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Exclusive: Michelle Williams Of Destiny’s Child & The ‘Ladies That Lead’ Tour

August 1st, 2016 - By Danielle Elaine
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credit: RaeAnn Walters, WhitPR

credit: RaeAnn Walters, WhitPR

Cameka Smith and The BOSS Network hosted Michelle Williams and many others on the ‘Ladies That Lead’ tour stop in Newark, NJ. MommyNoire got to sit with Williams and chat about business, life and so much more. There isn’t one person on the planet that doesn’t know Michelle Williams as one-third of Destiny’s Child. Since the group has disbanded, Michelle has gone onto to become an award-winning actress and gospel star. Michelle gushed over her new home decor collection coming to fruition, the changes and successes, as well as the hard work.

MommyNoire: How do you combat being confined to being branded as “Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child” as you try to rebrand?

Michelle Williams: I don’t try to combat it, I don’t fight it, I just do. There are worse labels that one could have and building from the legacy I have been blessed to build is exciting. I am standing on my own now, it’s like a rebirth. I want to encourage people, it’s a fun process, it’s a hard process but you can definitely do it.

What do you find challenging about expanding a brand or rebranding?

Some people want to tell your story [their way]. I don’t mind asking for advice, because I believe in teams, but at the end of the day it is my vision being executed.

What would you tell women struggling with rebranding? 

I firmly believe every coach needs a coach, and not making excuses. Have you exhausted every resource? Sometimes it’s not about backing away from something but taking a [reflective] step back, and giving yourself time to perfect what you’re doing. I also believe in being humble, being open and receptive to advice, and suggestions.

BOSS Network's Cameka Smith and Michelle Williams at the Newark stop of the Ladies That Lead Tour. credit: RaeAnn Walters, WhitPR

BOSS Network’s Cameka Smith and Michelle Williams at the Newark stop of the Ladies That Lead Tour. credit: RaeAnn Walters, WhitPR

Tell me about your home decor collection, Believe at Home.

I am so excited about this line! We are developing an all-inclusive home decor line, I mean everything. We are launching with bedding and expanding from there. My grandmother was a seamstress and she made everything in the home by hand. This is so important to me because growing up we didn’t have name brand clothing all the time, but my mother made sure to keep our bedding nice, and would paint our rooms every few years, I think she believed more so in that then what we wore. (Believe at Home is sold exclusively at e-commerce retailer EVINE Live.)

Believe at Home

Believe at Home

What’s your signature style in home decor?

PILLOWS! Definitely pillows, I love them. It literally takes about 10 minutes to get in bed, because I have to stack my pillows up on the other side of the bed.

Do you find it a struggle to balance your personal life, and business life?

No, not at all. I don’t have my own family right now, and I hope my husband wouldn’t say I work too much, but I believe you can do it all. It is just a matter of prioritizing, scheduling and writing things down.

Is there any personal challenge you sometimes face when it comes to working?

The thing is pleasing people. Right now, I’m literally going through some restructuring. That means some people’s roles may change and shift …that’s not that I’m keep you out of anything, but just that my vision for you, and where I think you fit best with what I’m doing has changed. Hurting feelings, while it may not be your intent, is part of being a boss.

If you weren’t able to attend any of the conference stops of the Ladies That Lead tour, be sure to join The BOSS Network, to keep up with events, and crucial information to grow, expand, and start the business of your dreams.

Are you thinking about starting a business? Comment below, and share some of the things that have been holding you.

“I See The Pettiness Has Crept Into 2016” Michelle Williams Responds To MTV Jab

January 7th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Splash News

Splash News

I don’t have to tell y’all that Michelle Williams is always the butt of someone’s joke. Usually, it’s some internet comments, a Tumblr page, or the occasional troll. But recently, a whole network, MTV specifically, by way of artist Saint Hoax, came through with a little jokey joke.

Usually I find the Poor Michelle jokes unnecessarily cruel.

But this one, gave me a chuckle.

Michelle was always my favorite Destiny's Child. ✨| 🎨: @sainthoax

A photo posted by MTV (@mtv) on

So, how did the real Michelle…Williams take it?

Though she is no stranger to the clapback, she had to laugh at this one.

She reposted the picture on her Instagram and wrote:

“You guys play waaaaaaaay too much! I see the pettiness crept into 2016!!! Only because it’s the one and only @michelleobama will I even entertain this!!! This is a good one that I must laugh at!!!”

She’s since deleted the image and made her page private but we’re happy she was able to laugh at this one. If you’re going to be compared to another Michelle, Mrs. Obama is thee one.


Michelle Williams Shares Her Winter Beauty Must-Haves & Skin Regimen

December 27th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Photo by Jonathan Leibson/FilmMagic

Photo by Jonathan Leibson/FilmMagic

Aside from carrying the title of multi-hyphenate star, Michelle Williams has flawless skin. That’s a no-brainer with her beauty icons being fresh-faced beauties Dorothy Dandridge and Janet Jackson.

However, how the 35-year-old singer/songwriter/record producer preserves her sexy while handling a rigorous schedule is baffling. In a recent interview with Essence, Williams shared just how she preps for the holidays beauty-wise, including some of her favorite beauty products to use during this time of the year.

“More moisturizing! I use heavier creams now, and then in the summer time I might wear something that doesn’t leave oil. You know an SPF –which you should be wearing anyway. I also love my Clarisonic brush winter, spring, summer and fall. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, but my skin is a little drier, she explained in regards to her wintertime skin regimen.

As far as beauty-must haves, Williams gushed over Kim Kimble’s silk shampoo treatment and conditioner. And for a beauty routine she makes use of before holiday parties, she’s all about a good scrub, Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish to be exact! “I might do an extra sugar scrub to have really glowy skin. Although it’s really cold outside, the dresses that you might wear might be off the shoulder, might show some shoulder. So you want your skin to look toned, even and glowing.”

When You Lose All Religion: Michelle Williams Claps Back At Woman Who Said She Was Too Skinny

November 25th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Former Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams dodges questions about Solange elevator attack.

Source: WENN

We fall down but we get up. Michelle Williams is a gospel singer these days. But that doesn’t mean she’s not human. When one woman commented under Michelle’s picture, talking about her thin frame, Williams saw it and went off.

Like, all the way in.

See how it all went down below.


#MichelleWilliams vs Fan! #ClapBackSeason!!

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on


I don’t have to tell y’all that our girl did too much. But there’s a large part of me that understands where she’s coming from. Michelle has been the target of far too much teasing and taunting from the time she joined Destiny’s Child, back in 2000. Fifteen years of being made fun of would weigh on even the most devout Christian.

So while I’m sure Williams will look back at this response and cringe, I’m also sure she’s waiting for the day when people keep their negative or negative-ish (Because this one wasn’t really that bad.) comments to themselves.

What do you think about Michelle’s response? Did she take it too far? Do you understand her frustration?

Michelle Williams: “My Womb Is Not Tickling For Children”

October 5th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

When friends and relatives and are tying the knot and having families, it’s pretty easy to fall victim to both external and internal pressures concerning your personal marriage and family planning timelines. Michelle Williams, however, appears to be navigating this period in her life quite gracefully.

Since fellow Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland confirmed that she was expecting her first child nearly one year ago, Williams has been questioned endlessly about marriage and babies—something we imagine would get quite annoying after a while. But Williams says that she’s happy with the way things are right now.

“I am actually okay with my love life” she recently told OK! Magazine. “I am single. Not married. I would like to get married one day.”

As for children, the 35-year-old says that she’s not even sure if she wants them at this point.

“About kids — I am not sure about children. People say that answer will change whenever I fall in love, but I don’t have baby names or anything like that,” she said.

She continued:

“I love children. I think they are beautiful, but I don’t know. My womb is not tickling for children.”

Williams seems like she’s in a great place, which is beautiful.

Can you relate? Are you still on the fence about whether you’d like to be a mom someday?

Titan Enjoys Sweet Serenade By Mom & Auntie Michelle Williams [Watch]

September 16th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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In painfully adorable news, Kelly Rowland recently shared a sweet family video where she and Michelle Williams serenade her beautiful 10-month-old baby boy, Titan Weatherspoon.

Since the women are two-thirds of musical trinity Destiny’s Child, it’s only natural that they would do away with the typical lullabies that everyone else is singing to their little ones and create their own.

The tune is called “Titan’s Song,” and the infant nearly bursts with excitement while he sits on Michelle’s knee as she flawlessly harmonizes with his mom to create the sweet melody.

Too stinkin’ cute!

Ok your turn, add a third, post the video and make sure you hashtag #TITANSsong #GO! #MissinAuntieBB!!

A video posted by kellyrowland (@kellyrowland) on

Michelle Williams Isn’t Ready For Kids Right Now, So Stop Asking!

February 19th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Considering that both of her Destiny’s Child sisters are now mommies, many are wondering when Michelle Williams will be taking the plunge and joining the mommy ranks. However, the 34-year-old singer is apparently not ready and she’d appreciate if people would stop asking about it.

“Just don’t ask about kids! Now that Kelly and Beyoncé have started families, everyone is asking me now,” she told Kontrol magazine.

What she is open to, however, is looking after her niece and nephew, Blue and Titan.

“I’ll babysit, absolutely, but I’m glad to see those headlights pull into my driveway, so I can give them back to their mama,” she joked.

According to the singer, she has learned not to ask other women about babies as well. If children are in God’s plan for her, then the “Say Yes” singer is completely open to it, but if they’re not, she admits that she’s okay with that too.

Something else she’s not really up for discussing is where she buys her clothing. When asked about her favorite item from her closet, which she says is “a white skirt,” Williams revealed that she’s unsure where she purchased it from. But even if she did know, she still wouldn’t tell.

“I wouldn’t tell you anyway. When women get a compliment on something they’re wearing, we’re always so quick to say, ‘GIRL! I got this at so and so!’ I don’t want to see my favorite [piece of clothing] on everyone.”

You can expect her to be pretty tight lipped about her favorite fragrances as well.

“I’ve always been told never to tell anyone what fragrance you’re wearing. That should remain your secret.”

As for whether or not she’s open to a possible Destiny’s Child reunion, the “Fix My Choir” host had this to say:

“I’m always open to being with my girls. We are family. Sisters.”

We can’t blame her for being completely over all of the baby questions.

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Michelle Williams Checks Mike Huckabee Over Nasty Remarks About Beyoncé’s Sexual Image: “I Was Definitely Offended”

January 23rd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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WENN, Splash News

WENN, Splash News

Michelle Williams has been quite busy defending her friend and former bandmate Beyoncé Knowles these days. Just last week she had to silence rumors that the “7/11” singer is pregnant with her second child. Now, she’s going toe-to-toe with politician Mike Huckabee over his stance that Beyoncé, with the assistance of her husband Jay Z, is exploiting herself as a “sex object,” which quickly made headlines after the release of his new book, God, Guns, Grits and Gravy.

During a recent appearance on “The View,” Huckabee continued his argument that Beyonce’s sexually explicit lyrics from her 2013 self-titled album are inappropriate and that they are preparing 12-year-old’s for the stripper pole.

“Beyoncé is amazing and interestingly, I’ve had so much uproar over half a page in my book. I say she’s the most amazing singer, great set of pipes, unbelievable dancer and she doesn’t need to do songs like ‘Partition’ and ‘Drunk in Love’ in order to be an effective and an amazing talent,” he argued. “Because she’s such a role model for so many young women, this is what I said. And it was a simple illustration, half a page in a 270 page book and I’m thinking, ‘My gosh, that’s all I’ve heard about this week.'”

Michelle responded:

“As someone who has definitely come up in a group with her, I just feel like that album and those songs is that one moment where she decided to probably do some songs she’s always wanted to do to shed that ‘I’m a good girl…’ She had some freedom and she owned it and she took it, so I was definitely offended — I’m not the Carter spokesperson.”

She went on to make it clear that while she respects Huckabee, she was deeply offended by his words.

“To hear some of those comments that you said, I thought were very, very, very low. I respect you and this is not to throw mud and tomatoes.”

Watch the exchange below.

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“Just Stop It” Michelle Williams Says Beyoncé Is Not Pregnant

January 12th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Michelle Williams Says Beyoncé Is Not Pregnant

Source: ABC

Today, Michelle Williams, served as a co-host on ABC’s “The View.” And it just so happens that yesterday, Beyoncé had the internets, and even major broadcast channels, trying to break the news of her second pregnancy. So it was only right that Rosie O’Donnell try to get the tea from her Bey Bey’s former group member.

Judging from the Instagram post, this weekend, it was certainly looking like Beyoncé was dropping hints.

But today, on “The View,” Michelle shut those rumors down.

“You know when she was pregnant, people said that she wasn’t pregnant and you know, it’s just no truth to it. Sorry!” 

Then Michelle went on to explain how the “bump” is where Beyoncé’s knees should be and all this other jazz.

And then concluded: “All of these allusions, just stop it, stop it. Too many things.” 

People so desperately want Beyoncé to be pregnant that they’ve been analyzing Michelle’s body language–the closed eyes, avoiding eye contact and general fidgeting–suggesting that she’s lying or doesn’t quite know herself what’s going on.

Personally, I’m going to take her word for it until I get confirmation directly from Beyoncé’s mouth–or a more clear indicator on her social media pages.

Guess Who Has A Destiny’s Child Biopic In The Works

December 15th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

The highly publicized Sony email leak has finally revealed something useful other than corporate racism and greed. Apparently there is a Destiny’s Child biopic in the works and you’ll never guess who’s behind it.

OK, well maybe you’ll guess whose idea it was in the first place. According to The Daily Beast:

An email dated December 4, 2013, from Screen Gems honcho Clint Culpepper to Pascal and a team of Sony execs discusses how Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles, went to him to try and set up a Destiny’s Child biopic.

“Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s Father wants to make the film of Destiny’s Child and came to me first,” wrote Culpepper. “He’s going to Universal next. Do we think it would be a successful film? They’re on Sony label. I’m just not sure that it’s not too soon.”

While a Destiny’s Child biopic sounds great — although we’re giving Matthew the sideye because he knows he’s not in the inner circle anymore — we have to agree with Culpepper that it’s a bit too soon. Michelle, Kelly, and Beyonce still have much to accomplish and DC only split within the last 10 years. Unfortunately, Lifetime doesn’t share that same opinion because The Daily Beast also revealed the network that brought us the Aaliyah story and soon “Whitney,” already has a Destiny’s Child biopic slated for February 2015! Yes, in just two months. Perhaps the network is taking a cue from the Aaliyah biopic and opting not to announce casting choices — or any other early details about the flick — for fear of an unprecedented amount of Twitter shade before the debut. Or else, they’ve just pushed the date back and we’ll all be in for a potentially unpleasant surprise next year. We shall see.