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Heard It All Before: NeNe Isn’t Sure If She’s Returning To RHOA Next Season

February 4th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

As we draw closer to the season finale of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the “wives” are already discussing their plans, aspirations and predictions for season 8. Last week, we told you that demoted cast member Porsha Williams expressed that she expects to be restored to full-time housewife status by next season. Interestingly, her fellow cast mate and friend Nene Leakes seems to be leaning in the opposite direction.

“I don’t know if I have the patience for another season – all those women arguing is draining,” she tells In Touch magazine. “I’d love a spin-off or talk show.”

According to the reality star, her issues with her co-workers stems from the green-eyed monster.

“They’re absolutely jealous,” NeNe said of her adversaries. “No ifs, ands or buts about that. I feel like girls are purposefully hired to gang up on me – doing exactly what they’re told, like robots. The show has opened up so many doors for me, but it has a negative side.”

Instead of focusing on the petty drama that continues to unfold on RHOA, Leakes says that she has her vision set on the future.

“Five years down the road, I hope my entrepreneur-ness is in full bloom. I want to retire young!”

Of course, this isn’t the first time she has implied that she’s leaving the show, but at this point, we know how the game goes. On another note, she has been discussing her desire to have a daytime talk show for quite some time now. Hopefully that works out for her.

Kenya Moore Refuses To Be Silenced By NeNe’s Legal Tantrum: “She Cannot Control Freedom Of Speech”

January 29th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Yesterday, we told you about Nene Leakes firing off a stern cease and desist letter to Kenya Moore. Apparently, Leakes was disturbed by some of the things Moore had said about her. In a bold attempt to let Nene (and the rest of the world) know that she ain’t never scared, Moore posted a snapshot of the letter and shared it on Instagram. But she didn’t stop there, now she’s doing press about the letter.

“I have not done anything to warrant this,” the 44-year-old reality star told the New York Daily News.

According to Kenya, Leakes, who also sent a C&D letter to Claudia Jordan, is simply being a control freak.

“I think this is a way for her to control everyone and everything around her,” she reasoned. “However, she cannot control freedom of speech particularly when she has done and said worse over the course of seven years to numerous housewives.”

Moore then went on to recall some of the terrible things Leakes has said about her in the past.

“(NeNe) has called me a liar, crazy, insinuated I was sleeping around, and stated I should be fired amongst a host of other things, however, her opinion of me has never mattered,” said the “Celebrity Apprentice” star. “I do wish she finds peace.”

As much as Moore may try to brush off the threatening letter, Leakes’ attorney Akil Secret means business.

“If any future post, directed as Ms. Leakes, are defamatory, aggressive legal action will result. If Ms. Moore has any doubts about what constitutes defamation, she should seek legal advice before posting on the blog.”

Do you think NeNe overreacted when she threatened to take legal action against Kenya?

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NeNe Leakes Slaps Kenya Moore With Cease And Desist Letter, Kenya Responds By Posting It On Instagram

January 28th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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The feud between Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes has been kicked up a notch, as Leakes’ attorneys have now jumped into the petty squabble. The legal team representing the “Cinderella” star recently fired off a cease and desist letter to Moore, threatening that if she continues making “false, destructive and defamatory statements” about their client, she may face legal consequences.

“Your postings on Bravo TV have been false, malicious and ostensibly made with the intent to cause damage to her reputation by exposing her to public hatred, contempt and ridicule, and injuring her in her trade and/or profession.” the letter continues. “Particularly, your statement was made with intent to directly injure and defame Mrs. Leakes’ and the perception of her in the broadcast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), her brand as a member of the cast and her brand in the entertainment and celebrity industry in general.”

Moore, who is clearly not taking the letter seriously at all, responded by sharing a snapshot of it on Instagram for the world to see.



“I guess this is @neneleakes way of saying happy birthday! #RHOA #HypocrisyAtItsBest #byegirl #SheTriedIt #SoNastySoRude,” she captioned the image.

Considering that both Moore and Leakes have spoken poorly of each other, it’s pretty surprising that NeNe would go as far as to get the law involved. However, she’s been pretty gung ho to put her attorneys to work these days. Just last week, a family-owned boutique came forward stating that they, too, were served with a cease and desist letter by the Bravo star’s team of attorneys. Apparently, she was looking for them to stop selling their popular “Girl Bye!” t-shirts—even though they were producing the shirts way before Leakes came out with her own t-shirt line.

I suppose we’ll have to stay tuned to see what becomes of both of these disputes.

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NeNe And Claudia Bicker, Demetria And Phaedra Make Peace, And Porsha’s Married African Boo Is Put On Blast: RHOA Ep. 11

January 18th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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In this week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” more shade is thrown in Puerto Rico, apologies are handed out, accusations are made about folks dating married African men, and Demetria finally has her time to shine. Let’s chat about everything that went down between the ladies in RHOA Ep. 11 and finally figure out who the real puppetmaster is…

“Passed Around Sl*t!” Tiny Slams Claudia Jordan Over “Pig” Jokes From Old Radio Show That Have Resurfaced

January 14th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Claudia Jordan started this week out on top after proving that she wasn’t scared of NeNe Leakes and defending herself pretty well during their back-and-forth on Sunday’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta episode. But it’s only Wednesday, and yet, things have gone left for the radio personality and reality TV star.

It seems that after NeNe Leakes called Jordan a “half-breed” during their argument this past weekend, and Jordan described the statement as a hurtful “low blow” on “Watch What Happens Live,” Leakes’ fans started digging up all kinds of disparaging video and audio from Jordan’s past. First there was video of Jordan at an event joking about how it was too dark in the venue, so she could only see the eyes and teeth of those with a darker complexion.

She tried to explain those statements as a joke taken out of context:

“…that was 6 years ago. I have grown so much since then. It was a joke that was used against me.”

But nothing comes close to the audio people are passing around (which seems to have been on YouTube for a while now) of Jordan during her Foxxhole days years ago. In the audio clip from the old Sirius XM episode, Jordan is heard tearing into Tameka “Tiny” Cottle during a story about T.I. and his legal troubles. In it, Jordan is brutal when speaking on Tiny’s looks, along with fellow co-host, Johnny Mack, comparing her looks to a piggy bank and joking about her possibly having Down Syndrome. It wasn’t pretty:


This was clearly years before Tiny brought her along to be on the short-lived VH1 talk show, “Tiny Tonight.” And Tiny wasn’t aware of the ugly things that were said by Jordan about her. As I said, after Sunday’s “RHOA” episode, this audio was passed around, and it somehow ended up right in front of Tiny. To say that she was pissed after listening to it would be a lie–she was furious. This is what she wrote early this morning on Twitter:





Instead of trying to say that these were jokes also used against her, Jordan was apologetic this time around and told everyone she would say sorry on the “Rickey Smiley Show” this morning. When that audio becomes available, we’ll be sure to add it in this post:


Claudia 2 Claudia 3 Claudia 4


As it turns out, Jordan ended up breaking down and tearing up over her comments while apologizing on the show. Afterwards, she took to Twitter again to speak on taking responsibility for hurtful choices:


Claudia Claudia 5

Wow is all I can say to all of this. But what about you? What do you think about Tiny’s statements and Jordan’s choice to publicly apologize to her?

Celebrity Events Decorator Amanda Saint-Val: How To Become A Household Name In 6 Months

January 14th, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Amanda Saint-Val


Known in her circle of friends as their personal “go-to David Tutera,” Amanda Saint-Val (pictured left) launched her events decorating business, Primrose Couture LLC, five months ago. Despite doing local events for free, Saint-Val’s business and clientele is growing rapidly with the help from her co-business partner and sister, Andrea Gilgeous (pictured right). Together, the two have crafted events for celebrities such as Nene Leakes, Lady Saw and Remy Ma to name a few. Because of their success so far, MadameNoire inquired about how a hobby became a full-time career and income for the newly-married Saint-Val. Below she gives us insight on how to build favorable relationships with clientele.

MadameNoire: Why did you launch your business?
Amanda Saint-Val: I had an epiphany one day that I cannot keep decorating events for free. I would always do birthday or milestone dinners and celebrations, but one day I thought to myself it would be better to start charging people. Also, my friend who is also in the business in Maryland helped and supported me to launch Primrose Couture LLC.

MN: What was your prior career? Were you afraid of transitioning into something new?
ASV: Prior to launching my own company, I studied and graduated from New York University’s Business Administration program. I also studied nursing at CUNY City Tech and became a Registered Nurse. I didn’t necessarily transition into a new career per se because I would decorate events on the side for a long time. Even for my wedding, I created the concept I wanted and decorated the various wedding events myself. The only transition I would say would be financial to be honest because I work on my business full-time; my husband didn’t mind me quitting my job to launch Primrose Couture LLC. He supports me, no matter what.

MN: How do you recruit and retain your clientele?
ASV: The majority of my clientele comes from social media especially Instagram. I highly recommend if anyone has a business to be present on social media in order to recruit loyal clients who can promote your work. Social media drives my business because the most calls I receive from potential clients say they saw my work on Instagram. Or if I am working at one of my events, potential clients speak to me about decorating an event for them because they admire my work. Because of all the promotion and recommendations, I have been working every weekend.

MN: What is the most challenging aspect of running a business?
ASV: The biggest challenge, currently, is getting people to pay the amount that I charge for what I know my work is worth. It’s been five months since my company has launched and I know compared to other decorators I am inexpensive. Sometimes I will do free events in order to showcase my work, to build client rapport so people won’t ask themselves, “She charges $5,000?! For what?!” I told my sister Andrea, who is also my business partner, that it’s important people know that we are also trying to cater to people in our community who want what they see on TV but at an affordable rate. So, I will charge between $600 and $700 minimum because currently my competitors are charging over $5,000.

MN: What demographic do you cater to?
ASV: My initial goal was to bring sophistication to Brooklyn-based events where I know people can enjoy their visions coming to life without breaking the bank.

MN: How has launching your Primrose Couture affect your marriage and other relationships?
ASV: Since launching my business, I have had to focus more on what I do during my day instead of going out and partying. But that transition also came with the territory of being married. I am finding that I bond more with other women who have businesses, so I am becoming obsessed with how to take my business to the next level. I still have my friends but our conversation has changed to more important things.

MN: If you were to gain a mentor, what advice would you give them about starting your own business?
ASV: My greatest advice to any woman starting a business is: Make your business your focus and be creative in ways to stand out. Also you have to make sure you have the business aspect together in terms of your Tax ID and business name registration. You should also give your business a trial run to be sure you want to be dedicated to it. Also it would be beneficial to have taken a business course in order to be up to date with what is required of a business.

Check out photos from PrimRose Couture Events on the next page!

“Your Cl*t Has Left Your Body!”: Phaedra’s Shade, NeNe’s Wrath And Claudia’s Toes Are Unleashed In Puerto Rico: RHOA Ep. 10

January 12th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I don’t know why these ladies go on group getaways together, knowing good and well they can’t stand one another. But producers already know that sandy beaches and sunshine seem to bring out the worst in the women of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Case in point, tonight’s episode…

Claudia's feet

Claudia Brings Out The Worst Toes We’ve Ever Seen…

A trip to Puerto Rico (courtesy of Demetria/Roger Bobb) calls for strappy sandals and heels, but unfortunately for Claudia, her toes don’t need to see the light of day. She pulls them out during a visit to the podiatrist in the hopes that a miracle can be worked on her bunion and corns, which she admits are “disgusting.” But there’s no quick fix for her problem. And Kenya, who is supposed to be there for support, does nothing but laugh at Claudia’s “snowcapped mountains” for toes.


Keke Palmer And Nene Leakes Get Emotional About Cinderella Finale

January 5th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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A photo posted by Lauren Palmer (@kekepalmer) on

After a four-month run, Keke Palmer concluded her stint with Roger + Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Broadway with tears. She later took to Instagram to discuss the emotional experience. Her post reads:

“Today was the official end of my Broadway debut. 136 shows out of 136 shows, man .. I can honestly say I wasn’t sure if I could do it. Being 21, coming from only film and TV, I wasn’t sure I was disciplined enough for Broadway. I didn’t think I was old enough and I wasn’t sure if I was talented ‘enough.’

So many thoughts run through your mind when you’re trying something new, but one thing I always know, is God wouldn’t give me what I was not ready for. You ask for things from the Lord sometimes and we are never sure how they will arrive, or as what they will arrive as. I so badly was struggling with finding sense of self before I embarked on this journey. So many things were happening in my life, but at this particular time I was just afraid to stand on my own, truly. My career was what I mostly hid behind, work .. work .. And MORE WORK!

I kept asking God for clarity, for strength, for the ability to not be afraid to GROW! I knew that this experience would be life changing, but I only could imagine what it would change in my technique, I never knew what it would do for me as a person. God answered all my prayers and I followed through with him by not letting my fears hold me back. This Broadway journey has been all about GOING FOR IT!

Stepping into an uncomfortable zone and allowing yourself to get the opportunity to receive all the jewels that you are meant to gain from it. That has transferred a lot into my personal life, I have gained so much courage and belief in me, in my heart and my intuition. God found a way to give me the message through my first love, ENTERTAINING! I am not done yet, I know this is just the beginning, but my goodness all I can say is I am so grateful to know the light of the Lord. And not because my life is perfect or because I’m perfect, because I’m NOT!! But, because I CHOOSE to acknowledge the miracles that he has shown me. No matter how big or small they may seem to someone else, they are HUGE to ME! Don’t be afraid of the light within, you guys. We all shine so brightly and uniquely, don’t block the blessings, the answers to your prayers because you are AFRAID.

It’s a new year, a new age! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!”

Nene Leakes also acknowledged the conclusion of her Broadway run.

“As I took my final bow, my amazing hubby, children, friends and family cheered me on as they knew the journey, the hard work, and tenacity it took for me to get here. I have found my home! BROADWAY BABY! I gave the character all I got every Nite that I stepped out on that stage. I am so proud of myself and blessed to have worked with an amazing cast that showed me generosity and kindness!”

15 Of The Most Epic Reality TV Meltdowns Of 2014

December 30th, 2014 - By Deron Dalton
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15 Of The Most Epic Reality TV Meltdowns Of 2014

Sources: WE tv, Bravo

This has been a popcorn eating, fingernail beating and tissue grabbing year for fans of reality TV’s best shows. MadameNoire has compiled a list of the 15 most epic reality TV meltdowns this year that kept us on the edge of our seats.

NeNe, Cynthia, Kenya And Porsha Finally Squash Their Beefs, But For How Long? RHOA Ep. 8 Recap

December 29th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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On this week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” it looks like not only have NeNe and Cynthia found solutions to their many problems, but so have Porsha and Kenya, Porsha and Cynthia, and Kenya and NeNe. But do we really believe this kumbaya moment? Let’s talk about that, and much more, from RHOA episode eight.



Phaedra Is Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired Of Apollo

As RHOA begins, we catch up with Phaedra, who meets up for lunch with her mom, Pastor Regina. When asked about how she’s dealing with things, including Apollo’s never-ending antics, Phaedra tells her mom that she’s on “the rough side of the mountain.” She brings up Apollo’s decision to ambush her at Demetria’s video-release party so that they can “talk,” and says that even though she never knows what he’s up to and where he will be, he always seems able to find her. According to her, when they do talk at home, Phaedra says that he just blames her for all of his troubles, claiming that if she did certain things for him, he wouldn’t feel the need to run out and commit fraud to help pay the bills. But Phaedra’s not trying to hear all of that, especially since she says that she offered him quite a few business opportunities that he could have launched: “If you’re insecure, you shouldn’t have married a boss.”

In the end, she says that she’s just about ready for her husband to be out of her hair: “I’ll probably be less stressed when Apollo leaves.”