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Angela Simmons Inspires And Encourages Harlem Youth With GIRLTALK #takeover Event

July 31st, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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GIRLTALK #takeover

GIRLTALK #takeover

On Wednesday, 200 girls in Harlem were treated like divas. The girls, ages 8-16, were received manicures, runway walk tutorials, makeovers and much more in an attempt to inspire them to feel beautiful, confident and informed.

The day-long event was the brainchild of Angela Simmons and her partner Kerri Berson Levine. The two, who had been friends for a while, had spoken about hosting an event for young girls often. Three years ago, through a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, they launched what is now GIRLTALK #takeover.

In addition to the beauty component, there were fitness activities hosted by Pretty Girls Sweat, a yoga class. And in a classroom on the premises, health professionals spoke to the teenagers about healthy romantic relationships, reproductive health and puberty.

During this session, Simmons popped in to discuss the pressure many girls feel to engage in sex, perhaps prematurely.

She shared that she’s a virgin, waiting to marriage to have sex.

I had a chance to chat with Simmons and she explained that she felt it was important to share that story.

“I feel like in this day and age with social media, that decision is often made for them. So I want them to be able to make their own decision on what they want to do and to know that if they make the decision, they’re not an alien, they’re not by themselves.” 

In addition to these lessons, the girls had a few surprises that day when 14-year-old Little leaguer and Espy Award winner Mo’Ne Davis showed up to give a slew of hugs, sign autographs and take pictures.

Later, artists Ne-Yo, Justine Skye and Simmons’ younger brother Diggy came through to meet the girls.

This won’t be the last time you hear of GIRLTALK #takeover as there are plans to take the program to other cities in the nation.

Check out some pictures from the fun and festive day below.

Ne-Yo’s Ex Says She Thought He Would Come Back Home After Sowing “His Oats”

April 7th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Last summer, Monyetta Shaw revealed that her former fiancée Ne-Yo broke up with her over the phone. According to the mother of two, the breakup caught her off guard, but she dealt with it the best way that she knew how. Ne-Yo has since entered a relationship with a model that goes by the name Crystal Renay and things appear to be serious.

In a recent interview with Mara the Hip Hop Socialite, Moyetta explained that for a long time, she didn’t believe that her split from Ne-Yo would be a permanent one.

“Girl, I’m going to be real, I’m human. Maybe I’m saying too much, but I’m going to say it. Because everybody saw me on the show, and I was completely vulnerable and open, I’m not mad at admitting this,” she shared. “Of course I knew that he would, you know, in my head, he was going to sow his oats and come back home when he was ready. And maybe that’s what everybody else thought, but life happens, and I’m okay with it. I’m human – at times it didn’t feel good, but I understand everything happens for a reason, and God has a plan, so all is well.”

Speaking of Ne-Yo’s new lady, the “Atlanta Exes” star also opened up about recently meeting her.

“Actually, it’s funny that you asked that, I recently met her – I met her this weekend. As a mother, it’s my duty to meet the person that’s potentially going to be around my kids. And, like you said, the initials [Ne-Yo and Crystal recently got each other’s initials tattooed on their ring fingers] and everything – they hot and heavy over there. Can’t be mad at that, you know.”

Although she initially hoped that her family would come back together, Monyetta says that she has nothing but well wishes for Ne-Yo and Crystal.

“I have wished him the best and everything, I still do, and I felt like it was time, you know. It’s definitely time for me to meet her, get to know her, well start to get to know her, and that’s what I did. Actually, it was all good – pleasantly surprised.”

Unfortunately, she’s still not sure about the future of her VH1 reality show “Atlanta Exes.” As previously reported, “Hollywood Exes” has officially been canceled.

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Exclusive: Ne-Yo’s Ex-Girlfriend Opens Up About Paternity Scandal & Trying To Find Love On “Match Made In Heaven”

March 6th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Earlier this week, we told you that Ne-Yo’s ex-girlfriend Jesseca White, who now goes by the name Phoenix, was a contestant on WEtv dating show “Match Made in Heaven.” While on the series, White briefly opened up about the high-profile paternity scandal involving herself and the singer. We were recently able to sit down with the White for her first ever interview regarding the scandal involving her famous ex. Check out what she had to say below.

MN: Why reality television?

I decided to do reality television at the very last minute. It took literally until the day before the show was shooting. A friend of mine called me and was like, “Hey, I think you’d be really great for the show to find love,” and I thought hey, let me just try it. It wasn’t a big, big thing.

MN: So there was no audition process? They just wanted you?

No. I just got a call from one of my friends.

MN: What was it that attracted you to Shawn? Were you actually looking for love or was it more about the show?

No, it wasn’t that I just wanted to do the show. I think that it was just trying something different for love. I didn’t believe that you could find love on a reality show in the beginning, but I felt like all the signs were kind of pointing for me to do it so I just kind of went with it. So that’s why I did it.

As far as Shawn, what attracted me to him was that he’s very charming, he was a good listener and I felt like he got me. So when we had our private moments and we had our conversations, it felt like a deeper chemistry for me. So I appreciated it. And he’s cute too! So that doesn’t hurt.

MN: So Shawn recently interviewed with us and he had quite a bit to say about Black women wearing their scarves and bonnets to bed. He also mentioned White women who go “right to sleep without the head wraps.” What are your thoughts on that?

Is that what he said? Look, we got to protect our edges. I think from his perspective, I think it’s also important that we continue to be sexy while in a relationship. Yeah, wrap your hair up a little bit later, but I’m trying to go to bed sexy. White women don’t have to worry about their edges.

MN: Were you concerned about your past resurfacing when you signed on to appear on the show?

Yes, which was part of the reason why I didn’t want to do the show. I’ve always been very private about my private life even when all of that stuff was happening [with Ne-Yo] in the past. I never said anything. It wasn’t about that and I felt like if I love somebody or if I was ever in love with someone, our personal problems and issues are our own. I just kept it to myself, but I figured it would probably come up. I was hoping that it wouldn’t, but it did.

MN: And how did it come up exactly?

How it came up was that one of the girls ran up to Shawn and told him something. No one else in the house heard it, but I just so happened to hear it. I was like, you know what? No one is ever going to tell a man something about me that I haven’t told him first. Then when you’re trapped in the house with a bunch of women, and if you’ve watched the show, it’s been very unpredictable with how people react in the house, to anything. There’s a lot of sabotage, a lot of fighting, a lot of underhanded stuff going on. I don’t do all that. I don’t like confrontation and I don’t operate that way. So I was like, I’m going to stand up here, take the risk in front of everybody at the same time and I’m going to tell him what I have to say because I really like him so I was willing to take that chance because what I felt for him was real.

MN: His mom looks like she can be a piece of work at times. Were you concerned about how she would react?

I talked to her the night before. I was like, “There’s going to be some stuff that I am going to tell you and your son that you’re probably not going to like, but I’m going to tell you the truth. If that gets me eliminated off of the show or not, I don’t care because I’d rather stand up for my truth and stand in that than not.” And she respected that.

MN: On the show, you described the paternity issue with Ne-Yo and the things that followed as a situation you were thrown into that wasn’t your “choice.” Can you elaborate on what you mean by that?

What I meant by that was that I never chose to be thrown into the media and it was made into this big huge scandal. No one has ever heard me say anything. I’ve never defended myself. I’ve never fought against it. I’ve never tried to clear my name. It’s something that I was thrown into based on what PR people decided to do at that time. And that’s what I meant.

Exclusive: Ne-Yo’s “Fake” Baby Mama Opens Up About Paternity Scandal On “Match Made In Heaven” [Watch]

March 4th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Romance-centered reality shows are always full of dirty little secrets and WEtv’s “Match Made in Heaven” is no different. In an exclusive sneak preview of this week’s episode obtained by MadameNoire, you will see contestant “Phoenix” open up about a major scandal.

You see, Phoenix’s real name is Jesseca White and she’s actually the ex-girlfriend of R&B crooner Ne-Yo. We’ve discussed White on multiple occasions in the past, as she’s the woman whom the world came to know as Ne-Yo’s “fake” baby mama. During her relationship with the singer, she gave birth to a child, which Ne-Yo believed was his. Unfortunately, in 2009, he found out Maury Povich-style that he was not the father of the now 9-year-old. Sadly, the drama did not stop there. After Ne-Yo opened up about the scandal on VH1’s “Behind the Music,” the 33-year-old photographer filed a defamation lawsuit against him, which you can read more about here.

Apparently, this traumatic situation has not slowed down White’s quest to find love, but it certainly may hinder it if she’s seriously looking to find it in the arms of “Match Made in Heaven” star Shawn Bullard. In episode five, the ladies gather around for a testimony-styled gathering and White comes clean to Bullard, his mother and Bullard’s spiritual advisor Ken Johnson about her sketchy past.

“I’m nervous ‘cause I’m like, ‘Oh sh-t,’ but it’s the perfect opportunity. His mom is here, the pastor’s here, Shawn’s here, all the girls are here,” White said of her decision to open up about the scandal. “I’m about to lay it all out in front of everybody.”

Apparently, she was pushed to come clean because another contestant by the name of Dolly was already aware of the situation and was threatening to expose her.

“So yesterday, Dolly said some stuff. She went up there and she said, ‘There’s people in here who have babies by celebrities.’ I dated a man by the name of Ne-Yo and I lost everything over it. I was involved with a very huge scandal—not by choice, but because I was thrown into something and I was judged and ridiculed by the entire world for something that I never even did. It not only affects me, but it affects my baby. Contractually, I can only say so much, but I’m not tearing down other people to make myself look better so I would never do that.”

Yeah, straight messy. The full episode airs Thursday, March 5 at 11pm ET/PT on WEtv.

Check out the clip below. Thoughts?

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Funny Business? Ne-Yo Sues Ex-Business Manager For $8 Million

February 24th, 2015 - By Ann Brown
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Source: AP

Source: AP

Ne-Yo isn’t too happy with his ex-business manager, so much so that he’s taking him to court. According to a lawsuit filed by Ne-Yo, Kevin Foster committed fraud and the superstar is seeking $8 million in damages.

The singer claims that Foster as well as  Vernon & Co., the consulting firm he worked for, moved money from his accounts without permission, forged loan documents, and even invested in a water company with Ne-Yo’s money, reports Ne-Yo filed a lawsuit against his former manager once before as well.

In all, Ne-Yo says Foster shifted $4.5 million out of his bank accounts as well as charged an additional $3.5 million in fees over the years. This is how Ne-Yo reached the $8 million he is seeking from the suit.

But none of this is true, counters Foster who says that while he did have control over Ne-Yo’s bank accounts he didn’t commit any fraud while managing the money, reports EURWeb. The court will soon decide who is telling the truth.

Didn’t know Ne-Yo was rolling in that kind of dough? Well, according to Celebrity Worth, Ne-Yo is currently worth about $16 million.

Are They Married? Ne-Yo And Girlfriend Get Matching Initial Tattoos On Their Left Ring Fingers: “It’s A Smith Thang”

February 9th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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In this week’s edition of “Things That Make You Go Hmm…” it seems that Ne-Yo and his girlfriend, Crystal Renay Williams, are getting a lot cozier than we all initially thought they would.

The pair, who were spotted on the red carpet at the Grammys last night all coupled up and happy, are showing off brand new tattoos, and they’re pretty deep ones. On her left ring finger are the initials SCS, which stands for Ne-Yo’s government name: Shaffer Chimere Smith. As for his left ring finger, it has her initials, CRS, which instead of standing for Crystal Renay Williams, reads Crystal Renay Smith. When she posted the image of Ne-Yo showing off his new ink, Crystal captioned it with, “It’s a Smith thang.”

Are we looking at the new Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer Smith?



Until they confirm it (we’ll reach out for you), we’re not going to be so quick to throw out a congratulations. Especially since he hasn’t been so open about the tattoos and their relationship on his own Instagram, and because we do have love for his ex, Monyetta Shaw. But these two definitely look happy. In an interview with HOT 97 last July, Ne-Yo was asked about Crystal, and he said that not only are they in a good place, but “she has much promise.” He said that he has no plans to keep her hidden from the public eye because he’s in a good place:

“You know what, at this point in my career, at this point in my life… I’m 34 years old bro, I don’t have time to be hiding. Of course, there are some things you keep personal and private because you’re a human being. But on the other side of it, I ain’t got time to be hiding nothing and all that. It is what it is.”

As for Shaw’s thoughts on his relationship, she was quoted as saying this last August:

“I really don’t think much of it right now. When it gets serious, that’s when I will dedicate the time to think about it because we have two little kids so it’s kind of not just us. So that person has to be amazing because they’re little kids and they’re so impressionable.

I can’t even think about [Crystal] right now. But when it gets to that point, we’ll cross that point. But I wish him the best.”

Stay tuned…

After The Love Is Gone: 11 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up Via Text Or Phone Call

October 30th, 2014 - By Asha Boston
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Breaking up is certainly hard to do, especially when it’s done via phone call or text. Check out 10 former celebrity couples whose relationships came to an end over the phone.



Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift never forgets a breakup and she doesn’t want you to either! Remember back when she admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that her relationship with Joe Jonas ended in a 27-second phone call? Jonas was the one who called to do the dumping. Yikes!

Monyetta Says Ne-Yo Was Supposed To Get A Vasectomy When She Had Her Tubes Burned…But She’s Not Sure If He Did

October 27th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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One of the biggest storyline’s on the debut season of “Atlanta Exes” was Monyetta Shaw discussing regretting her decision to have her tubes burned after birthing Ne-Yo’s two children. What wasn’t revealed during the season; however, was that Ne-Yo was actually supposed to have a vasectomy performed. Bizarrely, Monyetta says that she’s not really sure if he ever had the procedure done.

“We talked about that and we were actually both doing it. He could have gotten his,” Monyetta told Sister 2 Sister. “I’m not sure if he went through [with it].”

As many fans learned after watching this season, shortly after Monyetta’s decision to burn her tubes, Ne-Yo called off their engagement. This, of course, left her questioning her decision to seek out such a permanent form of birth control.

“He just wasn’t ready for monogamy,” she said. “I appreciate for him telling me that.”

“I’m a human being and I’m a woman. It hurts, but you can’t make a person feel a certain way and I’m okay with that and what I realize is it wasn’t my stuff. It was his stuff. It was his issues,” Monyetta continued.

Currently, Ne-Yo is in a relationship with model Crystal Renay and Monyetta is also dating other people; however, she appears to be open to a possible romantic reunion with her ex-fiancé.

“I always see us being very close friends, but who knows what God has planned,” she said.

It’s quite interesting that Monyetta and Ne-Yo lived under the same roof and she’s unsure whether or not he ever followed through with a vasectomy. Something tells me that he probably didn’t, but hey, you never know.

Has Ne-Yo Finally Moved Out?

October 9th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Has Ne-Yo Finally Moved Out?


So it looks like Monyetta is not the only one who’s moving on with her relationship with her ex-fiancee Ne-Yo. In a clip from an episode of “Atlanta Exes,” Monyetta and Christina remove pictures of the former couple from the hallway. 

And now, Ne-Yo may finally be moving out of the home, his home, that he shared with Monyetta.

TMZ reported that Ne-Yo recently purchased a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house for $520k in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Actually, the new property, was listed as a “hobby farm” and sits on 2 acres of farmland.

Wonder if Ne-Yo is going to start growing his own crops.

But this place could also be for another relative. In 2012, the singer bought his mother a $550k house. Maybe he has someone else, he’d like to hook up.

Whoever it’s for, we’re hoping Ne-Yo is making a move out of that old space with Monyetta. It’s all a bit too complicated.

Ne-Yo Preparing To Move Out Of Home Shared With Ex Monyetta Shaw: “We’re Moving On And Seeing Other People’

September 19th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Splash News

Source: Splash News

When VH1’s new series “Atlanta Exes” debuted, viewers were shocked to learn that although they broke up last summer, Ne-Yo and his ex-fiancée, Monyetta Shaw, are still residing under the same roof with their two children. What made the situation even more complex and bewildering is that the “So Sick” singer recently went public with his situationship with model Crystal Renay. Naturally, folks began to wonder how he would fair in his new situation considering that he’s still sharing a place with his ex. But Ne-Yo says that he’s already taken steps towards changing his awkward living situation.

“Currently, we’re in the same house, but I just recently bought a new house,” he explained on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show “We’re both getting to that stage in life where we’re moving on and seeing other people and whatnot. It just doesn’t make any sense for us to be in the same house anymore.”

He went on to explain why they remained under the same roof for so long.

“It was a matter of wanting my kids to grow up in one place, but I feel like my kids are going to be very mature and very smart. They’re going to understand: This is daddy’s house, this is mommy’s house. If we don’t make it a negative thing, then they won’t.”

Ne-Yo also attempted to silence speculation that he and Monyetta are still being intimate with one another.

“Monyetta Shaw is a beautiful woman. She has always been a beautiful woman, but as I said, this is my friend now. My partner. So nah, it ain’t that type of situation.”

Although he has yet to publicly claim her as his girlfriend, Ne-Yo and Crystal have been seeing each other since at least July.

Listen to his interview below.