Ja Rule and his family will be hitting the TV waves soon with a new reality docu series called Follow The Rules on MTV. The show is produced by Ja Rule and Queen Latifah and is about his hectic life with his family. Wetpaint caught up with Ja Rule to talk about the show, family, and his career

Advice From T.I. About Reality TV

“Me and Tip spoke about it,” he recounts of the T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle star. “The one thing he told me is, ‘Once you do this show, people are gonna expect you to be and act a certain way. Because now you’re the family guy versus the hip hop artist. You’re the dad, the father.’”

His New Place In Life

“That’s fine with me because I’m in a different space in life right now,” he admits. “I’m more into being a father and doing my business ventures and stuff than I am being the wild, crazy rapper. For me it’s a perfect transition.”

About The Show

“I think people are going to be surprised that really, I’m a comedian at heart,” the secret softie admits. “I like to be playful and joke around and pull pranks. I’m just a fun dad, so I think it’s going to come across and people are going to enjoy seeing me in that light.”

According to MTV: “Follow The Rules” is a comedic half-hour docu-series centered around Grammy nominated rapper turned actor, Ja Rule, and the hectic household that he and his wife Aisha are trying to keep under control. With their two sons, Jeffery Jr. and Jordan, as well as Ja’s mother and mother-in-law living under one roof, the house the Rule built is anything but quiet. The couple’s oldest daughter, Brittney, just about to start her sophomore year at college, is always pushing the boundaries. Though they’ve been through a lot and don’t always agree when it comes to their modern parenting styles, Ja and Aisha always manage to keep their family together with love and laughter. Ultimately one things for sure, when you’re in their house, you better “Follow The Rules.”

[Watch] Reginae’s Super Sweet 16th Birthday Is Coming To MTV

February 11th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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My boy Rari 😍

A photo posted by colormenae (@colormenae) on

We all saw the pictures of Reginae’s 16th birthday party and we all heard about the Ferrari and BMW she received from her parents. We saw the clips of Nicki Minaj’s performance and Reginae’s three outfit changes. It was extravagant.

But as with any lavish party, preparation is key. And thanks to the good people at MTV, we get to see all the work and the drama that went into preparing Reginae’s party during her “My Super Sweet 16” special.

Here’s what MTV said in their official release:

Hip-Hop mogul Lil Wayne has a daughter, Reginae, and she is finally turning 16. As hip-hop royalty, the pressure is on to throw the most talked about party of the year. However, friendship drama threatens to turn Reginae’s party into a spectacle of another sort. Will Weezy’s daughter’s coming of age celebration end up being totally fabulous or totally fizzle?

Oh…As a fan of “My Super Sweet 16,” I’m here for it.

The show is set to air next Monday, February 16 at 7 PM but in the meantime, check out the trailer.

Would You Ever Consider A Threesome? Watch What Happens To This Couple First

December 16th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: MTV

Image Source: MTV

True Life has finally answered the question on couples’ minds around America: What would happen if I had a threesome? Lucky for us, this Dallas couple found out for us — you won’t be able to guess what happens next.

Watch Blue Ivy Talk To Her Mommy Backstage At The MTV Awards

September 5th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Watch Blue Ivy Talk To Her Mommy Backstage At The MTV Awards

If you ask me, the best part of Beyoncé’s MTV performance came when she was singing to her daughter and when that same little girl took the stage and told her mother she did a good job.

Now, Beyoncé is letting us know about all the hard work that went into creating, crafting and editing that performance. MTV was tardy on the staging, Bey decided an hour before showtime that she wanted her dancers painted white and the singer and her troupe only got to practice their 15 minute routine once on stage.

That’s interesting but I’m sharing this video for the words Blue shared with her mother once she stopped waving to adoring fans on stage. And it seems that Mama Tina’s boo Richard Lawson makes an appearance around the 3:48 mark.

Check out the MTV Behind The Scenes video below.

Ariana Grande Opens Up About Relationship With Big Sean…Kinda

September 1st, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Ariana Grande Opens Up About Relationship With Big Sean

Source: MTV

During the MTV Awards, in addition to some of the night’s lack luster performances, there was a moment back stage that left people’s tongues wagging.

It was the above image of Ariana Grande and Big Sean walking hand in hand backstage at the show.

The rumors have been swirling ever since someone spotted these two making out at the movies. But so far, neither one of them has spoken publicly about their relationship. That was until she spoke to E! Online.

Grande told Ryan Seacrest, “I’ll tell you when we’re not on air. I trust you. I’ve known you for a long time. I don’t know about these millions of people listening in right now.”

But she was a bit more forthcoming when she spoke to International Business Times. 

Before she performed on NBC, the 21 year old sat down with Matt Lauer and he asked about her romantic life. She beat around the bush for a while, “Y’all are putting me on the spot!” And then she said, “Im happy.”

Well there it is.


I get why she’s not too quick to speak about their relationship, particularly since both of them just came out of something. And then there are those pesky theories that Big Sean is just trying to attach his name to anyone right now to get his career to pop. You know what they say, two celebrities are better than one.

I don’t know…call me crazy I kind of like them together in an interesting, unexpected way. But if he starts showing up on the red carpet in matching outfits like he did with Naya…then I’ll have to retract that with a quickness.

I Been On: Yonce Racks Up 8 MTV VMA Nominations

July 18th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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men in heels beyonce montage



From StyleBlazer 

Of course. Of course. Today MTV announced their nominees for the 2014 Video Music Awards (via Snapchat, interestingly enough) and, obviously, Beyoncé was nominated for all the awards–well, eight to be exact, but that’s more than anybody else got this year. She’s in the running for Video of the Year, Best Female Video, Best Collaboration, and more. Coming in at a close second were breakout star Iggy Azalea and rap veteranEminem, who each got seven nominees.

Only one nomination from the top, Iggy and Eminem were almost too close for comfort. Is Queen Bey’s power waning? We’ll know for sure when the awards air next month on August 24.

We already know that Ariana Grande, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Usher are all performing, but based on Bey’s penchant for surprises and just showing everyone up all the time, she could just pop up and start performing in the middle of the show.

Read more about the MTV VMA Nominations at StyleBlazer.com