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NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Wants Apology From Tabloids For Coverage Of Chirlane McCray Interview

May 20th, 2014 - By Tonya Garcia
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nyp cvr mccrayMayor Bill de Blasio blasted The New York Post and, to a lesser degree, The New York Daily News for the way it covered First Lady Chirlane McCray’s comments about her early days as a mom.

In an interview with New York magazine, McCray says, “I was 40 years old. I had a life. Especially with Chiara—will we feel guilt forever more? Of course, yes. But the truth is, I could not spend every day with her. I didn’t want to do that. I looked for all kinds of reason not to do it. I love her… It took a long time for me to get into ‘I’m taking care of kids,’ and what that means.”

The Post goes straight for the jugular, noting that the First Couple’s daughter Chiara admitted last year to being in treatment for alcohol and marijuana abuse. “The disclosure — bound to horrify most moms — shatters the carefully crafted image of de Blasio’s close-knit family, which helped vault him into office,” the paper says.

The Mayor called the coverage “disturbing and inappropriate” during a Q&A that he organized to speak with reporters on the matter. He has, according to The New York Times, worked hard to make his wife an important part of his time in office.

now standwithchirlane“A lot of hardworking women in this city are offended,” said the Mayor. “I think both The Post and The Daily News owe Chirlane an apology. I think they owe all of us an apology.”

Others besides the Mayor took issue with the cover above in particular. Some say McCray shed light on some of the complicated feelings that new moms can have and she shouldn’t be vilified for it. City Councilwoman Laurie A. Cumbo agrees issuing this statement: “As a New York City Council Member and Chair of the Women’s Issues Committee I am outraged by the New York Post and the Daily News criticism of First Lady McCray’s role as a mother. This depiction is completely unfounded and underscores the unfortunate circumstance that women today face; namely that they cannot candidly speak to the challenging realities of balancing the many facets of being a modern-day parent and a professional in the work force.”

The New York City chapter of The National Organization for Women took up a #standwithchirlane hashtag to show its support.

As of now, it doesn’t look like either paper has issued a comment directly. However, The Daily News has published this story in which “every mom in town seems to know exactly what McCray was talking about.”

h/t Gothamist

‘I Know It’s Killing You That Obama Is In Office!’ Damon Dash Goes Off On Daily News Reporters Outside Of Courthouse

March 18th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Damon Dash

While heading to court for testimonies regarding the $1 million lawsuit filed against him by his son’s mother, Linda Williams, hip hop mogul Damon Dash lashed at out a group of New York Daily News reporters. His interesting rant was captured on film.

“How come you never talk about the positive stuff? ‘Cause I’m black?” Damon questioned the reporters.

Damon went on to point out that instead of simply covering his current court case, the Daily News insists on bringing up skeletons from his past, including his highly publicized financial troubles.

“You’re a racist, republican paper! I know it’s killing you that Obama is in office. It’s killing you that you went to school to write for a paper that’s not credible.”

Clearly frustrated with the media’s fixation on driving negative news to the bone, he then pointed out some of his major business accomplishments that frequently go unnoticed.

“Why don’t you say: ‘He has art galleries around the world,’ ‘He has independently owned companies that do well over $50 million,’ ‘He employs at least 10 people at any given time.’ You never say that! Why?”

“I can pay everybody else’s bills but y’all just want to talk about the ones y’all think I haven’t paid. The same exact tax bullsh*t for five years…get a new story!”

Watch Damon’s angry rant below. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Deborah Turness Has Been Named President Of NBC News, But Many Others In Media Are Out Of A Job

May 20th, 2013 - By Tonya Garcia
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Today's cover of The New York Post.

Today’s cover of The New York Post.

Dang, it was a bad week for journalists. Already ranked the worst job out there, a gaggle of news reporters lost their jobs this week as the media industry continues to adjust to keep up with audience fragmentation and shifts brought about by the Internet.

Over at the New York Post, they’re looking to cut 10 percent of the staff. So they’re offering buyouts, according to a memo from editor-in-chief Col Allan, obtained by Capital New York. If there aren’t enough volunteers, layoffs will likely take place. “The buyouts come as the Post‘s parent corporation, News Corp., prepares to separate its publishing properties, which also include The Wall Street Journal and various newspapers in the U.K. and Australia, from the company’s cash-cow television and film assets,” the paper says. “After the split, the publishing titles will no longer be cushioned by more lucrative brands such as Fox News.”

“The Post is said to lose as much as $110 million a year,” the story continues.

Over at Say Media, which owns ReadWrite and xoJane, 10 percent of its 400-person staff has been laid off. The CEO of the company, Matt Sanchez, says the cuts come as the company ceases to operate as an ad network and becomes a digital media company. With that change comes pressure to show a profit. In a memo, Sanchez writes that the company has “made a set of hard decisions aimed at right-sizing our business with a greater focus on supporting our strong content brands, growing sales and building innovative publishing and advertising products — while at the same time achieving profitability in the second half of this year.”

Next! Over at the Village Voice, the iconic alt-weekly newspaper, editor-in-chief Will Bourne and executive editor Christine Brennan decided to walk off the job rather than cut the roles of five staff members. The paper only has 20 staffers and, Bourne told The New York Times“we are on a short string already.” Bourne was only on the job since November, becoming the sixth EIC at the troubled paper since 2005.

“When I was brought in here, I was explicitly told that the bloodletting had come to an end. I have enormous respect for the staff here and the work they have been doing, and I am not going to preside over further layoffs,” he continued. Still, a statement from parent company Village Voice Media indicates that cuts and other changes will still take place. Sigh.

Finally, the New York Daily News laid off about 15 writers this week, including gossip columnist Joanna Molloy, who used published alongside her husband George Rush for 15 years. He took a buyout in 2010.

(AP Photo/NBC)

(AP Photo/NBC)

The single, solitary bright spot in this tornado of reporter joblessness is the pending appointment of Deborah Turness as the next president of NBC News. Turness, the current head of overseas outlet ITV News, will be the first woman to occupy the spot at a network news organization in the U.S. The announcement is expected Monday but neither the network or Turness would offer comment to The New York Times.

If you don’t have a passion for news, the mental toughness to deal with the constant change, or a streak of masochism, steer clear of media jobs.


UPDATE: Deborah Turness has been officially named the president of NBC News, starting August 5. In a press release, NBC Universal says:

As President, Turness will be responsible for all aspects of the NBC News division including the programs “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” “Today,” “Meet the Press,” and “Dateline” as well as its news bureaus around the world. She will also oversee all breaking news, investigative and enterprise reporting, along with the division’s digital properties including Additionally, she will have oversight of Peacock Productions, an award-winning in-house production company.

While Turness has good news to celebrate, we have word of more media job losses, this time over at the Village Voice where veteran reporter Michael Musto was among the reporters let go. (Food critic Robert Siestema and theater critic Michael Feingold were the others.) For fans of the alt-weekly — and alternative news outlets in general — it’s a tremendous loss.


Barbie Gets Tattoos and Parents Go Berzerk: Really, What’s the Big Deal?

October 25th, 2011 - By IndigoBlack
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Barbie has just been wilding out over these past few years, huh folks? I’m not mad at it though. While the Mattel doll has always been pretty controversial, over the years, things have become a bit too real for some people. She’s had pregnant friends, had a tramp stamp on her back, inflatable boobs, and now, she’s covered in ink! On top of that, the edgy Barbie also has a pink bob (is that Nicki’s wig??)  and wears Hot Topic-esque clothing with a side of leopard print.

The doll costs about $50, and according to Mattel, is marketed at adults who are fans of collecting the miniature women. As the brand said in a statement, “Barbie has been dressed by more than 70 fashion designers over the years. Many of Barbie’s most pop-culture couture outfits have been designed for the adult doll collector.” While the doll may seem cool for older people, many parents are NOT feeling this new look for a doll that will be seen by their kids. In an interview with the New York Daily News, Queens father Tom Gurry said he would lay the smack down on his 11-year-old daughter if she tried to come home with a tattoo, or the doll:

“I’d kill my daughter if she came home with a tattoo. Barbie’s supposed to be a role model for young girls, right? I don’t want my daughter looking up to someone like that.”

Another parent, mom, Tiffany Newkirk, said that now that her own teenage daughter is bothering her about getting a tattoo, she really doesn’t think a doll like this is a good idea to put out there for kids to view:

“I don’t think that’s an appropriate toy for a young girl. You don’t want your kids to think tattoos are a good idea at such a young age because they last a lifetime.”

Okay.  The sensitivity level out here is getting waaaay too high.

Domestic Abuse: When Are You Doing “Too Much” In Self-Defense?

October 7th, 2011 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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"Ashley Dennis"

Ashley Dennis

On Monday, I published a news post about former New York Governor David Paterson’s stepdaughter, Ashley Dennis, 23, opening up a can of whoop-butt on her boyfriend after the two got into a violent fight inside of his West Village apartment last weekend. During their fight, the boyfriend, Brian McGuinness, 30, says that he choked Dennis. At some point, she was able to get out of the chokehold and hit McGuinness with a bottle. She later is said to have repeatedly slammed his leg in the door until he lost consciousness. Now, depending on who you ask, Dennis went too far. If she had to break a bottle over the man’s head to get him away from her, that was fine. But to many of our readers who commented on the story, slamming the man’s door in the leg repeatedly until he went unconscious was over-the-top. You ask another group, they’ll say she was just trying to defend herself and keep him down. Who is to say what is too far unless you’re in that same position?

Well, I bring you the case of Barbara Sheehan of Queens, a woman who shot her retired police officer husband 11 times (count ’em) after an argument where she feared he was going to shoot her. She was recently acquitted of murder after defense proved that she was an abused woman trying to escape from her husband’s rage as opposed to a scheming wife trying to get her husband’s life insurance. According to the New York Daily News, this is what she says went down on Feb. 18, 2008–while her husband shaved in the bathroom:

“After a fight over vacation plans, as she tried to sneak out of the house with his revolver, he aimed a 9-mm. Glock pistol at her. She said she fired five shots from a revolver, then grabbed the Glock as it clattered to the floor and clicked off six more rounds before he could grab it.”

Sheehan, 50, a school secretary, didn’t get off scott free though for the death of her husband. She was convicted of gun possession and must return to jail next week until sentencing in November, where she can get between three and 15 years behind bars. Her husband, retired New York Police Department Sgt. Raymond Sheehan, according to Barbara Sheehan and the couple’s own children, was known not only for having a violent temper and a history of abuse against Barbara Sheehan, but for cheating on his wife as well. According to CBS New York, their 25-year-old daughter testified that her mother was abused daily. Their 21-year-old son even read a rage-riddled letter he wrote at the age of 14 about finding out his father had a girlfriend, testified that he had considered suicide because of the drama at home, and left the state for school to get away from it all. Prosecutors and the victim’s own brother believe that Barbara Sheehan killed Raymond Sheehan out of anger over his infidelity and to get money from his life insurance policies (he had two). They don’t believe that she was a victim of abuse.

Knowing the reaction the Dennis story received, I thought I’d ask if Sheehan’s response to a possible attack by her husband was “too much.” When is a woman really going too far in defending herself? Especially in the case of Sheehan who had allegedly been dealing with domestic abuse for years. I’ve read comments from stories on both women’s cases that ranged from “This is NYS, the state of the double standard, where violent women can get away with murder”, and “This poor guy is going to get roasted, I hope he gets a really good lawyer.” There seems to be a huge backlash from men who feel like the “battered woman” defense is used to the nines, and that women who get out of control themselves only get a slap on the wrist for doing too much. Once again, I don’t advocate violence of any kind like that, but when it comes to how someone fights to live, or to get a grown a** man off of them, I think we should really think about what “doing too much” really means. Thoughts?

"Barbara Sheehan"

Barbara Sheehan