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One And Done: 9 Reality Shows That Failed To Make It Past Season One (Did They Deserve A Second Chance?)

February 13th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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What makes a reality show worthy of your eyes, and what makes it boring as hell? Maybe it’s the drama. Maybe you’re looking for positivity. Maybe feeding off of controversy can help push it over the top. These nine shows tried all of these approaches, but the end results weren’t a winner. That’s why they all got the axe after a season. Some weren’t really given a chance, while others knew they were a mess from the start, but what do you think? Which of the shows could have been good a second time around and which were you done with from jump street? Let’s check them out and see where they went wrong.

Where Are They Now? 9 Of Our Favorite Female Rappers From Back In the Day

May 25th, 2012 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I’m sure you’ve seen just enough stories about today’s female lyricists waging war on each through rap beefs, or ones telling you to pick your favorites from the slim pickings of talented female fire spitters we have available to us these days. All of ’em at this point are caricatures of other people, white women saying the N-word, straight up haters, or they haven’t been able to break into the mainstream. But back in the day, things were different. Where are the female rappers from yesteryear? We know where Lauryn, Lil Kim, Queen La, Missy, Foxy and more are, but what about the Roxanne Shantes? The Heather Bs? The Monie Loves? We’ve figured a thing or two out for you.



Yolanda Whittaker, girl, what have you been up to? The lady best known for her time spitting with Ice Cube, playing Keylolo on “Martin” and rocking those blonde braids hasn’t been one of the bad misses of rap for a while. Her last album was Total Control in ’96, and while she did try and release her fifth album, Ebony, some years later it never made it into stores. Since then, we’ve seen her perform at the BET Hip Hop Awards in ’08, and doing more television appearances than anything else. Her credits include the documentary, “My Mic Sounds Nice: The Truth About Women in Hip-Hop” and co-host of the female rap competition, “Miss Rap Supreme.” She’s been working on an EP that she wanted to drop in ’09 called, My Journey to Fearless: The Black Butterfly, but it still hasn’t been released. But if you’re still thirsty for anything from her, she has been featured on tracks with Kurupt, Brooke Valentine and DJ Quik. Come back Yo!