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Back To School: Natural Hair Tips For Kids During The School Year

August 25th, 2016 - By Kweli Wright
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School is back in session and that means tons of spelling tests, math quizzes, book reports and history dioramas! What it also means is that your child’s hair care routine needs to be quick and easy without compromising hair health. Follow these quick and easy natural hair tips for kids to keep their tresses healthy during the school year.

Choose one style that can be re-styled many different ways.

Start with a protective style or twisted ponytails. After a week or two you can take down the style and let your little one rock a cute curly fro for a few days. You can then brush the hair up into a few puff ponytails until wash day. Have fun with this and really test your creative juices to see what you come up with! Choose any hairstyle combinations that you like, the possibilities are endless! The key is to find one style that you can use to make other styles without having to do too much manipulation of her hair.


Spray hair and scalp nightly with a moisturizing spritz.

By moisturizing your child’s hair nightly, you are reducing frizz and damage. Make sure to spray around your child’s edges, ends and scalp.


Make sure she sleeps on a satin pillowcase or with a satin bonnet.

Satin helps hair maintain its moisture and also prevents frizz which will prolong your child’s hairstyle and keep it looking fresh.


Use the weekend to spread out wash day.

Instead of trying to fit your entire wash day routine into a Saturday afternoon, try spreading it out over the entire weekend. Wash, condition, detangle and moisturize hair on Saturday. Style hair on Sunday.



You’d be surprised at what a difference a bow, barrette or a headband can make! If you are in a rush, spray your child’s hair with your moisturizing spritz, brush up the edges, and put a bow on it! Easy peasy!

All images courtesy of Natural Hair Kids, go there for more hairstyle inspiration, tips and more!

What are some of your back to school haircare tips?

Hair Products For Every Type Of Curl And Coil

August 24th, 2016 - By Gabrielle Natalia
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With thousands of hair products on the market, it’s difficult to find the right ones that work for our specific styling needs, not to mention textures. We spend so much money through trial and error that sometimes we just give up and settle for products that are only “okay.”

It’s time to break that habit and start using products that work for your particular type of curls and coils, and to help you get started we came up with this guide below with puddings, gels, and butters geared toward your unique hair type.


A common mistake with type 3A curls is using products that are a bit too heavy for your hair. Women with this texture want to look for products that are moisturizing yet don’t weigh the  hair down. A great option is the Giovanni Direct Leave –In. Infused with nourishing properties in a creamy, lightweight consistency, it works for those with natural or chemically dyed hair. Giovanni Direct Leave-In is available at Ulta Beauty and other beauty supply stores.


Similar to 3A curls, the 3B hair type is just a bit tighter, but can still easily be weighed down by heavy products. For this hair type, use light gels such as the Camille Rose Naturals Curl Marker. Because this gel is super lightweight, it gives great curl definition without leaving a sticky film or flakiness. Another benefit of this product is the amount of hold, making it perfect for wash-n-gos. Curl Marker can be found at Target and Walmart stores.


With curls tighter than 3A and 3B types, women with 3C strands should look to a product for more moisture, preferably a butter, like the Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine. An all-natural blend of essential oils that deeply nourish to fight frizz and provide shine, this styling butter applies easily throughout the hair to give the moisture you need. This butter also helps with curls that are suffering from excessive dryness in the winter months.

Curly Hair Butter Cream


Girls with 4A curls and coils are in between the curlier and coily hair type so it can be difficult to find a product that helps with both textures. The curls and the coils of this hair type make it difficult for your hair’s natural conditioner, sebum, to absorb and seal in moisture. And when your hair loses its moisture, it becomes dry. A product that will work well for this hair type is Blended Beauty’s Curl Styling Butter. Though this product has a very thick consistency, it doesn’t leave behind a sticky film or build up. Purchase this product at


Unlike the 4A hair type, this texture is more kinky than curly, but it can also make moisture balance an issue. If your hair typically doesn’t retain moisture, consider the Aunt Jackie’s Seal It Up Hydrating Sealing Butter. This hair butter is enriched with flaxseed, shea butter, avocado & castor oil, as well as honey for healthy hydration. For best results, apply to damp hair and begin your protective style for a smooth, defined look. Shop this product at Sally’s Beauty.


With 4C coils, knots and tangles are the biggest hair struggle. The kinkier the texture, the more it tangles and is prone to single strand knots. It’s especially important to use a base product to keep those knots and tangles away and a great option is the Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner. This leave-in contains an important ingredient, marshmallow root, known as a natural detangler, that eases separation through tough knots and tangles and provides slip.  This product can be purchased at Target or Sally’s Beauty.

Did Y’all See? Third Time Might Be The Charm For Adrienne Bailon But What’s Up With Cam Newton?

August 19th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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In this episode of Did Y’all See? we’re discussing Cam Newton claiming America is past racism, Adrienne Bailon’s engagement to Israel Haughton, and natural hair bias among Black women.

We’re also playing a game of Who’d You Rather? between Kevin Hart and Ray J (who both officially went off the market last weekend) and discussing the hit new Netflix series, The Get Down. Get into all this tea on Did Y’all See?

Cam Newton thinks America is beyond racism

Adrienne Bailon is engaged again

Are Black women still biased toward kinky hair?

Who’d You Rather?

What You Watching?

DIY Hair Butter Recipe For Your Most Moisturized Hair Yet

August 18th, 2016 - By Gabrielle Natalia
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Hair butter has been a pretty popular product for brands in the market for good reason. Hair butter has many benefits for your hair, as it’s known to treat and repair hair that is both naturally and chemically dry. If you’ve been dying to try a hair butter but don’t want to pay high prices for one, consider trying this DIY recipe to create your very own with these all-natural ingredients.

What you Need:

  • 1/2 organic unrefined shea butter ($5.00)
  • 2 tsp of coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp of argan oil
  • 1 tbsp of jojoba oil
  • 1-2 drops of sweet almond oil
  • Clean empty jar/container with lid (Purchase at your local beauty supply store or
  • Small/Medium size plastic Mixing bowl
  • Stand mixer or whisk




  • Add shea butter and oils to mixing bowl
  • Using a stand mixer, whip the mixture on a low setting until it reaches a smooth consistency
  • Put hair butter mixture into empty jar/container and secure with a lid.
  • Keep hair butter mixture at room temperature.

Routine for using Hair Butter:

  • Wash with a sulfate –free or cleansing shampoo of your choice
  • Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner
  • Apply your favorite leave-in-conditioner
  • Seal in moisture with an oil with moisturizing properties such as jojoba oil or almond oil
  • Finish with your hair butter
  • Style

Lunchtime Chat : What Would You Do If A Teacher Did Your Daughter’s Hair?

August 17th, 2016 - By Quindara Lazenbury
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Today’s episode of #LunchtimeChat posed the question: what would you do if your daughter’s teacher did her hair ? The ladies share their opinions based on a recent article where a parent expressed concern over a teacher’s decision to fix a student’s hair.

Catch the chat and share your thoughts below!  Make sure to tune in to #LunchtimeChat every weekday at noon on Facebook Live!




5 Hair Products That Will Put An End To Frizz

August 17th, 2016 - By Gabrielle Natalia
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Oh the joys of summer, warm air, summer dresses, and frizz. Yes, we all fight the frizzies at some point between June and September — more often than not — but we have a few tried and true products that will help you beat the heat.

Aphogee Curlific Moisture Rich Leave-In, 8 oz


  1. Aphogee Curlific! Moisture Rich Leave-In ($9)

A top leave–in conditioner for those struggling with the major frizz,  ApHogee Curlific Moisture Rich Leave-in features moisture -locking technology to stop your hair from becoming dry and prevent breakage. This leave-in also works great as a heat protectant to prevent unwanted heat damage during styling.



  1. Aunt Jackie’s Don’t Shrink Flaxseed Elongating Curling and Coiling  Gel ($7)

From wash-n-go’s to twist outs to a sleek bun, I’ve been using this product for two years and it has never failed me.  This gel from Aunt Jackie’s helps to control the frizz and give me true definition and shine. It’s infused with flaxseed and wheat proteins that are specifically designed for curl enhancing while preventing shrinkage.


  1. TGIN Butter Crème ($15)

You’ll surely be impressed by the results of the butter crème by TGIN. The natural butters (shea and cocoa) and oils (Vitamin E and coconut) are the key ingredients that gives this butter crème its rich, creamy texture to provide endless moisture and curl definition that ultimately calms down frizz.




  1. Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curl Magic ($16)

Great for all types of curls and coils, Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curl Magic is one of my recent go-to’s. Though it’s pricey, at $15.99, there are a lot of products in this 12oz pump bottle to last a while. It gives hair a major boost, amazing slip and ultimately controls the frizzes. It’s super light so you won’t have to worry about it being too heavy or creating a sticky film.



  1. Darcy’s Botanicals Herbal Leave-In Conditioning Spritz ($12)

Looking for a product that is 100% free of sulfates and parabens? Consider Darcy’s Botanicals Herbal Leave-In Conditioning Spritz. It’s a lightweight spray leave-in and detangler that helps you tackle those frizzies while providing moisture. It can also be used on wet and dry hair and act as a refresher in your hair care routine.

5 Products To Achieve Serious Hair Goals

August 11th, 2016 - By Gabrielle Natalia
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Gabrielle Natalia

Gabrielle Natalia

I’ve struggled to find a hair routine that is easy, simple, and of course satisfied my hair goals. Through trial and error, I’ve found a perfect combination of products that helped me to achieve great hair every single time. Here they are:

product-curl-clarity-shampoo• Shampoo: As I Am Curl Clarity ($12)
This shampoo is sulfate-free yet effective to cleanse your hair without stripping away moisture and its natural oils. Use this prior to deep conditioning to allow your hair to start fresh on wash day.


• Deep Conditioner: My Honey Child Honey Hair Mask ($20)
One of the most important steps in a wash day routine, deep conditioning helps to prepare my hair for the style. Infused with natural ingredients such as coco butter, mango butter and raw honey, it effortlessly glides through those tough knots and tangles to bring those curls back to life


• Leave-in Conditioner: ApHogee Curlific Leave-In ($9.49)
This is a top leave-in because it’s super moisturizing, especially for those that struggle with dryness and lack of elasticity. My ends tend to be a bit dry after 4 or 5 days into the wash–n-go and ApHogee keeps them moisturized.

leave-in-conditioner-10oz-300ml-71• Leave-in- Conditioner: Mixed Chicks ($16.99)
A product for those that want to use your leave-in conditioner as a styler, you’ll get the best of both worlds with this item as you don’t have to worry about finding a moisturizer to follow. The Mixed Chicks leave-in is also great for those that struggle with dryness as it maintains moisture to control those pesky frizz and flyaways.

aphoAphogee Curl Definer ($9.49)
If you ever thought to use a curl definer, look toward Aphogee’s Curl Definer. When used in combination with the ApHogeeCurlific leave-in, it gives super defined curls that won’t fall flat. Be sure to work the product throughout the hair well to reduce using excessive amounts of product.

My routine

• Wash twice with As I Am shampoo
• Separate hair into four sections
• Apply small amount of My Honey Child Honey Hair Mask from ends to roots and rake throughout the hair.
• With my Denman brush, I detangle each section, again starting with the ends first and working my way up.
• After detangling each section, I’ll grab a plastic heat cap and sit underneath my hooded dryer for about 15-20 mins.
• Once I finish conditioning, I’ll rinse out the deep conditioning gently, allowing water to run down each section. This will be the last step before styling.
• I begin by taking my ApHogee Curlflic Leave-In and spray it throughout my hair. Don’t go overbroad and use too much product.
• Next, I apply a quarter size amount of my Mixed Chicks Leave-In and rake it through my hair. Remember this is an extra step so don’t worry about purchasing two leave-ins. One is just enough.
• Lastly, I take a dime amount of my ApHogee Curlflic Curl Definer and Denman and begin to brush the product through my hair. Not only does this allow me to make sure my hair is saturated with product, but a raking motion with the Denman creates smooth super defined curls.
• Once the style is complete, I allow my hair to air dry or use my diffuser on a low setting.

Stylist Deepica Mutyala Makes Amends For Horrible Today Show Segment

August 10th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

We, and the entire internet, heavily criticized stylist Deepica Mutyala for the way she styled Malyia McNaughton’s natural hair on the “Today” show. And after that, Mutyala said that she was going to make this better.

And the room collectively asked, “How Sway?!”

Well today, she used humor to do so. Mutyala, with the help of four,  Black women learned a thing or two about natural hair.

And then, since the world is a just place, the four women styled Mutyala’s hair in under a minute.

Check it out in the video below.

Today Show Hairstylist Apologizes For Natural Hair Fail: “I’ll Do Everything I Can To Make This Right”

August 8th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Today Show Natural HairLast week we all had a good chuckle at the disaster that was the Today Show’s One Minute Summer Hair segment. You know the one where the stylist, Deepica Mutyala, basically mutilated a Black woman’s natural hair on national TV? Well word of the disappointment got back to the resident beauty expert and she issued an apology on Twitter promising to do better in the future.

While I was curious whether Mutyala heard about the criticism she rightfully received, I was more concerned with how the model, Malyia McNaughton, felt about the whole thing. Turns out she’s not as mad as the rest of us, according to this interview she did with The Cut. Here’s what she said went down before and after the segment:

Was this your first time working with Deepica?
Yeah, this was my first time working with her. I was invited by the producers of the Today show and I’m very grateful they had me. They had already done a dry run that night, but I wasn’t included because they were still trying to find someone that fit what they were trying to do. So they reached out the night before, and I was really excited for the opportunity to go. We [Deepica and I] met backstage and she was super-sweet. We practiced the style that we intended to perform live on air and I actually liked it. I even told her that I looked forward to trying it when I got home.

When you practiced it backstage, did your hair look completely different?
It was essentially supposed to be a curly ponytail that kind of goes high on the head and kind of combines with the bangs. I had never tried the style before, but once she showed me the inspiration photo, I knew my hair could do it.

As the segment was airing live, did you get a sense that your hair wasn’t panning out to what you and Deepica had planned?
Unfortunately once the cameras rolled live, the pressure just kind of hit. I kind of knew halfway through that it wasn’t coming together the way that we initially intended, but I knew that we just had to keep going because at the end of the day it’s live TV.

Did Deepica say anything to you on set right after the segment aired?
Right after our segment she had to do a Facebook Live segment. After that she came up to me; she hugged me and said, “Thank you so much for jumping in last minute. I really look forward to working with you again.” We talked about possibilities for the future, so it was definitely a bonding moment and I was, again, grateful to her for including a woman of color, a black woman, on the segment.

Has Deepica reached out to you since the clip went viral?
Yeah, absolutely. She reached out the same day because she started getting mean-spirited comments. I felt for her because I knew her intentions were pure and I’m an advocate for everything that has to do with natural hair, black-related inclusion, and so I felt her sentiment and didn’t want it to turn that way. I offered a comment on one of the Today show Facebook posts and people backed down after that. It’s just an unfortunate situation.

What did she say, specifically?
She keeps apologizing, but I totally understand the pressure that she was under, and I’m grateful for the fact that she wanted to be inclusive, and because the natural-hair movement is such a large segment. She is also a woman of color. I think that in the beauty industry we’re both people who are trying to break boundaries, and I thought that it was great that she wanted to show diversity. I commend her and applaud her for that, and that’s why I think people need to look at that angle as opposed to completely bashing her, because I feel like that closes the door for future opportunities. She will probably never work with a natural-hair model again, in regards to hair, and I think that that’s unfortunate, because that’s what we’re fighting against as both women of color.

She also wanted to know whether I was upset with her and I kept reassuring her that I’m not. We know what our intentions were. I would not have gone forward with it if I didn’t feel like she would be able to execute them. I don’t have any hard feelings toward her and I look forward to working with her again even if it’s a makeup segment, maybe not hair [laughs]. So she had a little laugh about it and I told her don’t beat yourself up too much, this is a learning lesson for the both of us.

Hmmm both? What do you think?

A Fro No No: Viola Davis Opens Up About Stylists Who “Don’t Know What To Do With My Hair”

August 5th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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While visiting the Late Show With Stephen Colbert earlier this week, Viola Davis talked about a series in the works that she’s producing called American Coco. It’s allegedly about an agency that solves “sticky racial situations.” What exactly is a sticky racial situation? Well, Davis broke down the difference between serious racial discrimination and just awkward moments that take place due to a lack of understanding between people. Her example was of a movie she did recently where she wore her afro out during filming. The stylist assigned to take care of her didn’t know what to do with it.

Like, not at all.

“I was doing a movie and I was doing it with my ‘fro, and this Caucasian woman had her fingers in my hair. She said, ‘I’m going to make it really pretty!’ So she put some White goo in it and I wanted to say something.”

When asked to clarify what she meant when speaking on the “white goo,” Davis clarified, “Goo only White people would use.”

She continued: “She put that and then she took a big spray bottle filled with water and just started spraying my fro with it. With the goo in the hair. I wanted to say, ‘This is not going to work.’ But I knew if I said it that I would be insulting her. So then I went to the set and slowly the sun caught my hair and my whole fro turned white.”

When Colbert affirmed that her incident was literally a sticky racial situation, Davis agreed. The star said that had she told the stylist the truth, they would have needed to have an uncomfortable conversation about Black hair and what doesn’t work for it.

“Because then you gotta talk about hair and then you gotta say, ‘You don’t know what to do with my hair!’ But you can’t say that because then you’d be insulting.” While she didn’t politely school the stylist, she did offer Colbert this lesson in how ‘fros work.

“By the way, if you put water on a ‘fro, if it’s this big, it’s will become this big. It shrinks!” To which he replied, “The fro shrinks? Is the water cold? Does that make it shrink even more?”

Ha! Well, he tried. We need more lighthearted conversations about these matters — no matter how awkward or silly they turn out. #themoreyouknow

Check out their conversation below, taking place around the 6:49 mark.