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Wait…What?! In Touch Weekly Likens Solange’s Fro To A Dog’s Mane

December 17th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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In Touch Weekly Likens Solange's Fro To A Dog's Mane

Source: Instagram (The Shade Room)

Clearly the people at In Touch Weekly skipped both the annual diversity and racial sensitivity seminar. Or perhaps they don’t have one at all. Because in a column called “Double Creature,” the magazine published a little blurb likening Solange’s hair to that of a dog, a Yorkipoo named Jackie.

So it’s worth noting that the magazine itself did not make the comparison, the owner of the dog did.

“Yorkipoo Jackie is “basically twinsies” with Beyoncé’s sis, says the 5-year-old pup’s owner, Brian Murray Jr. ‘They rock the same hairdo…’ 

There are a couple of problems here. Initially, I read this wrong, believing that the person who wrote in was 5-years-old. Which would have been a bit more understandable. You know, kids don’t understand offensiveness just yet. But after a second read, it says that the dog is 5. The owner is a grown man. So not only do we have a grown man who doesn’t deem this comment offensive and racist but the whole In Touch Weekly editorial team also didn’t see a problem with the blurb and thought it was ok to publish it. Ridiculous!

I’ve seen publications compare the looks of a celebrity to animals but that only works in extraordinary circumstances. And this right just ain’t it.

What do you think about this column?

Do You Have To Workout To Keep A Man?

December 16th, 2014 - By jade
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In this episode of One Bold Move, we show a few series extras that didn’t make the final cut. Curly Nikki gives tips on maintaining natural hair for kids, YouTuber Missy Lynn gives advice for makeup newcomers, The Curvy Fashionista addresses plus-size fashion misconceptions, Mother/Daughter fitness duo Ellen and Lana Ector share their fitness inspiration and the co-founders of Black Girls Run! discuss whether you have to workout to stay in a relationship. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.


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“You Hire Me, You Hire My Hair” Tracee Ellis Ross Talks Natural Hair On Network Television

December 5th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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It’s no secret that Tracee Ellis Ross is something like a hair icon. With luscious, bouncy black curls it makes a profound statement on television. And that point is not lost on Tracee. But she’s not the only one.

In fact, Black women on television, particularly ABC have been ditching the straight strands. Olivia Pope let her curls flourish when she was standing in the sun with Jake on “Scandal.” Tracee, as Dr. Rainbow Johnson on “black-ish”, rocks her natural hair. And perhaps most memorably, Annalise Keating, at the suggestion of Viola Davis herself, removed her wig before she confronts her husband about his extramarital affairs on an episode of “How To Get Away With Murder.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tracee spoke about the significance of that moment.

“I think what is important about Viola Davis taking her wig off on How to Get Away With Murder is that it illustrates that there is a mask that women are thought to have to wear. For black women, it can be a more complex mask. Our culture has created a very limited view of what beauty is and can be. I think right now television is one of the places where women are pushing up against that and saying, “You know what? I don’t need to play this game anymore in order to be considered beautiful…What I think is exciting is that to a certain extent, there is a revolution happening where black women are owning their own beauty, despite the standard of beauty that in the past has not had space for it.”

And then:

“I think it’s huge that I’m wearing my natural hair texture on ABC in prime time…I’m very conscious of how I wear my hair on the show, and yet it’s the way I wear my hair as Tracee. You hire me, you hire my hair and you hire my ass. It’s all coming with me.” 

And the church said Amen.

I think it’s worth mentioning that one commenter on EW‘s site mentioned that Tracee got the opportunity to wear her natural hair as Joan on “Girlfriends.” And as one respondent offered, that’s true but “Girlfriends” was a show targeted to a demographic who was more likely to accept this type of hair. Wearing her hair naturally on that show was like, “preaching to the choir.” (All types of Black church references for you today.) But “black-ish” on ABC reaches an entirely new demographic and audience, allowing Black women to exhibit a different type of beauty, our natural state of beauty, to people who are still largely ignorant.

It’s a good thing.

The other side of the coin though: the only type of natural hair the mainstream and others in the Black community are readily willing to accept, without hesitancy, comes in the loose, curly form more often than not. While the youngest daughter on “black-ish” has hair that is coarser with tighter coils, it’s largely absent in mainstream media. But hopefully, Tracee and Viola and Kerry will help to bust those doors down as well.

Black Girls Run! Founders Give Advice On Hair and Working Out

November 24th, 2014 - By jade
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In this new series, One Bold Move, MadameNoire profiled four popular bloggers in the categories of Hair, Makeup, Style, and Fitness. These bloggers discussed the one bold decision that placed their life on a completely different trajectory. In this episode, the founders of Black Girls Run! Ashley Hicks and Toni Carey talk about their journey to get more African American women active and to not let your hair get in the way.


To sign up for a running group, visit their website.

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“This Is Me”: Tamera Mowry-Housley Lets Her Curls Shine On “The Real,” Says Her Husband Prefers Her Natural

November 18th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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The curls are out for tommorrow’s episode of #TheReal #curlyhair

A photo posted by tameramowrytwo (@tameramowrytwo) on

Tamera Mowry-Housley showcased her hair in its naturally curly state for today’s episode of “The Real,” and she looked gorgeous (but when doesn’t she?)!

The beauty talked about cutting her hair off after doing a lot of damage to it: 

“Obviously I did something a little different today. I’m a little nervous. Growing up on TV on you guys saw my natural hair. I have naturally curly hair, but throughout the years I always straightened it, I blow-dryed it, I put a hot comb to it. And I went through this really, really rough stage, rough patch of my hair where I had to do the big chop. Which is basically chopping all of your damaged hair off and starting anew. I was a little nervous because not many people are used to seeing me like this. This is me.”

She also talked about what other people in her life think about her hair, and having to deal with strangers trying to touch it: 

“My husband loves my hair like this. He would rather me wear my hair curly all day every day than to straighten it. And that makes me feel great. There is one thing that I don’t like sometimes about wearing my hair curly: everybody wants to touch it. They’re all up in your face and you’re like ‘ooooh, wait, nooooo!’ My husband’s friend, sorry Dan, I’m gonna call you out. I went to visit him at work and he saw my hair like this and he literally said, ‘Does your hair grow out of your head like that? No, no, no, no, I think it’s cool! I’ve just never seen anything like that.'”

Have you heard similar comments from people about your hair? Check out more pics of Mowry’s cute and curly look, and the ladies of “The Real” talking about their hair struggles below. Not only was Tamera showcasing her curls, but Tamar Braxton showed off a lovely black wig:    

We’re exposing the truth behind some normal habits we all have, but don’t worry, we’re here for you, for Better or Worse!

A photo posted by The Real Talk Show (@therealdaytime) on

Get Rid of Dry and Brittle Hair! | Do The Wright Thing Ep 2

November 12th, 2014 - By jade
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On the last episode of Do The Wright Thing, we focused on maintaining healthy hair when coloring. In this episode, we’re officially saying goodbye to dry and brittle hair. With the Optimum Amla Legend Rejuvenating Oil, it will leave your hair moisturized, soft and healthy.

For more information on the Optimum Salon Haircare products, visit their website.

Click here for episode 1.

Curly Nikki’s Tips On How To Keep Your Hair Moisturized

November 11th, 2014 - By jade
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In this new series, One Bold Move, MadameNoire profiled four popular bloggers in the categories of Hair, Makeup, Style, and Fitness. These bloggers discussed the one bold decision that placed their life on a completely different trajectory. In this episode, Curly Nikki shares her story on why she made the bold move to become natural and start her own website. She also gives a quick tip on how to keep your hair moisturized for the winter.

For more information on Nikki Walton, visit her website


Episode 2 – Missy Lynn 

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Episode 4 – Black Girls Workout Too! 

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How to Get Rid of Those Grey Hairs | Do The Wright Thing Ep. 1

November 4th, 2014 - By jade
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In this episode of Do The Wright Thing, celebrity hairstylist and SoftSheen-Carson’s Artistic Style Director,  Johnny Wright gives you a few tips on how to get rid of those unwanted grey hairs. With the Optimum Amla Legend Rejuvenating Miraculous Black Oil Hair Color, you will get 100% grey coverage and it comes in 3 different colors.

For more information on the Optimum Salon Haircare products, visit their website.

For episode 2 click here.

Getting Bored? How To Deal When You’re Thinking About Putting A Perm On Your Natural Hair

October 23rd, 2014 - By LaKrishia Armour
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Choosing to start on a natural hair journey isn’t easy. Once you’re in the thick of things–awkward lengths, matted ends and everything else that could confuse and irritate you–the natural hair journey seems time-consuming, frustrating and literally, sometimes, a tangled mess. When it becomes difficult, the urge to quit and run to a relaxer is strong. You can stay motivated by using a few tricks that will prevent you from giving up.

Remember why you started. 

What was your motivator when you chose to start your natural hair journey? Was it a goal? A feeling? A need for a visible change? Many women choose to start their natural journey with a Big Chop or a transitional period. Whatever the reason, keep it in mind when you’re feeling the urge to quit–either because of that little voice of discouragement or from other people who don’t like the changes you’ve made to your hair. The urge to quit is usually a passing thought, not a ‘solution.’ Keeping your primary motivator for starting in mind will help you resist the urge to give up on your hair.

Visualize your goal.

Create a vivid image in your mind of your future achievements. It could be of your waist-length hair floating behind you as you dance. Or, it could be an image of full, perfectly twisted locks. If you don’t have a goal, create one. A vision of achievement in reaching your hair goals works wonders in increasing your positivity. And remember, your hair crushes didn’t get their luscious manes overnight…

Get an enthusiastic hair accountability buddy.  

Even though her enthusiasm for accountability might annoy you greatly, a partner will keep you from quitting when you feel like you’ve reached a plateau in your natural hair journey. She’ll keep you motivated when you want to take scissors to your locs. She’ll give you product recommendations. She’ll be there to cheer for you when you need a jolt of enthusiasm. And most importantly, she’ll keep you on the path when you want to throw in the hair towel.

Uncover limiting beliefs you have about your hair.

Ask yourself this: Is the reason you want to quit that the natural hair journey because it really isn’t for you? Or is the problem that you’ve got a negative belief you’re feeding into that prevents you from allowing yourself to fully enjoy the journey? The limiting thoughts you have about your hair could be something major like, “I have ‘bad’ hair” and “I don’t feel beautiful without long hair.” The beliefs could also be hidden in a thought like, “My hair never does what I want. It’s such a time-suck in the morning.” Once you’re able to realize what these limiting beliefs are, you can turn them around into positive, self-confident statements like, “I’m learning that my hair is unique” and “My hair is s*xy because I’m the one rocking it.”

When you feel like giving up, don’t. Remember why you started and keep your outlook positive through visualization and a cheerful hair mentor. Continue on your natural hair journey with confidence and the motivation to go toward your goals. When your hair grows long and healthy, you’ll be glad you didn’t give up.

5 Secrets To Getting Happy And Healthy Hair

October 17th, 2014 - By LaKrishia Armour
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Much of how we perceive ourselves physically, and for many of us, the confidence that we have in our looks, begins with how we feel about our hair. Negative thoughts—even passing ones—can wilt our flowers of self-esteem as we journey into developing a carefree attitude toward our hair. Whether you’re first going natural, years in, or struggling with relaxed strands, many of us often feel discontent with our locks when they don’t do what we want them to. But here are five things to remember in order to get happy about your hair and make those strands happy.

Progress doesn’t always equal perfection.

Take pride in your progress and don’t worry so much about having perfect hair. A quick inventory will prove that you’ve taken steps toward your hair goals. Okay, so you had a few too many wonky braid outs than you would have liked over the last two months, but through those struggles you learned what works for your hair and eventually started seeing the perfect crinkles you wanted to. Think of the times before when you had no idea what you were doing! Yes, you’ve come a long way. Small wins lead to bigger ones. Now celebrate your success!

hair is happy hair.

Create a simple daily or weekly routine that works for you and your lifestyle. As long as it creates a healthy result that improves your hair, or simply slashes time on wash day, it’s worth repeating. A superb conditioner and consistent nighttime routine works wonders against dryness and breakage. Moisture is your hair’s best friend–give your strands what they need.

Try new styles as often as you want.

Put a flower in your hair. Part it on the opposite side. Try a style you saw on Pinterest. To boost your confidence in locks, have fun with new hair adventures. Allow yourself the space to flow in and out of your comfort zone with your look. Let your inner beautician play instead of forcing her to remain on stand-by while you fashion your hair into a dry top knot for the sixth day in a row. A few flexi-rods, hair clips and a vision of tousled, no-heat mermaid waves will get your creative mojo going (As will a packet of bleach, leftover weave and a bottle of dye).

Become your hair’s hype woman.

When you feel yourself getting discouraged, choose to hype up the good things about your hair. Think instead about what you’re learning about your strands as opposed to allowing yourself to get super stressed about things your hair isn’t doing to cooperate. There are more good qualities your hair exhibits than terrible ones. There’s nothing silly about a little hair affirmation. If all you do is roll your eyes in the mirror and giggle after repeating the phrase, “Today is the best hair day of my life” three times, the affirmation worked!

Let your hair be.

Accept the head of hair you have. More importantly, appreciate and love that head of hair. Wear it proudly. Swing your relaxed mane, fluff up your ‘fro or let your spirals bounce in the wind. Play up what you’ve got. Your hair, relaxed or natural, will become “good” enough when you break the habit of comparing your hair to others, and you’ll be happier with how it behaves. You’ll realize you’ve got the best head of hair—a happy one.