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Real Or Fake: Singer Tweet Is Considering Suing…Twitter?

March 23rd, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Unfortunately, this is real. Very, very real.

First of all, let’s just get this out of the way: you all remember singer Tweet, right? She had the song “Oops  (Oh My)” from her amazing debut album Southern Hummingbird.  Okay good, we’re all on track now. Back to business.

Well, she recently had a little chat with All Hip Hop about where she’s been since the release of her second album and the new music on her latest EP. They then mentioned to her that Twitter has become insanely popular and asked if she considered changing her name. This was her response:

“No. If anything, Twitter would have to change something up. I was here first, and they took everything that I brought to the table. I brought the bird, the name and I will never change. I’ve been Tweet since I was a little girl. It’s not a phase name, that’s who I am. My father gave me that nickname, so no way am I changing that at all.”

They went on to ask her about the rumor of her possibly suing Twitter:

“No, it’s no rumor. I didn’t go that far, yet. Yes, there is a case, and there is room for that. I haven’t really pursued it fully yet.”

There’s just so much confusion here. First, singer Tweet actively uses Twitter to tweet to her fans.  The only reason anyone knows she has a new EP out is because she uses the site to promote her music (I don’t know about you but I don’t think any of my local radio stations have asked her to come promote it). The excitement over her, so to speak, has dwindled – at least from a record label perspective – so Twitter is the easiest and cheapest route for her to get info out to the masses.

Second, whether or not Twitter decided for themselves that the word “tweet” would be used to define what people are doing on the site, a lot of people just decided that’s the word they would use to describe what they were doing anyway.What other word would there eve be? “Twittering?” That just sounds silly.

Third: With all due respect, ma’am, the vast majority of people on Twitter probably don’t know you. The head honchos at Twitter don’t know you. Personally, I’m a fan; back when Southern Hummingbird came out, my friends and I would sing the entire album and actually, we called it “tweeting.” So, while I think it is funny how the two have that connection in my world (and maybe a few of you too), let’s not get too crazy. It’s not like the use of the word on Twitter has caused her to lose money or for people to become insanely confused.

If she actually decides to pursue this, I’d be really interested to hear what she’d like them to change.  I’d also like to know if she would sue them for money because to move forward on something like this and possibly ask for money, the figure would likely be pretty high. Hilarious.

By the way, Tweet does have an EP out called Simpy Tweet and she says her new album will be out during the summer or in September. Now, that’s something to be [cautiously] excited about.

What do you think about this? Would Tweet have a leg to stand on?

We Need A Resolution: Timbaland Suing Insurance Company Over Missing Watch

January 27th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Timbaland lead pf"

JLN Photography/WENN

Producer and “rapper” Timbaland has had enough and he’s not taking it anymore.

According to TMZ, Tim filed a lawsuit last month against American Home Assurance Company for $1.8 million dollars because they have refused to cover the claim of a watch that went missing in 2010.

Timbaland says he paid more than $50,000 in May 2010 to take out an insurance policy that would cover quite a bit of expensive items, including a watch from Jacob the Jeweler. The watch was 18k white gold and draped in over 30 carats of diamonds.

Some kind of way, the watch went missing in August 2010.  At that time, Tim was allegedly so upset about it being gone he got his family worked up and they called the police saying they thought he might commit suicide.  While Tim told police once they arrived that he was never going to do that, he did tell them that he thought someone he knew stole the watch.

The police started an investigation but it never went anywhere.

But now in the lawsuit against AHA, Timbaland says he thinks his young daughter picked it up and “played with it until she got bored and discarded it somewhere.”

While the value of the watch has not been revealed, the $1.8 million covers the cost of the watch, interest  and Tim’s lawyer fees.

There’s been no word from the insurance company as to why they won’t cover the claim.

Oh, the problems of the one percent nation.  All I have is a little Michael Kors watch and I guard it as though the plans to change the world are sitting under the face.

Hopefully, all of this will be settled soon.

You Were On That Song!? 9 Celebs Who Showed Up On Some Of Our Favorite Tracks And We Didn’t Even Know It

December 18th, 2012 - By IndigoBlack
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Whether these artists were huge names or little known artists at the time, they’ve been featured on some of our favorite songs over the years, producing, singing, writing, and more. While many of their voices and talents were ignored since all the attention was on the major artist of that time they were working with, they all went on to have a great deal of success in their own right, even passing up the people they once had to go through hell and high water to get on a track with. Interested in finding who sang on what? You know what to do–get to clickin’. (Sorry, but you knew that was coming…)

Rest In Peace…Or Not: 9 Posthumous Albums We Loved, And Some We Could Have Lived Without

August 7th, 2012 - By IndigoBlack
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When it comes to posthumous albums, for recently deceased and iconic deceased artists, the release of one can bring in big dollars for their estate and more fans to their musical catalog. Over the years, some artists have had their unreleased tracks flipped and released posthumously, with good and bad results. With the news that Drake is hoping to produce a posthumous album for the late Aaliyah (his imaginary girlfriend), the release of the first single, “Enough Said,” and the recent news that Missy and Timbaland will contribute to the project, we’re wondering if the upcoming album will be a huge hit, or a hot mess of a miss. We’re also thinking about past posthumous projects and the marks they’ve made, or the missteps made in releasing them to the world. Shall we discuss? Let’s take a look at a few…


Notorious BIG – Life After Death  (Loved)

To be clear up front, posthumous refers to a work published after someone’s death. Though BIG worked on this double album himself and it was actually supposed to be released on Halloween of ’96, it was released two weeks after his death in ’97. Not only was it a commercial success (diamond status) and considered one of the best selling hip-hop albums of all time, it was also a huge success with critics and fans alike. There was a little bit of something for everybody, including the mainstream cats (“Hypnotize”), the ladies (“F*** You Tonight”), the hardcore fans (“Notorious Thugs” and “What’s Beef?”), and…Diddy, of course (“Mo Money Mo Problems”).

Ooo That’s Nasty! 7 Dirty Songs That Topped the Charts

May 18th, 2012 - By madamenoire
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By Justin Ray

Some of the biggest hit songs contain lyrics we wouldn’t repeat to our mothers. Many of our favorite joints can be raunchy and even misogynistic, but sometimes a good beat is, well, a good beat. Take a look at this list of nasty songs that killed it on the charts


Missy Elliot “Work it”

Misdemeanor should have been fined for this dirty anthem. In 2002, Missy Elliot hit number two in the country with the lead single from her fourth album “Under Construction.” The video for the song also was a success: it gave Missy the 2003 MTV Music Award for Best Video.

Not on the bed, lay me on your sofa

Phone before you come, I need to shave my chocha

You do or you don’t or you will or won’t you

Go downtown and eat it like a vulture