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The Blackest Moments From Solange’s A Seat At The Table

September 30th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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In case you hadn’t checked Twitter today and seen the trending topics #ASeatAtTheTable or Solange, then you might not have noticed that Solange Knowles dropped an album today. We told you that she’d be doing so earlier this week. And it certainly lived up to the hype ;and, for me, exceeded my expectations. Yesterday, on Twitter Knowles said that she started writing A Seat At The Table almost four years ago and today, as we got to experience it, there are so many moments of brilliant, bold Blackness that we have to share with you.

Check them out.


Image Source: WENN

Image Source: WENN

Integration, Segregation, Racism

“We lived in the threat of death everyday. I was just lost in the vacuum of integration and segregation and racism. That was my childhood. I was angry for years. Angry. Very angry.”

We like to think that the fight for Civil Rights for Black folk happened a long time ago. But no. It was literally a generation ago. If you speak to your parents, they’ll tell you similar stories about integration. And if your parents are like mine and Matthew Knowles, they might even suggest that integration might not have been the best solution.

Solange Wants You To Have A Seat At The Table

September 28th, 2016 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Solange, Solange. Where do I, or any of us, begin?

Well, Beyoncé’s biological better-half is about to release a glorious album on September 30 and already, I just can’t.

Titled, A Seat At The Table, it appears that Solange will give us an intimate look at her life since Elevator-gate with Bey and Jay, her all-white wedding to Alan Ferguson, (publicly) reconciling with her father, Matthew Knowles, turning thirty and raising son, Juelz during a time where police brutality and racism is excessively rampant.

The 21-song track list featured below displays a number of odes to Mama Tina, self-care, and love, as well as an interesting interlude: Dad Was Mad. Alongside the album, Solange will be releasing a book filled with poetry and photography. Eighty-six people who willingly gave the songstress their name and address via her website, will receive a copy of the book by Monday, reports Complex.

Tweet, Kelly Rowland, Weezy, Beyoncé and Q-Tip helped conjure this ear-candy with Solange, and if you’ve been following her on SnapChat, where she’s played snippets of the album, you know having A Seat At The Table will also help you open a window to your own soul.

Check out these dreamy photos and videos of Solange and company from her new website, below.

pour ashes where they claimed my name

A photo posted by Solange (@saintrecords) on

A video posted by Solange (@saintrecords) on

sign up at

A photo posted by Solange (@saintrecords) on

A photo posted by Solange (@saintrecords) on

A Seat At The Table drops on September 30. Don’t be tardy.

Pop Mom Daily: Are We Unfairly Knocking Mathew Knowles’ Hustle?

October 12th, 2015 - By Erickka Sy Savane
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Mathew Knowles

Source: WENN

“The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?”

Good question. And it’s one that record exec and father to the world’s biggest pop star, Mathew Knowles, aka Beyonce’s dad, seeks to answer in a boot camp of the same name geared towards entertainment industry hopefuls on October 24 at the Hobby Center in Houston, Texas. Once the mastermind behind powerhouse R&B group Destiny’s Child who sold an estimated 60 million records worldwide, making them one of the most successful singing groups of all time, he would seem the perfect person to answer this question.

Let’s face it, he started grooming lil’ B into the Queen we know today from the time she was a kid. Even sister Solange has built a notable career as a singer and fashionista in her own right. But some are saying it’s just his latest attempt to further mooch off of his daughter’s fame. Really? Can you mooch off of something that you created?

Is Mr. Knowles being unfairly judged?

First, let’s look at his fall from grace. Word is he cheated on Beyonce’s mom Tina while they were still married and fathered a baby with his side chick. There are also rumors that he was stealing money.

Stealing money? When it comes to parents and their kid’s money is it really stealing? I dip into my kid’s piggy bank all the time when I’m low on funds. Sometimes I give it back. Sometimes I don’t. The way I see it, what’s mine is theirs and what’s theirs is mine. Now these lines could get a little blurrier when millions of dollars are at stake, but surely something could be worked out. If that was indeed the case.

Now back to his cheating, not to condone what he did, but do we really know what the relationship was like between him and Tina all those years? Most of us have no idea what entertainment industry parenting does to a couple. Maybe he and Tina both got caught up and lost the spark that brought them together in the first place. Maybe they drifted apart. What we do know is this mother and father both worked their asses off for their kids to enjoy the level of success they do today. It took planning, hard work and vision.

Obviously, Mr. Knowles isn’t perfect. As a shrewd businessman who will cut a weak link out of Destiny’s Child quicker than an axe murderer, he probably isn’t Mr. Cuddly half the time. Beyonce even said as much to Oprah a few years ago during her exclusive interview: “When you’re trying to have an everyday conversation with your family you have to talk about scheduling and you have to talk about your album and performing and touring. It’s just too stressful and it really affects your relationship…. I wanted my dad.”

Hey, we get it. Child stars move on from their parent’s management all the time. Janet Jackson and Usher did it. There comes a time when you know you got this. But Joe Jackson will always be Joe Jackson, father and mastermind behind all of the Jacksons, and Mathew Knowles deserves some respect too. He should be able to talk about Beyonce, his greatest accomplishment in the entertainment business, and make his money, without all the flack. Personal family issues aside, he earned it.

Are you knocking Mathew Knowles’ hustle?

Erickka Sy Savané is a freelance writer and creator of THE BREW, a social commentary blog. Before that she was a model/actress/MTV VJ. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Do They Have A Case? 10 Celebrity Lawsuits Of 2014

July 22nd, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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It’s no secret that most celebrities make tons of money — or at least more than the average person. This is why it might be hard for some of us to have sympathy when they are involved in a lawsuit.

There are tons of claims of stolen ideas and images. Then again, being a high-profile figure can make you a target for others trying to get in your pockets. Check out these 10 celebrity lawsuits. Do you think they’re justified?

The Plot Thickens: Were Solange And Matthew Knowles’ Alleged Baby Mama Friends?

July 9th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Solange And Matthew Knowles' Alleged Baby Mama

Source: TMZ

According to TMZ, TaQoya Branscomb, the alleged mother of yet another one of Matthew Knowles’ children, may have been friends with Solange.

A picture of Branscomb and Solange together recently surfaced and TMZ reports that the two met in 2008 through a stylist and hung out with one another on multiple occasions in nightclubs and bars in Houston.

Apparently, Knowles knew that his daughter was hanging with Branscomb but Solange didn’t know about their alleged affair.

Branscomb has recently come forward asking for a DNA test to prove that Matthew Knowles is indeed the father of her children and is also requesting child support. She also recently sued Knowles, claiming he got her pregnant back in 2010, the same time he and Tina were going through a divorce and right around the same time he fathered his son Nixon with Alexsandra Wright.

If this story is true, it just continues to get messier and messier.

It’s truly a shame that Matthew has lived his life in such a way where these rumors seem more plausible than they do ludicrous.

LaTavia Roberson Speaks On Matthew Knowles Paternity Drama: He’s A Grown Man

May 15th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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LaTavia Roberson is making her media rounds promoting her foray into reality TV as one of the newest additions to the “R&B Divas LA” franchise and when she stopped by Bossip’s office a couple of weeks ago we jumped at the chance to ask her a few of our burning questions. Though we steered away from the usual Beyonce inquiries, we did have to ask LaTavia about all of the paternity drama surrounding her former manager, Matthew Knowles, and though the Destiny’s Child veteran said a few words, her demeanor suggested Bey’s daddy might still have some sort of hold on the ladies of his former girl group.

Check out the video above to see what LaTavia has to say about joining reality TV, overcoming substance abuse, and, of course, Matthew Knowles. What do you think?



“I Received Thousands Of Death Threats” Alexsandra Wright Talks Receiving Death Threats Because Of Beyonce

April 25th, 2014 - By Raven Carter
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alexsandra wright living in a shelter


From BlackVoices

As previously reported, earlier this month Alexsandra Wright, the mother of Mathew Knowles’ 4-year-old son, Nixon Alexander Knowles, revealed that she and Beyonce’s half-brother were still struggling financially. Wright cited lack of support from Knowles as the alleged cause of her recent move to a Los Angeles homeless shelter.

Well, it appears there has been a slight change in Wright’s relocation plans. Today“Inside Edition” aired an exclusive interview showing the actress moving into a trailer park, which was arranged by a homeless support group outside of Los Angeles.

During the interview, she revealed that she has since received “thousands” of death threats in response to reports that she expects Nixon’s superstar half-sister to come to their financial aid. She disputed the reports, saying that it’s Mathew Knowles’ responsibility to support his child, not Beyonce’s.

Read more about this case at 

When The Checks Stop Rolling In: Matthew Knowles Won’t Have To Pay Child Support For Another 3 Years…Find Out Why

April 24th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Mathew Knowles' Child Support Payments Reduced By More Than Half

Sources: WENN, Inside Edition

Alexsandra Wright, mother of Matthew Knowles’ three year old son Nixon, is likely not a very happy camper today. For the past couple of months Wright has done interviews with “Inside Edition” and allowed photographers to take pictures of her and Nixon being evicted, all so she can let the world know that millionaire Matthew Knowles hasn’t been paying child support.

Well, that’s partially true. Matthew hasn’t been paying child support…because, as TMZ reports, he “grossly overpaid in the past.” 

Wright has been dragging him in and out of court for months and Knowles had been ordered to pay Wright $12k a month back in February of 2013. But a few weeks ago, he got the judge to reduce it to $2,485 a month when he reported that his income had decreased.

But sources claim that Matthew came back to the judge again, arguing that since he’s been ordered to pay only $2,485 now, he’s been overpaying Wright all along. He was paying the $12k when it should have been the lesser amount.

So how much extra had Knowles paid? Well, it was $110k. And since he’s paid this much in additional child support, the judge agreed to give Matthew credit for the overpay.

This means that Wright won’t be getting anything from Matthew Knowles, in the way of child support, for the next three and a half years. Sources tell TMZ, Wright plans to continue her fight.

There is one last twist in this messy and convoluted story. Since Wright has made it known that she is getting $300 a month in food  stamps, Welfare officials are likely to come after Knowles, sometime this summer.

This story, as we’ve said so many times before is the hottest of messes. It’s just appalling. Matthew had it all and squandered it for a woman who seems to have majored in messiness. Then instead of being a man and being there for his child, Matthew falls back but pays child support, based on his income at the time.Then when he starts making a little less money, he goes back and says he’s been overpaying. It all seems like nickel and dining to me. If you were making enough to contribute $12k at that time, how were you overpaying? That’s what you could afford at that time. I understand getting the amount decreased to match your income but how is it fair to assume that you should be credited for the money you paid when you were making enough to warrant those payments?

And we’ve talked about Alexsandra before. Girl, you had to have some type of inkling that Matthew’s morality meter was just a bit skewed if he was willing to sleep with you while he was still in a very public marriage. So perhaps, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s not gung ho about the idea of throwing money your way for the next eighteen years, now that the two of you, presumably, aren’t sleeping together anymore. So with that in mind, it’s time to activate that backup plan and make sure your son is good. Because honey, the checks ain’t coming in like they used to.

No One Is Safe: 13 Celebs Who Fired Their Parents

April 21st, 2014 - By Meghan Williams
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In the super competitive entertainment industry no one is safe from the axe – not even the people who brought the entertainers into this world. Here are 13 celebs who’ve fired their parents as their managers and never looked back.

Celebs Who Fired Their Parents

Selena Gomez

Last month Selena Gomez fired her mother and stepfather, who’ve been managing her career since her Disney days. Now that Selena’s 21 and grown she reportedly wants to take her career in a new direction that (considering their disapproval of her dating Justin Bieber) we have a feeling her parents definitely wouldn’t approve of.

“I Can’t Imagine How Beyoncé Feels Knowing She Has A Homeless Brother.” Alexsandra Wright Living In A Shelter

April 4th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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alexsandra wright living in a shelter

Back in February, we reported that Alexsandra Wright, the mother of Matthew Knowles’ son Nixon, spoke to “Inside Edition” about the lack of child support she was receiving and the fact that he had completely turned his back on his child.

And even though she claimed then that Beyoncé shouldn’t be held responsible for her father’s actions or taking care of Nixon, like Matthew originally suggested, today she’s singing a different tune.

In a recent interview with In Touch, Wright claims that both she and Nixon are living in a homeless shelter in the LA area.

Wright told “Inside Edition” that she’s struggling financially and no one in the Knowles family has offered to help them find a home. She says, “Nixon deserves to know his family, and I hope one day he will meet his sister Beyoncé.”

Last month, a judge ruled that since the 63 year old Knowles lost his job as Beyoncé’s manager, his child support payments should be reduced from $12,000 to $2,400 per month.

The ruling means he won’t have to make another payment for another two years. Finally, Wright says, in a damning statement, “I can’t imagine how Beyoncé feels knowing she has a homeless brother. I know if I were in the same position, I would reach out. Maybe she is too busy.”


This is such a mess right. Can you imagine being held accountable for the child your father had while he was cheating on your mother? Geez.

I’m conflicted on this one. A large part of me thinks that Alexsandra Wright is a messy opportunist with questionable morals. But I can understand her point about Beyoncé and Solange at least meeting their baby brother. And if Wright is indeed homeless, it would only be right for someone to help.

But that’s just me. What do you make of the situation? How would you handle this if this were your family?