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NH Police Commissioner Resigns After Admitting To Calling President Obama A ‘N*****’

May 19th, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Mitt Romney has President Obama’s back?

Robert Copeland, police commissioner of Wolfeboro, N.H., admitted to calling President Obama a “n*****,” but refused to apologize, even after facing fury from town residents and a number of other high-profile names. Romney, also a resident of the small town, called for Copeland step down from his position for using the racial epithet, CNN reports. Those calls have been heard: Copeland is gone.

“I believe I did use the ‘N’ word in reference to the current occupant of the Whitehouse,” Copeland, 82, wrote in a recent email to his fellow commissioners. “For this, I do not apologize — he meets and exceeds my criteria for such.”

Jane O’Toole, a resident who just moved to the predominantly-white community of Wolfeboro four months ago, claims she overheard Copeland use the racial epithet to refer to Obama at a local restaurant in March. “She heard him say he hates turning on that television because every time he does, there’s that ‘f***ing n*****’,” Daily Mail wrote.

O’Toole complained to the town manager, which reportedly led to the aforementioned email.

At a town meeting on Thursday, furious residents demanded Copeland apologize and resign for using the slur against the POTUS. Arms crossed and unbending, Copeland refused to budge.

“Comments like these, especially coming from a public official, are not only inexcusable but also terribly, unfortunately, reflects poorly on our town,” O’Toole said at the meeting.

Romney, who owns a home in Wolfeboro, defended the president and urged Copeland to apologize. “The vile epithet used and confirmed by the commissioner has no place in our community: He should just apologize and resign,” Romney told CNN on Sunday. Scott Brown, the former Senator from Massachusetts who’s running in New Hampshire, also called for his resignation.

New Hamphire’s population is 94 percent white and one percent black. Only 20 black residents live in Wolfeboro, a town with 6,300 people. “None of the town police department’s 12 full-time officers is black or a member of another minority,” the Associated Press adds.

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Celebs You Didn’t Know Are Mexican

May 5th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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For many Mexican Americans living here in the U.S., Cinco de Mayo is a day to commemorate their Mexican pride and heritage. While many of us who aren’t Mexican join in on the celebration, here’s a list of celebs that you may not have known that are actually Mexican, either by ethnicity or nationality.

Celebs You Didn't Know Are Mexican


Taboo from Black Eyed Peas

As one fourth of the super group Black Eyed Peas, rapper Taboo has become an international superstar. Born to a Mexican American father and a Native American mother in Los Angeles, Taboo, real name Jaime Gomez, joined the group to replace one of its members. Black Eyed Peas went through a couple name changes and singer Fergie was brought in as the fourth member in time for their third album. Taboo began working on a solo album in 2008 but has said it will take some time to get his solo career off of the ground.

Ann Coulter Labels Melissa Harris-Perry The “Token” African-American

January 9th, 2014 - By Raven Carter
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From EurWeb 

Days after publicly apologizing for comments made about Mitt Romney’s adopted grandson Kieran, Melissa Harris-Perry is on the receiving end of daggers thrown by Ann Coulter, who referred to the MSNBC talk show host as the network’s “token” African-American.

Coulter and Sean Hannity had their say on Harris-Perry and her apology earlier this week on Fox News.

“It’s particularly good having Melissa Harris-Perry of all people making fun of a black child in the Romney family as a token,” Coulter told Hannity. “What does she think she is at MSNBC?”

Harris-Perry has been at the center of recent criticism after for joking about Kieran being the only black person in a photo of the Romney family. She later apologized for her comments on-air, tearing up, and in a statement online.

Hannity followed Coulter’s lead with his own criticism of Harris-Perry.

Read more about Coulter’s comments at 

Melissa Harris-Perry Delivers Televised Apology To Romney Family & Mitt Says, “Let’s Move On”

January 5th, 2014 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Melissa Harris Perry Romney

After coming under fire for making jokes about Mitt Romney’s grandson Kieran, who is African-American, being part of a Caucasian family, Melissa Harris-Perry has taken every opportunity to apologize for her remarks, as well as the rest of the panel, that offended the Romney family.

There was no better place to do it than on her show and on Saturday, MHP gave a seemingly heartfelt apology on the air:

Mitt Romney was asked by several outlets for his reaction to her televised apology and according to The Hollywood Reporter, all is forgiven. He had this to say to Fox News:

 “I recognize that people make mistakes and the folks at MSNBC made a big mistake and they’ve apologized for it and that’s all you can ask for. I’m going to move on from that, I’m sure they want to move on from that. Look, I’ve made plenty of mistakes myself and they’ve apologized for this and, you know, I think we can go on from there.”

Romney added that he believes the apology was “clearly heartfelt” and they can accept that.

So far, there has been nothing from MSNBC about any suspensions or anything like that being handed to Melissa Harris-Perry and perhaps her immediate reaction to what happened has helped her in that respect.

Why I Don’t Think Melissa Harris-Perry Should Have Apologized

January 2nd, 2014 - By Charing Ball
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Melissa Harris Perry Romney

I’m just going to cut left of center to this foul-smelling and rotten minced donkey and elephant meat pie and say that those on the so-called left need to stop apologizing to every single right-wing troll with a straw man argument and a platform to spew it from.

And yes, I’m talking about Melissa Harris-Perry’s apology to Mitt Romney and his family. If you have not been following the story, here’s a recap: According to various published reports, Professor Melissa Harris-Perry, star of her own self-titled show on MSNBC, supposedly made an off-colored joke during an episode of her show this past Sunday. According to published reports, Harris-Perry and a panel of comedians and actors were poking fun at what they deemed to be “photos of the year,” including a picture of former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his extended family, and in particular, his adopted black grandson, Kieran Romney. Actress Pia Glenn, one of the panelists for the episode, quipped that “one of these things is not like the other,” and Harris-Perry would join in on the fun with this ironic prediction: “My goal is that in 2040, the biggest thing of the year will be the marriage between Kieran Romney and North West. Can you imagine Mitt Romney and Kanye West as in-laws?” To which comedian Dean Obeidallah, one of the other panelists for the episode, added that the photo “really sums up the diversity of the Republican Party, the RNC. At the convention they find the one black person.”

Some folks, mostly right-wing folks, thought the segment to be distasteful and disrespectful to transracial adoptions, particularly former vice-presidential Republican nominee and total political has-been Sarah Palin, who wrote on her Facebook page:

Leftist media hounds are not expressing an opinion with this attack; they are expressing a prejudice that would never be accepted if it came from anyone else but the lib media.You really need a conscience, yellow journalists. May your 2014 New Year’s Resolution be to find one.”

This coming from a woman, who just a week ago defended Phil Robertson, star of the hillbilly nonsense Duck Dynasty, after he made some very insensitive comments about homosexuals and black folks in a GQ interview. Palin, along with other right-wing blowhards and a large pack of Robertson’s conservative white fan base, cried fowl when Robertson was put on indefinite suspension from the series. Never mind if the comments were offensive and expressive of a prejudice, Palin, among many others on the right, supported him, even when he doubled-down on those comments and refused to apologized. They even led the charge against A&E and other sponsors, who would ultimately rescind their suspension of Robertson. Once they realized they could be losing their cash cow, then it became a matter of exercising and protecting a right to free speech. It is a right that Palin, among many others, now seek to deny to Harris-Perry, a journalist whom you would think would qualify for free speech protection under the most flaky interpretations of the first amendment.

While many on the left applauded Harris-Perry for being a class-act, I found myself a bit perturbed at how easily those on the so-called left allow themselves to be straw manned into an argument contrary to what was actually said. Only a person completely oblivious, or just flat out dismissive (and possibly a closeted racist) to race relations on the right would think that the panel was making fun of white/black adoptions or even Kieran the grandson. I’m sure if it was a photo of the many other white folks with non-white adopted kids, Harris-Perry and her panel would have been fawning over it. Instead, what the panel was obviously making fun of was Romney; a guy, who once was caught on cellphone camera footage talking about the “entitled” 47 percent of Americans likely to vote for President Obama; a guy who was booed at the NAACP convention and afterwards spoke of the incident as just a matter of him hardlining against an audience of those who only vote for President Obama because of “free stuff; a guy, whose own foreign policy advisers allegedly told a reporter that that one of the aims of Romney’s European tour, which he took during the presidential election, was to help strengthen Anglo-Saxon heritage between the United Kingdom and the United States. Romney disavowed that comment, but the Telegraph never retracted (or said they have received a request to retract) it. To me, the joke is about a guy, who a staggering 83 percent of minority voters voted against in the last presidential election.

It also a joke about the right wing of the political spectrum in general, particularly about its inability to appeal to blacks, and the majority of people of color, since the days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Even Republican political strategist and Fox New corespondent Ed Rollins acknowledges that the Republican Party has a color problem, particularly being “too white” to appeal to the country’s changing demographics. In fact, I found Perry’s panel and their jokes to be a lot less distasteful, cringeworthy and certainly less inflammatory than lots of all the exclusionary talk and dog whistles against folks of color and the poor, which often pass as policy on the right, like the Southern Strategy and voter ID laws; the failed attempt to appeal the Affordable Healthcare Act; the support of Stand Your Ground laws; the reduction of food stamps and unemployment benefits, and many other things. And to ignore those big elephant-size elements of the punchline is almost like pointing out reverse racism (which is a myth) when there is actual racism present. Actually, it’s kind of the same thing, isn’t it?

I know that those on the left pride themselves on taking the moral highroad, and I certainly understand the rationale behind all forms of respectable politics, but not when it gets in the way of the truth. That truth is that white folks, particularly those on the right, are in no position to set the boundaries of what is racially funny or inappropriate in this country. The continued capitulation of left wingers in the sake of some false allegiance to the idea that political correctness means civility or even justice and fairness, only seeks to validate what are largely irrational and ironically racist arguments. Furthermore, if the right wing can’t stand on its own principles, particularly as they adhere to constitutional rights for all people to have a freedom of speech, then it’s those folks who need to be apologizing.

Melissa Harris-Perry And MSNBC Panel In Hot Water For Joking About Mitt Romney’s Black Grandson

December 31st, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Screen shot 2013-12-31 at 10.27.30 AM

So, this happened.

On Sunday’s episode of Melissa Harris-Perry’s self-titled show on MSNBC, Perry and a panel of comedians and other entertainers came together to have a quick laugh about the year 2013. They did so through various photographs from this year by adding captions to them, something we, and many other sites like to do with funny photos. But when a photo of Mitt Romney and all his grandkids, including his black grandson Keiran, was posted and jokes were made about the baby, people weren’t happy about it (and you know Republicans especially weren’t feeling it). Keiran, whose name ironically means “black” in Gaelic, was adopted by Romney’s son Ben and his wife Andelynne and became a member of the family in September.

When the photo was put up, things started off light with Perry saying, “Everybody loves a baby picture, and this was one that really, a lot of people had emotions about this baby picture this year. This is the Romney family. And, of course, there on Governor Romney’s knee is his adopted grandson, who is an African-American, adopted African-American child, Kieran Romney.”

From there, the jokes came with panelist Pia Glenn singing, “One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn’t the same.” She joked after her song that “that little baby, front and center, would be the one.”

Perry tried to get in on the jokes, saying, “And isn’t he the most gorgeous? My goal is that in 2040, the biggest thing of the year will be the wedding between Kieran Romney and North West. Can you imagine Mitt Romney and Kanye West as in-laws?”

Comedian Dean Obeidallah even joked that Kieran would finally bring some color to the Republican Party: “I think this picture is great. It really sums up the diversity of the Republican party, the RNC. At the convention, they find the one black person.”

Of course, the anger and calls for apologies came quickly, with folks at Fox News asking how Perry still had a job at MSNBC, and your main man Don Lemon even going in on her and the panel on CNN. Perry apologized for her own statements, and the panels’ comments this morning:

Melissa Harris-Perry

I get it. It’s all a little too crass, and considering Ben and Andelynne provided Kieran with the home (and most likely the love) he needed that others couldn’t, they should be applauded instead of mocked. And their baby definitely shouldn’t be a punchline. But the sense of outrage I kept reading about didn’t run through my veins. (I think I just have a disdain for Mitt Romney that can cloud my better judgment, and I was a bit critical of him having the baby front and center on his lap in the picture.) If you watch the clip, it all doesn’t come off that bad, well, at least Perry’s commentary. However, I know that if the tables were turned and it was a panel on Fox News making such jokes about a black politician and his family adopting a white baby, I would feel some type of way. Therefore, I can agree that Perry and crew needed to apologize because there’s nothing okay about making a joke out of a child. What about you?

Check out the video for yourself and let us know what you think.

Can We Talk About Mitt Romney’s New Grandson, Kieran?

September 23rd, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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kieran romney

Source: Twitter

What do Black Twitter and Mitt Romney have in common? Little Kieran. The internet was buzzing last week when Mitt Romney tweeted this message:

“Our 22nd grandchild was officially adopted today: Kieran James Romney. cc: @AnnDRomney.”

He didn’t say specifically which one of his sons adopted Kieran; but this is Andelynne Romney, the wife of his son Ben Romney, holding the boy.

The only words I can think of to describe little Kieran is “Squeee!” He is just too precious. He literally looks like Pooh Bear in human form. His fat toes, chubby cheeks and happy baby smile–I just can’t take it.!

But you know how people are these days. It’s not enough just to look at an adorable baby. People immediately started speculating about what type of life he’s going to have growing up with the Romneys, who are known for being severely out of touch when it comes to the poor and minority communities. And I’m not going to lie I was among them. My friend even texted me saying she said a serious prayer after she saw the picture. While I’m willing to bet the Romney family will love little Kieran, I do hope they don’t go the “colorblind” route in raising this black boy, in a privileged, white family. I hope they really instill a source of cultural and racial pride in him. And I hope they teach him to be compassionate to people who may have less than him financially, which unfortunately, in many cases will be people who look like him. We’ll just have to see what’s in store for this one.

Others had an issue with Kieran’s name.

If you look it up, on several different sites, you’ll find Kieran means “black” or “little dark one,” or “dark skinned.” Now that’s interesting. I really wonder if the Romney’s named him. He could have been given a name before he was adopted. He’s clearly a few months old and it would a bit odd not to have a name at this point. Though, it is plausible that they could have changed it. Kieran is not necessarily a new name. Macaulay Culkin’s brother, who is also an actor, is named Kieran. Maybe they were inspired by him. I would hate to think they adopted this little one only to potentially make him feel like an outsider by essentially calling him black. Or I could be looking at it the wrong way. Maybe they named him that so he’d have a connection to his culture. Either way, it’s certainly something that makes you go hmmm.

What do you think about this adoption and the name Kieran?

Pat Yourselves On The Back! Black Turnout Surpassed White Voters In The 2012 Election

April 29th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Black voters showed up and showed out at the polls this past November, so much so that analysts say the African American turnout actually surpassed that of Caucasians. And it’s a good thing we did show up, because according to an analysis conducted for The Associated Press and reported by CBS news: “Had people voted last November at the same rates they did in 2004, when black turnout was below its current historic levels, Republican Mitt Romney would have won narrowly.”

Did anyone else just breathe a sigh of relief?

Here’s the analysis of the data:

America’s blacks voted at a higher rate than other minority groups in 2012 and by most measures surpassed the white turnout for the first time, reflecting a deeply polarized presidential election in which blacks strongly supported Barack Obama while many whites stayed home….

William H. Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution, analyzed the 2012 elections for the AP using census data on eligible voters and turnout, along with November’s exit polling. He estimated total votes for Obama and Romney under a scenario where 2012 turnout rates for all racial groups matched those in 2004. Overall, 2012 voter turnout was roughly 58 percent, down from 62 percent in 2008 and 60 percent in 2004.

The 2012 data suggest Romney was a particularly weak GOP candidate, unable to motivate white voters let alone attract significant black or Latino support. Obama’s personal appeal and the slowly improving economy helped overcome doubts and spur record levels of minority voters in a way that may not be easily replicated for Democrats soon.

Romney would have erased Obama’s nearly 5 million-vote victory margin and narrowly won the popular vote if voters had turned out as they did in 2004, according to Frey’s analysis. Then, white turnout was slightly higher and black voting lower….

Unlike other minority groups, the rise in voting for the slow-growing black population is due to higher turnout. While blacks make up 12 percent of the share of eligible voters, they represented 13 percent of total 2012 votes cast, according to exit polling. That was a repeat of 2008, when blacks “outperformed” their eligible voter share for the first time on record.

As Andra Gillespie, a political science professor at Emory University who has written extensively on black politicians, put it, “The 2012 turnout is a milestone for blacks and a huge potential turning point. What it suggests is that there is an `Obama effect’ where people were motivated to support Barack Obama. But it also means that black turnout may not always be higher, if future races aren’t as salient.”

Whit Ayres, a GOP consultant who is advising possible 2016 Republican presidential contender Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida made an equally good point to CBS, noting that the last election reaffirmed that the Republican Party needs “a new message, a new messenger and a new tone.” Yet he added:

“It remains to be seen how successful Democrats are if you don’t have Barack Obama at the top of the ticket,” he said.

Do you think the black turnout will drop off significantly in the 2016 presidential election?


Just The Beginning: Why The Friendship Of Jay-Z And President Obama Might Be Too Much For Both Men

April 12th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Andres Otero/

Andres Otero/

I had the opportunity to listen to Jay-Z’s “Open Letter” yesterday, and I definitely enjoyed many aspects of it. The beat was dope, the lyrics were witty, and as a hip-hop fan, I found it to be a pretty entertaining response to his critics, which are increasing. They, of course, spent the week on the rapper and Beyoncé’s case for celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary in Cuba with family.

But when he dropped lines like,

Boy from the hood, but got White House clearance

Obama said chill, you gon’ get me impeached/You don’t need this s**t anyway, go chill with me on the beach,”

I thought to myself, “This isn’t going to end well.” A day later, the White House felt the need to make it clear that they had nothing, especially President Obama, to do with the Carters getting clearance from the Treasury Department to vacay in Cuba. There was no conversation about possible impeachment, not even a joke about it–so basically, don’t look at President Obama, because his name is Bennett, and he ain’t in it.

While I could only imagine how amazing it would be to be able to say you are good friends with the President of the United States, it’s becoming clear that it’s not easy. Ever since Jay-Z and Beyoncé started pushing hard for the re-election of President Obama, and the First Family made clear that they were supporters of the couple, they’ve become closer and closer. The Carters hosted an event to raise millions for the Obama re-election campaign late last year, and they definitely did that. Jay-Z performed at a campaign event for the president the day before the election. Beyoncé could be seen all over her Instagram stanning for the president, wearing Obama earrings, Obama shirts and even showing us her early vote through her profile (bad idea). And when you show that kind of support, make it clear in your lyrics that you have “Obama on the text,” and that you take exclusive trips to the White House, a new type of critic is bound to come out that is much worse than folks on “urban” blogs and people who just aren’t fans. They’re like the boogie man, and they’re the Right-Wing nut-jobs searching for a conspiracy in every single thing to make you a target. And that’s what they’ve made Jay and Bey, when five or so years ago, they were just simple entertainers. From the backlash over her lip-synching performance of the “Star Spangled Banner” at the inauguration, to Donald Trump criticizing her performance at the Super Bowl, conservative haters going in about her outfit, Rush Limbaugh trying to mock “support” her song “Bow Down” by tying misogny to it, and now, this Cuba mess, the Carters have a new troll on their backs. We all know a rap song as a response might not be enough to hold them back.

On the other side of the fence, Jigga’s response and the couple’s trip as a whole has already become something of a small annoyance for the president and the White House, with people investigating two grown a** people’s decision to go to Cuba for the purpose of trying to see if the President had something to do with it. His song only made things worse, to the point that a statement had to be made about it all to prove that, look, Barack Obama has more important things to focus on and worry about. Gun control? North Korea anyone?

Who the president associates himself with has always been a target, dating back to Obama needing to separate himself from Rev. Jeremiah Wright when he was vying for a first term, and they were even closer at one time. And Jay doesn’t have a spotless background, what with a past in selling drugs, some episodes of violence, and some very provocative lyrics over the years. Hell, when Bey told “b***hes” to “Bow Down,” even people at my job were wondering if that would reflect well upon the president, because all of a sudden, everything the couple says and does can now affect the Obamas. What’s up with that?? It makes no sense to us, but for the critics, it does.

So while I enjoyed “Open Letter,” for what it was worth, I think it’s best that Jay-Z and Beyoncé go back to doing what they do best–ignoring the criticism like they had done for years, because I can’t say that responding and calling folks in high places out makes things better at this point. And in reality, this is just the beginning. For uber-conservative folks still pissy about Mitt Romney losing last November and making that eight years that Republicans will not have the highest position, the President and anybody that is close to him have become fair game for their bull. So as a man who said, “I Got 99 Problems But Mitt Ain’t One,” and his lady who exclaimed “Take that Mitches” after President Obama’s win on loose-leaf paper, things will probably get worse. But I just hope Jay will do the President a favor and relax on all the name dropping he does of him in his lyrics and in everyday life to prove that he’s come further than anybody ever expected. We get it. You’re cool. No need to gloat about your connections, nor to drag his name in on diss tracks and leave the president and his people trying to fend off all the press that comes with that. Let’s leave him far, far away from that.

Continue doing you, and be ready for whatever lies and drama uber-conseratives, the folks who don’t listen to your music, try to throw your way–ready to “brush your shoulders off” that is. Because that’s just what comes with having a friend who’s the leader of the free world.

Welcome Back, Mr. President: 9 Reasons To Celebrate The President’s Second Inauguration

January 14th, 2013 - By Blair Bedford
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President Obama during today's press conference, the last one of his first term. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

President Obama during today’s press conference, the last one of his first term. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

At the beginning of a brand new year, we have much to celebrate and anticipate, from New Year’s resolutions to gearing up for another year of great change in your professional and personal life. This January, we have one additional reason to celebrate: on Monday, January 21st, President Barack Obama will be sworn into his second term as the President of the United States in the nation’s capital.

Although you might not need any other reason to celebrate this historical event, MN Biz will sum up a few political, personal, and even entertaining reasons to continue the celebration of President Obama’s second inauguration into the next four years!