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Urban Decay Is About To Drop 100 New Lipsticks At The Same Damn Time

May 5th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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urban decayIf you’re a fan of Urban Decay, we have good news and bad news. The bad news: The brand is getting rid of its entire lipstick collection. The good news: The current collection is being replaced with 100 new shades. Yes 100!

Last night, we had a chance to check out some of the new colors, known as Vice lipstick and perfectly modeled on the face of the new collection, Orange is the New Black’s ruby Rose, at a launch event in Brooklyn which brought out some of YouTube’s biggest makeup stars and a host of fashion and beauty editors.

The Vice collection will come in six different finishes — Cream, Comfort Matte, Sheer, Sheer Shimmer, Mega Matte, and Metallized — and in every shade of the rainbow from reds, pinks, oranges, and browns to blues and purples. This morning I tried out No-tell Motel, a cheery red cream which is by far the most velvety lipstick I’ve ever worn that didn’t also bleed onto my face — even without a lip pencil, which the cosmetics brand is also launching a new line of. I’ll chalk that up to the formula packed into each Vice lipstick which includes “butter blend to condition; antioxidant vitamins C and E; a non-dragging application; long-lasting moisture; and softness thanks to aloe vera, avocado, babassu, and jojoba oils,” according to Refinery 29.

Vice officially launches in exactly one month and on June 5th you’ll have your choice of retailer to purchase as many of the $17 shades as you like at Sephora, Macy’s, Ulta, Nordstrom,, and For now, check out the new colors below and tell us which ones you have your eye on.




Make It So! MAC To Launch Star Trek Makeup Collection

March 30th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Forget thinking outside of the box, MAC has gone out of this world with a new Star Trek makeup collection inspired by the science fiction franchises most memorable leading ladies, Deanna Troi, Uhura, Seven of Nine and the Orion Girl, Vina.

macSet to launch this summer, the 25-piece special deco collection will have products for the eyes, lips, face, and nails with packaging that will make them pretty hard to resist, even if you aren’t a trekkie.

MAC creative director James Gager said in a statement about the new galactic venture: “Star Trek is an iconic pop culture phenomenon whose storylines pushed gender and racial boundaries. For its 50th anniversary, we celebrate each of Star Trek’s powerful women in a transcending, transformational makeup collection.”

Even more exciting is the fact that true fans of the franchise will get first dibs on the set which will debut Thursday, July 21 during San Diego Comic-Con at an exclusive one-day collection presale at MAC Gaslamp. The rest of the world will have to wait until August 25 when the collection becomes available online or hold out to purchase items in-store September 1. If the suspense is already killing you, make sure you follow #MACStarTrek for the latest updates on the collaboration.

Are you excited about this?

From Empire To The Hunger Games: Makeup Collections Inspired By Film And Television

March 28th, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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When it comes to makeup, the fresh faces of models, actresses and singers alike often grace or inspire popular brands and collections.  But celebrities aren’t the only ones with entire beauty collections to their name.

CoverGirl recently announced a limited edition Empire makeup collection.  Inspired by Gabourey Sidibe, Serayah, Grace Gealey and Kaitlin Doubleday’s respective Empire characters (we’re gonna need Taraji to get her own collection, stat), the collection was announced mere days before the spring return of the hit Fox show.

But this isn’t the first time CoverGirl, or other beauty companies for that matter, created a line to celebrate a beloved show or film.  Check out these makeup lines and collections that have paid tribute to some of our favorite characters from the big and small screens.

Image Source: CoverGirl

Image Source: CoverGirl

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

“Light Side or Dark Side?  Which side are you on?”  It’s only fitting that Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one of the most highly anticipated films in recent years, had its own limited edition makeup line with CoverGirl, featuring mascara, outlast nail polish and colorlicious lipstick.

8 Makeup Terms You Should Know If You’re Really About That Life

March 28th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Judging by Instagram, everybody’s an #MUA these days but only a true makeup artist knows these 8 terms below and what they mean when it comes to beating a face. If you’re looking to step up your makeup game or prove your skills to the world, here are 8 makeup terms and techniques you should become very familiar with very fast.

Fallout is what can happen when applying a powder eyeshadow without care. All it means is particles from the product have fallen onto other parts of your face — like the bridge of your nose or the top of your cheeks — where you don’t want it. To avoid this, a lot of makeup artists apply eyeshadow first so it won’t mess up the finish of their foundation, or you can just be extra careful about tapping excess product off of your brush before reapplying and use a primer to help shadows stay put.

makeup 2

What’s a primer? A primer is a product that preps various areas of the face for makeup and helps the product applied stay put longer. Some face primers can also reduce pores and correct a issues like dark spots and redness, and they be used to create either a matte face — no shimmer — or a dewy glow. Eye and lip primers are great for smoothing out the fine lines on each surface and ensuring the products don’t crease or bleed (i.e. that’s what it’s called when lipstick runs outside of the rim of the mouth).
Contouring is the big buzz word in beauty these days but few know what it’s really about, or how to do it correctly (no shade). The purpose of contouring is to emphasize or define certain features, like your cheekbones, and disguise or subtly change the shape others, like one’s chin or nose, via the use of shading with bronzers or darker foundations and highlighting with illuminators, concealers, or lighter foundations. Note the use of the word “subtly.” You should not look like the woman in the gif above when all is said and done. Blending is the name of the contour game.

Stippling is the process of applying liquid foundation in a dotted motion to achieve an airbrushed finish. This can be done with a beauty blender (as shown in the gif above) or a stippling brush for a more flawless finish.

Applying an eyeshadow wet is known as foiling because it creates a shiny, metallic-like finish. Loose eyeshadows and pigments work best for this method; for pressed powder eyeshadows you’ll want to check to be sure it can be used wet before dipping your brush into water and then the product, or else the texture may be ruined. 

The waterline is the inner bottom rim of your eye where pencil and shadow are applied for more dramatic eye looks. The tightline is the inner top rim of your eye where liner should go when creating a cat eye and the space where fake lashes should be attached.

Mixed Chicks Has Some New Beauty Products In The Works

March 26th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Since the early 2000s, Mixed Chicks has been known for saving one kinky curly head at a time. However, with over a decade of being a trailblazer in the Black hair market, which is the fastest-growing in the market, the beauty company has some new and exciting products to add to their repertoire.

“We have to try and provide them with products that are requested and necessary. Making consistent products that work keeps you alive but staying in tune with the desires of our customers and hair community is what will keep us in the game!” CEO Kim Etheredge said in a recent interview with ESSENCE.

So, what exactly are customers wanting from Mixed Chicks these days? Apparently makeup is their latest endeavor. Continuing to build their empire, Etheredge explained that the company has decided to further expand their cosmetics line “In the Mix.” For now, there’s the Quick Stick, a smooth foundation and shimmering bronzer duo, that launched last spring.

While there’s no word on when the new products or full line will be released, we’re hoping for a liquid-based foundation, some concealer pots, and maybe some sweet lip gloss in spring/summer shades.

A Limited-Edition Empire Makeup Collection Is On The Way

March 23rd, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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A photo posted by COVERGIRL (@covergirl) on

Just when you thought Empire couldn’t get any better, Covergirl goes and gives us yet another reason to love the show. While most fashion and beauty commentary on the Fox series has centered on Cookie Lyon, Covergirl is letting the other ladies of the Hip-Hop drama get some shine with a new limited-edition Empire makeup collection featuring Grace Gealey, Gabourey Sidibe, Serayah, and Kaitlin Doubleday.

The cosmetics brand announced the collection on Instagram, saying:

Power, drama & intrigue rule the #Empire…but not your makeup bag. Excited to announce that COVERGIRL has partnered with @EmpireFox on a limited-edition product collection & four stunning yet #easybreezy beauty looks inspired by the hit show’s leading ladies. Stay tuned for the commercial, and keep it here all season for more on how to #GetThatGlam. Spring season premieres Wednesday March 30th on FOX. (Empire TM & © 2016 Fox)

Thankfully, we only have to wait a week to try out these sultry styles the ladies are showcasing, and from the looks of their social media they’re just as excited about this collection as we are. Check out the newest easy breezy beauty Covergirls getting that glam on the ‘gram. What do you think about this partnership?

Just 2 #covergirls out here gettin that glam! #getthatglam #Empire

A photo posted by Gabby Sidibe (@gabby3shabby) on

“Oh hey #covergirl!”

A photo posted by Kaitlin Doubleday (@kaitlindday) on

Watch How 3 Men React To The Power Of Contouring

March 20th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Contouring and highlighting, the popular method of sculpting, defining, and highlighting the face, has reached its peak. Seriously.

At this point, everyone either knows about it, has tried it at least once, or knows someone that swears by it — men and women both. Nevertheless, a lot of men still don’t understand its function and why some women won’t dare to leave the house without it, being that most guys aren’t well versed in makeup or just don’t care. Until now.

Buzzfeed snagged three different guys to school on the power of contouring and highlighting by conducting a makeup application of the technique by a makeup artist on their own faces. To say the least, these guys are brave!

It kind of looks like you smeared poop on my face, but if it make me look pretty…” one guy said after checking out his pre-blended face.”

I feel like I don’t look like me,” another said.

I have more respect for artists,” the third model exclaimed after assessing his blended face.

Press play and watch these priceless reactions the guys had when checking out their pre-blended and blended faces.

Celebrities Who Do Their Own Makeup

March 17th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

Having a team of makeup artists beat your face to perfection before a night on the red carpet sounds like a Hollywood dream. But not every celebrity uses professionals to look their best each and every time they need to step out for events or just a night on the town. They’ve been contoured, shaped and highlighted so often that they’ve turned into makeup experts themselves. Some of them are so good at DIY makeup that they’re even responsible for their signature red carpet looks.

Can you guess which stars are gifted with their brow liner and brushes, and which sport a strictly professional look? We certainly didn’t expect to see some of these stars on this list. (Spoiler Alert: And that goes double for Beyoncé.) From A-listers, who like to play in paint to Black models who say the professionals still don’t carry the right shade for them, get ready to be surprised by some of the names that you find on this list.

Beauty Blogger Deals With Contractions By Applying Full Face Of Makeup During Labor

March 17th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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We would like to take a second to welcome our precious angel, Sofia Alaya Karimi, into the world. Baby Sofia was born two nights ago, on February 15, 2016 at 6:19pm weighing 8lbs 13oz and a height of 21.5 inches. Mash’allah! Both of us are doing well Alhamdullilah. She has only been a part of our lives for two days and I can’t even remember what life was like before her. She has changed our lives in ways we never thought were possible and has given us the most beautiful outlook on life. How could a little human who we have only known for 48 hours, have so much impact on our lives? Both hubby and I are so in love with her that we stare at her for hours as our hearts fill with joy, and our eyes fill with tears trying to understand how we became so lucky to be chosen as her parents. Subhanallah, Mash’allah, Alhamdullilah, times a million for everything God has blessed us with! I know many people are asking for pics, and I’m sorry but her father and I have decided to keep her beautiful face private for some time to keep her all to ourselves a little while longer and keep her away from evil eyes or Nazar (it’s a cultural/religious thing and I hope you all understand). Family and friends are more than welcome to reach out and come visit once we are settled in and well-adjusted. Thank you to all those who sent flowers, texts, emails, calls, etc. I haven’t been able to get back to everyone individually but I will as soon as I can. Now many of you are probably wondering about this picture, LOL! It was taken the minute she was first handed to me after I delivered her, look at her little head in my palm. Yes, I went full glam lol and I’ll post more pics later of me doing my makeup DURING Labor and pausing for the severe contractions lol. And yes, I wore my @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty mink lashes in “SOPHIA” since it was appropriate lol. I had a natural birth alhamdullilah so it was tough, but I’m lucky enough to have been able to experience it firsthand and am so grateful. I prayed for all of the women who are trying to conceive to get to experience this beautiful feeling as well inshallah! Again, thank you all for the sweet messages, wishes, and love! God bless!

A photo posted by @makeupbyalaha on

While some women prefer silence when they’re dealing with painful contractions and preparing to give birth, some people need a lot of distraction. It could be a book. It could be a conversation with friends or family. Or in the case of beauty blogger Alaha Majid, it could be beating your face with all the makeup you own.

The new mom brought along her makeup bag, because as a beauty blogger and makeup lover, like the American Express card, you don’t leave home without it. And while she tried a few different things to get through her labor pains, reaching for her lashes, foundation, mascara and more proved to be the one thing that provided her with the most relief. She contoured her face while waiting for her daughter, Sofia, to make her arrival in the world.

“I also like to read. During the first few hours that is exactly what I did,” she told SELF. “However, reading started to give me a headache, so I figured I’d pull out my makeup bag and get to baking.”

I learned via her interview that “baking” is when you apply powder over concealer in the hopes of making your makeup stay longer. The more you know…

So she applied her makeup, and when the contractions got too bad, Majid’s husband would actually fill in here and there. These moments were captured, and when Majid posted them on Instagram, the images went viral.

Three weeks ago at this time I was finishing up my makeup and getting ready for my princess to make her appearance. Yes, I was doing my makeup while I was in labor! 😂😂😂 I was pausing during contractions and picking up where I left off once the contractions passed. I only packed some of my favorite products in my hospital bag… @morphebrushes 35O eyeshadow palette @marcbeauty remarcable foundation @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty lashes in “sophia” @anastasiabeverlyhills contour kit @mikasabeauty brushes and holder @royallangnickel MODA brushes @benefitcosmetics stay don’t stray eyeshadow palette @gerardcosmetics brow bar to go @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade @brian_champagne hydraplex @doseofcolors liquid lipsticks @jeffreestar @jeffreestarcosmetics velour liquid lipsticks And a few other products. I can’t believe how fast time flies! It’s already been three weeks! 😭😭😭

A photo posted by @makeupbyalaha on


Three weeks ago at this time I was finishing up my makeup and getting ready for my princess to make her appearance. Yes, I was doing my makeup while I was in labor! 😂😂😂 I was pausing during contractions and picking up where I left off once the contractions passed. I only packed some of my favorite products in my hospital bag… @morphebrushes 35O eyeshadow palette @marcbeauty remarcable foundation @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty lashes in “sophia” @anastasiabeverlyhills contour kit @mikasabeauty brushes and holder @royallangnickel MODA brushes @benefitcosmetics stay don’t stray eyeshadow palette @gerardcosmetics brow bar to go @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade @brian_champagne hydraplex @doseofcolors liquid lipsticks @jeffreestar @jeffreestarcosmetics velour liquid lipsticks And a few other products. I can’t believe how fast time flies! It’s already been three weeks! 😭😭😭

A photo posted by @makeupbyalaha on



While her methods may not be all that common to some, Majid recommends that women do whatever keeps them calm and makes them happy during such a major moment.

“I would actually advise other women to do the same,” she says. “If you love painting your nails, pack your favorite polishes in your hospital bag. If you love to read, pack as many books and magazines as you can because trust me. Once you’re in labor, you will need a distraction.”

So with that being said, what did you do to deal with your labor pains? And if you haven’t had kids yet, are you such a makeup lover that you could see yourself pulling out your makeup bag during labor?

They’re Not Irish, But You Can Kiss Them Anyway! 11 Girls Giving Us Green Lip Envy

March 17th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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It takes skill and confidence to rock a green lip — not to mention good old persistence to find the right shade to compliment your skin tone. Green isn’t a color most of us think about putting on our lips, but these 11 gorgeous girls nailed it, rocking shades from lime to olive, teal, and hunter and forest greens. In honor of St. Patty’s Day we had to shout out these beauties who can teach us a thing or two about stepping outside of our makeup box and trying something strikingly new.

Do you rock green lipstick? Tweet us a pic with the hashtag #GreenLips!