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“I Have To Explain This To My Daughter” Mimi Faust And Nikko Explain Why They Made The Sex Tape

April 22nd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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mimi faust and nikko explain why they made the sex tape

Source: WSHH

Honey, don’t sleep because World Star Hip Hop is winning the internet game. In their first official interview, since the trailer for their sex tape was released…by World Star…Mimi Faust and Nikko London (more on that later) sat down to discuss why they did it, why they had no intentions of it getting out and what they think about all the surrounding backlash.

This is perfect timing considering the digital version of the tape became available yesterday and the couple, who were sitting awful far away from one another, (I’m just saying), report that the hard copies will be available on the 28th of this month.

And for good measure, and a little levity, they ended the interview with a few shower rod tips for the adventurous ones out there. Check out a few highlights from the interview and the NSFW video below.


Why they made the sex tape…

Nikko: Basically this is something we do as couples. We like to tape ourselves.

Mimi: First of all, we’re adults. We’re not kids. We’re not underaged. So what we did as two consenting adults in the privacy of our home is what we did. The way the tape got out, we didn’t intend for this to get out to the public. Especially, for it to be splashed all over the internet. So that…I’m horrified about that. I have young girls now, even my nieces and my nephews like ‘Oh, my God Aunty…’ So I also have to deal with that. One day I have to explain this to my daughter, of course but we’re two consenting adults and we didn’t do anything wrong.



Mimi: She’s mad because there’s no shine for her. She also went and posted a picture of her spreading her vagina to the world. She also has a video on World Star for free where she’s fingering herself and everything else. So she’s just a little upset that the shine isn’t on her. So she can take the Twitter from here to next year, I refuse to respond to Joseline because I think she’s a clown.


Are y’all too old for this?

Nikko: Look at this beautiful woman…

Mimi: Too old to what? What does that mean? What does too old to tape yourself mean?

Nikko: She’s shutting down twenty year olds. Twenty year olds are coming up to her like ‘Mimi how did you get your stomach like that.’ ‘I want to work out with you.’ I mean look, it is what it is, we’re not really feeding into all the negativity.

Nikko proceeds to move Mimi’s hair out the way so he can showcase her new boob job. She tells him to get off and leave the girls alone.


The Shower Rod 

Mimi: We decided to take a shower and I grabbed on to it to get a little more leverage. What y’all got to understand is, it’s not just the rod. Your partner has to be able to support your weight, ladies. I wasn’t just swinging from the rod by myself, he was holding me.

Nikko: It wasn’t a Tarzan moment. We really want to educate you guys on this shower rod. We don’t want you guys going out there breaking your neck, thinking that there’s a certain shower rod out there.


In the rest of the interview, the couple talks about whether or not they’re in love, their favorite sex position, what they think about Stevie J’s response to the video and more. Check it out below.




Did y’all see how Nikko wanted to make sure that he identified himself as Nikko London and not Nikko Smith?!  No one cares, bruh. Not even WSHH, as they definitely left your name, spelled incorrectly, in the title of the video. No respect.

If I genuinely believed that Mimi and Nikko didn’t intentionally release this sex tape, this would be an entirely different story. Of course couples record themselves in the bedroom and if it leaked it would have been unfortunate but excusable. However the facts say something different. With the production of the video, the fact she talked about Joseline’s free sex tape and is sitting down entertaining interviews, I just can’t buy it. In the highly likely event that she (and or Nikko) purposely released this sex tape, she did so consciously knowing that it could potentially have a negative effect on her child. Kids can be cruel. That’s a poor decision that affects the life of another person, all for a few weeks of internet shine. No bueno. Now I could be wrong and Mimi could genuinely be the victim here. But I doubt it.

Either way, what do you think about this interview?

“You Can’t Have A Child And Make Decisions Based On Just You”: Steve Harvey Sends Message To Mimi Faust

April 21st, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Steve Harvey

Image Source:

While Mimi Faust might be making big money for Vivid Entertainment with her sex tape, she’s also found herself with a lot of critics. Some think she’s too old to be doing such a thing, while others think that as a mother of a young child, turning to pornography is a bad idea and desperate move. However, Faust responded to all her critics by reminding them that since they don’t pay her bills, their opinion doesn’t matter. But one person who isn’t trying to hear all that is Steve Harvey. The Think Like A Man writer spoke on his radio show recently about Faust’s decision to do an adult film, and of course, he doesn’t think it’s cute. He had this message to send to Faust and single mothers in general:

“You can’t have a child and make decisions based on just you and every mother understands that. There’s not a single mother out here that don’t understand the sacrifices that have to be made as a single mother and the things you got to give up of yourself to provide for your children. So when you’re making these decisions out here, that you’re going to make a sex tape or you gon’ get involved in the sex industry, stop thinking about right now, whatever little momentary five minutes of fame and little piece of little change they going to put in your pocket. Because whatever money they put in your pocket, it ain’t going to be worth the hell that comes with it. It’s not going to be worth your reputation. It ain’t going to be worth your image. It ain’t gonna be worth nothing as it lives in cyberspace forever. Yeah, ya’ll got something else to worry about now that we didn’t have to worry about then. It’s called the Internet. The Internet has become a playground for evildoers…

Please young women out there, think of yourself and your brand and your image. Think of what people will say about you when you’re not around. Think about stuff people will say behind your back, what they’ll say in your face, what you’ll have to deal with the rest of your life. Do not make these decisions. Stay out of the sex trade. You ain’t here for sex, you’re here for life. God didn’t create you for sex, he created you for life. He got things to do for you, with you, He has things he requires of you. You putting your most precious gift out on display. See everything God made, He buried deep. He made it hard to get to. A pearl, you gotta dive to the bottom of the ocean. All his precious minerals are buried. Gold, you got to dig in the side of a mountain, and way down into the ground. Diamonds, you got to bore deep. Ain’t no diamonds laying on the top of the ground. They don’t grow like corn. You want oil, you got to barrel miles into the ground to get the precious minerals of God, and they put them in hard to reach places. This thing that y’all sitting on, this thing that every man got to have, your body, that precious jewel that’s in the most hidden place on your body. Think about that. See, God is smart. That’s why He put it where He put it cause it’s hard to get to. We can’t get to it unless you show it to us or give it to us. Think about that for a minute. Don’t pass it around like it ain’t nothing to it, because you’re actually sitting on a gold mine. Please act like it, ladies. Act like you’re sitting on a gold mine, because it’s what every man is after, and we will pay dearly for it. Think about that, okay?”

I can get with his point about not making such reckless decisions as a mother of a young child who will have to grow up and deal with the consequences of your foolishness, but as for not doing things because of what people will think about you or say behind your back, honestly, is that really as important? If we all made every decision based on who would look at us crazy or try to shame us, we wouldn’t do a lot of things for ourselves. Not to say that doing the adult film is a good look (definitely not a move I would make), but folks can’t live for outside people. But then again, I get what he’s trying to say, because based on his book and the advice he often gives in general, Harvey is all about women keeping their wholesomeness…while men get to do whatever they please. He definitely made some interesting points though.

What do you think about what he had to say? Share your thoughts below.

ICYMI: The Hottest Stories Of The Week

April 19th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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This week our lives revolved around LHHATL’s Mimi Faust’s sex tape. While we tried to figure out how she did pull ups on a shower rod in the trailer of her sex tape, we heard August Alsina cursed out Keisha Chante of 106 and Park. While August Alsina becomes more controversial with his personality, Common and Kanye West plans on bringing  jobs to Chicago for its youths. Also, Columbus Short and Mike Epps are  in trouble with the law for domestic violence and assault. Speaking of the law, Porsha Williams took the most gorgeous mug shot we have even seen.  For television news, Orange Is The New Black‘s season 2 trailer gave us life and Scandal’s season finale had a shocking ending. Jump into these stories, below.

mimi faust sex tape

MiMi Faust Sex Tape To Be Released By Vivid Entertainment Later This Month 

For about a year now, it’s been rumored  “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star MiMi Faust and her boyfriend, Nikko, had a sex tape floating around. In the newly released “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” supertrailer, the existence of the video was confirmed by MiMi, Nikko, Stevie and Joseline.

Keshia and Chante

“I Just Told Y’all Not To Ask Me That Sh*t”: August Alsina Curses At 106 & Park Host,

Rocsi Diaz Comes To Her Defense

On 106 & Park this week, singer August Alsina was a guest, promoting his new album, Testimony. While doing so, he was asked about his issues with Trey Songz. Alsina claimed he told the hosts of the show not to ask him about his issues with Trey before the interview, but when co-host Keshia Chante did anyway, he calmly cursed at her.


Source: WENN

Source: WENN

More Than Good Music: Common And Kanye To Bring Jobs To Chicago 

We already know Chicago  is still going through some things when it comes to youth violence and unemployment in the city. In January, a report detailed the depressing landscape for young, black males in the work force with 92 percent joblessness.To remedy the problem the Urban League partnered with rapper and Chicago native Common and songwriter Che “Rhymefest” Smith to create 1,000 year-round jobs for teens. The music festival will raise funds for youth programs supported by Common’s Common Ground Foundation, and rapper Kanye West’s charity Donda’s House run by Rhymefest and his wife.

When The Dust Settles From This “Sex Tape,” Will Mimi Faust Be A Winner Or A Loser?

April 16th, 2014 - By Charing Ball
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mimi faust sex tape

My general belief is that one person, or more, with a camera in place while they perform a sexual act is a sex tape. However, a person, or more, with a camera and a camera operator in the room (at the very least) is straight up pornography.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J had a sex tape. Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon had a sex tape. Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith, I believe, passed the threshold of sex tape two zoom in and outs and three impossible angles ago.

And this is not the only noted difference between Kim K. and Mimi Faust when it comes to sex tapes. As humorously pointed out by Awesomely Luuvie via The Grio:

The Kim Kardashian Model won’t work for you if you’re a black woman. It just will not. We are not afforded the same expansive boundaries of sexual expression.

In fact, the use of the word “hoe” when even Kardashian’s name comes up is still rampant (which I don’t agree with, but that’s another issue for another post). Almost a decade later, Kim still can’t step out from behind the shadow of her Ray J sex tape completely.

I’m not sure what Mimi’s trying to accomplish but unless it’s a lifetime of ridicule and disrespect, then she might have picked the wrong vehicle. She needs a mentor, a life coach and a friend in her corner who can tell her to #OccupyASeat. She needs Iyanla to pull her to the side and say, “Beloved, don’t do this!”

There is an element of truth there about Kim K. To this day, even though she is a mother, a successful businesswoman and brand, and almost a married respectable woman, the only thing some people want to focus on is that tape and who hit it first. The other truth to that is despite what everybody has to say, she was still able to parlay, well, parlaying on her back (as well as making fake sex faces to the camera) into a respectable empire – plus she got the man in the end.

Likewise, there are black women who have survived and prospered after sex scandals. Amber Rose is one. Vanessa Williams is another. And then there is Eve, who as we know, can relate to Faust since she is Stevie J’s ex. She turned out just fine (and engaged to an uber-successful businessman). And how can we forget about Stevie J’s current lady, who had much to say about Faust’s performance in the tape, but seems to suffer from amnesia, particularly about the time she flashed the world her birth canal within days of her first appearance on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Point is, sexing (and posing scandalously) on camera does not have to be the shame-inducing calamity it is said to be. If Faust plays her hand right, she can make a serious go at flipping all this into something positive.

Or she can end up like Montana Fishburne.

Whereas Mimi tried to paint herself as the wholesome scorned woman to Stevie J’s sleaziness, it would soon become clear to regular viewers of the show that Faust played an active part in her own victimization. I recall after the first reunion show the time a video surfaced of Faust at the home of or in the studio of Atlanta-based producer Jermaine Dupri. Faust was being confronted by a room full of dudes about her reasoning to stay in a relationship for all those years with a man who repeatedly dogged her out. For some reason, she was filled with bravado, bobbing and weaving in the camera’s lens as she went on a tirade about how all men cheat, and how she was just being “real about my s**t.” As if being open about her dysfunctional and emotionally abusive relationship somehow justified why she continuously allowed the nonsense to stay in her life.

The second season of the reality show began with Hernandez taunting Faust, rather boldly to her face, with the derogatory term Molly the Maid. After being embarrassed again by Hernandez and Stevie J on camera, Faust vowed to stay away from her ex and his shenanigans for good – until he showed up, waving car keys and other trinkets for her. Then she was cool with him (or at least his things). Faust took it as a way to show up Hernandez, but of course, being the triflin’ sleaze that he is, Stevie would soon demand some “lettuce” in exchange for his gifts. When she wouldn’t provide, he embarrassed her once again and made her give back his “gifts.” Faust would intentionally “fall” prey to Stevie again at the end of the season, as she decided to show up to his dual proposal ceremony. Although he had embarrassed Faust, because he had managed to make a fool of Joseline the most, it made everything okay with her.

For some reason, it always seemed like Faust was on a quest to prove to everyone that she was tough and strong. That she could take it like a “real b**ch” and withstand the pain and embarrassment of it all too. Therefore, it would seem that the sex tape would fall right in step with the other bad decisions Faust has committed to over the years (if we are to believe what we see is real on the show) in order to “keep it real.” And per the course, she might just end up with egg (or something else) on her face.

Now I will say that if you are of the impression that the “sex tape” was a staged “porno,” than you have to give Faust credit for having her own agency. Based upon the trailer alone, Nikko really is kind of irrelevant in it all. And as pointed out back in November of last year by Funky Dineva, after initial reports surfaced of this alleged sex tape:

When your storyline is fading and the love has lost its shine, what else is there to do but produce a sex tape? Well get in the gym and make sure your body is super tight, go to the surgeon and get some top shelf titties, then produce a sex tape. That’s what Mimi and Nikko did. Hell, quiet as its kept, I ain’t even mad with them.  This reality TV money is some of the quickest and easiest money there is to get these days. Everyone is trying to get it while the getting is good. What I can respect about Mimi & company as that they were smart enough to orchestrate the entire plan from start to finish. Getting Mimi media training so she can nail her answers when the time comes was brilliant.”

Listen, folks have their own ethics, values and morals. While hang gliding from shower rods on camera is not how I would choose to get money, I also understand that some folks too might frown their noses up at being a broke writer. What I’m saying is that as long as it is legal and consensual, who are we really to judge?

But outside of doing more adult films and getting better appearance fees at night clubs, what bit of longevity does Faust hope to squeeze out of this “sex tape”? According to published reports, she was only compensated $100k from Vivid Entertainment. Therefore, she is going to have to find something to keep money coming in. Perhaps she could start a sex toy line like Kandi or become an adult film producer like that crazy lady Jackie from Basketball Wives LA. Maybe she can work out a deal with Home Depot for a brand new line of sturdy shower curtain rods? I’m really hoping she has a plan, or else, she is once again playing herself.

Mimi Faust Responds To Sex Tape Release

April 16th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Mimi Faust Responds To Sex Tape

Source: Instagram

Aside from a few moans and groans and “yeah right theres,” from a p0rn0 trailer, about the only person who hasn’t had something to say about Mimi Faust’s upcoming sex tape is Mimi herself. On Monday we shared the news that the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta vet — and mother — has decided to release a sex tape, which is far less sex tape and much more full-on p0rn, with her suspect boyfriend Nikko. We’re sure by now you’ve seen the trailer and read the hilariously shady responses from Joseline and K. Michelle, but now Mimi Faust has something to say herself, though it’s not much. Posting the meme below to Instagram, Mimi only had a simple caption for this photo: “!!”


Mimi Faust Responds To Sex Tape

Source: Instagram

Guess she told us…or not.

I’m sorry but I personally refuse to believe a sex tape is the only way Mimi can afford to pay her bills. What happened to her cleaning business? Where are those LHHATL checks? Isn’t Stevie J paying child support? Everything about this sex tape screams I want attention and will sacrifice what little self-respect I have left after letting a man I dated for 15 years dog me out on national television and then marry the next woman within a matter of a year or two to get it — and I don’t care about the repercussions for my child, who’s the main one who loses in all this. Mimi might think she’s shutting people down with this weak meme but I guarantee you people will continue to talk ‘cuz honey you got some major ‘splainin’ to do.

Mimi and Nikko stepped out recently at an Atlanta nightclub looking unfazed by all the controversy. In fact the couples donned matching hats that read: “Music, Sex, Fitness.”


mimi responds to sex tape release

What do you think about Mimi’s response?

“There Could Be Worse Things Linked To My Name” American Idol Nikko Smith Confused With LHHATL’s Nikko Smith

April 15th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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Vivid/Nikko Smith

Vivid/Nikko Smith


From TMZ 

Former “American Idol” finalist Nikko Smith wants the world to know … he is NOT the Nikko Smith who stars in a sex tape with “Love & Hip Hop” star Mimi Faust – but he’s not exactly embarrassed by the mistaken identity.

Nikko — who placed 9th in Season 4 — tells TMZ, his phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from concerned friends and family members who read about a Nikko Smith’s sex tape. He says fans have been tweeting him non-stop too.

‘AI’ Nikko says he’s never dated, or even met Mimi Faust — but adds he’s cool with being compared to her boyfriend — mostly because sex tape Nikko’s hung like a moose.

Read more about the American Idol/sex tape confusion at 

“Now She’s Swingin’ On Shower Rods And S**t”: K. Michelle Clowns Mimi Faust For Sex Tape

April 15th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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K. Michelle becomes victim of online hoax after fan uses story of severely ill child to meet her.

Source: Instagram

Mimi Faust’s decision to sign off on selling a sex tape (it’s actually just a porno) she did with her boyfriend Nikko Smith was the random news that had everyone on social media acting a fool, including Faust’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta co-stars. Joseline Hernandez cracked jokes on her on Twitter, calling her ‘sex tape’ granny p*rn, and now, former LHHATL co-star K.Michelle has decided to share her two cents.

If you’ll recall, K. Michelle wasn’t a fan of Nikko Smith during her last season on the show. She tried to tell Faust that he was no good, and oh yeah, that he could possibly on the down low in Atlanta. Smith on the other hand, claimed that K was just mad because she allegedly tried to get with him, but he turned her down. She refuted such claims. Any who, after hearing about and seeing the porn sex tape preview, K. Michelle had this to say on Instagram.

“I’ll never wish bad on another woman, but the way those b***hes in Atlanta treated me bad! I’m not perfect and I have my own skeletons, but a deserve this good laugh.”

She also posted the video below where she said this:

“Didn’t nobody wanna listen to me, now she’s swinging on shower rods and s**t.”

Not swinging on shower rods!

Well, no word from Mimi yet on everyone chastising her about her choice to sell her sex tape, but if you’re interested in buying it, it will be released on April 21. Oh, Mimi…

Granny P0rn: Joseline Responds To Mimi’s Sex Tape

April 14th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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While Mimi has been virtually silent on Twitter, Joseline has had plenty to say about the release of Mimi’s sex tape. In addition to the screen shots, vine videos and RTs from others, she posted this photo on her Instagram account.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram




She also tweeted this message which I’ve had a hard time deciphering.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

I’m not going to lie, I can’t be mad at Joseline. From the very first season, Mimi has called Joseline everything but a child of God, while she pretended like she was the classy one. And yet, here we stand today with the Internet going crazy over Mimi’s sex tape. If you haven’t been on Twitter today, you might have noticed that Mimi’s name has been trending all day long, along with “How are you going to explain this to your daughter.”

The whole thing is just terribly sad. While I initially thought Mimi had more sense that this, I quickly learned that she wasn’t the woman she wanted us to think she was. She’s a more hood than a little bit and perhaps even thirsty for the fame and attention. But even still, I would have never guessed she’d “accidentally” release a sex tape.

But, having seen the trailer I have to disagree with Joseline, Mimi wasn’t boring, swinging from the shower rod is an impressive feat.

The whole thing is so ironic. If someone had told me that Joseline was the woman who ended up with a ring while Mimi released a sex tape, I would have said they had the whole game twisted.

MiMi Faust Sex Tape To Be Released By Vivid Entertainment Later This Month

April 14th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Vivid executive says MiMi Faust sex tape will be released later this month.


For about a year now, it’s been rumored that “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star MiMi Faust and her boyfriend, Nikko, had a sex tape floating around. In the newly released “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” supertrailer, the existence of the video was confirmed by MiMi, Nikko, Stevie and Joseline.

“I’m in such another place, I don’t even realize when that camera is on,” MiMi tells Nikko in the trailer.

Well, the camera was definitely on and according to TMZ, those tapes have been acquired by Vivid Entertainment. Vivid executive Steve Hirsch says he acquired the tape and recently got MiMi and Nikko to sign off on it. According to Hirsch, “Love & Hip Hop” producers have also given their blessing on the tape. The tape, which has been titled “MiMi & Nikko: Scandal In Atlanta,” will be released later this month.

Hot mess.

See photos from the tape here and in the video below.


Sex, Lies, Videotapes & Paternity Tests: Watch The ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 3 Supertrailer

April 14th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Scrappy cheats, MiMi is exposed and love triangles ensue in the 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' season 3 supertrailer.

If at several points during the last season of “Love & Hip Hop” you felt the urge to holler out “When are Joseline and Stevie coming back?” you’ll be pleased to know the season three of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” returns to VH1 May 5. If you thought last season was crazy, prepare to have your mind blown because this just may be Mona Scott-Young’s messiest work of art to date.

For one, things have gotten so crazy with the other cast members that in comparison to everyone else, Joseline and Stevie are looking like a normal married couple. Despite publicly begging for his wife’s forgiveness, it looks like Kirk Frost is still up to his old tricks. Not only does he question the paternity of his son, Karter, but he goes as far as to secretly swab the baby for DNA testing.

It turns out that all of those rumors about MiMi Faust and Nikko having a sex tape floating around are true as well. While both MiMi and Nikko seem to at least pretend that they don’t know how the tape got out, Stevie appears to believe that Nikko leaked it. And then, there’s Scrappy who may have a baby on the way by another woman whom it appears that he cheated on Bambi with. So prepare to witness the deterioration of their very brief relationship.

Witness the insanity for yourself on the next page.

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