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15 Reasons Why We Will Miss NeNe Leakes On “Real Housewives Of Atlanta”

July 1st, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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NeNe Leakes

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For several seasons, Nene Leakes has been our favorite sassy southern belle on Real Housewives of Atlanta. We’re sad to see her go, so let’s take a moment to acknowledge why we will miss the “very rich” diva.

NeNe Leakes To Star In ABC Game Show, “To Tell The Truth”

July 1st, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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NeNe Leakes

Splash News

When NeNe Leakes announced that she was stepping down from her post as a full-time “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member, she teased that she has a major project in the works.

“I’m actually going to be doing a new primetime television show with a big legend,” she gushed. “All of my fans will get to see me be really happy, witty and funny and tell all of those one liners that I always have said on Housewives.”

As it turns out, the primetime program is actually a game show. According to TMZ, Leakes will be starring in ABC’s “To Tell The Truth” reboot alongside Betty White and Anthony Anderson, who will be the host.

The show will give three contestants the opportunity to convince Leakes, White, and a third panelist that they’re telling the truth about something. Two of the contestants are imposters, and one is being truthful. It’s up to the panelists to ask questions to determine which one is the real deal.

As previously reported, filming for the series begins this week.

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End Of An Era: NeNe Leakes Announces RHOA Departure

June 30th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Nene Leakes

Splash News

After seven years as a mainstay on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” NeNe Leakes has decided to part ways with the Bravo franchise. Leakes emotionally delivered the shocking news on social media Monday evening.

“This is so hard for me to type! I cry as I do so! I am so Grateful for all the love and laughs! Thank you so much to everyone that has watched and supported me over the years on this amazing platform! With lots of thoughts and prayer I’ve decided to step out on faith and not fear,” she wrote on Instagram.

The network’s Vice President of Original Programming & Development Andy Cohen also took to social media to weigh in on Leakes’ departure.

According to the reality star and actress, the decision to leave the show after seven years was not an easy one.

“This was definitely a hard decision for me,” Leakes told People. “Me and my husband [Gregg Leakes] have been going back and forth on it for weeks now. But my contract is up and I just think this is the right time. This is my opportunity to spread my wings and do different things.”

As for what she’ll be doing with her time now that she’s done with the franchise, Leakes says that she’s preparing to star in a new primetime television show, which begins filming this week.

“I’m actually going to be doing a new primetime television show with a big legend,” she gushed. “All of my fans will get to see me be really happy, witty and funny and tell all of those one liners that I always have said on Housewives.”

Though she’s sad about leaving RHOA, she also expressed that she feels relieved.

“I feel a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders,” she said.

Leakes was the only remaining original Housewife.

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Will Nene Have A New Show With Kim Kardashian West?

May 5th, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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We reported that RHOA veterans Nene Leakes and Kim Zolciak Biermann are teaming for a Fall season Bravo spin-off, Nene and Kim: Road To Riches. Although the two have had rifts in their friendship over the years, they have repaired it in order to create a “Thelma And Louise” type of show where viewers will see them drive across the country to Los Angeles from Atlanta.

After Nene returns from the road with Kim Zolciak, she will be collaborating with another Kim… last name Kardashian West. In an after show video from The Meredith Vieira Show, Nene revealed she signed a contract with Kardashian West for a project that will last over the next couple of years. Nene shared, “We have not released a statement yet, but we plan to in the next couple of weeks. It will be something very interesting!”

Although we’re not sure what the two reality television starlets have up their fashionable sleeves, we’re sure it’ll be good. Below is the complete video of  Nene explaining her new project with Kim Kardashian West and giving advice to women who want to launch their own businesses.

Would you be tuning in to watch Nene’s new show with Kim Kardashian West?

Does She Have A Point? Nene Says Unmarried “Housewives” Need To Be Fired

April 28th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Nene Leakes


Shows like “Basketball Wives” and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” have never been really selective when it comes to the marital status of their cast members. More often than not, the stars of franchises like these are either divorced or were never married to begin with.

Recently during an appearance on “LIVE with Kelly & Michael,” RHOA cast member Nene Leakes suggested that her unmarried co-stars be axed from the show. This, of course, is interesting considering that there was a brief period on the series when Nene was single.

When asked if she’d be interested in returning to the series, Nene had this to say:

“I would be there if some people left. They need to get rid of some folks. Everybody that ain’t married. Well, I mean the show is called ‘The Housewives’ isn’t it? Well yeah, so you need to be married to be on the show.”

Apparently, she believes that some of the single women are to blame for negativity displayed on the show.

“Over the years, the show has become very negative. There have been some people who have been thrown into the mix that have become negative and made the show very negative. I think they should recast.”

Nene then went on to say that perhaps one or two single girls can stick around, but the rest need to go.

“I don’t mind if there are maybe one or two girls who are unmarried because it’s always great to see a single girl like dating and all of that kind of stuff. But to have as many girls as we have on our show that’s not married…I think we need to get rid of a couple of them.”

If I had to guess, I’d say the couple she is referring to consists of Claudia Jordan and Kenya Moore.

What are your thoughts on Nene’s comments? Should more wives be added to the cast? Should the single ladies take a walk?

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Will You Watch? NeNe Leakes And Kim Zolciak Get New Spinoff Show

March 30th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Bravo

Source: Bravo

Today, Bravo announced their new television lineup. Included in the network’s ten new shows and four returning series, is a new show featuring “Real Housewives of Atlanta” veterans NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak.

If you’ve been watching Kim and NeNe, you may have noticed that they’ve been on great terms as of late, putting their differences to the side and rekindling their friendship. Whether it was genuine or orchestrated as a business move, it looks like it’s all working out.

The ladies’ new series is called “NeNe and Kim: Road to Riches.” Bravo describes the series as follows:

Atlanta’s “most driven” housewives— NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak Biermann— drive out of their comfort zones and across the country to discover America on a one-of-a-kind adventure. The road to LA may be paved with good intentions, but that doesn’t mean they won’t occasionally drive each other crazy.

Cute… but also strikingly similar to “Tiny and Shekinah’s Weave Trip.”

Either way, what do you think about the premise of the show and NeNe and Kim reuniting? Will you be watching?

The Nene Leakes Growth

March 18th, 2015 - By Kendra Koger
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The Nene Leakes Growth

Image Source: WENN


As someone who has been watching “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” since season 1, I’ve followed Nene’s portrayal faithfully.  There were times where I rooted for her, times when her behavior made me roll my eyes, but all-in-all I’ve only wanted to see the best in her.

On the previous episode of RHOA I was in awe of her growth as she sat down with Dr. Jeff and expressed how she wanted to do a group therapy session and wanted to be held to the same standards that the other girls were.  I was like:  “Yes, Nene!  Yes!”

But then, on the Ides of March, I felt like I’d been betrayed.  I had this grandiose article planned on singing her praises, but when the episode of the actual therapy session aired I felt like I set myself up for failure.  Why, Kendra?!

But then I realized that in the end all wasn’t lost.  Why?  Because Nene has indeed grown.

Here’s the thing about humans, we’re not perfect.  We’re going to set standards for others, and want grace for ourselves.  We’re going to have laser focus on where others have missed the mark and have very convenient amnesia when we do as well.

But the thing that I feel is very true about Nene’s portrayal is that she has shown the propensity for growth.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking, but just follow me with this.

Granted, Nene missed the mark in that therapy session, but she was the one who brought it up.  She set it up, and I feel as though her intentions might have been noble in doing so.

There are a lot of time when we might mess up, and even fewer times when we might try to openly fix it.  Even if Nene allowed herself to become too defensive, and miss an opportunity for improvement, I can’t knock her for opening the door to that opportunity.

Something that has stuck with me from a psychology course in college is that a person’s personality is usually set by the age of four.  Not meaning that they’ll always act like a four year old, but if you are consistently selfish at four, then you’ll probably stay that way for the rest of your life.  If you’re consistently giving by the age of four, you’ll stay that way.  So I’ve always kept that in the back of my mind when interacting with other people, and with raising my own daughter.

But seeing this emergence of Nene was proof to me that no matter how old a person is, they still have the potential to move beyond their initial state.

Age is a funny thing because sometimes it can make us feel as though time is running out.  However, I feel that if you can look back on your life, see things that you want to change, and then attempt it, that’s admirable.

Nene started off on the series as a wife (though she was auditioning for acting roles, we didn’t see that on the series).  Then she was advocating for women’s health and offering a hand to domestic abuse victims.  We then saw her get her first mainstream acting role, then hosting gigs, and then star on Broadway.

Even though Nene hasn’t always been a beacon of maturity, she has been a light to those who might be afraid to change their lives.  Though her behavior has been disappointing at times, she has still made the effort to attempt a change.  For me, the important thing is that even if you do fail, it’s important to at least try.  Take it from Nene, it’s never too late to make an effort.

“I’ll Just Put It On After He’s Asleep”: Kandi Says She And Todd Came To A Compromise About Her Bonnets

March 4th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Last week we showed you a preview clip of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” In it, Kandi and Todd were conversing about the lack of sex they’ve been having lately. If you’ve been keeping up with this season, you already know that Kandi said they were only doing it once a week, which isn’t good considering that they’re supposed to be in the process of trying to have a child. But as their correspondence went on that lack of sex, Todd blamed the fact that Kandi stays with a bonnet on her head as the reason why he can’t get in the mood.

Todd: “Let’s be real. I’m not Tyson Beckford and you’re not Rihanna. When’s the last time you didn’t have the bonnet on and you put some heels on?” 

Kandi: “I had the bonnet on my hair before we got married and it was not a problem.”

Todd: “If I say the bonnet doesn’t turn me on, you gotta be like ‘You know what well maybe I don’t need the bonnet on.’ Like, you have to compromise.”

We all know that this scene was filmed last year, so at this point, they should have been able to figure out this whole bonnet-rocking situation. In her weekly Bravo blog, Kandi says they are trying to come to some sort of resolution that works for them both. When asked if she was shocked by Todd putting her beloved bonnet on blast, the star responded by saying that he’s been talking crazy about her bonnet for some time now.

“No, I wasn’t surprised. He’s always talking crap about my bonnet. That’s nothing new. We’re coming to a compromise about the bonnet. I’ll just put it on after he’s asleep.”

Kandi was also asked about the growing rift in her friendship with Phaedra, which has grown because she wasn’t there for her friend during Apollo’s legal and emotional troubles. It became obvious that things weren’t in a good place not only when Kandi went to Phaedra’s house, but also when the group dinner went left:

“Honestly I was just over it. Every time we all get together there has to be some lame ass ‘tea’ spilled, and I’m just tired of it. Seeing Phaedra jump up was shocking, but clearly she wasn’t really going to hit Kenya and Kenya definitely wasn’t going to do anything.

What tripped me out was hearing Porsha and Phaedra make me out to be the enemy because I left the table two seconds later than they did. That just felt like they said, ‘Hey, we’re going to put Kandi in the middle of this drama in some way.’ Well if Phaedra is really going to play into this whole “Kandi’s not my friend because she didn’t jump into my argument and run out the room faster than me,’ then OK… So be it.”

She also admitted that she’s not crazy about Phaedra’s growing relationship with NeNe, but she’s willing to be understanding and supportive.

“Of course I’m skeptical. NeNe has been nice these last few months, but that does not make me forget the years of drama and insults that have come from her in the past. Yes, I get that people change, but it’s OK for me to proceed with caution as I would’ve thought Phaedra would. Well, hopefully things will continue to be great with them and NeNe can continue to be Phaedra’s rock.”

As for what Phaedra thinks, in her own Bravo blog she stated that NeNe only has good intentions. In fact, she says that NeNe called her daily when she was going through a lot with Apollo while folks like Kandi didn’t.

“I consider NeNe a good friend. We have not always been on the same page, however we have found a common ground of being like-minded, successful entrepreneurs and mothers of sons. When I needed a friend the most, she was there and I will always remember that. It is easy to find friends when life is going well, but it is the ones who are willing to support you during the storms that matter. During the months when my life was spinning out of control, NeNe called me every single day to see how I was doing despite her busy schedule. She sent encouraging text messages when she could not reach me. I was grateful that I had her and Porsha in my corner because they helped me through some of my most difficult days.”


While there’s nothing wrong with NeNe and Phaedra growing closer, I just hope that her friendship with Kandi doesn’t fall apart in the process. They’ve been down for too long for all that.


Heard It All Before: NeNe Isn’t Sure If She’s Returning To RHOA Next Season

February 4th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

As we draw closer to the season finale of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the “wives” are already discussing their plans, aspirations and predictions for season 8. Last week, we told you that demoted cast member Porsha Williams expressed that she expects to be restored to full-time housewife status by next season. Interestingly, her fellow cast mate and friend Nene Leakes seems to be leaning in the opposite direction.

“I don’t know if I have the patience for another season – all those women arguing is draining,” she tells In Touch magazine. “I’d love a spin-off or talk show.”

According to the reality star, her issues with her co-workers stems from the green-eyed monster.

“They’re absolutely jealous,” NeNe said of her adversaries. “No ifs, ands or buts about that. I feel like girls are purposefully hired to gang up on me – doing exactly what they’re told, like robots. The show has opened up so many doors for me, but it has a negative side.”

Instead of focusing on the petty drama that continues to unfold on RHOA, Leakes says that she has her vision set on the future.

“Five years down the road, I hope my entrepreneur-ness is in full bloom. I want to retire young!”

Of course, this isn’t the first time she has implied that she’s leaving the show, but at this point, we know how the game goes. On another note, she has been discussing her desire to have a daytime talk show for quite some time now. Hopefully that works out for her.

Kenya Moore Refuses To Be Silenced By NeNe’s Legal Tantrum: “She Cannot Control Freedom Of Speech”

January 29th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Yesterday, we told you about Nene Leakes firing off a stern cease and desist letter to Kenya Moore. Apparently, Leakes was disturbed by some of the things Moore had said about her. In a bold attempt to let Nene (and the rest of the world) know that she ain’t never scared, Moore posted a snapshot of the letter and shared it on Instagram. But she didn’t stop there, now she’s doing press about the letter.

“I have not done anything to warrant this,” the 44-year-old reality star told the New York Daily News.

According to Kenya, Leakes, who also sent a C&D letter to Claudia Jordan, is simply being a control freak.

“I think this is a way for her to control everyone and everything around her,” she reasoned. “However, she cannot control freedom of speech particularly when she has done and said worse over the course of seven years to numerous housewives.”

Moore then went on to recall some of the terrible things Leakes has said about her in the past.

“(NeNe) has called me a liar, crazy, insinuated I was sleeping around, and stated I should be fired amongst a host of other things, however, her opinion of me has never mattered,” said the “Celebrity Apprentice” star. “I do wish she finds peace.”

As much as Moore may try to brush off the threatening letter, Leakes’ attorney Akil Secret means business.

“If any future post, directed as Ms. Leakes, are defamatory, aggressive legal action will result. If Ms. Moore has any doubts about what constitutes defamation, she should seek legal advice before posting on the blog.”

Do you think NeNe overreacted when she threatened to take legal action against Kenya?

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