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Look Who’s A Jehovah’s Witness Now!

July 22nd, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Former child actor and singer Marques Houston says he has found the truth. A quick scroll through his Instagram page will show you that he’s been a practicing Jehovah’s Witness from the start of this year. And by practicing I mean he attends services, gives talks and even goes door to door with Jehovah’s message.

In one image, comparing himself this year to an image of himself last year, he wrote:

“What a difference a year makes! On the left I took a selfie in March of 2015. On the right I took a selfie of the night I gave my first talk March 10, 2016. Thank you Jehovah for allowing me to make this progress. It’s such a privilege to be able to serve you whole heartedly. And this Summer you will make my dream come true! I will finally be able to call my self your Witness 🙏🏾 #JW #WhatADifferenceAYearMakes #Love”

In another he writes:

“It is amazing how Jehovah not only transforms u from the outside, but most importantly the inside. #ILOVEJEHOVAH #jw Thank you for rescuing me out of the world…”

The 34-year-old has received a mostly positive response to the change he recently made in his life. Though he did post one message asking that his followers avoid spreading negativity on his page.

For those who aren’t familiar, Jehovah’s Witnesses are a part of a Christian-based religion that believe God is not a trinity. Jesus, therefore is not God, like most traditional Christians believe. They believe that Jesus is his only direct creation and everything else was created by means of Christ. Followers do not bear arms, donate blood or organs, celebrate birthdays and other holidays because they believe they have pagan origins.

Other celebrity Jehovah’s Witnesses include Serena Williams, Terrance Howard and the late Prince.

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Celebs You Didn’t Know Are Mexican

May 5th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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For many Mexican Americans living here in the U.S., Cinco de Mayo is a day to commemorate their Mexican pride and heritage. While many of us who aren’t Mexican join in on the celebration, here’s a list of celebs that you may not have known that are actually Mexican, either by ethnicity or nationality.

Celebs You Didn't Know Are Mexican


Taboo from Black Eyed Peas

As one fourth of the super group Black Eyed Peas, rapper Taboo has become an international superstar. Born to a Mexican American father and a Native American mother in Los Angeles, Taboo, real name Jaime Gomez, joined the group to replace one of its members. Black Eyed Peas went through a couple name changes and singer Fergie was brought in as the fourth member in time for their third album. Taboo began working on a solo album in 2008 but has said it will take some time to get his solo career off of the ground.

He’s Really Not That Sick Of Love Songs Ya’ll: 9 Popular Jams You Probably Didn’t Know Ne-Yo Wrote

July 2nd, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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"Ne-Yo pf"


Every time I hear “Irreplaceable” I’m thoroughly impressed. Not because Beyoncé sang the song oh so well or because it’s an anthem of some sorts for me. Rather, I have to give props to the track because of the fact that a man wrote it. Ne-Yo. He wrote a woman’s feelings damn near better than most women actually could share them, and even though he didn’t sing on the track, it has been one of the biggest hits of Ne-Yo’s career. But it’s actually one of many. Using his government name of Shaffer Chimere Smith on many credits, Ne-Yo has written many tracks we have had on repeat. Here are nine that just so happened to stand out the most.

Balding Hair Don’t Care: Men Who Need To Quit Playing And Cut It Off Already

January 7th, 2013 - By Meghan Williams
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

About seventy percent of men suffer from male pattern baldness, so I know it’s a sensitive issue. But there comes a time when many of these men should really quit playing around with the dye, toupees, and spray on hair – because none of it is working – and just go bald, for their own sakes. I present these fifteen men, not to ridicule them but to suggest a better option – which fortunately or unfortunately is bald.  Neyo knew when it was time to let it go. These guys should too.

So Is Raz B Telling The Truth About The Molestation? Marques Houston Answers

June 1st, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Earlier this week, news about Raz B’s tell-all with some very salacious homosexual and molestation accusations about the members of B2K, their former manager Chris Stokes, Bow Wow, Immature, and a host of other men in the entertainment industry hit the web. This wasn’t the first time Raz B started calling everybody gay or dredging up unnecessary details about their possible sexually abusive pasts, but over the years Chris Brown has been the only one to flip out at dude, which was a little curious in itself.

During an appearance on Hot 97 to promote his new movie (something along the lines of Stomp The Yard 2.0), the hosts of the radio show got Marques Houston to address the accusations in Raz B’s upcoming book and the side comments he’s made over the years. Here’s what he had to say:

How reacted to the molestation claims
It was a big joke to me. If you think about the time frames [of] when this guy starts up its always around my album coming out, my album release and now my movie release is coming out so he is talking more. He is lying but its all lies! It’s all BS. He is an attention w*ore. He wants that attention because B2K was huge and everybody knows how big B2K was and when something like that is stripped from you, and you can’t get any fame you go to the extreme measures and the dude is psycho.

You have to think about who he is mentioning. For one, I don’t even think Raz has ever met Chris Brown. Chris Brown and Raz B have no connection. I know Omarion and Chris Brown are really cool but then he starts mentioning Bow Wow. It’s like, who hasn’t he mentioned? Is he going to mention that God did something to him next?

Whether Raz B is on drugs

What would happen if the two were in the same room together
Honestly, if we were in the same room together, he is so crazy he would probably try to say whats up to me,  like ‘whats up man? Congratulations on the new movie!’ That’s the kind of person he is. This is all, literally a publicity stunt for him. He has a book he is trying to sell.

Its sad because people don’t understand that, and like I said earlier, it’s like the Eddie Cane situation. Eddie Cane went on drugs and he was the only one that just fell and he tried to come back and I think his whole thing was trying to get the group together and that wasn’t going to happen. So he felt like maybe if I get attention this way…. He was trying to extort Chris [Stokes] for money, he asked for money a couple of times because they are cousins. He was like ‘I need some money’ […] ‘I’m on the streets right now, I need some money’ and its like when that help is cut off, people feel like ‘well this is what I’m going to say to get money’, and it didn’t work.

On the restraining order he has against Raz B and his brother
I sued him and his brother and got restraining orders against them and I won so…

What’s up with Chris Stokes
Chris is actually in the process of doing that right now.

Why he hasn’t addressed these rumors before
I really haven’t spoken on it because I didn’t feel the need to but now that you’ve brought it up. Its not true. Nothing that he has ever said has been true. It’s all lies and it’s all rumors and it’s all false, but to the people out there who bought into it shame on you.

Marques Houston makes it so hard to ride for him. It’s not cool he’s all up in this mess, but the Eddie Cane references and the idea that Raz B would try to ride his success and not some artist who actually has a career going for him right now like, I don’t know, Chris Brown, is comical to say the least. I do think he might have a point about Raz B being slightly off his rocker though, but it could be possibly be because he has been abused in some way.

Check out the clip of the interview here. Do you think Marques Houston is telling the truth or is he covering something?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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