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Funny Business? Ne-Yo Sues Ex-Business Manager For $8 Million

February 24th, 2015 - By Ann Brown
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Source: AP

Source: AP

Ne-Yo isn’t too happy with his ex-business manager, so much so that he’s taking him to court. According to a lawsuit filed by Ne-Yo, Kevin Foster committed fraud and the superstar is seeking $8 million in damages.

The singer claims that Foster as well as  Vernon & Co., the consulting firm he worked for, moved money from his accounts without permission, forged loan documents, and even invested in a water company with Ne-Yo’s money, reports Ne-Yo filed a lawsuit against his former manager once before as well.

In all, Ne-Yo says Foster shifted $4.5 million out of his bank accounts as well as charged an additional $3.5 million in fees over the years. This is how Ne-Yo reached the $8 million he is seeking from the suit.

But none of this is true, counters Foster who says that while he did have control over Ne-Yo’s bank accounts he didn’t commit any fraud while managing the money, reports EURWeb. The court will soon decide who is telling the truth.

Didn’t know Ne-Yo was rolling in that kind of dough? Well, according to Celebrity Worth, Ne-Yo is currently worth about $16 million.

Are They Married? Ne-Yo And Girlfriend Get Matching Initial Tattoos On Their Left Ring Fingers: “It’s A Smith Thang”

February 9th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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In this week’s edition of “Things That Make You Go Hmm…” it seems that Ne-Yo and his girlfriend, Crystal Renay Williams, are getting a lot cozier than we all initially thought they would.

The pair, who were spotted on the red carpet at the Grammys last night all coupled up and happy, are showing off brand new tattoos, and they’re pretty deep ones. On her left ring finger are the initials SCS, which stands for Ne-Yo’s government name: Shaffer Chimere Smith. As for his left ring finger, it has her initials, CRS, which instead of standing for Crystal Renay Williams, reads Crystal Renay Smith. When she posted the image of Ne-Yo showing off his new ink, Crystal captioned it with, “It’s a Smith thang.”

Are we looking at the new Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer Smith?


Creep much guys👀 #MyBoys #loveMeSomeChocolate #SCS @neyo @vonsmith1

A photo posted by Crystal Renay Williams (@mscrystalrenay) on

HIS ❤️

A photo posted by Crystal Renay Williams (@mscrystalrenay) on


Until they confirm it (we’ll reach out for you), we’re not going to be so quick to throw out a congratulations. Especially since he hasn’t been so open about the tattoos and their relationship on his own Instagram, and because we do have love for his ex, Monyetta Shaw. But these two definitely look happy. In an interview with HOT 97 last July, Ne-Yo was asked about Crystal, and he said that not only are they in a good place, but “she has much promise.” He said that he has no plans to keep her hidden from the public eye because he’s in a good place:

“You know what, at this point in my career, at this point in my life… I’m 34 years old bro, I don’t have time to be hiding. Of course, there are some things you keep personal and private because you’re a human being. But on the other side of it, I ain’t got time to be hiding nothing and all that. It is what it is.”

As for Shaw’s thoughts on his relationship, she was quoted as saying this last August:

“I really don’t think much of it right now. When it gets serious, that’s when I will dedicate the time to think about it because we have two little kids so it’s kind of not just us. So that person has to be amazing because they’re little kids and they’re so impressionable.

I can’t even think about [Crystal] right now. But when it gets to that point, we’ll cross that point. But I wish him the best.”

Stay tuned…

After The Love Is Gone: 11 Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up Via Text Or Phone Call

October 30th, 2014 - By Asha Boston
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Breaking up is certainly hard to do, especially when it’s done via phone call or text. Check out 10 former celebrity couples whose relationships came to an end over the phone.



Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift never forgets a breakup and she doesn’t want you to either! Remember back when she admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that her relationship with Joe Jonas ended in a 27-second phone call? Jonas was the one who called to do the dumping. Yikes!

Monyetta Says Ne-Yo Was Supposed To Get A Vasectomy When She Had Her Tubes Burned…But She’s Not Sure If He Did

October 27th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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One of the biggest storyline’s on the debut season of “Atlanta Exes” was Monyetta Shaw discussing regretting her decision to have her tubes burned after birthing Ne-Yo’s two children. What wasn’t revealed during the season; however, was that Ne-Yo was actually supposed to have a vasectomy performed. Bizarrely, Monyetta says that she’s not really sure if he ever had the procedure done.

“We talked about that and we were actually both doing it. He could have gotten his,” Monyetta told Sister 2 Sister. “I’m not sure if he went through [with it].”

As many fans learned after watching this season, shortly after Monyetta’s decision to burn her tubes, Ne-Yo called off their engagement. This, of course, left her questioning her decision to seek out such a permanent form of birth control.

“He just wasn’t ready for monogamy,” she said. “I appreciate for him telling me that.”

“I’m a human being and I’m a woman. It hurts, but you can’t make a person feel a certain way and I’m okay with that and what I realize is it wasn’t my stuff. It was his stuff. It was his issues,” Monyetta continued.

Currently, Ne-Yo is in a relationship with model Crystal Renay and Monyetta is also dating other people; however, she appears to be open to a possible romantic reunion with her ex-fiancé.

“I always see us being very close friends, but who knows what God has planned,” she said.

It’s quite interesting that Monyetta and Ne-Yo lived under the same roof and she’s unsure whether or not he ever followed through with a vasectomy. Something tells me that he probably didn’t, but hey, you never know.

Has Ne-Yo Finally Moved Out?

October 9th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Has Ne-Yo Finally Moved Out?


So it looks like Monyetta is not the only one who’s moving on with her relationship with her ex-fiancee Ne-Yo. In a clip from an episode of “Atlanta Exes,” Monyetta and Christina remove pictures of the former couple from the hallway. 

And now, Ne-Yo may finally be moving out of the home, his home, that he shared with Monyetta.

TMZ reported that Ne-Yo recently purchased a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house for $520k in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Actually, the new property, was listed as a “hobby farm” and sits on 2 acres of farmland.

Wonder if Ne-Yo is going to start growing his own crops.

But this place could also be for another relative. In 2012, the singer bought his mother a $550k house. Maybe he has someone else, he’d like to hook up.

Whoever it’s for, we’re hoping Ne-Yo is making a move out of that old space with Monyetta. It’s all a bit too complicated.

Ne-Yo Preparing To Move Out Of Home Shared With Ex Monyetta Shaw: “We’re Moving On And Seeing Other People’

September 19th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Splash News

Source: Splash News

When VH1’s new series “Atlanta Exes” debuted, viewers were shocked to learn that although they broke up last summer, Ne-Yo and his ex-fiancée, Monyetta Shaw, are still residing under the same roof with their two children. What made the situation even more complex and bewildering is that the “So Sick” singer recently went public with his situationship with model Crystal Renay. Naturally, folks began to wonder how he would fair in his new situation considering that he’s still sharing a place with his ex. But Ne-Yo says that he’s already taken steps towards changing his awkward living situation.

“Currently, we’re in the same house, but I just recently bought a new house,” he explained on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show “We’re both getting to that stage in life where we’re moving on and seeing other people and whatnot. It just doesn’t make any sense for us to be in the same house anymore.”

He went on to explain why they remained under the same roof for so long.

“It was a matter of wanting my kids to grow up in one place, but I feel like my kids are going to be very mature and very smart. They’re going to understand: This is daddy’s house, this is mommy’s house. If we don’t make it a negative thing, then they won’t.”

Ne-Yo also attempted to silence speculation that he and Monyetta are still being intimate with one another.

“Monyetta Shaw is a beautiful woman. She has always been a beautiful woman, but as I said, this is my friend now. My partner. So nah, it ain’t that type of situation.”

Although he has yet to publicly claim her as his girlfriend, Ne-Yo and Crystal have been seeing each other since at least July.

Listen to his interview below.

Ne-Yo Speaks On Entertainers’ Obligations To Social Issues: “If We Don’t Look Out For Us, Who Else Will?”

September 15th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: AP

Source: AP

When national tragedies such as the killing of Mike Brown occur, people often look to the rich and famous to use their celebrity to bring about justice. Sometimes these stars surprise us with their generous humanitarian efforts, and other times we end up disappointed that they’ve dropped the ball. One celeb, however, who says there’s no excuse for the latter to happen is Ne-Yo. We caught up with the singer Friday night at his 3rd Annual Compound Foundation Fostering a Legacy benefit gala and given his dedication to improving life for foster children, we asked why it’s so important for him to give back — especially in light of situations like Ferguson. He told us:

“It’s extremely important. As an entertainer, I have a bigger microphone than the average man. So with that being said, these powers that you get, you’re supposed to use them for the good of everybody else. My mama always said that you’re given blessings to be a blessing and that’s how it’s supposed to go. If we don’t look out for us, who else will?”

That answer, as we’ve unfortunately seen time and time again, is no one. So taking Ne-Yo’s comments a step further, we asked what he’d tell his son about dealing with police officers to make sure he doesn’t end up a senseless victim of police brutality like so many Black boys in recent years. Ne-Yo said:

“I’ll just make sure that my son does everything in his power to be respectable and upstanding so that police won’t have to deal with him at all. That’s what I’m going to do. I’ve never had an issues with the police. I have respect for the police who do what they’re supposed to do. The ones who don’t, the law is supposed to deal with them the way they would any criminal.”

Unfortunately, what the law is supposed to do and what happens in these instances doesn’t always match up. As more celebrities use their influence as Ne-Yo does, maybe things will change. What do you thin about his remarks?

Ne-Yo Claims He DID NOT Force Monyetta To Stop Having Children

September 13th, 2014 - By Courtney Whitaker
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When we first learned that Monyetta Shaw  could no longer have children on Hollywood Exes, we instantly felt our hearts break. She made a life changing decision to get her tubes burned, based on the man she loved and the position she was in.

Now that man, Ne-Yo is speaking out on their decision. In an interview with Hello Beautiful, Ne-Yo states the decision was absolutely mutual.

“As a family, we decided, we didn’t want any more kids. Once we learned that our second child was a boy we were in the office high-fiving like ‘Yes. We’re done, The doctor hit us with the option.”

“If we done, we done, we decided we didn’t want anymore kids,WE (emphasize on the WE) decided we didn’t want anymore kids.”

On instagram he also stated,

”I’ve made my apologies to the people I feel I wronged. I was forgiven by those people. Anybody else passing judgment on me for my past mistakes and immaturities is more than welcome to it.”

With that being said, what do you think? Do you still feel Ne-Yo was in the wrong? Do you feel any remorse for Monyetta?

“People Make Mistakes” Monyetta Shaw Talks Forgiving Ne-Yo And Hoping Fans Do The Same

September 8th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Vh1

Source: Vh1

One of our favorite cast members on VH1’s hit show, “Atlanta Exes” is Monyetta Shaw. She just seems so down to earth and sweet. And while she has every reason in the world to be bitter, she doesn’t speak ill of the father of her children, singer and producer Ne-Yo.

But she didn’t have to be catty or messy to show the world that Ne-Yo is not always the gentleman he presents to the public. And the fans of the show have discovered this listening to Monyetta talk about how he did her when he decided, after proposing, that he no longer wanted to be with her.

But the final nail in Ne-Yo’s coffin came when Monyetta revealed that she decided, because she thought her family with Ne-Yo was complete with a boy and girl, that she would have her tubes burnt off.

Of course, she’s already gone through the procedure when he called off their engagement, breaking up with her over the phone.

With all of that information, there’s no way he could look like the good guy. But Monyetta, in an interview with Juicy says that she’s managed to forgive Ne-Yo and how she would want viewers to do the same.

“I will say it’s a bit different for him. I don’t think he’s ever been seen in that light before, and no one knew that would happen. I just knew I wouldn’t bash him because that’s not the relationship that we have. But then again, I knew that I was going to tell my truth to be able to help others that maybe experiencing what I experienced. Kinda show them what maybe not to do, so none of us saw this coming, and it’s a different light for him.

But what I want to convey to the world is to let them know that I’ve forgiven him. Yes, people grow, people change, people make mistakes, but I was mature enough to forgive him, so I kinda want the fans to forgive him too. But I get it – they’re probably shocked ’cause his image is a gentleman, and they really didn’t know much about our personal life because we purposely kept it on the low, but of course, I signed up for a reality show, so that’s kinda out of the window. It’s weird for him, but he’s still supportive though, I will say that. He’s still totally supportive, but it’s weird because of all the backlash. And I guess, I don’t know, the fans are kinda like, ‘Oh, that’s not a good thing. Why would he do that?’ I guess just seeing me for the first time, the fans are taking a liking to me, thank God. I’m just being me, and I’m just very grateful they like me, and that even more it kinda makes them go hard like, ‘What are you doing? Mo is this, Mo is that. How dare you.’ But people change, and I’ve forgiven him, and I’m able to have a good relationship with him. So hopefully, they’ll see that, and they’ll see we still support one another and that he’s not really a bad guy. Sometimes people make bad decisions and choices, and that’s just life.”

She also addressed her decision to have her tubes burned.

“LIfe. You live your life the way that you see is necessary. I believed in the promise that was going to be – that we were getting.There was no doubt in my mind. If there was one inkling of a doubt, I would’ve never, ever, ever done it. Ever in life. But I was secure in what we had, and I did it. We decided as a family. And let’s be clear because a lot of stories were coming out saying he made me, and he pressured me. That’s not the case, at all. I’m a woman, a grown woman, and I made my own choice. Yes, we decided together, ’cause we had a girl and a boy, that we didn’t want anymore kids. You know, we were a family, and this was it for us. So yeah, that’s what I would have to say to that. I don’t know if I would do it the exact same way if I had the opportunity to go back, but that’s life, and we can’t go back. So I’m standing by my decision, and living with the consequences.”

Then she talked about dating and how she would manage it, with Ne-Yo still living in their home.

“Just the way that I’m built, I wouldn’t bring a guy in the house because it is the house that we share together. It is our family house as long as he still resides here. I’m just not built like that – that’s not even a question. I wouldn’t do it, so he would have to be out of the house. He has nothing to worry about in that regards.”

“He seems to be supportive of me moving on. We’ve had discussions about it before, and his concern is my concern with him moving on. Just if it gets serious enough, make sure that person is amazing. And we would have to meet the other person if it gets to that point because they are going to be around our children, and our children are very impressionable and very young. So you know how some people bring people in and out of their kids’ lives – that’s not an option for us. You know, he’s voiced his opinion, and said he will be really supportive, but we have to be some good judge of characters.”

And since some people are convinced that these exes don’t have any claim to fame aside from their relationships, Monyetta told Juicy that she is working on her second children’s book Maddie Goes to School based on her three year old daughter Madilyn. She’s also launching an online boutique called Emerlyn & Ester– a boutique she opened with ex Ne-Yo. She co-created “Heels of Greatness,” and award ceremony that recognizes 25 trailblazing women. And Monyetta also continues her philanthropy in Swaziland.

Good luck with the fans coming around Monyetta. We all know what it’s like to have a friend tell us all the dirt about a man only to see her go back to him or swear he’s “not that bad.” The thing is though, while your girl gets to see the good and bad sides of him and most likely loves him, the outsiders just know all of the hurt he caused you. And that’s hard to forget.

Straight From His Mouth: Love Is Never An Excuse For Illogical Behavior

September 8th, 2014 - By RealGoesRight
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Love Is Never An Excuse


I don’t watch Atlanta Exes. Not because I’m against reality TV, mostly because the show doesn’t interest me in the least bit. I said that to say, I’m writing about this Monyetta Shaw situation without having actually seen the scene that led to this prompt. I did happen to read Victoria Uwumarogie’s post on the matter, however, and came away wholly confused at what I’d read from her piece and what I saw in the comments section. In case you’re not aware, I’ll give you a quick breakdown. Monyetta Shaw is Ne-yo’s ex fiance who’s still living in Ne-yo’s house. During their engagement, they had two kids and a decision was made for her to burn her tubes so she can’t have anymore children. She now regrets the decision because they broke up. While I’ll stop just short of calling Monyetta Shaw an idiot, from what I’ve read about the situation, the decision she made doesn’t seem to be a smart one.

Time and time again, from now and until the last days of this planet, “love” will be the reason for many decisions people make. When a good decision is made based on love, all is right with the world. When a terrible decision is made based on love, it hurts with the force of a Mike Tyson right hook to the temple. I cannot fathom making a permanent decision based on something as temporary as love. It’s not in my DNA. Even if love were everlasting, at some point, logic is going to kick in and say “hey, idiot, you’re making a huge mistake. Snap out of it.” Take the last two sentences and apply it to this Monyetta and Ne-yo situation. In short, if I was her, there is no way in hell I’d have gotten a tubal ligation unless it was something I wanted to do.

With that said, I feel the same way about vasectomies as I do tubal ligations. Before completing this article, I did a quick Google search on male vasectomies and was surprised to see how little information there was available in terms of statistics. I did learn that women, at some point within the last 20 years, became three times more likely to get a permanent birth control procedure done than men, despite the fact the procedure is simpler and easier for men. I didn’t find any other information to know what to make of that behavior pattern, but if I had to fashion a guess, I’d say those situations probably mirrored something like Monyetta and Ne-Yo’s. Man and woman are together. Man and women have children. Someone decides the couple no longer wants to have children and the woman is off to the doctor. Love overrode logic — at least on the woman’s end.

A special note here for people who were extremely upset with Ne-yo. I know it’s fashionable to place blame on others while not taking personal responsibility, but what “happened” to Monyetta isn’t his fault. It’s 2014 and last I checked, there’s roughly ten billion ways to not have a child without doing something as extreme as a tubal ligation. Women also have rights and reproductive agency, so I’m not buying anything about this woman not having a choice in the matter. She made a decision thinking she was going to be married to Ne-yo and he didn’t marry her. Of course in hindsight it’s easy to say “well, if she married him this wouldn’t be an issue,” but that’s missing the point. Making permanent decisions about your body based on whims, feelings, “love,” or any other notion in which another party who won’t suffer any adverse consequences if the relationship fails, is a bad idea.