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What’s Beef? Were These Celebrity Beefs Staged For Publicity?

September 12th, 2015 - By Iva Anthony
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If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s definitely that controversy sells. But as more and more stars stage beefs and fights to drum up publicity, it’s getting harder and harder to tell the real from the fake. Click through the next slides as we get down to business as to whether these celebrity beefs were staged just for attention or not.

Nicki Minaj

Splash News

Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus

Viewers tuned into this year’s MTV VMAs were left with their mouth’s gaped open during Nicki Minaj’s acceptance speech. The Young Money princess called host Miley Cyrus out of her name over the comments she made in an interview leading up to the awards show. Minaj became a trending topic for calling Cyrus a b*tch live on the air, but many felt the entire scene was concocted to spice things up for the awards show. Last year’s ratings were down nearly two million viewer’s from the previous year. Neither camp has commented on the incident, but MTV VMAs executive producer Vin Toffler said, “It was [real]. In no way was any of that planned.”




Monica & Shannon Brown, Ludacris & Eudoxie And LeToya Luckett And Her Man Take A Holiday Couples Trip To Costa Rica

December 29th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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If there’s one thing that looks like an absolute blast, it’s a couples trip!

Unless of course, you’re watching Why Did I Get Married?…  

But anywho, after celebrating Christmas with their families, Monica & Shannon Brown, Ludacris and his fiancée, Eudoxie, Letoya Luckett and her man, and auto racing driver Marco Andretti and his lady all met up and hopped on a private jet to take a couple’s trip to Costa Rica, presumably to ring in the new year together. The good-looking group has engaged in all kinds of fun (with a side of foolishness thanks to Luda and his hilariously intrusive sleeping pics), as they have gone ziplining and wave jumping on jet skis. Must be nice *in a Lyfe Jennings voice*

Check out all of the fun that the couples have had so far and get ready to be a teensy tiny bit jealous. Hey, it happens to the best of us.  



Thank you for all of the love and your well wishes.

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What Went Wrong? Supergroups That Could Have Been Awesome, But Were A Bust

December 17th, 2014 - By Asha Boston
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A lot of popular musicians admire one another and often work together on projects. But every now and then, these people try to come together to create an actual supergroup of sorts. Multiple established individuals working under one name, one sound. And while the idea of supergroups is cool, many don’t make it. Why? Label conflict, big egos, and sometimes, fans just aren’t feeling what they’re selling. Here are 10 examples of supergroups that have been a bust for a variety of reasons.


Peach Candy

Peach Candy

Ever wonder what it’d be like if “Real Housewives of Atlanta” crossed over with “Love and Hip Hop”? Meet Peach Candy. Comprised of singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss and rapper Rasheeda Buckner-Frost, the duo provided a unique sound of crunk/hip-hop tracks with an R&B flare. The group disbanded because of their busy schedules and never released an album (they ladies are still close friends though). But they did release several singles like “Crazy,” “Bam,” “Wish I Never” and “Rain At Home” featuring Lil Scrappy.

Call Off The Dogs: Jessie J Will Not Remake “The Boy Is Mine”

November 24th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Jessie J Will Not Remake "The Boy Is Mine"

Source: Getty

I know some of y’all were wallowing way down deep in your feelings when Rodney Jerkins announced that Jessie J and Ariana Grande were planning to remake Brandy and Monica’s hit–and apparently– iconic song “The Boy Is Mine.”

I don’t know if Rodney spoke too soon or someone changed their mind. But according to Jessie J, there will be no such remake.

When she stepped out on the red carpet for the American Music Awards yesterday, with her new boo Luke James, she took time out to speak with UK outlet the Mirror, where she debunked rumors.

No, it’s not true, neither of us have agreed. Sadly, people are believing it. I spoke to Brandy and I was like, ‘no it’s not happening’. Monica and Brandy are the best.”

Well, there you have it. Even though I believe Jessie J would be up to the challenge, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Some things, classic things, just need to be left alone.

So, Actually Monica Is Not Studying To Be A Nurse, But She Is Doing Something New

November 21st, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Earlier this week, we thought Monica was pursing a career in nursing when she posted a picture of herself in scrubs on her Instagram page.

Well, that’s not exactly correct. Necole Bitchie reached out to Monica for more details and she explained what’s really going on.

I’m not studying to be a nurse. I have a great respect for nurses. Especially, seeing first hand all that they do & how they selflessly give of themselves. It is mandatory that we wear scrubs in my field as well. I’ve always had an interest in forensics. In my field we focus on giving the family much needed answers and closure in the event that they lose a loved one. I enjoy helping families during one of the most difficult times in their life.

Thanks for checking with me. My post was never intended to be misleading. It was meant to just be encouraging because some days it’s just not easy but it’s all possible if u stay encouraged & believe.

We’re still impressed, a bit more so actually.

Serious Question: Do We No Longer Appreciate Singers With Big Voices?

September 16th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I did a brief post yesterday looking for your opinions on Monica’s performance of the National Anthem at the Mayweather v. Maidana fight over the weekend. Just as I thought, the reactions to her version of the song, which was full of bravado and and notes held for quite a long time, were mixed. But one comment about her performance stuck out to me and really made me think:

“SAANNNNGGGG Monica!! People’s ears have been conditioned to like mediocre singers who can’t sing. For some reason, black people are now embarrassed by singers with big voices and who “go to church” outside of the church walls.”

Was I embarrassed by her? No! Of course not.

Or at least, I didn’t think I was…

But then I thought about the fact that I’ve heard a friend say that they were embarrassed by another black woman with a big voice taking folks to church in front of millions recently. At the Academy Awards earlier this year, 20 Feet of Stardom star Darlene Love, at the age of 72, finally had the main stage and her chance to shine. When she did, my friend said that she did the absolute most with her impromptu rendition of “His Eye Is On The Sparrow.”

“It was just way too much.”

I personally thought that she sounded great, and that considering the fact that she’d been in the background (literally) for most of her career, she was taking full advantage of something that was often taken from her–the spotlight. She wanted to show the world what she could do, and if you’re going to show up in front of a huge audience for the first time, why not show out?

And then I got to thinking about other singers out there with big voices whose work isn’t necessarily received with open arms like the big voices of yesteryear. Aretha has a big voice. Patti has a big voice. Chaka has a big voice. Gladys has a big voice. Whitney had a big voice. For years, their vocal talents were what we knew and embraced. They were the standard. But women today with big voices like Monica, Fantasia and even Jennifer Hudson receive furrowed brows from time to time for their music and performances while singers with watered down and studio-made vocals are cited as “divas” and get all the love. Some say that the vocal powerhouses of today do “too much” and I can admit that I’ve been one of those individuals before. But is it really about embarrassment?

As someone who currently sings in a church choir during my free time, I’m surrounded by big voices. I don’t necessarily have one, but I can appreciate those who do and put a little stank on a song that gets people out of their seat and shouts the praises of God. But even those vocalists can overdo it sometimes.

And I think that’s really what the issue is, at least for me.

When I think of a Whitney Houston, she was THE voice, and that voice was one of the most powerful that I’ve ever heard. However, Houston had great control of that vessel. She could be soothing and she could take you to church just enough without ever making you feel like she was trying too hard or literally screaming at the top of her lungs. She gave goosebumps on a regular basis. But quite often, people today get on the microphone and show off so much that you walk away feeling confused (and possibly with a headache) rather than feeling like you want to give a standing ovation.

I do love and appreciate the church-bred voice though. K-Ci, Jo Jo and Johnny Gill’s vocals are some of my favorites. And I love me some Chaka and Mary J. Blige. But I do think that there’s a time, place and a song for everything. The National Anthem doesn’t need all the extra pomp and circumstance, so for me, that’s why I wasn’t crazy about Monica’s performance. However, she’s performed extraordinarily on many other occasions. I guess you could also say it’s about preference. And as I said, there’s a time and place for putting your foot all the way in a song and showing people all that your voice is capable of. But no, personally, I’m not embarrassed by Monica’s vocal abilities, and in fact, I admire them. I wish that more of the people winning awards and taking center stage sounded like her. But she already has proven that she has a great deal of talent, so to me, she really didn’t need to do so much for a song that requires so little. Less is more sometimes.

But then again, what do I know? She’s the multi-platinum Grammy winning artist, and I’m just a writer, so clearly she’s doing something right.

What do you think?

Monica Sang The National Anthem At The Mayweather v. Maidana Fight And We Still Don’t Know What To Think About It…

September 15th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I love Monica. Lord knows I do. But I couldn’t really wrap my head around her performance of the National Anthem at this weekend’s Mayweather v. Maidana fight in Las Vegas.

Now, Monica sounded amazing as usual, but something about the performance raised an eyebrow. In one of the longer renditions I’ve seen of the Anthem, the “Don’t Take It Personal” singer held her notes a bit longer than expected and was a little overdramatic at times. After almost three minutes, she finished the performance, and soon after, reactions posted online were mixed.

“Clear tone. Pitch perfect. Slayed the boxing and everyone in it. Check out all the reactions behind her. Pure vocals. Period.”

“She sounded great up until the last few seconds then tried to do some unnecessary grandstanding. Not the best but not the worst.”

“That was the WORST arrangement EVER of the anthem. What in the world was she thinking with those awkwardly long measure?? If you think that was good you must’ve had your volume down. #epicfail”

“that vibrato was was too much……but the last note, “brave” was horrible. What was she thinking?”

“she over sang that. it was too much.”

But no matter what anyone thought, the singer was excited about her performance and posted this message to Instagram afterwards, thanking her fans and supporters.

“To everyone that wished me well, & sent me lovely thoughts I truly thank u God Bless you… And thank you father for allowing me to still do what I love You are the greatest!!! #ILoveMyCountry #USA”

In case you missed it, her performance is below. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

On Trend: 15 Flicks of Singer Monica Rocking Braids

September 9th, 2014 - By Rich
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Singer Monica is rocking the popular (Poetic Justice-style) long braids and we love them on her. The style is extremely convenient and low-maintainence (no combing or brushing necessary, just get up and go!) We’ve gathered the cutest pictures of Monica we could find via instagram of her wearing the popular style. Monica wore it on a lavish vacation with hubby Shannon Brown. Her instagram is like a little open diary, the 33-year-old loves using the platform to share her thoughts and feelings. Here’s some of her past messages:

#Gratefulness is what I feel in my heart daily. My family & friends are amazing!!! There’s never a day that my children & I take them for granted!! They always pick up the slack of those who don’t do what they should !! Gods timing.. Trust Him he knows EXACTLY who & what we need

Smile❤️no matter what life brings… The most loyal person experiences the most disloyalty, The most loving person experiences the most hate & the most trust worthy person experiences people you can’t trust… It’s all a part of your test & your test will eventually become your testimony #HoldOn #MB

We love it! She’s a true inspiration. Click continue to see the singer looking flawless in the protective hairstyle.

On Hair Trend: 15 Flicks of Singer Monica Rocking Braids

Don’t Mess With Miss Thang: Monica Comes For Rude Instagram Follower

September 5th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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You know, all of your followers ain’t your friends. That is particularly true when you’re a celebrity. In fact, many people follow celebrities they “don’t like” just so they can look at their pictures and tell them how much they don’t like them.

Something like this happened to Monica recently. Except the follower was telling Monica just how much she didn’t like the braids she was wearing during her vacation in Antigua with husband Shannon Brown.

And instead of keeping that thought inside her head, the woman decided to share it when Monica posted this picture.

Loved it here!!! #Antigua thank u for your kindness… Everything was beautiful!!! #AllSmiles off to My Babies #LaiyahRomeloRocko

The follower responded:

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Monica didn’t take that sitting down. Here’s what she had to say:

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram


People love to say “My opinion” as if that negates any rudeness in their comment. Of course it’s your opinion but every thought doesn’t need to be communicated. And if you do choose to share, be prepared for the clapback.

In the words of Kenya Moore, don’t come for me unless I send for you.

“Change Has GOT To Come!!!” Monica Mourns The Loss Of A Good Friend Shot And Killed; Takes Stand Against Gun Violence

August 25th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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singer Monica

JLN Photography/WENN

Gun violence is something that has affected many of us, and it’s something that is currently impacting singer Monica and her family. A good friend of her family (a best friend of her brother-in-law David Brown) was recently shot and killed, and the singer took to social media to get his name and his story out there. She, like so many, is tired of these shootings becoming so common.

“With a heavy heart & tear filled eyes I send all my love and condolences to my brother @dcaffe & his family RIP Chris your friendship & loyalty to my brother made you MY FAMILY… I’ve stopped asking why to ask WHEN.. When will these senseless acts of violence stop.. You were gunned down, taken from your children & in this cold cruel world that cares more now about reporting fashion & who’s dating who there was barely a mention on the news.. #WakeUpWorld the old burying the young is NOT the way it’s supposed to be. People only care for us as much as we care for ourselves … Change has GOT to come!!! #GoneToSoon”

We give our condolences to Monica, the Brown family and the family of her friend Chris in their loss. We too are hoping that a change will come sooner than later.