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Happy National Lipstick Day! Great Lipsticks For Brown Girls

July 29th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Happy National Lipstick Day! For this makeup lovers holiday we’ve put together a list of some of the best shades on the market for brown girls. Whether your skin is licorice, cocoa or cafe au lait, there are so many bright and fierce options on the market that you could be your perfect fit. Like bold showstopping colors? On the lookout for shades that you can wear to work? We’ve got you covered.

This year, matte and liquid shades have been big on beauty blogs and on the red carpet. You will find the season’s best — cherry-picked for African-American skin — right here. So skip the drugstore trial and error. No matter your budget or hue, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Say Hello To The Fall Face Of NARS

July 26th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Say hello to our Fall 2016 campaign model, @iamayajones.

A photo posted by @narsissist on

NARS just got better, not because of a new product offering — though we’re always on the lookout for those — but because of the woman they chose as the face of their Fall 2016 campaign: Aya Jones.

Jones is a 5’10” Parisian-born beauty whose father is from the Ivory Coast. (Her family owns a restaurant in Paris, A La Banane Ivoirienne in the Eleventh Arrondisement, that serves cuisine from her father’s homeland.) She’s appeared on the cover of Vogue España and Teen Vogue, appeared in a number of print spreads for brands like Prada, and walked the runway for Gucci, Miu Miu, Oscar De La Renta, Zac Posen, and more. Now she can add being the face of NARS to that list of achievements as she stuns for the cosmetics brand in a ’70s-style campaign. 

We’re super excited for Jones’ success, especially since she has a noble goal for her growing popularity. She told i-d Vice last year how she would use her new-found fame to change the world:

“I would promote more ethnic diversity in the world and encourage a healthy body image for models.”

And she’s already taking a stand against forced labor, “Particularly of children,” she told the site. “It’s an awful thing. Everyone should have the right to freedom and education. Perhaps it touches me more because I am of African descent, and some of my ancestors did not enjoy this freedom.”

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Jones — or NARS (FYI the fall collection includes new velvet eyeliners in a wide variety of shades that we’re pretty sure you’ll want to get on — but for now, bask in the glow of Ms. Jones in her campaign shots below.

Loving this 60’s inspired image from my @narsissist Fall 2016 campaign 💄💋❤️

A photo posted by Aya Jones (@iamayajones) on

Welcome To The Jungle: MAC’s African Safari Collection Is Here

July 13th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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If earth tones wet your makeup appetite then MAC’s new African Safari collection definitely has your name on it.

Launched today, the 9-piece set includes lipsticks, eyeshadows and eyeliners in “fierce browns and lush greens” that are perfect for the woman who likes muted hues and just a hint of color when it comes to her makeup. The items in the collection also come in varying finishes from matte to satin and frost to suit your preferences, and we don’t have to explain how gorgeous these shades will look on brown skin this summer. Just check out the colors for yourself.


Taupe (Matte) $17

Film Noir (Satin) $17

Film Noir (Satin) $17

Concrete (Satin) $16

Concrete (Satin) $16

Omega (Matte) $16

Orb (Satin) $16

Omega (Matte) $16

Omega (Matte) $16

Humid (Frost) $16

Humid (Frost) $16


The Beauty Cart: 15 Summer Proof Makeup Products

July 8th, 2016 - By L. Nicole Williams
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From heatwave to rain-drenched summer days, we’re only halfway through this unpredictable season. Finding products that keep your look fresh, frizz-free and long-lasting may be asking for a little too much from the beauty Gods!  My recommendation? Tighten up your arsenal of summer proof beauty products. We reviewed some water, humidity, melt and sweat-proof beauty products that really work so you can battle the rest of your summer with ease…check out these 15 summer faves!

The Beauty Cart: 15 Summer Proof Makeup Products

Asmau Ahmed Developed An App Called Plum Perfect To Help You Get Your Makeup Just Right

July 1st, 2016 - By Ann Brown
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(Photo: Linkedin)

(Photo: Linkedin)

There’s a science to choosing the right makeup. And if you’re not a scientist — or even a makeup artist — you might need a little help. This is where a new makeup recommendation mobile and web-based app comes in — Plum Perfect, created by Asmau Ahmed to help women find the perfect makeup colors.

The app is easy to use. You just upload a picture of yourself to Plum Perfect, which scans your photo to detect your coloring. It determines your Color Signature–lip, eye, and skin color. From there you will be given recommendations for the perfect eye shadows, lip sticks and glosses, and foundations/bronzers for you. Plum Perfect features more than a dozen makeup brands, including Lancome and Shiseido. The app, which has been used by people from more than 150 countries, has become so popular Ahmed signed a deal with Iman Cosmetics, and she also started an educational tool to complement the app called beauTV and the Girl Seeks Sample program, which helps users find samples.

Ahmed, who is of Nigerian descent and lives in New York City, knows a thing or two about science. She used to be a chemical engineer after all. Ahmed holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BS with Honors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Virginia. We talked to her about how she developed this color-matching beauty technology. (MN): What led you to create Plum Perfect?
Asmau Ahmed (AA): The power of a photo, plus my curiosity to innovate! I love beauty and fashion but hate shopping. I dreamed of being able to take a photo to instantly find my perfect lipstick or the perfect shoes to match my dress, so I built it.

MN: How did you fund the app?
AA: A lot of meetings with Angel investors and VCs (venture capitalists)!

MN: What makes your app different from other color-matching apps?
AA: Today there are no other color-matching apps that provide the level of personalization and features that Plum Perfect does, all based on a consumer photo. Most of our competitors are actually try-on tools that render makeup on the face in real-time, whereas Plum Perfect is a personalized beauty assistant that actually knows what you look like and helps you find the best shades of makeup for your skin tone.

MN: What has been the biggest challenge in launching the app and how did you overcome it?
AA: There are so many possible applications of our technology, our challenge was to focus on a few things that would give us the biggest bang for our buck. We listened to our users and they let us know what they enjoy using.

MN: What prompted you to leave your chemical-engineering career to go back to school at Columbia Business School?
AA: I operate best at the intersection of business and engineering. I always knew I wanted to build something innovative, but also figure out how best to keep it going by monetizing it.

MN:  What was the best part of that decision?
AA: Exposure to the possibilities to create my own career path through entrepreneurship. The marriage of engineering and business gave me the ability to develop a technology and then create and build a brand that brought my vision to life.

MN: How did the deal happen with Iman Cosmetics?
AA: We both had a mutual thirst for innovation and our partnership made sense on more than one level.

MN: Tell us more about beauTV?
AA: beauTV is where you can get matched to your individual makeup colors while watching YouTube or Instagram makeup tutorials. Normally, when watching your favorite bloggers you discover new brands, products, tips, etc., but when it comes to knowing if a specific makeup shade they are using is right for you, it’s your best guess. When you watch on beauTV, however, you see your personalized color recommendations for every single product they use in the tutorial–all while you’re watching. It’s broken down step-by-step and we provide a tip for using the product with each step.

MN:  What are your goals for 2016?
AA: To reach millions of users and disrupt the sampling market with our new Girl Seeks Sample program. Girl Seeks Sample is the closest that any company or any app has come to an on-demand beauty sampling. It’s been called the Uber of beauty sampling because of its on-demand sampling interface. Our app lets you seek and receive beauty samples that you actually want, color-matched to your skin tone. You can request any samples you like, even if they are not our top recommendation for you. There is no other technology that knows what their shoppers look like and can take them from selfie to seeking makeup samples in seconds.

MN: Do you feel major cosmetic companies are paying more attention to their customers of color?
AA: I feel they are, because beauty shoppers of color are a huge percentage of the market. Brands have to pay attention to these shoppers to stay relevant and competitive.

MN: What do you like most about what you do?
AA: My team. Working in a startup means you are surrounded with passionate entrepreneurs. It’s not for the faint of heart. We work and play hard.

The Long List Of Celebrity Makeup Lines From Over The Years

July 1st, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Image: Apega/

Image: Apega/

Whether they’re filming a television or movie scene, working the red carpet or simply taking a walk outside to get from point A to B, celebrities are expected to look their best at all times. That’s a rather tall and unrealistic order. Still, some celebs, with their flawless skin and impeccable makeup, fill it with ease. It’s no wonder so many celebrities have their own makeup and cosmetics lines.  They’ve worked with countless professionals and know which products work best on their skin.  They also know the kinds of products that are in high demand but not readily available to customers, particularly women of color. And while there are tried and true makeup brands on the market for brown skin like Fashion Fair, consumers will certainly welcome more choices.  We commend the following celebrities who have made it easier for women of color when it comes to makeup and beauty. Read on for our list of business-minded stars with their own makeup and skincare lines.

This Lip Art Will Blow Your Mind

June 27th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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There’s makeup artistry and then there’s just straight up creating art with makeup. I consider Genevieve Jauquet Perez to be in the latter camp.

Though the talented woman is indeed a makeup artist, for someone who still struggles with simply lining her lips (don’t judge), Perez’s ability to literally use mouths as a canvas for artwork is simply mind blowing.

Coming across Perez’s designs on my Instagram explore feed is one occurrence that actually made me grateful for social media. The Australian makeup pro’s IG page is full of beautifully painted lips of notable figures like Frida Khalo and the Wicked Witch of the East, but also beautiful feather and floral patters, and bright color combinations.

Check out some of our favorite creations below while we figure out where we can actually wear one of these bold lips. What do you think?

🎨FRIDA KAHLO🎨 __ Hey everyone!!! Welcome to my page all my lovely new followers! Thanks so much again to everyone who has been showing me sooooo much love and support on here! 😘 💖 I was inspired by Frida’s self portrait named “The Frame” which she painted using oils on aluminium and glass. “The Frame” was purchased by The Louvre in Paris in 1939 (another thing on my bucket list, Paris and The Louvre). Hope you guys enjoy my go at it on lips! 💋 __ @jeffreestarcosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks in #mannequin #promnight #bluevelvet #Redrum #weirdo #druglord #dominatrix @katvondbeauty #Tattooliner in #Trooper @maccosmetics #chromaline in #primaryyellow __ @smithcosmetics brushes in 202 and 304 and nail art brush __ #lipart#Frida#Fridakahlo#Fridakahlooficial#Katvond#Katvondbeauty#Mexico#mexicanartist#Mexicanart#thelouvre#museelouvre#museedulouvre#becreative#artist#painting

A photo posted by Genevieve Jauquet Perez (@genevievejauquet) on

“Begone! Before somebody drops a house on you!” – Glinda the Good Witch __ Hi guys! My heart is reallllyyyy in this one! I am absolutely obsessed with The Wizard of Oz 😍 I really hope you guys enjoy it! 😘 __ @jeffreestarcosmetics Velour Liquid Lipsticks in #mistletoe (LE) #druglord #weirdo and #dominatrix __ @wolfefaceartfx facepaint palette, yellow and green __ @smithcosmetics brushes in #304 and #202 __ Ruby slippers I hand made with modelling clay then glued red glitter all over them. The stockings I made from white paper, drew on the black lines with sharpie and folded the paper, you guys can’t even imagine how tiny the slippers and stockings are in real life! 😂 __ Special thanks to my Mum @laurenjauquet for her help 😘😘😘 __ #wizardofoz#thewizardofoz#lipart#Dorothy#rubyslippers#Glindathegoodwitch#favourite#becreative#beartistic #wizardofozlips #dowhatyoulove #thewizardofozlips #witchoftheeast #followtheyellowbrickroad #yellowbrickroad #theresnoplacelikehome #Oz @wizardofozfilm

A photo posted by Genevieve Jauquet Perez (@genevievejauquet) on

Rock A Peach Pout Like Tichina Arnold With Fairweather Faces

June 23rd, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Celebrity makeup artist Andrea Fairweather has been described as “a genius with color, texture and balance,” so it only makes sense a woman with a reputation like that would launch her own line of cosmetics.

Fairweather Faces‘ products have been known to adorn the faces of some of our favorite women like Michaela Angela Davis, and funny lady Tichina Arnold, and now you can copy the poppin’ pouts and colorful cheeks of these beauties with this new line which officially launched in February.

The collection has three basic color schemes, orange, perfect for a peachy summer look; nude, which works any time of the year; and pink, a color that looks pretty on anyone. All blushes are highly pigmented which means a little goes a long way in adding a bright tone to your cheeks, but you can also mute the shades to your liking if you don’t like the flashy style.

Fairweather’s lipsticks are also enriched with the antioxidant vitamin E to protect lips from sun damage. And best of all, there are color-coded face charts on to show you exactly where to place every item in her product line — which also includes eyelights and contouring and highlighting palettes — to create a particular look.

Check out some of our faves from the line below.


Blood Orange Blush, $18


Hot Flash Lip gloss, $18


Fetching Lipstick, $18


Carrie Lipstick, $18


Sweetie Pie Lip gloss, $18



MDMFlow, A Nude For Brown Girls Created By A Brown Girl

June 16th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Nasty Gal

We don’t have to rehash the frustration many of us feel when we set out to purchase items (from makeup and nail polish to shoes and underwear) in so-called nude colors and realize in the fashion world nude is really a synonym for a peach flesh tone — just know somebody has your back. And that somebody is Florence Adepoju.

Adepoju is the creator of the lipstick line MDMFlow (Madame + a shortened version of her first name), which, according to NY mag, she created in a shed outside of her parent’s home in Essex in the UK. And while the collection contains lipsticks in a variety of colors for all ladies, Adepoju told the mag she specifically created the shade above, New Nude, for women of color.

The 25 year old’s labor of love wasn’t in vain. Not only does Adepoju sell her liquid matte and semi-matte lipsticks on her own website, Nasty Gal also carries the line exclusively online. And at $20 a pop, you can grab one of each and not go (totally) broke.

While New Nude may look a little on the light side in the image above, both NY Mag and Nasty Gal confirm the shade is more coffee-colored than it appears in promo pics which sounds like the perfect compliment for brown skin. If you’re still on the hunt for a new nude, give this one a whirl.


Beach Chic: How To Wear Black Makeup

June 8th, 2016 - By Weyni Elder
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Navigate through the summer with black makeup–the sexiest, chicest hue ever–as your personal wingman. Sweeping liquid liner over your eyelids with the blackest black mascara never gets old. Matte black lids with glowy, glistening skin and blush bronzers are summertime gold.

Black eye shadow is risky, but when done right will rival the Queen Of Sheba. Black makeup is no longer a slave to cold weather and it will rev up your style in a major way. It’s summer. Take risks, have fun, go black.
Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 9.00.18 PM

1. Jane Iredale Pressed Powder Refillable Gold Compact, Amazon, $12

The best part: It’s refillable and pretty.

2. Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadow Smooth Hold, Lancome $20

A perfect addition to your summertime makeup wardrobe

 3. Lancome Hypnose Drama Instant Full-Body Volume Mascara, Lancome $27.50

Guarantees intense color with buildable volume. This means you can freshen up throughout the day without risking clumpy eye syndrome.

4. Givenchy Beauty Phenomen’Eyes Mascara

Givenchy’s new formula promises the wide-eyed look every woman craves, young or old. The sphere brush allows for precision application.

5. Guerlain Liquid Eyeliner

With the thinnest applicator this liquid liner allows slightest line application to the thickest with ease. The fact that it is GMO, sulfate free it only add to the benefits.

6. Gucci Oriental Sienna Golden Glow Bronzer

Highly pigmented and good for all over use…finally a bronzer that you can use as a blush.

7. Tom Ford Beauty Bronzing Powder

Mineral blend of sunstone, amber and black tourmaline crystals to highlight your skin’s natural radiance.

8. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish 

Manicurist to the stars, Deborah Lippmann never ceases with the ever-evolving color wheel.

9. Jin Soon Nail Polish

Unbeatable polish finish.

A quick tip with the black polish– get the polka dot colors in an array of options to speed up drying time that’s nothing short of miraculous.

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