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Lyfe Jennings Opens Up About The Domestic Dispute That Landed Him Back In Prison

October 9th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Lyfe Jennings

Source: WENN

Lyfe Jennings recently paid a visit to Power 105.1 to discuss his upcoming reality show, his new album and the domestic dispute that earned him a two-year prison sentence.

On going back to prison after a dispute with his baby mama:

“I been home like a year now man. Yeah, I did all that [kicked down the door and fired gunshots]. I did all of that sh**, that’s just what it was. I was all of that [high and drunk]. Nah, I wasn’t jealous. People put it out there like that, but nah, females play games about your kids and I don’t really play about mine. I was in my feelings about my kids at that time and it happened.”

On his beef with Raheem Devaughn:

“I watched [his interview with y’all] and I thought it was cute… real licorice like. I don’t know, I’m just a different kind of dude from how he portrayed it. I guess it’s cool for his fans. You gotta feed your fans what they think that you are. For me, it was a really wack situation. The guy got upset because I named him in a song. It said cats that I respect, but the cat was emotional about it… All the talk is cool. We’ll address it though.”

On his reality show:

“A couple of my children’s mothers… Yes [I’m doing a reality show with all of them together]. I think they took Shawty Lo’s the wrong way.”

“We just finished doing some clips, we got a lot of interest on it though. We don’t need they money like that though. You’re not going to make a fool of my family. It’s like you selling your privacy, cats making you look crazy on TV. I ain’t ’bout to do that.”

On his beef with K.Michelle:

“Yeah, she refused to go on before me. I guess in her world, she felt like she was a bigger star than me. She said a lot of things too.”

On men getting angry over his song “Statistics:”

“Cats always mad, man. I got daughters and I think like in my music, I always try to talk about my best side. I want my little girl to know how cats are gonna try to like, play her. If you get mad at that, what can I say?”

On his industry friends:

“I think Anthony Hamilton is a friend. Musiq Soulchild is friend. Even that young cat Bobby V, that’s a friend man.”

Turn the page to watch Lyfe’s full interview.

Too Grown For This: Lyfe Jennings And Raheem DeVaughn Beefing On Twitter?

August 29th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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lyfe jennings and raheem devaughn

It’s a sad day when two grown men are arguing over nothing over Twitter. It’s even more sad when one of those men is still on parole and should be trying to keep his nose clean. But this is where we are right now with Lyfe Jennings and Raheem DeVaughn.

So it all started when Lyfe Jennings took a page from Kendrick Lamar’s book and issued an R&B challenge. (Don’t laugh.) This is what Lyfe had to say:

“Ima do what Lamar did but n the r&b game. Ima issue a friendly challenge. Im writin now.r&b get ready! Ima name names too! Get ya pens out!!”

Jennings challenged artists like Anthony Hamilton, Kem, Raheem Devaughn, Musiq Soulchild, Jaheim. Artists he claims he respects.

But apparently…or according to Lyfe, Raheem DeVaughn didn’t take too kindly to being called out. On Lyfe’s Twitter page…where all of this so-called “beef” is happening, because DeVaughn is not engaging, Jennings said that Raheem DeVaughn said he didn’t want to ride in a car with him because of this challenge.

And then he popped off as follows:




First, R&B is not Hip Hop. Your music should be about love and relationships and not fighting with other dudes…via Twitter, no less. Secondly, it’s painfully and embarrassingly clear that Lyfe is the only one trippin’. Even if Raheem said he didn’t want to ride with you in the car, why are you mad?! Furthermore, you’re the one looking like an idiot when he doesn’t respond to your tweets…TWEETS! What else can I say but this is really some dumb ish and it seems like Lyfe, who is a talented vocalist–without all the theatrics–, is trying to get some shine from all of this. Sad day, indeed.

Pass Or Play? Lyfe Jennings Talks Breaking A Woman’s Heart In “Boomerang”

July 25th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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I absolutely love Lyfe Jennings’ voice. No one else sounds like him and his songs usually had some type of substantial message to back them up. I dig him. So I was happy to hear he was out of jail and coming out with some new music.

His latest single is called “Boomerang” where he speaks about how hurting a woman or breaking her heart is bad for your karma. It will come back to you and it’s really not what you want. The message is cool. Lyfe’s voice is on point as we might expect.

But the video for this new song is a bit…weird.

It features a young girl being taunted by her peers, then that same girl in an abusive relationship. Every time something happens to here, that person also suffers some type of consequence. Which presents itself in an odd way.

Check out the video below.

Lyfe Jennings Lands ‘Ratchet-Free’ Reality Show With His Kids That He Swears Will Be Nothing Like ‘All My Baby Mamas’

June 19th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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We know, everybody’s getting a reality show these days. But still, it’s our job to report on it, which is why we’re telling you about the one Lyfe Jennings has planned, called “Our Life.” Knowing that the singer has multiple children and multiple women birthed those children, it was only natural that we got a bit worried that this reality show might be going in the direction of Shawty Lo’s failed, “All My Baby Mamas,” attempt, but Lyfe assured us that’s not the case at all and actually gave us an exclusive into what the show is about.

Check out his interview above, as he also gives us the details on his upcoming album. Will you watch “Our Life”?


Afternoon Break! Lyfe Jennings Sings A Love Song For Us A Cappella

June 14th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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We don’t have to coax you into listening to this do we? Go ahead and take your lunch break and be soothed by the smooth voice of Mr. Lyfe Jennings.

Lyfe Jennings Talks Raising A Daughter And Tells Fathers To Man Up

June 12th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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With Father’s Day right around the corner, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to chat with some celebrity dads about what that day means to them and what it’s like raising little ones the other 364 days of the year. When Lyfe Jennings dropped by the office, we asked the father of three, whose been no stranger to drama with the mother of his children, what it’s like raising a young daughter and what advice he has for fathers who are struggling to accept their responsibility as a parent. Check out what he had to say.


Lyfe Jennings Says K. Michelle Should Be Careful Because She’s Creating A Terrible Future For Herself

June 11th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Before you ask why he’s talking about K. Michelle, let us remind you of the fallout that happened between these two singers a while back. In October, K. Michelle refused to perform at a concert in Tampa, FL, because she was contracted to open for Lyfe Jennings and considered herself to be the bigger artist. As these things usually go, the two got into a rather heated Twitter beef, in which he verbally laid her out, and now we caught up with the Toledo, OH, native to see if things are all good in the hood now.

Lyfe wouldn’t exactly say that’s the case of his relationship with K. but he did impart some words of wisdom about her career and the public’s role in it. Check out the video and see what he had to say. Do you agree?

Send For The Sandman! 9 Celebs Who Got Rejected Or Booed Off The Apollo Stage Before Making It Big

November 8th, 2012 - By IndigoBlack
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For anybody who ever tuned in to “Showtime At The Apollo” back in the day, you know brutal it can be for contestants to get booed off the stage. If you’re horrifically bad and don’t realize it, not only will the crowd let you know, but they’ll send the Sandman on you; the tap-dancing man thirsty for his own 15-20 seconds of notoriety during each airing. And while most people who get booed, denied a W and even kicked off the stage at the sound of the loudest horn go on to fade into obscurity, there have been a few celebrities who managed to get through the embarrassment and blow up big by cultivating their talents. Here’s nine comedians and singers who got the last laugh.

Say Cheese! Unfortunate Yet Unforgettable Celebrity Mug Shots

January 29th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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You know, here at Madame Noire we don’t condone any alleged criminal activity. But in the event that a celebrity is arrested and provides us with a mug shot to laugh at…well, that’s just what we’re going to do! Over the next few pages, you’ll see a few of those mug shots that might make you laugh and at the same time say, “WTF?!” But there are also a couple that make you say, “Still fine.”

Check it out and get a chuckle…

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Man With a Message: Lyfe Jennings “Statistics” Resonates With Women

August 10th, 2010 - By madamenoire
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By Khadija Allen

When Lyfe Jennings steps into the recording booth, you know this soulful singer is going to deliver thought-provoking music that brings us back to life.

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