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How To Get High-End Makeup For The Low

September 12th, 2016 - By Gabrielle Natalia
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If you’re a beauty fanatic, it’s hard on the wallet when you drop serious coin on high-end makeup. You start to second guess whether the product is worth it or if your money would’ve been better spent elsewhere. But we’re here to tell you you don’t have to feel guilty for indulging in these pleasures. In fact, we have a few tips on how to get discounted high-end makeup that will leave you fabulously guilt free.

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 Shop on discounted makeup websites

All Cosmetics Wholesale and Glambot are just two discounted makeup websites that feature high-end makeup for a lower price. These stores mark down makeup items from brands such as MAC, NARS, and Urban Decay for at least 20% of the full retail price. These sites are also safe, making sure used or resold makeup products are 100% authentic and sanitized before being shipped to you. Inventory is also updated regularly so you’ll always be on trend.

Shop end of season sales

The end of the summer is the perfect time to shop for high-end makeup, just before new fall releases start to enter stores. As counters make room for new product, old items will be marked down. Take advantage of the seasonal special offers and deals. Websites and stores including and Ulta  mark down high-end makeup sometimes as low as 50% of the retail price.

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Sign up for beauty/makeup subscriptions

If you like to try before you buy, subscription boxes are a great option for you. Sign up for monthly subscriptions from companies like OnyxBox to receive samples of newly released makeup items and beauty products. These beauty subscription boxes include sample and full-size makeup, hair, and beauty products for just $15-20/monthly. You’ll also have the option to cancel whenever you like– though we doubt you’ll ever get enough of these items.

Sign up for beauty mailing lists

Sometimes we get annoyed at pop-up boxes when we’re surfing the internet, but if you’re on a makeup site you might not want to hit that X so soon. Signing up for mailing lists can save you anywhere from 20-40% off your first purchase from a brand or give you free shipping and more discounted offers. You’ll also be one of the first people in the know for future launches.

New Makeup Releases To Seriously Obsess Over This Fall

September 6th, 2016 - By Gabrielle Natalia
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The end of summer is almost near, and while we are sad to put away summer, we can be grateful for the newest makeup releases that we get to see this fall. Time to write a wish list for Santa — or payday. Here are the makeup products to seriously obsessive over next season.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation ($25)

One of the most highly anticipated makeup items is the stick foundation brought to you by Anastasia Beverly Hills. We’ve seen their latest releases of highlighter and eye shadow palettes, and now we get to see something entirely new from Anastasia.  Anastasia stick foundation is like none other because it’s formulated to compliment any and every skin type from dry to oily, even combination skin. It also comes in a range of shades that fit your skin tone as well as yellow, peach, and red undertones. Look for Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundation at Sephora and Ulta stores.

shimmering_skin_perfector_pressed_bronzed-amber_1_.jpgBecca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Bronzed Amber ($38)

For those that love shimmer on the cheeks, this new highlighter from Becca will surly give you a beautiful bronzed glow this fall. This bronzed highlight is perfect for tan and deep skin tones, and is just the touch you need to top off any fall look. Shop Becca and look for this product this season at Sephora and Ulta stores.

 BTWToo Faced Born This Way Concealer ($28)  

If you loved Too Faced foundation, you’ll really love their concealer. The Too Faced Born This Way concealer is the newest edition to the Born This Way collection and is expected to be the fave beauty product to drop this fall. This oil-free concealer has a liquid/creamy consistency which goes on smooth to cover and conceal dark spots, redness, and dark circles. It’s also great that this concealer has a range of shades that target darker skin tones.

browToo Faced Brow Quickie ($22)

Brows can either make or break your makeup look, which is why they always have to be on point. To help get your brow game on, Too Faced is releasing their brow quickie to get you the best brows in the shortest amount of time. Too Faced brow quickie helps shape and fill in brows to create sleek natural looking brows without the fuss of using a powder.

makeup brushesSigma Beauty Baking and Strobing Brush Set ($84)

Have you caught on to baking and strobing? The new sensation in the beauty world, baking and strobing has been hot as of late and Sigma has just what you need to perfect both. The Sigma Beauty Baking and Strobing Brush set includes a total of 5 brushes which includes a fan, flat top, and pointed kabuki brush to help you sculpt and shape your face to perfection. Shop this brush set and more from Sigma Beauty this September.

Alicia Keys Inspires Today Show Co-Hosts To Remove Their Makeup On Air

September 2nd, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Freckles on fleek, Alicia Keys stopped by the Today show this morning to promote all of her many new endeavors, including her new song “Back to Life” for the Queen of Katwe soundtrack, and her work on the latest season of The Voice. While there, a conversation was started about Keys’s no makeup movement with the different hosts.

“You’ve kind of started a movement here. I don’t know if you meant to, but you are, not wearing makeup. You don’t wear it [makeup] so well!” Savannah Guthrie told Keys in the studio before her performance. In response, Keys said that going without makeup has been “empowering” and “freeing.”

“We put so many limitations on ourselves, we put limitations on each other, society puts limitations on us, and in a lot of ways I’m sick of it. I’m over it, to be honest … It’s about being our unique, own selves. We each have something no one else has. It would be so amazing to just embrace each other how we are.”

And when she went back in the studio to speak with co-hosts Tamron Hall, Billy Bush and Al Roker, all three hosts decided to take off the makeup they were wearing for the cameras. There was no pressure from Keys (in fact, they had talked about doing so behind the scenes), but they all agreed that they wanted to change it up. Hall called on Keys to actually help her wipe off her makeup.

“I will do it only if you help me,” Hall said to Keys.

“You don’t have to,” Keys said, before Hall replied that she wanted to do it because she loves Keys and loves her message. Keys reinforced that “It’s not for me, it’s for you” before Hall removed her lipstick, foundation and more in front of cameras (she looked fabulous by the way).

But as Keys pointed out, it’s not really about makeup or no makeup at all. As she pointed out, she loves her lip glosses and liners, but more than anything, “I don’t want to feel beholden [to it].”

“It’s not about makeup. Look, I love makeup, too,” Keys said. “It’s all good. But it’s about how you feel. It’s about who you are. It’s about just being who you are and not letting anybody tell you who you should be. And I think the other thing that’s kind of crazy, even this conversation, it kind of shows our obsession of the standard of beauty that we hold women to.”

Check out her conversation with Guthrie (and Matt Lauer), and the very revealing moment with Hall, Bush and Roker below:


Post-Baby Pampering: 11 Products To Get Your Beauty Routine Back On Track

September 2nd, 2016 - By Kweli Wright
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Instagram: TameraMowryTwo

Instagram: TameraMowryTwo

Any mother knows that our bodies go through a change outside of  the expected aches and pains of labor. Our hair can feel brittle, our skin like sandpaper and overall appearance not as snatched as we’d like. Granted no one is expecting us to walk a runway but why can’t we at least feel and look a little decent? Check out these 11 beauty products that will help you get back on track.

Post Baby Pampering: 11 Products To Get Our Beauty Routine Back On Track

“Do You!”: Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz Respond To Critics Of Her Makeup-Free VMA Look

August 30th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Me: Babe you don’t have any make up on on the carpet 😳😂 Her: I know my love 😂

A photo posted by therealswizzz (@therealswizzz) on

There was a lot to talk about online during the Video Music Awards on Sunday. One person who had a lot of people chattering without even having to give a full performance that night was Alicia Keys. The star attended the awards with husband Swizz Beatz, and still holding strong to her decision to forgo makeup, Keys hit the red carpet and delivered the best male video award (as well as a rousing tribute on the 53rd anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech) with a fresh face. Of course, some weren’t fans of her decision. People said that she should have put on some makeup and tried to look a little more glamorous for the event, stating that she should have done a bit more with her hair and attire as well. Others felt that being adamant about not wanting to wear makeup, even for special occasions, meant that she has an issue with women who do love to wear makeup.

Well, Keys disagrees with all of that. She took to Twitter to say this in response to detractors of her makeup-free and carefree look:

And her husband, Swizz Beatz, was confused by the fact that people would take issue with whatever she does or doesn’t choose to put on her face. So, he also told those individuals to worry about themselves.

At the end of the day, Keys looked beautiful at the Video Music Awards, as she always does. There’s nothing off about natural beauty, and it’s sad that some are so taken aback by the sight of someone embracing the skin they’re in. However, as Keys pointed out, there’s a certain power that comes with realizing that the opinions of others won’t be the determining factor in how you choose to live your life. And when you reach that point where you really don’t care, child, nobody can tell you anything. And such commentary clearly isn’t phasing the singer, as this is her second awards show without makeup. She attended the BET Awards with a bare face:

2016 BET Awards Featuring: Alicia Keys Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 27 Jun 2016 Credit: FayesVision/

Credit: FayesVision/

The star also has started taping for The Voice, and continues to appear free of any creams, powders, liners, lipsticks and the like in front of cameras:

Alicia Keys The Voice


Continue to do you, Alicia!

3 Easy Ways To Create The Perfect Winged Eyeliner Look

August 30th, 2016 - By Gabrielle Natalia
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Without a doubt, the step I dread most in my makeup routine is applying eyeliner. I know firsthand, as I’ve gone through the trial and error of applying eyeliner, that creating a wing eye is tricky. Very tricky. But not impossible. And even if you fudge your first few tries, don’t give up. Anyone whose ever rocked this look knows the time it takes to get it right is so worth it in the end. Here are 3 ways to create the perfect wing liner look.

Image result for nyx eyeliner pencil

With an eyeliner pencil

  1. With your eyeliner, mark the center of your eyelid. This will be your guide as to how high/low you want your liner and how thick. Continue to do this along the eyelid, placing 4 small dots along your lash line for tracing just shy of reaching the end of your brow.
  2. Began to put more pressure on the eyeliner and connect the dots along the lid. The line doesn’t have to be perfect, but try not to go above the dots you created.
  3. Once you’ve created the top of your wing, began to fill in the space between your dotted line and lash line with the eyeliner pencil, or if you’re more advanced a liquid gel eyeliner.
  4. If you made any mistakes, simply take a Q-tip with a dab of makeup remover to clean up any smudging.

Suggested eyeliner pencil NYX Slide On Eye Pencil $7

 Image result for elf angled brush

With eye shadow and a liner brush

  1. Began by placing tape at a diagonal on the outside corner of your eye where you want the wing to end. This will be your guide to the shape and length of the wing and helps to provide easy clean up.
  2. With your angled liner brush, began to put a small amount of eye shadow on the outside corner of your eye.
  3. Once you have created the tale of the wing, with your angle line brush start to work your way towards your eye lid, making small strokes along the lash line until you have successfully reached the inner of your eye.
  4. Take more eye shadow and go over any missed spots or spaces that appear faint, and ensure your strokes now make a crisp, clean line.
  5. Remove the tape and clean up any mistakes or areas where the eye shadow may have smudged.

Suggested angled brush: E.L.F Small Angled Brush $3

Almay Intense i-Color Liquid Liner, Black Pearl - .8 fl oz

With a liquid liner

  1. As with the instructions above, you want to place tape along the outside corner of your eye.
  2. With small strokes, take your liquid liner and start making lines from the outside corner of your eye to your inner eyelid.
  3. Go over your lid again, this time with longer strokes to fill in any missed spaces and make a straight line.
  4. Give the liner time to dry before removing the tape and cleaning up any mistakes.

Suggested liquid liner:  Almay’s Liquid Eyeliner $6

4 Foundations Perfect For Oily/Combination Skin

August 29th, 2016 - By Gabrielle Natalia
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An oily T-zone with dryness around the perimeter of the face are the main characteristics of this skin type, which is why it can be difficult to find a foundation that keeps skin moisturized yet cuts down on the amount of blotting throughout the day. The CoverGirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation is great for oily/combo skin because it combines elements of hydration and absorption that keep your skin moisturized without being cakey.

imanOil-Free Compact Foundation

So you’re not a fan of whipped foundation? No worries. Oil-free compact foundation is great for oily skin because it will provide medium to full coverage while keep your face matte. Oil-free foundation compacts are also handy for those who are working long hours and want to touch up here and there. An oil-free compact foundation that’s just perfect for oily skin is IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Luminous compact foundation which provides excellent coverage for a smooth, natural look.

macOil-Free Cream Foundation

Don’t be turned off by an oil-free cream foundation. While you think that a cream foundation will create more oil and add shine to your face, it’s actually great for those who have oily skin yet want more coverage than traditional compact foundations provide. This product is also great for those who have larger pores around the nose and chin as well as acne scars. Although it’s a bit pricey ($34), I suggest you try MAC Studio Tech.

450Oil-Free Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is a huge no-no for oily/combination skin but you should consider an oil-free liquid foundation if you want light to medium coverage. This type of foundation is great for the spring and summer months when wearing foundation is absolutely unbearable. A quality, but affordable oil-free liquid foundation is Black Radiance Color Perfect Oil-Free Liquid Make-up. Being one of the first Black makeup brands I used, Black Radiance is great for women who aren’t looking to spend much on foundation.

4 Black-Owned Makeup Brands You Have To Try

August 23rd, 2016 - By Gabrielle Natalia
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For Black women, it’s always been a struggle to find makeup that fits our skin tone and it becomes frustrating for those of us that love and want to wear makeup. But now there are makeup brands designed specifically for our skin tones; plus the B.O.M.B trend has taken over social media, with Black makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts showing off their beat faces using only Black-owned makeup brands. Whether you want to get in on the trend or just be a more socially conscious beauty buyer, here are the four black-owned makeup brands you need to add to your stash.


Image result for black opal makeupBlack Opal

Take your beauty and makeup game to a whole new level with Black Opal. Black Opal caters to all ranges of deep skin tones but also offers skincare products including moisturizers and exfoliates for dry and oily skin. While Black Opal is known for ranges in their foundation and concealer selection, they have a wide collection of lip products as well, all retailed at under $8. With their collection of lipsticks and lip stains, you’re able to find a lip color to match you perfectly.


 Juvia’s Place

Fairly new to the makeup stage, Juvia Place has been catching a lot of attention, especially from Black makeup artists that use palettes to create makeup looks. One of their highly rated products is the Nubian Eye Shadow Palette, which consists of 12 neutral eye shadows great for achieving an every day or night out looks. All the eye shadows in the palette are highly pigmented that really show off color.

image003 (1) Shea Moisture

Known for their hair care systems for curly and coily hair, Shea Moisture has entered the world of cosmetics by creating a line for Black women. One of the most raved about products are the many shades of the foundations and powders. It also helps that their makeup is infused with natural ingredients, perfect for those that struggle with allergies, skin sensitivities, and acne.

 Black Up

Didn’t think there was a high-end makeup brand for Black women? Meet Black Up. Best known for offering a range of foundation and powders in 18 shades and their quality makeup brushes for a smooth, flawless application, check out this collection at Sephora.

The 5 Best Metallic Eyeshadows

August 18th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Brande Victorian and Metallic eyeshadowsIf you hadn’t heard, metallics are in right now and the hottest way women are wearing this trend is on their eyelids. There are a lot of ways to make one’s eyes pop, and a metallic eyeshadow — although somewhat intimidating — is definitely one of them. Many shy away from the glittery look for fear they’ll resemble an overdone drag queen or high school cheerleader. But trust us when we say there’s a way to rock metallic eyeshadow as a grown woman and here are a few great products to start with.


Ease your way into this look with this highly pigmented cream eyeshadow in Golden Copper. A primer will make the color pop on your eyes even more, but if you’re scared about the shade appearing to bright, skip that step and just smooth this on your eyelids.


One end of this dual color stick, which I’m wearing in the photo above, delivers pigmented color with a foil finish, while the other contains specs of glitter for even more pop. Typically, glitter eyeshadows are extremely messy and difficult to apply, this brush applicator makes the process simple and neat, and the color lasts all day.


This product isn’t nearly as easy to apply as the two above, but the diligence spent to get it right will be worth it. Because this is a loose powder, you want to be sure to tap excess powder off of your brush before applying to your eyes. It’s also a good idea to do your eyes before your foundation so any fall out won’t ruin your finish. I have this in Sunflower Gold, Maize Gold, and Copper (Bonus: These powders can be used on cheeks and lips as well.)


Less metal and more shimmer, this shadow is a good starter shade for those who want to ease into the glitterati. Use a primer to gain more color on your lid.


Another mild glitter powder shadow, you can wear this shade to the office and happy hour with little fuss.

Urban Decay Just Came Through With The Ultimate Basics Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

August 15th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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urban decay naked

Summer may be all about bright colors and shimmer, but a girl can never go wrong with classic nudes, and Urban Decay just made pulling off that look much easier with their latest palette: Naked Ultimate Basics.

If you’re familiar with Urban Decay, you already know palettes are their thing, but this latest collection is a direct result of requests from fans of the makeup brand who asked for a matte Naked palette and now have a set of 12 all-new “must-have neutrals, from cool to warm” which are guaranteed to compliment all skin tones — especially us brown girls. Eleven of the 12 colors are pure matte shades while Blow is a demi-matte color.


While the $55 price tag might sound a bit hefty, when you break it down by shade, that’s a grand total of about $4.50 per color which is a steal for a non-drug store beauty brand. The palette will officially be available September 18, so you have a month to fantasize about your color combos.