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Why I Made The Decision To Transition Instead Of Doing The Big Chop

September 27th, 2016 - By Gabrielle Natalia
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“I love my curls!” I love all the amazing styles that I can create with my hair from a twist out to a wash n’go. However, I didn’t always love my curls. To me, my natural hair was a struggle. I remember getting a relaxer put in my hair as a child to make it “manageable” and to create acceptable straight styles. Before I began my natural hair journey, I continued to rely on relaxers, hot combs, and flat irons to make my hair “pretty.” I thought about becoming natural, but I was scared. To me becoming natural was considered brave — and I wasn’t — so I always went back to straighteners.  I was naive and didn’t care how my hair was straightened, I just wanted it to look “pretty.”

I got my final relaxer in August 2012, after a poor relaxer treatment from a stylist left me with relaxed roots, a natural mid-section, and relaxed ends. At this point, my hair had to deal with two demarcation lines (the point in which your natural hair meets your relaxed hair) and I realized I needed to put those hair straighteners to rest. I felt that I had no choice but to transition; I needed to start over.

As my hair began to grow out, I did research on caring for natural hair. I began to watch tutorials with natural hair advice and I took all that I learned and applied it. In a sense, I had to relearn my hair and how to take care of it. Becoming natural allowed me to understand and listen to my hair, what it likes, what is doesn’t like, and how it reacts to other products and treatments. I stayed away from heat styling and began using flexirods and performing protective hairstyles such as twists out instead.

By November 2013, my natural hair reached neck length and I finally cut off the remainder of my relaxed ends. Transitioning to natural hair wasn’t easy, but it was the best decision for me. Since my transition, my hair has become much stronger, longer, and healthier.  I can say and truly believe that I love my curls.

Here are a few tips to make transitioning to natural hair easier

•Remember you are working with two different hair types, and your hair is fragile at this point. Be gentle and treat your hair right — no excessive heat, no product overload, no harsh pulling and tugging.

•Deep conditioning is a must. If you don’t have a special deep conditioner, use a regular rinse-out conditioner and sit underneath a hooded dryer.

•Transitioning to natural hair is definitely more of a challenge than big chopping. Hair is naturally dry, and sometimes loose and wiry without texture, plus your relaxed ends are susceptible to tangles and breakage. It’s best to use detanglers and styling products such as butters to help you work through those knots and tangles and maintain moisture.

Hair Remedies: The Best Tips For Maintaining Dry Hair

September 26th, 2016 - By Kay Hudson
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dry hair
Struggling with the results of dry hair? You know – the hassle of trying to comb through dull hair that is clearly breaking and shedding. It’s pretty easy to go from a well-maintained hairstyle that shows its luster to one that is unmanageable if you aren’t paying attention to the products that you are using on your hair. To help keep you on track when it comes to healthy looking hair, the editors at Madamenoire partnered with L’Oreal Paris to recommend the following go-to-products!L'Oreal Advanced Hair



Nourishing shampoos and conditioners are equally important!
Remember the days of the wash and go – using any shampoo in sight? While quick methods are fine in some circumstances, when you are battling with dry hair it is important to use products that are known to provide solutions. To combat dry hair – we recommend our favorite duo – L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo and L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Conditioner. Both contain oil ingredients like Amla and Coconut that will help to repair dry hair in just one wash.


Get to know the benefits of balm!
We know about the benefits of nourishing shampoos and conditioners, but what about balms? Who knew that products were in the marketplace that could help fight split ends, weakness, roughness, dullness, and dehydration? If you didn’t know such a thing existed – trust us L’Oréal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm is our new best friend. It is a rinse out repairing balm that repairs up to one year of hair’s smoothness with continued daily use of the system of shampoo and balm.

L'Oreal Advanced Oils-Curls

Slow down on the heat!
Love the heat, if so, we are asking you to cool down! One reason our textured hair dries out so fast is due to the results of too much heat on our delicate manes. Because dry hair can have long-term challenges, we advise using tools such as curling irons and dryers in moderation. Please note, a nice wash + condition + towel dry is a cooler option. But don’t forget to add L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Curls Re-Nourish Mask , which brings back the bounce to dry hair while adding a radiant shine without all that frizz.

Solange’s Best Hair Moments

September 23rd, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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A photo posted by Solange (@saintrecords) on

I will never forget when Solange Knowles was on an episode of Oprah in 2009, talking about life before and after her big chop. It was a cut people initially panned and ended up loving. After spending between $40,000 and $50,000 a year on hair, Knowles said, “I just wanted to be free from the bondage that black women sometimes put on themselves with hair.” Ever since then, all eyes have been on the hair and style moves of Solange Piaget. She’s never afraid to try something bold and big, something we never would have tried before, but after, we can’t help but love. After watching the star share her new website with fans on Instagram while rocking these Patrice Rushen-inspired braids, we decided to show love to some of our favorite hair moments from Solo. Check them out!

A Step-By-Step Guide To Achieve The Perfect Bantu Knot Out

September 21st, 2016 - By Gabrielle Natalia
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Ever thought about doing a Bantu Knot out? Bantu knots are an easy way to achieve super sleek and defined curls in little time. We know that sounds simpler than you probably think achieving this style is in your mind, but follow this step by-by guide and we promise you’ll get gorgeous curls in the end.

1.Moisturize your hair with your favorite styling product. This could be a styling cream, butter, or oil. Make sure that your product is distributed properly from root to end while your hair is completely saturated.

2.Take a rattail comb and begin parting your hair in small rectangular sections. Be sure there isn’t too much hair in each section, as it will take for hair to set and curl. About 2 inches of hair is sufficient.

3.Starting from the ends, lightly detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush such as a Denman.

4.Now, starting from root to end, twist your hair firmly but gently, by wrapping one strand of hair from the 2-inch section over the other. At the end of each twist, twirl your hair around your index finger to curl the ends.

5.Wrap the twist around itself into a semi-cone-shaped ball, starting at the base, wrapping the twisted hair underneath your fingers holding the twist. Secure the end to the crown of your head with a bobby pin

6.Continue steps 3-5 throughout your entire head.

7.After all of your hair is twisted, you can either keep the Bantu knots in overnight to set or sit underneath a hooded dryer for 15-25 minutes or until your hair is completely dry.

8.Before removing the Bantu knots, apply a light oil such as jojoba or coconut to your hands and separate gently the twists, being careful not to rake through the strands which will cause frizz and eliminate the curl. Simple unravel each knot and separate the twists.

Additional Tips

Perform this style of Bantu knots on dry hair, as it’s much harder to grip and style wet hair and will take much longer to dry.

Do not use a hard gel or heavy product, especially those with petroleum, for a Bantu Knot out. These products will only weigh your hair down. You want this style to be light and have body.

If your hair is a bit dry, make sure to apply an adequate amount of product starting from the ends.

Use a styling pick or wide tooth comb to create volume. Remember to lift the roots only, not the curls.

Styling Product suggestions

Image result for Cantu Coconut Curling CreamCantu Coconut Curling Cream

Image result for aphogee curlific curl definerApHogee Curlific! Curl Definer
Image 1

Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue

Cierra Jackson Was Encouraged Not To Wear Her Natural Hair For Miss America Pageant — She Did It Anyway

September 16th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Cierra Jackson, Miss America


This past weekend, a new Miss America was crowned during the annual pageant. And while Miss Arkansas, Savvy Shields, took home the crown, it was Miss District of Columbia who caught our eye.

While she didn’t take the overall crown, Cierra Jackson, 24, won a scholarship of $1,000 after being crowned the lifestyle and fitness preliminary winner in the swimsuit competition. The Spelman grad and former White House communications intern did this while rocking her natural hair. She styled her own mane for the competition, and it definitely shined on the main stage. However, as she shared with the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer before the competition, there were people who encouraged her not to sport her natural hair on such an important night. Some people felt that her curls could ultimately hold her back in the pageant. However, Jackson said there was a bigger plan behind her choice of hairstyle that those people couldn’t see.

“I’ve had so many people tell me that I shouldn’t wear my hair naturally curly on stage, but there is a purpose behind that vision,” she told the publication. “It’s to show people that you can still be successful, you can still be amazingly talented and still reach all of your goals. I think that’s a universal message that anyone can grab on to and hold on to in their lives.”

Jackson continued: “I’ve been so blessed that the Miss District of Columbia Board has been so open to allowing me to express myself in that way and embraced me choosing to present myself in an authentic way. I know that it happened this way because God destined it to be this way.”

Could she be any cuter? Kudos to Jackson for not being afraid to embrace her curly coif in front of the world, and for not feeling as though she needed to change herself in order to stack up against the other women competing. In a sea of pageant queens who often look like more of the same, this beauty truly stood out.

The Do’s and Don’ts For Maintaining Black Hair

September 15th, 2016 - By Kay Hudson
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Black hair is beautiful; don’t you agree? At Madamenoire, we believe that’s attributed to our strong roots and the various coily, curly, and kinky textures that unite us. Oh! Let’s not forget the dynamic styles that we can flip together with the wave of a magic wand – called the right hair tools. From classy up dos to savvy ponytails, there is a lot to know about what works and what doesn’t with our beautiful, yet diverse black manes. Ready to switch things up for the fall season? Before you do –we partnered with L’Oréal Paris to take a peek at our list of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to maintaining black hair and the L’Oréal products that should be a part of your hair care arsenal!

4 Do’s and Don’ts When It Comes to Black Hair!



1) Don’t Over Use Your Favorite Products
Don’t we all want our hair to look healthy and shiny? Hair oils such as L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum should do the trick! Before you add too much product to your hair, we recommend applying your favorite oil in moderation, because you don’t want to weigh your hair down. For fine hair – less equals more shine. For thicker hair – start with a quarter size portion and then apply more if necessary. Let your hair follicles breath with ease.



2) Do Take a Break From Protective Styles!
Yes, we love our weaves and braids, however, don’t be afraid to let your natural coily, kinky, or straight hair shine through. Protective styles are wonderful when you are facing a hair transition or if you are athletically-driven and don’t want the burden of damp hair from the gym! Please note, extensive exposure to protective styles, especially when you add synthetic pieces could damage your hair – so take a breather. Give your hair a 3-to-6-month break and keep it nurtured with L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Transforming Oil-in-Cream.

3) Don’t Forget to Wash and Condition Regularly
Sounds like a headache right? Just know extending your wash and conditions too long can contribute to heavy hair that lacks luster. We recommend washing your hair at least every 10 days or when you notice product build up. L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo and L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Conditioner system eliminates dryness in just 1 wash, while nourishing hair without the weight. Your hair will go from dry to silky and soft in a snap.

L'Oreal Advanced Hair Curls

4) Know the Benefits of Your Favorite Products
We all have a collection of go-to products. It’s important that we choose products that not only work well individually with our premium texture, but also when they have to work together. We love the L’Oréal Advanced Care – Extraordinary Oil system because of its ability to nurture, condition and protect all hair types during one super fab style session.

Uzo Aduba Ditches Bantu Knots, Twists And Weaves For A Voluminous ‘Fro, Instantly Becomes Our Hair Crush

September 13th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Uzo Aduba hair

Joseph Marzullo/

When she’s not playing Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren on Orange Is the New Black, known for her characters bantu knots and two-strand twists, Uzo Aduba is often spotted on red carpets and at events with straight hairstyles and wigs. But she decided to try something different for the Toronto International Film Festival, stepping out with a voluminous afro and puffs. She spotted three different unique natural styles while promoting her new film, American Pastoral. She looked fabulous each and every time:

Au naturel. #myfirstfestival #tiff

A photo posted by Uzo Aduba (@uzoaduba) on

Aduba’s hair was done by celebrity stylist Lacy Redway, and she definitely helped the actress make quite the beauty statement at her very first film festival. Love it!

Aduba is always turning heads with her hair choices. In fact, the iconic Bantu knots she wears for OITNB came to life because that’s how the actress chose to style her natural hair for the audition.

“I used to wear my hair in the Bantu knots,” Aduba told Refinery29. “I was doing a show right before Orange, and I was wearing my hair like that and then I had the idea to wear it to the audition. I thought that since the show is set in prison anyway, the knots work, and I didn’t think anything of it. I used to wear them [in real life], but I had to stop wearing them because that attention as Suzanne made me want to stop. I take them out when we finish shooting.”

The more you know…

Curly Solutions: How To Manage Your Mane All Season Long

September 13th, 2016 - By Kay Hudson
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Oh, the challenges of keeping your textured mane beautiful throughout the four seasons. During the spring and summer – when your favorite outdoor activities call for your attendance, you will have to battle humidity, which may result in dry and frizzy curls. During the fall and winter – when the air is a bit more rough and chilly – you may have to battle resistant and lifeless hair.

The editors at Madamenoire are very familiar with seasonal changes and how they affect textured hair. We partnered with L’Oréal Paris who were kind enough to send us their amazing Extraordinary Oils Curls hair care line to try and let’s just say based on our review of their products, we were truly happy with the results.

Madamenoire recommends:
L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Curls Nourishing Shampoo and L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Curls Nourishing Conditioner

L'Oreal Advanced Hair Curls

Fall and winter brings the same kind of challenges as the spring and summer – yes, dry and brittle hair! Sometimes the cold air can be harsh to relatively healthy hair – if it’s not properly nourished. We recommend during the transitional months from summer to winter that you focus on the importance of washing and conditioning your hair. We also suggest that you minimize how often you blow dry your hair. The constant heat may cause further damage during the windy seasons.

Editors tip: We know that textured and thicker hair may take a little longer to dry than finer hair – so we recommend washing your hair the night before, so you can be on your way in the morning without risking getting sick from the brisk air against your wet hair. If washing your hair the night before isn’t an option – do a light blow dry after your wash in the morning.

Reasons why we love L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Curls Nourishing Shampoo:
The shampoo eliminates dryness in just 1 wash! In addition, it deeply replenishes nourishment and elasticity! The formula is infused with Amla, Coconut, Soja, Flax, Rose and Sunflower, your limp curls will be bouncy and defined in a snap.

During the chilly seasons, we also recommend moisturizing more often – especially if your hair is very dry. Our favorite product for curls is L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Curls Re-Nourish Mask, which re-hydrates and restores bouncy curls. Upon application, you will notice how the rich and buttery mask will leave your hair feeling smooth and silky. We also suggest L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Transforming Oil-in-Cream, which melts into dry hair for all day softness!

Hair School: Why Hair Oils Are Ideal For All Hair Types

September 12th, 2016 - By Kay Hudson
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Say goodbye to dry and brittle hair with L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum, which will give your hair the instant shine it needs with a super silky touch!

L'Oreal Advanced Hair Serum hair oils
We get it. You are ready to hit the town, but you notice that your hair looks a little flat in the mirror. You look through a variety of products in your bathroom cabinet, but are uncertain about the benefits of each one. Stop right there! The editors at Madamenoire partnered with L’Oréal Paris to give you the scoop regarding the pros and cons of some of your favorite hair products. Since your focus is on instant shine – we will school you directly on the benefits of hair oils, which are ideal for all hair types – including yours!

Truly, it doesn’t matter if your hair is coily, curly, kinky or straight – hair oils, such as L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum are great because they add moisture to limp manes and nourish dry hair. It’s no secret that extensive use of blow dryers and hot curlers can eventually lead to breakage or damaged hair. Instead of adding a variety of quick fix products, which usually blanket problems, we recommend using hair oils designed to nurture even the most unmanageable hair. As part of your daily routine, especially after you wash and condition your hair, try a bit of oil to get the hair style you want back on track – with a bonus shine.

Let us school you on how to use oils:

If your hair is thin – once or twice a week, use a few drops of hair oil on damp or dry hair. If the texture of your hair is a bit richer or thicker, we recommend daily use to keep hair hydrated and nourished, especially during dry and windy seasons like the fall.

Pay attention to your hair! If your hair feels heavy after applying your favorite oil, it may mean that you have used too much. We recommend thoroughly washing your hair, with a shampoo and conditioning system like L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Conditioner, which can bring weak hair back to life after just one wash.

Stay consistent – don’t use a variety of hair products on your hair daily. Hair oils are great for days when you want to let your curls bounce freely with a lustrous touch or for moments when you just want to wear your hair in a slick and shiny ponytail.

Hair Struggles: 5 Product Solutions You’ll Love

September 9th, 2016 - By Kay Hudson
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

You don’t have to be a hair expert to know and see the benefits of really good hair products in the marketplace. You just have to sample a few products or get recommendations from editors like us or your trusted friends, who are all about maintaining healthy manes.

True, there will be a little trial and error – especially if your hair type goes from straight to frizzy in a heartbeat – or if your hair struggles with being dry and brittle, or overly oily. However, for every problem, there is a solution. Recently, we partnered with L’Oréal to review a few products from their Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil collection and we must add – we fell in love with the results.

We advise getting up close and personal with L’Oréal Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil hair line. Within the collection – there are oils/serums, shampoos, conditioners, and so much more for you to try!
Now, let’s take a peek at our shopping cart!

Up First: L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo

L'Oreal Advanced Hair

Okay, let’s talk about the ultimate solution for dry and lifeless hair. L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo targets dryness, which can occur from summer heat or from excessive blow drying. Armed with lightweight oils and oil extracts such as Argan, Chamomile, Coconut, Amla, Soja and Sunflower, in just one wash, L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo will leave your hair feeling silkier and softer.

Up Next: L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Conditioner

L'Oreal Advanced Hair
After a good wash, it is imperative to follow up with a rewarding conditioner. L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Conditioner is your solution for dry hair and part of the Extraordinary Oil system.  A quarter size portion (and we recommend letting the conditioner sit for at least 5 minutes) can revive your limp curls and dry strands. Both shampoo and conditioner work together effectively.

Up Next: L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum

L'Oreal Advanced Hair Serum


Salute to an oil serum that truly adds a non-greasy shine and is smooth to touch during its application. L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum works to not only keep curly hair intact, but it also serves as a maintenance product by nurturing dry and brittle hair. An additional perk is the sweet scent. Don’t worry – although the product is a beautifully scented serum, it is not heavy, and will give your hair shine and silkiness, especially during hot summers and cold winters.

Up Next: L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Transforming Oil-in-Cream

L'Oreal Advanced Oil-in-Cream
Talk about amazing, L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Transforming Oil-in-Cream makes hair soft and hydrated in just one application. This product re-nourishes and rejuvenates hair, and gives it incredible softness. With the Oil-in-Cream, you can get up to 9x more conditioning when compared to a non-conditioning shampoo. Because of the products texture – it is a great go-to item for curly and textured hair.

Up Next: L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Curls Re-Nourish Mask

L'Oreal Advanced Oils-Curls

Are you struggling with very brittle and dry curly hair? If so, we have your solution – L’Oréal Advanced Haircare – Extraordinary Oil Curls Re-Nourish Mask. Part of L’Oréal’s curl system, this product will take your textured hair from dull to dynamic in one session. The rich, buttery mask will re-nourish and redefine curls after your first use. In addition, it will bring back your bounce and shine without the frizz.