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Oh My Damn, You Fine! 10 Men Whose Good Looks Snuck Up On Us

November 14th, 2012 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Ever looked at someone and at first glance, they were just okay, but at a different angle, in a different situation, or whatever happened, they all of a sudden looked good as all get out? It happens more than we think, especially when a man gets a makeover, grows some nice muscles we didn’t see coming and puts some Chapstick on (I was kidding on that last one, but it does help!). Check out these 10 fellas whose good looks crept up on us and now we just can’t get enough. Call a sista!


I guess if you’ve been a ride or die fan of Nas since Illmatic, you probably picked up on the fact that Nas is more than just a man who can rhyme very well, he’s a FINE man who can rhyme very well. I think it was just the very baggy clothes and the ruggedness back then that had some scratching their heads when other women would squeal, “GIRL, Nas is FINE!” But the older he gets, the more we hear that voice, the more we can’t help but wish we knew Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones a little better outside of the music. And granted, we’re not fans of the way things fell apart with Kelis, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that those lips are a gift. Man oh man…

FILM SCHOOL: Surprising Lessons Learned from Contemporary Movies

August 11th, 2012 - By nativenotes
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Somewhere down the line, people began devouring movies for entertainment purposes, solely, and failed to understand underlining life lessons offered by films. Simply because a movie has you buckling over with laughter or rocking on the edge of your seat in fear, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn the importance of honesty, the value of love or the fulfillment of intellect.

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Got A What?! Yo, Gotta Get A Ruffneck! Cutie Pie Celebs Who’ve Been Around The Block

May 20th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Think back for a minute to when you were in high school.  Am I the only one who thought that the “ruffnecks” were the guys to be seen with??  They were often the cutest boys in school who wore the flyest clothes.  As we got older,our taste [hopefully] matured from dudes who looked like – and might – they would beat the ish out of anyone who looked at them for a second too long to someone who as a bit more tame.  In fact, maybe he have looked tough on the outside but was a softie on the inside.  This guy is the “semi ruffneck,” if you will.  There are a few celebrity men who also fit that bill so check out the “semi ruffnecks” we’re loving and make sure to add your faves too!

The Men of ‘Red Tails’ Cover Ebony’s Black Love Issue

January 6th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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There’s nothing like handsome black men to celebrate black love and Ebony knows that. Gracing the cover of their February issue are Nate Parker, Terrence Howard, David Oyelowo, and Cuba Gooding, Jr, the cast of George Lucas’ upcoming movie, “The Red Tails,” which tells the story of the heroic Tuskegee airmen.

Inside, they also have the leading men’s cast mates, Elijah Kelley, Ne-Yo, Tristan Wilds, Michael B. Jordan, Method Man, and Leslie Odom, Jr.


The story of the the first African American pilots to fly in a combat squadron during World War II is one that definitely needed to be told on the big screen and it’s great to see such as strong cast of black men working in Hollywood.

Check out a trailer for Red Tails below. Do you plan to see this movie when it’s released Jan. 20?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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Captain Save Em’: Celebrity Men Who…Well You Know!

December 18th, 2011 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Rappers, singers and ball players seem to love video vixens, “models” and strippers. while the rest of the world is confused as to what the fascination with them is. My quick assessment: the women that have become famous are pretty. Men with money – especially these young, “new money” stars – like a pretty face and a nice body. I get it and I’m not even mad at it because some of them have found a lane and made even more money from it.

Let’s see who was saved from their sinking ship…

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Our Favorite Duets

October 22nd, 2011 - By SisterToldja
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When two amazing artists push their egos aside and come together to record some good music, we can’t help but to be excited. Check out the list of some of our favorite classic and contemporary duets and let us know which ones you love or what we may have forgotten!

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Method Man doesn’t like Natural Hair

February 2nd, 2011 - By Veronica Wells
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Surprise, surprise another rapper talkin’ reckless. Method Man recently told a sister, who happened to be rocking an afro, that he doesn’t like natural hair. No locs, no “peasy fros” as he called them. Nothing natural. In the video, that’s since been taken down, the rapper said he likes when a woman’s hair is “done.” Apparently natural hair doesn’t look done to him.

Ok… to each his own. Not that we were expecting much from Method Man anyway. He isn’t somebody whose approval we would seek when making our beauty and fashion choices; yet, maybe his words struck a chord with the scores of women, black, white and purple, who limit their hair choices based on what they think men, whether he’s theirs or not, will say about it.

Method Man aside, do you think it’s important for a man, yours or a complete stranger, to approve of the way you wear your hair?