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‘I Was Married To Him:’ Toya Wright Feels Disrespected When People Call Her ‘Lil’ Wayne’s Baby Mama’

December 13th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Toya Wright

Source: WENN

We were first introduced to Antonia “Toya” Wright as the mother of Lil’ Wayne’s oldest daughter; however, since her initial introduction, the reality star has gone on to marry producer Mickey “Memphitz” Wright and establish her own identity, apart from her daughter’s famous father. Though Toya and Wayne seem to have this co-parenting thing down to a science and appear to have a wonderful relationship, she recently revealed that it bothers her when people continue to refer to her as “Wayne’s baby mama,” for quite a few reasons. For one, Toya says that he has a football team of baby mamas and unlike them, she was actually married to him.

“It does [bother me] to a certain level, but I totally get it,” Toya said during an interview with Streetz 94.5. “That’s how I was introduced to the media, but it’s also a form of disrespect. For one, I was married to him. If you gonna say anything about Lil’ Wayne, don’t say baby mama because he has like what, like four of those? Say ‘ex-wife.’ Don’t address me as his ‘baby mama’ because I wasn’t that.”

The former “Tiny & Toya” star went on to say that in addition to all of that, she’s married to someone else now.

“I’m someone else’s wife now. But that’s how you pump the story up. I guess it looks better because Lil’ Wayne went to jail, so now his baby mama went to jail,” Toya said, referring to her recent run-in with the cops over a speeding ticket. “So I guess that’s what makes more sense. But sometimes yes, that annoys the hell out of me,” she continued.

No argument here. We get it, Toya.

Watch her interview on the next page. Do you agree that people should stop referring to her as “Wayne’s baby mama?”

We’re Done: Celebrities We Lost Respect For In 2012

December 31st, 2012 - By Meg Butler
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This year was full of drama from all sides, but some celebrities took the foolishness way too far; consequently, we’ll never look at them the same again. Here are 15 famous folks we lost respect for in 2012 and who we hope can get their ish together in 2013.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Too Short

Dirty lyrics are one thing, but Short crossed the line when he gave gross and probably illegal advice to young men on how to take it “to the hole.”

The details are too gross to include here and, thankfully, XXL took the video off their website shortly after this was published, but the “fatherly guidance” included graphic details on what to do with your fingers when you’re alone with a girl. I don’t know how anyone could buy another XXL or Too Short track after that.

Toya Ain’t Tripping: Memphitz Speaks On How K.Michelle Drama Has Affected His Marriage

December 10th, 2012 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

With the exception of a few sly remarks on social media sites and a couple of radio interviews, record executive Memphitz has been fairly quiet about the drama and domestic violence allegations made by ex-girlfriend and former artist K.Michelle, quiet compared to how vocal K has been about the incident, at least. Instead he seemed to let his attorneys do most of the talking as he is suing Mona Scott Young and Viacom claiming that he was defamed on the show. While we all probably feel like we’ve heard all that we need to hear about the incident,  in a recent interview with Hello Beautiful the former A&R exec. discussed an aspect of the situation that has been fairly neglected by the media – whether or not the incident has affected his marriage to Toya Wright. Check out what he had to say.

It hasn’t affected my relationship. I basically told my wife all of this and even when me and my wife were dating. I basically told her everything that I was going through with that person and the type of stuff that was going on. She was telling me all the stuff that was going on in the relationship she was in with this football player, whatever. I told her everything about this person and as soon as I got wind there was gonna be a show coming out, I told her, that’s the girl. She was like, ‘Oh.’ I used to play Michelle’s music. It wasn’t anything foreign to my wife. When it started happening, my wife was coming at me like, ‘wow you said that.’ I’m not tripping. My wife is cool. I feel that me and my wife have such great communication skills that by the time something is floating around or coming up, we’ve already discussed or joked about it.

I guess it’s a good thing that Memph and Toya can joke about things and are able to effectively communicate with one another, hopefully they aren’t laughing at the expense of a battered woman. But, it seems we will never truly know what went down that day between K.Michelle and Memphitz.

What do you think of Memphitz saying that the situation hasn’t affected his marriage at all ?

Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

‘I’m Just Really Blessed To Get A Second Chance': K.Michelle Signs Major Record Deal

November 20th, 2012 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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It’s been a long time coming for Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star and R&B singer, K. Michelle. If you’ve ever taken the time to sit and watch one episode of the show you’ve probably heard at least a snippet of the Memphis native’s story. Back in 2008, she was released from her recording contract with JIVE Records due to a series of drama filled events including the alleged mismanagement of her budget by her boyfriend and producer Memphitz to the traumatic domestic disputes between the two and abuse allegations that she made against him. As if being linked to drama of that magnitude wasn’t enough, K.Michelle had also earned quite a name for herself among industry executives for being irate, difficult to worth with as well as having a short temper. Through the filming of LHHATL, it was revealed that although the singer had the talent to sing many established singers under the table, most producers were afraid to work with her because of her reputation.

Viewers felt for her as she poured her heart out on camera multiple times sharing that the abuse is what made her snap and how down on herself she felt after losing her recording contract and the man she loved in such close proximity. Despite the circumstances, K.Michelle continued to work hard in order to make her dreams come true and  it seems that the singer’s hard work has finally paid off now that she has signed a pretty major record deal with Warner Brothers Records. She took to her Twitter page yesterday to announce the good news and express her gratitude.

Today was a very special day. Today I signed with Warner Brothers Records. I am a true testimony that God will make room for ur gifts.

So many people counted me out and wished bad upon me. Some if tried to destroy my name. I kept fighting and praying. Music is my life

She also discussed how she felt about getting a second chance with

“I’m just really blessed to get a second chance. I have so much to sing about and so many stories to tell,” K. Michelle told Singersroom exclusively. “I may not be the most polished or prissy R&B singer, but I do feel that I am the voice of a lot of women who don’t have a voice.”

Don’t you just love happy endings? We’re very happy for K.Michelle and we’re praying she keeps that temper in her pocket this time!

Jazmine Denise is a writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

Kissing And Telling Too Much: LHH’s Ariane Talks Sleeping With Memphitz And Why Some Women Need To Be Slapped

September 12th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: The Jasmine Brand

I hope “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s” pseudo-castmember Ariane is ready for the backlash that is sure to come her way as a result of her appearance on The Breakfast Club this morning.

Ariane is Mimi’s best friend who, up until a few minutes ago, I thought was a sensible grown woman. On the show we saw her telling Mimi, repeatedly, to leave Stevie J for the last and final time, but since she didn’t get enough shine from being on reality TV, it seems she’s taken to another method of getting some attention from the media: the art form known as kissing and telling. According to Ariane, K. Michelle isn’t the only one on LHHATL who had a relationship with producer Memphitz, but apparently K is the only one who was abused, although it would appear Ariane doesn’t have a problem with it from her take on men putting their hands on a woman. Here are a few “gems” from her interview:

Whether she dated Memphitz

He’s a very good friend of mine. We used to work together I don’t understand when sleeping with somebody constitutes dating.

Whether she’s friends with K. Michelle


Was K. Michelle mad when she found out she slept with Memphitz

Initially, but I had to tell her, I just don’t talk about things that are irrelevant. Memphitz and I happened years before her. We weren’t in a relationship, we did what we did and that was it.

Why she didn’t talk about sleeping with him on the show

That’s the thing. I don’t talk about things that aren’t relevant. He wasn’t relevant to me. For him to bring it up, why now? Are you going to talk about every other woman you slept with?

Whether Memphitz was physically abusive toward her

Absoluely not, he’s a great guy.

Does she think Memphitz abused K. Michelle

I wasn’t there…I don’t want to say I don’t believe either one of them. They both told me their stories personally.

Women mess up too. I don’t know what she did to him. I’m not saying women should be hit, but sometimes b****es need to be slapped.

Has she ever been slapped

I have. My mouth is kind of reckless sometimes.

Did she feel like she deserved it


Whether Stevie J has ever been physically abusive toward Mimi

I’m not saying anything…I’ve seen behavior that I don’t like. I will say that.

Why she doesn’t like Stevie

It’s not that I don’t like Stevie, it’s that I don’t like his ways and I know how good of a woman [Mimi] is and she deserves more than what she allows.

Will she be back next season


Check out more dirt in the clip below. What do you think about her interview?

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Eff A Lawsuit! K. Michelle Says She Stands By Her Story 100%

September 5th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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If you thought that little, okay that huge, $1 per viewer, per episode lawsuit Memphitz dropped on Viacom and Monami Entertainment yesterday was going to hush up K. Michelle, you were wrong. Memphitz came for the producers behind VH1’s show “Love & Hip-Hop” claiming K. Michelle’s allegations of domestic abuse at his hands have defamed his name, but K. Michelle isn’t the least bit worried according to a statement she sent to TMZ. She told the site:

“I’ve always been told that the truth shall set you free. I stand behind my story 100%. I came on the ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ show mainly because I wanted to give a voice and bring light to a very serious issue.”

“I am very grateful to VH1 and Monami Ent. for the opportunity to tell my story, and touch lives worldwide … I look forward to having my day in court and finally having the truth of my story confirmed in a court of law.”

“Hopefully others will not have to go through this and then have their stories challenged to this degree because people now want to try to salvage whatever reputation they may have had.”

Sounds like this is something K. Michelle has been waiting on. I doubt the show’s producers are as enthusiastic about this day in court (which will likely never happen) as she is, although they had to see this coming — and no doubt have the cameras ready to capture this story line for season 2.

K. Michelle better start gathering that proof she claims she has of Memphitz’ abuse. Last month she told that Memphitz admitted to people at the record label that he put his hands on her. She also says she has text message conversations about the abuse. If that’s the case she probably is looking forward to putting everything all out in the open and no longer having to be the one to defend herself. Rasheeda might want to get that apology ready…maybe.

Do you think K. Michelle has anything to worry about with this lawsuit?

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Let The Love & Hip-Hop Lawsuits Begin! Memphitz Sues Mona Scott-Young and Viacom

September 4th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Baller Alert

“Love & Hip-Hop,” the show, may be over, but the drama that erupted during the series is far from done. Following the conclusion of the two-part reunion last night, Memphitz Wright has filed a lawsuit against Viacom International, Inc.; NFGTV, Inc.; and Monami Entertainment, LLC, claiming that they have defamed his character running K. Michelle’s account of abuse from a former relationship. Viacom is the parent company of VH1, of course, and Monami Entertainment is “Love & Hip-Hop” producer Mona Scott-Young’s own company.

A press release from Memphitz’ reps, MediaHunter PR, states:

Wright is suing the named Defendants for approximately one dollar per viewer per show for damages that stem from the defamatory statements and denigrating actions of cast member Kimberly Michelle Pate p/k/a “K. Michelle”.

According to Attorney Conti J. Moore, Esq., whose practice is based in Orlando, Florida, “Ms. Pate has taken full advantage of society’s tendency to accept claims of domestic violence as always being true, even in the absence of proof.  The only abuse that actually occurred is the malicious and calculated pattern of vicious lies Ms. Pate has assailed for the purpose of fabricating a compelling story line in an attempt to ruin my client’s name.”

Atlanta based Attorney Alcide L. Honoré, Esq. maintains that, “even the most ridiculous statements when repeated frequently become true in the minds of many.  Ms. Pate’s preposterous claims, which include allegations that Mr. Wright mismanaged funds and caused her career to ‘flop’, have been adopted as truth by many followers of the popular VH-1 reality series.”

Wright maintains that the suit is not about revenge but is instead about defending himself and his professional reputation from the malicious false and misleading statements made about him on the popular VH-1 reality show.

“My family and I have suffered tremendously while VH-1, Monami Ent., and the other companies provided a worldwide platform for K. Michelle to repeatedly assassinate my character. The filing of this suit is to compensate for the irreparable damage that has been done to my reputation and to deter these companies from doing such future harm to others.”

“Domestic violence is an issue of serious nature, often having grave consequences for true victims with whom we all sympathize.  However, it is unconscionable for one to play on the sympathies of the masses by levying false accusations of such heinous acts against an innocent party, simply for the sake of entertainment or for purported career advancement. After reviewing the evidence in this matter, we are prepared to litigate this case to the fullest extent of the law to seek justice for our client and to restore his name and professional reputation.”

With an average of $3.5 million viewers per show, Memphitz is looking to get seriously broke off, the problem is I’m not sure he really has a leg to stand on. Though K. Michelle did say she was abused, she never mentioned anyone’s name. Memphitz name only got brought into the picture when other people started putting two and two together and mentioning his name and Toya Wright’s. Memphitz also somewhat outed himself when he went on Instagram after the first episode aired and said:

 As I was installing the Teeth, T**ties, & A** you’re Flaunting, I forgot to tell you about the Growing Nose I threw in Pinocchio. Lol. @kmichelle I made you. -Mr. Gepetto

Perhaps he should have kept that low blow to himself.

I’m sure K. Michelle is wishing she’d gone ahead and pressed charges back when this domestic abuse allegedly happened. Things have spun completely out of control with nothing more than word of mouth to go on.

What do you think about Memphitz’ lawsuit?

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Somebody Believes K. Michelle: Lil Wayne Hires Security To Protect Toya and Daughter?

August 31st, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Baller Alert

This could just be another salacious Internet story or a case of a very protective father/ex-husband, we’ll let you decide. Gossip Extra is reporting that rapper Lil Wayne isn’t taking any chances that his ex Toya Wright could end up in a domestic violence situation like K. Michelle, the former girlfriend of Toya’s husband Memphitz. So to ensure all is well in their household, Weezy F Baby reportedly drops $10,000/month on security guards to watch over Toya and their daughter Reginae.

In theory, this sounds probable, but I can’t see a man (Memphitz) allowing another man (Lil Wayne) to stash security at his house. It would be one thing if the couple wasn’t married and Toya had her own spot with her daughter, but having her own personal security to protect her from the husband she’s living with, just in case? This might be a bit far-fetched. Not acording to one of the site’s sources, though, who reportedly said:

“You bet that Lil Wayne is concerned. He mostly wants to make sure their daughter never gets caught in the middle of anything.”

Memphitz’ spokesperson reportedly had no comment on the topic when asked. I don’t know if that makes this story seem more true or not, but if this news is real, good looking out papa Wayne. Hopefully security will never have to jump into action.

What do you think? If Weezy hired security to look after Toya and Reginae is that a good move?

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Once An Abuser, Always An Abuser? Could You Date a Man With A Violent Past?

August 16th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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As you get older, you outgrow a lot of labels. Perhaps you were a nerd in school because you were smart, or dated a guy seen as a jock because he valued athleticism, or maybe you were the pro-black chick just because your hair was natural. Whatever people defined you as, it’s likely their perception of you was different  when you reached college or entered the real world because like everything else on earth, people change. But there are some labels that never leave you. Like the sentiment that once someone tells a lie they are in fact a liar, a man who puts his hands on a woman rarely escapes the label of woman beater, abuser, or assaulter. And though those furthest from these men may never be able to see them in any other light outside their violence, often these so-called abusers go on to have relationships with other women who can see past a former abuse. Could you?

Evelyn and Chad’s current situation may in some people’s minds make a strong case for the dangers of overlooking a past transgression. Though most of the public wasn’t aware of Chad’s previous domestic dispute, once news hit of his altercation with Evelyn this weekend, suddenly he had a “history of domestic violence.” Uncovering the domestic battery charge the former NFL star received in 2000 in light of the head-butting that took place 12 years later this past weekend changed the conversation from “Chad should’ve known what he was getting into” because of Evelyn’s antics on “Basketball Wives” to “Evelyn should’ve known better” than to date someone with a violent past such as his. Assuming there aren’t any other hidden incidents such as these, can we really say Chad demonstrates a pattern of abuse and that Evelyn should have expected to be physically assaulted at some point in their relationship? It’s not quite that cut and dry.

Not all men turn out to be repeat offenders, at least as we know so far, when it comes to two well-known celebrities. Take producer Memphitz, whose domestic dispute was the talk of the Internet before Chad and Evelyn’s unfortunate incident. “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” star K. Michelle unearthed his violent past throughout their tumultuous relationship, but his wife of one year, who has known him for six, paints an entirely different picture of him. K. Michelle depicts him as an angry man that she somewhat provoked to violent outbursts of anger while Toya describes a sweet southern man she could never imaging laying a hand on a woman. What we don’t know, though, is if Toya knew that this alleged assault took place with K. Michelle before she met and married Memphitz, and whether that would have mattered at all?

One woman we can’t say is blind to her boyfriend’s violent past is Karrueche Tran. I know, we all think she’s just a cover, but at the very least she spends enough time in Chris Brown’s company that if he were to lose his cool and get physical again, she would be a likely target. There virtually isn’t a person in the world who isn’t aware of what went down between Chris and Rihanna three years ago, and whether motivated by love, lust, or luxury, Karrueche certainly didn’t mind taking a chance that Breezy wouldn’t be a repeat offender, and so far he doesn’t appear to be.

However, not all women are so lucky. In a small sample study on recidivism among male batterers, 32% of battered women said they were reassaulted after their partners participated in violence treatment programs. An even larger percentage – 70 –were subjected to verbal abuse, 45% to controlling behaviors, and 43% experienced threats.  We know that part of Chad’s sentencing in his first domestic altercation was to complete a 12-month batterer’s  counseling program, yet it would appear that he struck again last weekend. Chris Brown was sentenced to physical labor and domestic violence counseling, yet aside from throwing a chair through a window at Good Morning America’s studios, he hasn’t had another violent incident that we know of.

For some women, word of a violent past is an automatic deal breaker, for others they err on the side of caution until they see signs of said behavior, and still for another percentage the attitude is that whatever the man in question did in a past relationship has no bearing on their current or future one. I’d venture to say the last stance is a tad naïve, while the first may be a bit staunch.

As the saying goes that once you’re a cheater, you’re always a cheater, can the same be said that once you abuse a woman, you’re always an abuser?

Could you date a man who you knew had been physically violent with a woman before?

Brande Victorian is the news and operations editor for Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

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It’s Time to Relax, Relate & Release: An Open Letter to K. Michelle

August 10th, 2012 - By Veronica Wells
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Dear K. Michelle,

From the first time I watched you on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” I was enamored with your realness and your absurdly clever catch phrases. I knew that the way you handled the Karile Redd situation wasn’t the classiest interaction ever, but I found the whole thing too hilarious to get upset. I watched your live vocal performances and I was impressed with your undeniable talent and creativity. (That song about Mimi and her madness was spot on!)

Then I got the back story. I learned how your career was jeopardized by the mismanagement of funds; and as if that wasn’t enough, there was the abusive relationship. Lord. I just couldn’t help but root for you. You had been through so much.  Because of all of this turmoil, you had a bit of a spazz out a few years back and it virtually ruined your reputation in the industry. I could sympathize. When you’re faced with the prospect of losing your dreams, especially because of someone else’s reckless actions, I could see how that would cause anyone to act a fool.

But baby girl, there comes a time when you have to let it go and move on.  As that record exec told you, there’s this notion that you’re a bit “crazy.” In order to prove people wrong and get them to talk more about your talent and less about your tantrums, you’ve got to start acting, for lack of a better phrase, hella sane.  For the record that means, this pettiness with Rasheeda, the pettiness with Toya and even the [hilarious] pettiness between Karlie Redd must end.

I’m inclined to believe that Memphitz did put his hands on you and that’s wrong as rain. No one is going to argue that. There’s also nothing wrong with you talking about it either. People fail to realize how common domestic violence is, so recounting these painful occurrences is important. But now that you’ve said your piece, it’s time to move on. Let people make their own judgments about Memphitz and his character. What’s the point of attacking his current wife? For better or worse, she’s going to defend her husband, as she should. If she doesn’t know the same abusive man you knew, then why do you expect her to slander his name too? And if he is still abusive, it will certainly come to light. This business of you threatening to smack her up is just foolish. How is you putting your hands on Toya any better than Memphitz beating you? Your gender is not a license to assault other women in the street. It’s time to move forward. Step into the light, boo. And just so we’re clear, this also applies to the side Twitter beef you’ve got going on with Rasheeda.

Right now, it’s time to be on that “grown woman with a goal” grind, which means that you can’t afford to be hampered by your past any longer. At this point, you’ve spent more time talking about what’s happened to you years ago and not what you’re working on right now. That reality show money is good but  at this point, if you are sincere about rebuilding your music career, throwing shade, beefing and talking slick to the confessional camera, is not going to make people take you seriously. You may recall that Tiffany Pollard, aka “New York” was an aspiring actress who clowned for the camera. Vh1 was stuffing her pockets with follow up shows and all; but when the dust settled and people grew tired of her antics, she practically disappeared. I can’t tell you what “New York” is doing these days.

You don’t want to end up like that and we don’t want you to end up like that. I, for one, am really trying to hear your music but when I Google you, one of the first images that pops up is of Memphitz and Toya. That’s telling.

K. Michelle, I’m sincerely hoping that you can begin to focus on the right things. The things that will yield longevity and respect in this industry: your talent. Because I’m afraid if you don’t and your career doesn’t go where you want it to this time around, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

– Veronica

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