhood. If I told my husband I was crushing on Idris, he wouldn’t care. In fact, he’d probably think I liked Idris because they favor each other. Yes, he’s that vain.

But if I told him I had a crush on the UPS guy, he’d suddenly be paying attention to my online shopping habits and tracking how many packages I had delivered from the Gap. Now, my crush isn’t so silly anymore when it’s a guy he thinks I could snag in real life, not just a fantasy celebrity crush.

So where do we draw the line? I think it depends on the intensity of the crush and the state of your marriage. If your crush is someone you see on the subway or at the gym but you’re still madly in love with your husband or your partner, then the crush could be considered innocent. But if your crush is your coworker whom you spend 8 hours a day with and your marriage is on the rocks, then I’d say your crush could become your mistress or your side piece if you’re not too careful…assuming they reciprocate your affections.

For me, the ideal crush situation would be with someone you either have no chance with, ie: a celebrity, or someone you wouldn’t be afraid to tell your significant other about. It assumes that you realize that while he or she may be fun to look at and even flirt with, you know that the fantasy of him or her is way more appealing than the reality of them…and that the reality of your REAL life crush – your husband or your man – is all you really need. Sure, crushes are fun and can distract you from the mundane for a bit; but if you find that your crush is occupying your mind way more than your man is, something is wrong. No one should take the place of the one you’re in an actual relationship with. Your ultimate crush should the one you go to bed with and the one you wake up to…and who you watch Hollywood Exes with.

Hot Hair Or Hot Mess? Nia Long And Gabrielle Union Rock Cornrows

January 28th, 2015 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

I think a summer style prediction for cornrows might be in order after seeing two Black beauties on their Pippy Long Stocking steeze on Instagram. Two days ago, Nia Long posted a photo of her rocking two straight back braids, which she called #MyNewestOldObsesion and just this morning Gabrielle Union uploaded a similar pic taking it way back with the same style, feeling #PippiLongstockingIsh.

Though braids are nothing new, I’d say it might be more than a coincidence that both of these gorgeous woman pulled out this throwback style in the same week, which leads me to believe we’re going to see a lot more of this look as the days go by. But is that a good or a bad thing?

Take our poll below and let us know whether you’re feeling the throwback cornrow look in 2015.

Are Cornrows Hot In 2015?
Love It Or Leave It In The '90s?

Why I’m Thrilled To See More Complex Black Female Characters On TV, No Matter How Messy Some May Be

July 29th, 2014 - By La Truly
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"Nia Long pf"


“It’s not positive images of Black people that we need, but complex ones.”Teyonah Parris

The tense debate about the representation of Black women in entertainment is not new. It has been a hot-button issue since the beginning of modern film and television. From the controversy over The Color Purple and the outrage over acclaimed actress Viola Davis being nominated for an Oscar for playing a maid, to the hype surrounding Olivia Pope “handling” primetime television and Gabrielle Union bringing the lovestruck crazy as Mary Jane Paul, we have been at a war of sorts over our image. We’ve been at said war with one another, with the writers, with the actresses themselves and with those who hand out the Oscars and the Emmys. We get extreme images that either display the really good or the really downtrodden (and I’m not bringing up reality TV because there are so few positive images): Clair Huxtable or Precious. Vivian Banks or Kizzy. We’ve not seen or embraced anything remotely close to complex characters on a consistent basis until recently, and I, for one, am thrilled about this new interest in and push for complexity.

It’s a welcomed change. It’s high time we acknowledge the multi-faceted Black woman. She is loving, angry, confused, ambitious, intelligent, greedy, giving, depressed, faithful, needy, searching, joyful, fly, pleasant, messy, neurotic and becoming. It’s reaffirming for me to see this type of woman portrayed because I have been and can be all of these things. This Black woman is relatable for me and I know it will be for my future daughters. In this time, the Digital Age where so much of our lifestyle, social interaction, and ideals are informed more by entertainment than ever, more true-to-life representation is necessary to balance the skewed view that many young Black girls are growing up with. Sure, I’ll teach my daughters that it is possible to be a wife, mother AND businesswoman. But I will also teach them that sometimes bad relationships happen. How excellent would it be if they were able to recognize such a spectrum in what they see on television too? If what they saw on television was more reflective of our real emotions, issues, triumphs and struggles? We are just now breaking through the barriers and producing content that will help us, and the generations after us, see a vast number of Black women onscreen, as well as young Black girls too. Doc McStuffins, Princess Tiana and Penny Proud paint a subtle but solid picture of what/who Black girls are and what they can become in the developmental stages. I could have shed tears when I walked into Target and saw a Doc McStuffins costume! We are beginning to pair the the telling with actually showing our girls (and ourselves) what diversity within our Blackness, and as women, looks like in entertainment. Now we can consistently view ourselves just as varied and adaptable for all stages in life. To me, this proves very valuable for Black women and girls and I am ecstatic.

My daughters will have me to look up to, but also diverse images of WOC in their books and on their televisions that we can have open, honest and stimulating conversations about. This will be a good change from only looking to either the perfect or the downtrodden caricatures that Black women on-screen have been made to bounce between for too long.

With complex Black women characters like Nia Long as the politically savvy Billie Page in WeTV’s new drama series “The Divide,”  Gina Torres as Jessica Pearsona top law firm executive trying to maintain her spot as the only WOC at her level on USA’s hit show “Suits,” or the highly-anticipated arrival of Annalise Keating in “How To Get Away With Murder,” starring Viola Davis as the charismatic and seductive professor, we are getting to see ourselves onscreen as composite and colorful as we are in reality. Because regardless of what we say, entertainment is a large part of our lives collectively. Pushing for the range of our stories to become available in these spaces of entertainment for all to see is half the battle. We, as Black women, are starting to win and I, for one, am excited about what the future of entertainment holds for us.

La Truly is a writer, college professor and young women’s empowerment enthusiast. She mixes her interest in social and cultural issues with her life experiences  to encourage thought, discussion and positive change among young Women of Color. Follow her on Twitter: @ashleylatruly and check out her site:

Nia Long Joins Regina Hall As A Brand Ambassador For White Diamonds Lustre

July 14th, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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whitediamonds2014Nia Long has been tapped to become a new brand ambassador for the White Diamonds scent, joining Regina Hall as an ambassador for the brand.

Launched more than 20 years ago, it is one of the top-selling fragrances on the market with more than a billion dollars in sales. Some of the proceeds from her Elizabeth Taylor Fragrances are earmarked for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

Long will help introduce a new product,  White Diamonds Lustre Elizabeth Taylor.

“Elizabeth Taylor said White Diamonds was her ‘Diamonds In A Bottle,’ and that’s what Lustre really is to me – Lustre just adds that extra sparkle,” said Long, who will be starring in WE tv’s first original scripted drama series, The Divide, premiering Wednesday, July 16.

The company is hoping to pull in a new, younger market with Long, describing the new product as sparkling with “the energy of youth, the vibrancy of a strong personality and the mystery of what might come next.”

Back in May, it was announced that Regina Hall would also be serving as a brand ambassador for the perfume. “Whenever I do red carpet looks one of the things that I like is to always make sure that there’s a sense of elegance and class,” Hall told us a couple of months ago. “And I felt like [Elizabeth Taylor] always exuded that.”

Elizabeth Taylor launched her scent with Passion, which was an instant success and was soon followed by Passion for Men. White Diamonds was released in 1991 and has become Taylor’s most successful fragrance grossing $61.3 billion globally in 2010, according to market research firm Euromonitor International.

“With the launch of her first fragrance in 1987, Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion, she built a fragrance empire and one of the most successful brands in fragrance history,” a statement from the company said (via CNN). “White Diamonds remains a best seller almost 20 years after its 1991 introduction, a testimony to her transcendent and enduring appeal. Our best tribute to Elizabeth Taylor will be to continue the legacy of the brands she created and loved so much.”

“Branding is everything these days, but to attach yourself to something that really has a legacy behind it,” Long told us in an interview just last month. Read more on that here.

Nia Long Talks Co-Parenting, Being Friends With Her Ex & Their Nontraditional Family Structure

June 30th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Beauty and business sense are a powerful combination when it comes to show biz and apparently, Nia Long was blessed with both. We were able to catch up with the brown-eyed beauty for an intimate chat to discuss her new partnership with Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre, how she balances motherhood with her career and getting to a place of friendship with her ex-fiancé to provide the best co-parenting scenario for her older son, Massai.

“Put the child first,” Nia calmly advised. “The child always, always comes first. And agree to disagree on certain things. If you set an example, your child will understand the value in every relationship. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a marriage or someone you spend the rest of your life with.”

Of course, this is certainly easier said than done, but Massai knowing that his parents did all that they could to create a stable life for him—including putting their differences aside and forming a friendship—seems to make it all worthwhile for the “Divide” actress.

“I know one thing that my boy Massai will be able to say is, ‘Yeah, my mom and dad may have had their differences, but they liked each other.’ He may not be able to articulate that at this time, but I believe when he is an adult, he will say, ‘Yeah, they had their moments, but they were cool.’ His dad comes over to dinner. He’s still a part of my family. It may not be traditional, I may not have had seven marriages [like Elizabeth Taylor], but you have to do what works. Not what other people think works for you. Just be liberated. What are we tied down to? We tie ourselves down.”

Speaking of motherhood, we’re still amazed at how Nia does it all. She is currently raising two young boys, preparing for the debut of her new WE tv series, “The Divide,” and promoting the fragrance. But when we asked about the secrets behind her impressive balancing act, the 43-year-old bombshell didn’t have a fancy mantra to offer.

“You tend to the things that require your immediate attention and then you do one thing at a time,” she simply stated.

In fact, mid-interview, a minor crisis involving her 2-year-old son, Kez, was resolved.

“Last night we were having appetizers. My mother called and I hear my baby screaming in the background. I’m like, ‘Oh my God what’s the matter?’ and she’s like ‘Oh, he’s coughing a lot.’ And I’m like ‘Okay, well just don’t let him run around.’ You know, he’s my sensitive one. Then I get a call around four in the morning, ‘Oh, his temperature is really, really high. So I’ve been up since four, he’s fine. But that’s part of my life and I can’t deny any of that.”

Thankfully, during our interview, she received an update that baby Kez was doing much better.

 “I just got an update– no temp, no runny nose,” her publicist interjected.

“So you just go with the flow, it takes a village. I just do the best that I can do and I don’t try to be superwoman,” said a smiling Nia.

“I just try to stay honest and grounded and I think motherhood helps a lot with that. You’ll get such a different perspective. First you’ll be like, ‘Oh, this is who I am now?’ You just improve greatly because you know now that it’s not just you for you, but it’s for this other little person who watches everything you do […] They’re a direct reflection of the best part of ourselves.”

Exclusive: Larenz Tate Dishes On ‘Love Jones’ Sequel & Why It’s A ‘Priority’

June 16th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: New Line Cinema

Source: New Line Cinema

It’s been close to 18 years since the release of “Love Jones,” but if you were to go by Larenz Tate’s social media mentions, you’d think it was just released yesterday.

“Darius Lovehall! Yeah, Darius Lovehall! Let me tell you, this is going to be a plug right now for all of my social media @LarenzTate. I’m really starting to get into this social media thing,” Larenz told MadameNoire in an exclusive interview. “I gotta say, there has not been one day since I’ve been on social media that someone hasn’t mentioned ‘Love Jones.'”

Larenz went on to say that he’s a little shocked by all of the attention “Love Jones” still receives.

“When I say, not one day has gone by. I’m thinking, ‘It’s a movie. Really?’ I’ve done a lot of work. There’s ‘Dead Presidents,’ ‘Menace,’ ‘Crash,’ ‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love?’ No, hands down, ‘Love Jones’ is the one that gets a mention every day. Hands down, there’s no comparison. The audiences love that movie.”

Though he’s gearing up for the premiere of his new USA series, “Rush” as well as for the premiere of his new BET movie, “Gun Hill,” both of which debut next month, the seasoned actor says that giving fans a “Love Jones” sequel has become a priority on his list, as well as his co-star Nia Long’s.

“We’ve been talking a long time,” Larenz excitedly explained. “Nia and I, I’ve been trying to figure out, do we do the sequel? Is there a way to do a sequel? Is there a way to do a continuation? Or is there a way to do a part two?We’ve been creating all kinds of scenarios. It’s still very much so at the top of our conversations. It has become a priority. We have to address this. What are we going to do because the audiences in that time, not only do they celebrate the movie, they want to see what happened.”

Of course, being the mastermind behind the follow-up to such an iconic film is no easy feat.

“It’s really tough to figure out how you catch lightening in a bottle twice. The movie was such a success. Maybe not when it first came out, but over the years, it’s become such a cult classic. It’s become such a groundbreaking movie for our generation and now the next generation is picking it up. They’re into the whole poetry thing and the whole notion that African-Americans, black folk, people of color are smart and don’t have to deal with all of the so-called stereotypes.”

“No one got hurt,” Larenz continued. “The only thing that was hurt in that movie was someone’s heart and that was something that was very special. Those elements and those underlying themes are what keep people wanting more because Hollywood stopped making those films. Hollywood got into a whole bunch of other stuff that wasn’t rich in culture and rich in story like ‘Love Jones.’ There’s a need for it. There’s a void and that’s one of the real reasons why we’re considering doing a part two. We really are talking about it because they don’t make those types of movies anymore. So why not go back to what worked?”

The amazing on-screen chemistry that Larenz shares with Nia Long also appears to have served as an incentive to make the sequel happen.

“Nia and I, when we work together, we work!”

The two appeared briefly together on Don Cheadle’s “House Of Lies” recently and plenty folks were expecting Love Jones-esque make-out scenes, but fans were left a bit disappointed.

“We didn’t really work together, we were just on the same series at the time. And everyone thought we would, you know, hook up. But it wasn’t my show, it was Don Cheadle’s show so he hooked up with Nia!” he joked. “But we was like, ‘That’s fine! We wanna wait for our scene anyway! That don’t even matter!'”

Sooo are you here for this “Love Jones” sequel?

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The Apple Fell Far From The Tree: Celebs With Wild Siblings

May 13th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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We all have that one family member who will pop off at the drop of a dime and celebrities are no different. While these famous folks may know how to keep their composure, their wild siblings have no problem throwing down in a heartbeat.

Celebs With Wild Siblings



All anyone has been talking about the past few days is surveillance cameras catching Solange Knowles attacking her brother-in-law Jay Z while his wife and her sister Beyonce stood by and watched in an elevator following a Met Gala after party. While there’s no sound to support the video, it’s clear that Solange was none too happy with the rap mogul and let her feelings be known through slaps and kicks. Neither Jay Z, Solange nor Beyonce have released a statement about the incident.