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Another Day, Another Katt Williams Story: Sacramento Police Issue Arrest Warrant For Comedian

December 8th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Jody Cortes/WENN

Edited (as of 1 pm): New details have now become available. TMZ reports that Katt was arrested on Friday night on the arrest charge at a gas station after a traffic stop by police. He was about 40 miles outside of Sacramento in Dunnigan, CA.


You’re tired of this, aren’t you?  We know, it’s tiring and as we all continue to say, very disheartening to hear.

According to E! Online, an arrest warrant for Katt Williams has been issued for felony evading police and driving in a reckless manner, stemming from a November 25th run-in with the police.

The California Highway Patrol said they spotted Williams driving a white three-wheeled motorcycle on the sidewalk near a Sacramento hotel.  When they tried to pull him over, he apparently kicked up the speed and fled the scene. They report that at one point, Williams took off his helmet and screamed to the officers, “I am not going to stop!”

After about two minutes of chasing him, the police stopped out of concern for public safety.

No word from Williams or his lawyers about whether or not he’ll be turning himself in.  Sadly, we’ve never heard from a Katt Williams legal team so the most we can likely expect is that the police will track him down or he’ll make some type of unusual “statement.”

We’ve been reading that many people have questioned the company Katt keeps and why they would “allow” these things to keep happening but the unfortunate reality is that you can rarely ever save someone when they’re not ready to save themselves.  Katt also has a lot of children so hopefully they’re able to keep themselves in a decent head space while they watch their father unravel.

This Is Not How You Win: Wyclef Tweets Suspect Picture, Greased Up On A Motorcycle

October 17th, 2012 - By Renay Alize
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If you’re on Twitter you might have seen this picture already. Because right now, as I type Wyclef’s name is trending there. Memes are being created on Instagram and my office is erupting with laughter and shade throwing.  And this picture is the reason why. This was not a personal, family photo that someone leaked. This is a picture Wyclef posted himself on his personal Twitter page, along with this caption.

TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD! I look And feel 26! U cant keep a good Man down! Keep a smile when they want you to frown!

There are several things wrong with this image but I’m just going to highlight the most egregious ones, in the form of questions because there are no definitive answers as to why we, the public, ever saw this image.

1. Why did Wyclef only lotion (baby or canola oil perhaps) the top half of his body?

2. Why is he wearing these panties?

3. Do these panties feature the Haitian flag?

4. Is this where the money from the Yele foundation went?

5. Who took this picture?

6. Why didn’t they tell him it wasn’t a good look?

7. Does he believe this is the image of a man who wants to run a whole country?

8. Do you think Lauryn is somewhere laughing at this?

What are your thoughts on this image? Did Wyclef succeed or flop as the sex symbol he was trying to portray himself to be?