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Everything You Need To Know About The Netflix Series The Get Down

August 12th, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Netflix’s most expensive project to date, The Get Down, premieres today. Helmed by Baz Luhrmann of Moulin Rouge!, The Great Gatsby and Romeo + Juliet fame, the 12-episode series loosely chronicles the birth of hip-hop. Set in the South Bronx in the year 1977, the mythic, lavish saga follows a group of ambitious teenage boys who end up changing their city and the world at large with their hustle and unbridled creativity. It stars some newcomers, like Justice Smith, Herizen F. Guardiola, Mamoudou Athie and Yahya Abdul-Mateen, as well as acting vets like Giancarlo Esposito and Jimmy Smits. Will you tune in? Here’s everything you need to know about The Get Down, the first six episodes of which are now streaming on Netflix.

$53 Million? Celebrities With Record-Breaking Amounts Of Debt

February 16th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

When Kanye West announced that he was $53 million in debt, we all raised an eyebrow. How can someone who makes millions get that far behind on their bills? Well, as it turns out, Kanye West was speaking figuratively about his massive bills. That $53 million is the amount that he’s invested in his own companies. And if he can get Mark Zuckerberg to invest that cool billion in him, his financial house will soon be in order.

But the rest of the celebrities on this list aren’t just broke because of investments. These stars managed to get themselves into mind-boggling amounts of debt. Everything from IRS debt to balling out of control helped these stars find themselves millions of dollars in a hole. What’s even more unbelievable? How some of these stars managed to work their way out of their debt. Get ready to feel better about your own credit card bill and learn some hard lessons in finance from these celebs with the biggest debts in recent history.

Pass Or Play? Usher & Nas Tackle Police Brutality And Racial Injustice On “Chains”

October 17th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Smooth R&B crooner Usher and the lyrically gifted rhymer Nas have a few choice words regarding the recent tragedies in our community.

The two veteran artists have teamed up for the ultimate song of empowerment with German artist Bibi Bourelly (the co-writer of Rihanna’s B*tch Better Have My Money) on a new song called “Chains,” which raises awareness for the victims of racial injustice and police brutality.

“In writing this song, I was motivated by the events involving prejudicial injustice that are still happening today,” Usher said in a statement regarding the message behind the song. “The reality is that racial bigotry diminishes the lives of too many people in our country. We have to come together as a country to solve these problems and this is one way I can contribute.”

The song was debuted yesterday (Oct. 16) through a cool interactive Tidal feature titled, “Don’t Look Away,” in which viewer’s web cam and facial recognition technology is used. Viewer’s will be able to look into the eyes of the unarmed victims like Travyon Martin and Rekia Boyd and control the video stream. However, if the viewer turns away the song will immediately stop.

“I chose to introduce the song through the ‘Don’t Look Away’ experience because it is important not only to feel the issue but to face it,” Usher explained. “The pain and suffering that these victims and their families have endured is something we must never forget. When we look away from this problem it gets worse. To fix it, we have to face it.”

All proceeds from “Chains” will be donated to a Donor Advised Fund managed by, a social justice organization.

Give “Chains” and its visual component an eye and an ear here.

You Owe Me: Carmen Bryan, Nas And Child Support

July 16th, 2015 - By Rich
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Carmen Bryan, the mother of Nas’ daughter, is reportedly homeless.  After their daughter, Destiny Jones turned eighteen, she allegedly hasn’t had a stable living condition.

According to sister site Bossip:

Nas’s first baby’s mother Carmen Bryan is homeless. Carmen has been homeless since last summer when Nas stop sending her monthly support checks. He continued to send her support checks after their child was eighteen and she believed that he would send them forever since she was the mother of his child. After she decided to put lies out about him on social media he cut her off. She has never spent a dime out of her own pocket to support her daughter because except writing a tell all book, she has not had a J-O-B since giving birth.

She’s been here in Queens all year squatting from house to house telling old stories from the late 90’s. When she wears out her welcome she gets buddy passes to mooch off of people in LA and Atlanta.

Well damn…I hope this isn’t true.

However, this brings one to ponder about the ever-ongoing debate about child support.  The consensus from many men is that the money is called child support, meaning that it’s purpose is to purchase needs and a few wants pertaining to their son or daughter.  Once the child is eighteen, dad (and I say dad because more often than not the father is paying child support) has fulfilled his financial obligation.  Of course, it isn’t this simple.

Many times it seems as if there is a misconception in which part of-or all of the money-is used as additional income as if it is some kind of alimony.  There are people who take advantage of the system.  It’s easy money.  I personally know a few mothers who live with their parents that collect exorbitant child support checks, live beyond comfortable lives, and could care less just to stick it to their baby’s father/ex-husbands.  It sucks; but it’s reality.

While many of us have tried at some point, most black fathers aren’t rappers who have made millions.  We are living check-to-check.  Sometimes that child support payment holds the whole family down in between paychecks.  While I don’t receive child support in the traditional sense, my daughter’s survivor’s benefits from her mother passing away come through in the clutch for everything from “Damn, I left my wallet at home,” to buying a monthly train passes when starting a new job.  For the most part, I would “replace” the money.  I say that in an attempt to be transparent and suggest sometimes things happen and we all have to survive.

What about the mother?  Sometimes that too can be complicated.  I think that’s contingent on the relationship between both parents.  Many feel it is within their moral compass to take care of and assist outside of the child.  And why not?  That’s the person who carried their offspring and probably have primary custody.

In the speculative case of Carmen Bryan, one can’t help but wonder what happened.  We know Destiny’s monthly deposits were more than enough to take care of her.  We are pretty sure that he has done more for his daughter than write a song and have a fixed amount deducted from is account every month.  I’m sure Carmen wasn’t completely irresponsible with the money.  She could have been saving the money.  Maybe she had a hard time getting gainful employment because of who fathered her daughter?  There’s a possibility that she had been living off of the residual checks from her 2007 tell-all book, From Nas to Jay-Z, from Seduction to Scandal–a Hip-Hop Helen of Troy Tells All.  We know that she and Nas haven’t always seen eye-to-eye and she’s been vocal about that from time to time.

I’m pretty sure Carmen Bryan is doing just fine and these are just rumors.  As soon as these reports surfaced, Bryan posted a picture of herself in Instagram holding a stack of $100 bills.

…then again we know people do nothing but lie on social media.

Rapper Nas Teams Up With Chicken & Waffles Spot, Sweet Chick, In New York City

June 26th, 2015 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Image provided by Sweet Chick

Image provided by Sweet Chick

Word on the street is that one of the best places to wolf down chicken and waffles is a restaurant known as Sweet Chick in New York City. Apparently, it’s gaining so much traction, even famed rapper Nas is getting behind the Sweet Chick team to put this eatery on the map, according to Billboard.

Anyone who’s anyone has been spotted in the Sweet Chick’s Brooklyn or Lower East Side (LES) location, including Amber Rose and Cameron Diaz. With so much hype behind the spot, it’s time to expand nationally. Co-owner John Seymour revealed his new partnership with Nas at the one-year anniversary party of his LES spot.

“As we continue to grow and develop the Sweet Chick brand, we want to align with partners and artists that understand what we represent,” Seymour said in a statement. “When conceptualizing Sweet Chick, we understood the history of chicken & waffles and wanted to have an amazing product while paying homage to its roots within the music community of NYC.”

According to Mass Appeal, who interviewed Nas, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles better watch their back. Sweet Chick is on the rise.

“Sweet Chick is so different than them,” Nas said, when asked how Sweet Chick would do in L.A. against Roscoe’s. “Different kind of menu altogether. But we salute Roscoe’s all day. Sweet Chick is so diversified on the [palette]…nice vibe—and you can get alcoholic drinks here.”

Nas added that the Sweet Chick menu is already “great,” but he doesn’t mind putting his own little stank on it.

“I might add a dish or two maybe,” he said. “Looking to bring an added essence of Real Lituationess to the already lit scene there. Me. I’m a ray of light, my G. Good times and a life is the right attitude.”

Seymour said that it is a “dream come true” to have Nas on board with the budding restaurant chain: “We can truly move forward with a ‘NY state of Mind’ and introduce Sweet Chick to a bigger audience,” he said. “We look to expand in the next year or so,” he said, according to Billboard.

The Sweet Chick team is eyeing an expansion to Philadelphia, Denver, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

We Need Answers: 10 Super-Talented Musicians Who Never Won A Grammy

February 5th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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A lot of people get excited about the Grammys, which are airing this Sunday on CBS. But considering the many people whose work was or has been snubbed for deserved awards, we’ll just be tuning in to watch performances and talk about them with you. Since the very talented individuals on this list didn’t win Grammys when they were nominated, we won’t hold our breath believing that true talent will beat out popularity.

Here are 10 artists we were surprised to find out never won a Grammy.




Chuck Berry

While Berry was given the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1984, the rock and roll pioneer never won a Grammy beforehand or after.

Do New Artists Lack Respect For Those Who Came Before Them?

December 16th, 2014 - By Alexandra Olivier
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Many new artists representing for this generation reflect on the artists before them who paved the way and inspired them. Some even end up bonding and sparking a friendship with these musical forefathers (and mothers). There’s no better example of this ode to the old school and camaraderie with the new school than the relationship between J. Cole and Nas.

Many have likened J. Cole to Nas in terms of lyrical ability and fame. His track “Let Nas Down” wasn’t a diss record or an apology for making a song that Nasty Nas wasn’t feeling. It was simply a chance to speak on the pressures to make it in the rap game, sometimes at the expense of your art, and how the industry really hasn’t changed, regardless of when both men entered it. Nas could relate, and in turn, created the song “Made Nas Proud” to share his own bumpy road in the industry and to show his support.

This type of relationship between a man that many can coin a living legend and another who is definitely one of the brightest stars in hip-hop, is what I would like to see more of, especially from artists just breaking into music. You can’t simply kick open a window that was already opened for you and say you broke through all by yourself. Unfortunately, this respect between old and new artists isn’t necessarily shared across the board.

Say what you want, but Nicki Minaj owns the female rap game right now. She has critically acclaimed featured verses – even stealing shine from Jay Z and Kanye West on“Monster” when she was a rookie – and two big records with Beyoncé. She is, without a doubt, the current female rapper running things. Way before her, there was Lil Kim. And despite Kim rolling with the big boys, spitting raunchy lyrics that made your grandmother blush and putting her own stamp on hip-hop, Nicki ignores her resumé.

It’s not necessarily all Nicki’s fault. Lil Kim’s attempt to make a comeback by using Nicki’s name and beef with her sparked an underwhelming wave of diss tracks and songs at a time when the Barbz and the Ken dolls pined for the “Pills n Potions” rapper’s third studio album, The Pinkprint (in stores today). Lil Kim has certainly had her time on top, but she’s unwilling to make space for Nicki. The pettiness of their beef (which popped up again after Nicki did the “Flawless” remix a few months back), appears to be more of Kim trying to regain her place on top in an industry that has evolved without her.

Now Drake and Diddy are reportedly coming to blows over the “0 to 100” beat. Drizzy is every girl’s favorite rapper – word to K. Michelle – while Diddy is a rapper and business mogul who has worked with some of the greats and broke records. Snubbing the infamous Bad Boy head would be a bad idea for the careers of quite a few rappers. But with Drake near the top of hip-hop, he made it clear that he’s unbothered, and Diddy got physical in the end, telling Canada’s biggest star that “You’ll never disrespect me again.”

Regardless of Nicki and Drake’s success, a respect for those that blazed the path for them to come up is still necessary. They don’t necessarily have to care for them, but a simple nod to the old-school would suffice.

In that same respect, picking fights while desiring to have that “old thing” back is sad and unnecessary for the old-school stars. It would be more interesting to witness a collaboration between these artists rather than listen to them trade insults on wax (and punches at nightclubs). The records are never that great, nor do they seem authentic.

Good music is good music, and there is enough space on iTunes to celebrate the old and the new. So why can’t some of music’s biggest stars play nice?

Destiny Jones Speaks On Her Parents’ Relationship: “We’re A Family Regardless”

December 10th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Last month, we told you that Nas’ 20-year-old daughter, Destiny, launched lip gloss line, Lipmatic. While promoting the new beauty product, the young entrepreneur sat down with Mara the Hip Hop Socialite. During their chat, she openly addressed her parents’ dysfunctional relationship.

Despite the public nature and Nas and Carmen’s issues, Destiny says that she was never really affected by them; mainly because she was too young to understand what was happening during the height of the dysfunction.

“I think that when I was younger, a lot of the drama that was out in the public with them, I didn’t really understand it,” Destiny explained. “I didn’t really see it. I really didn’t know what was going on, and it didn’t affect me that much. Now if my parents are on any type of blogs for beefing with each other, it’s kind of not that big a deal to me because usually, whatever’s in the media is always like ten times deeper than what it actually is between us as a family. So it really doesn’t faze me that much. It’s just like whatever; tomorrow there will be something else in the blogs. I don’t really pay attention to it.”



She went on to say that because she doesn’t put too much thought into what people think of her, the fact that some of her family’s personal business seeped into the media wasn’t as traumatizing as it may have been for someone else.

“I’m a little different because with me personally, certain things just don’t affect me the way, like, my friends for example. I have friends that are like, ‘Wow, I wouldn’t be able to handle that.’ But with me, I’ve never really grown up caring about the opinions of others – what other people think of me and my family. So, for me, it just kind of falls to the wayside, like I really don’t care that much. But I’m sure that for any other individual, it would be kind of traumatizing.”

As for what her parents’ relationship is like now, Destiny had this to say:

“I think that my parents just both have a clear understanding that regardless of what has happened in the past, we’re a family regardless.

Nobody can ever say anything bad about my dad to my mom or she’ll go off, and my dad doesn’t want to hear anything bad about my mom. So that love is there and that respect is there, and right now, and hopefully forever, everything is really just cool between them.

Regardless of whether they were ever going through their drama or not, I feel like that love and respect has always been there, and they always had that unspoken understanding.”

Check out Destiny’s full interview here.

Destiny Jones Launches LipMatic Lip Gloss Line!

November 29th, 2014 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Destiny Jones is ready to leave her mark on the world! The 20-year-old daughter of hip hop icon, Nas, launched her new lip gloss line today.

The lip gloss line, titled LipMatic pays homage to the 20th anniversary of her father’s debut album, Illmatic. The line features four organic shades, Life’s a Peach, P.L.U.M. State of Mind, Cherry Love and Cotton Candy Lane. All of them are titled after singles from the album.

Destiny has quietly been working on the project for the last few months.

In a statement, Destiny said,

Since I came up with the concept for LipMatic, I dove into researching the best ingredients. I’m super picky about my lip gloss! When I found a formula that looked and felt great, and was 98% organic – that just brought what started as an idea to life.”

The 2014 collection is available  here.

Pay Day: 15 Crazy Celebrity Child Support Cases

November 6th, 2014 - By Rich
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The details, the monthly payments, lawsuits and the like of these celebrity child support cases will make your head spin!! While we feel sorry for Halle Berry we are left scratching our head at billionaires who pay less on a monthly basis then certain actors. Oy vey!

Sources:, Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

All images courtesy of WikiMedia except where noted.

Pay Day: 15 Crazy Celebrity Child Support Cases