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What To Do When Your Man Starts Taking You For Granted

April 24th, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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Taking You For Granted


Life is too short to be with someone who doesn’t recognize how wonderful you are every day and show you that they recognize it every day. A guy isn’t necessarily a bad guy if he begins to take you for granted—unfortunately, you might have conditioned him to be that way, by being too available and easy-going. So, if it’s time to undo that conditioning, here’s what will have to be done.


“A Lot Of Women Have Chips On Their Shoulders:” Jesse Boykins III Talks Romance, Women And New Album ‘Love Apparatus’

April 23rd, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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World soul veteran Jesse Boykins III has continued to thrive on the music scene. Starting his vocal music career at the age of nine, twenty years later, the handsome musician has evolved his career by becoming not just a talented artist but also a producer and director. For the release of his second album Love Apparatus, which debuted Tuesday, Boykins opened up to MadameNoire about his thoughts on women, relationships, and how they seem to affect everyone’s perspective on love. Check out what he had to say:

What should fans expect from Love Apparatus?

“Fans should expect an album they will listen to for the rest of their lives. They will hear honesty and definitely creative freedom.”

How did your music develop due to your traveling schedule?

“In 2008, I debuted The Beauty Created and afterward the Way Of Wayfarer EP in 2011 and Zulu Guru (a collaboration album with Melo X)  in 2012. I’ve always been working on music  but never officially released a commercial album. Love Apparatus is my official sophomore release after The Beauty Created. I continued to dabble in creativity to release new music; I never took a hiatus from creating.”

advice is ever increasing due to growing media platforms; do you think it makes women more insecure and fearful about entering or staying in relationships?

“I feel like a lot of the insecurity comes from not supporting one another and competition between partners, instead of making it about team work. I feel like people in general may get threatened when one partner is doing better. People should realize if your partner is doing better, it is inevitable that you will do well, too. You have to learn to keep an open mind and keep the positive energy flowing. In this day in age, people have such a strong sense of fear. Especially the fear of being alone; it affects basically how you will feel in the relationship when it comes to progression and togetherness.”

Can you give us details on the documentary you crafted about women?

“I interviewed about 300 women and the documentary is also called Love Apparatus. It’s a series and I will be releasing a selected number of interviews from it once a week, starting on the week of the album release. I asked all the women the same nine questions. All the questions were inspired by themes from my album. The topics I touched on were: balance, understanding,  true love,  challenge, commitment, hard work and focus. Romance and passion were also included- I wanted to touch on subjects I thought defined real love. People throw the word love around but it means so many other things to me. The purpose of the documentary was about me investigating the feminine complex and certain aspects of life and living. I would say it is very educational, soothing and comforting.”

How did you develop your spirituality in the entertainment industry?

“By touring I learned how to not depend on anyone and really face myself. I learned you have to look inside yourself for more. When you get to a certain age and you have to make certain choices (the things no one ever told you or warned you about) you have to question your choices and go with what you feel more strongly about. That is what spirituality is about. It is nothing dreamy or fantasy based; it is more real than anything. When you put yourself in an area and want to believe in something, you have to ignite a certain level of awareness and continue to practice that on a regular basis. When you put more focus and time into it, you gain a “third eye” (higher point of view). It is okay to pace yourself and kill the ego and say you are a certain type of person.”

What do you want women to gain from your music?

“I want women to understand and know that life is life. It is not good to always feel overwhelmed because that is how you get misled and become a victim of something. I feel like a lot of women have a chip on their shoulder and it is because they are not letting go. The art of letting go is so important;yeah you can fall in love and the experience is beautiful in that moment. Then someone does something that makes you upset and then you start looking into all the things you do not like about the person and then you break up with them. It then turns into you hating that person. Whereas, you should just appreciate what you learned from that person from all the moments you two shared. Even if it was a really small thing– at least it happened. Again, it is okay to let go and live your life the way you see fit. Don’t depict your choices and movements based on spite or aggression.”


‘What Are You Saying?’ Taraji P. Henson Offers Clarity On Comment About Being Done With American Men

April 22nd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

“From The Rough” actress Taraji P. Henson recently appeared on “The Wendy Show,” where she opened up regarding her preference for men of other cultures.

“I’m dating. The thing is that I’m done — I can’t say that I’m totally done with American men, but I’m very excited about my finds over [Wendy: In Europe where the Counts are?].”

“You know what it is? I think there’s a cultural difference with men from other countries,” Henson explained. “They are not as bitter and jaded and closed up as a lot of the men here.”

Though she made it clear that her preference for men of other cultures in no way meant that she was not interested in American men, some believed that her comments were dismissive of Black men. The single mother recently took advantage of an opportunity to clarify her statement.

“I was misquoted. They [media] said I was done with Black men,” she told HipHollywood. “I have a Black son, what are you saying, what does that mean?”

“I said that I have started dating other cultures, so it was a celebration of other cultures and not a put down of my own,” she continued. “That’s stupid. Why would I say I’m done with Black men. That’s dumb.”

As for what advice she’d offer single women who are looking for love, Taraji says:

“Broaden your spectrum.”

Well, that’s that.

Watch a clip from interview below.

Love And Affection: 10 Signs He’s In Love With You

April 21st, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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From YourTango 

If you’ve met a guy online, swiped right on Tinder for a mutual match, or met through friends IRL, there’s nothing more exciting than the beginning of a new relationship.

With the abundance of dates and new fresh faces in his inbox daily, how do you know if you’re guy is really into you and if you’re heading in the right direction? One thing I know for sure, if he wants you to become his girlfriend, he’ll do whatever it takes to let you know.

Here are 10 signs that your new guy is hoping that he found his one in 40 million and that he might be ready to retire his online dating profile.

  1. He sends a daily good morning and good night text. If you’re guy sends you a good morning text for you to see when you wake up without him, chances are he’s excited about you and your new relationship. Starting and ending the day with you in mind, means you’re the distraction that will make him smile while at work and all through the night.
  2. He calls and says, “It’s me.” When your relationship starts to develop a comfortable routine, chances are he’ll call you and say, “Hi, it’s me.” When this happens, he’s sending a message through verbal intimacy that your relationship is going in the right direction and he’s feeling warm and fuzzy about you.
  3. He tells his therapist about you. Let’s face it. His shrink knows more about him than you might ever, but if he’s letting the therapist know he’s got a new girl on his mind, he’s thinking long-term and not a booty call. He’s sending the message that he doesn’t want to mess it up.
  4. He wants to introduce you to his friends. If his weekly routine includes hanging out with his buddies on Saturday morning, he’s probably told them about his date with you from Friday night. If he’s suggesting that you join him one weekend, he’s letting you know that he wants you to be a part of his life, in and out of the bedroom.
  5. He talks about the future. While the conversation might not include ring shopping, if he’s suggesting things he wants to do in the future, such as a weekend away, going with him to a concert that he has tickets for, or even discussing relationship goals, he’s a guy that sees you by his side.

Read more about love at 

Diamond Alleges That Lil’ Scrappy Abused Her During Their Relationship

April 18th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

At the start of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Lil’ Scrappy led viewers to believe that his ex-girlfriend, Diamond, abandoned him during a time that he needed her the most. However, according to Diamond, the reality star had been physically abusive to her during her relationship, which is what pushed her to leave.

“He was mentally abusive, physically abusive,” the former Crime Mob rapper recently told The Breakfast Club. “We fought, like you ain’t beatin’ my a**. Yeah, he got some issues. Some demons, he needs some help.”

“He has bad spending problems,” she continued. “I think you, you know, people go through phases. I think we’re better off as friends. I don’t want to try to continue to be in a relationship and we end up not liking each other; hating each other. I just want people to know we’re not together.”

Unsurprisingly, Diamond admits that she bumped heads with the two women who probably play the biggest roles in Scrappy’s life: his mother and his daughter’s mother, Erica. While there are rumors that Erica and Diamond got into a physical altercation at one point, Diamond says they never actually hit one another.

“Nah, we got into it before but we never fought.”

As for Momma Dee, the “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” star blames her for ruining her credit.

“I got his mother an apartment—that she trashed and messed up my credit at one point in time, terrorized. I co-signed for her a condo.”

Considering all that she has been through with Scrappy, Erica and Momma Dee, her addition to the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast would’ve made for extremely interesting TV. However, Diamond says she could tell from the beginning that appearing on the show wouldn’t be a good look.

“They was using our names for ratings. I had a meeting. I wanted to see what it was about, you know as a businesswoman. It wasn’t really going with the whole plan of my music career. I don’t think it was a good look for me. I wanted to focus on what I had going on in my life currently, they wanted to focus on what happened in the past.”

Contrary to popular belief, Diamond also revealed that she and Soulja Boy are no longer together.

“I’m single. We been broke up. Y’all need to catch up. Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell hang out together all the time. We do business together.”

Watch her full interview on the next page. Do you think you’ll be checking out “Sisterhood of Hip Hop”?

Tahiry Jose Dishes On Turning Down Joe Budden’s Marriage Proposal: ‘I Can’t Trust Him’

April 18th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: VH1

Source: VH1

Last season of “Love & Hip Hop,” on-again, off-again lovers Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden appeared to part ways for good after Tahiry declined the rapper’s dramatic Times Square proposal. Though she briefly touched on it during the season, the vixen-turned-reality-star recently opened up to The Breakfast Club about her decision.

“I can’t trust him,” she said. “As far as the proposal, it was real, but everything Joey said about giving me that ring; that’s what Tahiry wanted. You’re going to give me a ring after you cheated because you thought that’s something I wanted? When do you give me a ring because you wanted to be with me forever?”

“We did talk for like a month or two after the proposal. But once it was about to air, he kind of started to act funny.”

Tahiry also touched on those pregnancy rumors that were floating around a few months back.

“There’s always rumors. Yeah, there was a rumor. Joey tweeted something like that. And then I was seen sipping champagne at some Time Warner event, so. I mean really, do the math. It was like hours later. I’m not ready for kids. I’m ripping and running everywhere. I mean, could you imagine me? I mean, what am I gonna do with a belly?”

“I actually have a meeting tonight. We just sit down and see what works for Tahiry, what works for VH1 and what’s going on in my life. That’s how we regroup after every season. So we’ll see. I’d definitely do another season.”

As for her beef with ex-best friend Rashida Ali:

“That’s what people do on camera—you never know what happens and how people might react. People change in front of the cameras. That caught me by surprise.”

Watch Tahiry’s full interview on the next page.

‘They’re Not As Bitter And Jaded:’ Taraji P. Henson Shares Why She’s Feeling European Men These Days

April 18th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Taraji P. Henson Shares Why She's Feeling European Men These Days

Source: WENN

Taraji P. Henson recently confessed to Wendy Williams that while she’s single, she has been playing her hand in the dating game. Interestingly, these days, the “Think Like A Man Too” actress admits that she’s a lot more interested in men overseas than the ones she’s meeting in the States.

“I’m dating. The thing is that I’m done — I can’t say that I’m totally done with American men, but I’m very excited about my finds over [Wendy: In Europe where the Counts are?].”

According to Taraji, the men are a lot less “bitter” and “jaded” than guys from the States.

“You know what it is? I think there’s a cultural difference with men from other countries. They are not as bitter and jaded and closed up as a lot of the men here.”

She of course, made it clear that not all American men are jaded.

“I’m not saying all men. I can’t say that I’m done with American men. I’ll never say that.”

The 43-year-old beauty also discussed her character being killed off on CBS’ “Person of Interest”.

“I signed on knowing that Carter would come to an end eventually and I like it. I love doing films, so you sign on for seven years and it’s like, ‘I gotta pass that up? Ehhhh.’ It was a perfect marriage for me. I could do both. [I signed on for 3 seasons], but it really only wound up being 2.5. They had the right to make it whenever they wanted. And we couldn’t reveal that to the audience because then the surprise element is gone.”

“It’s bittersweet. Sometimes I’ll get a tweet and a fan will go: ‘Girl, I love you. But I sure miss you on Person of Interest.’ And I’m like, ‘Get over it’ [laughs].”

Watch Taraji’s interview below. What are your thoughts on her comments about men from other cultures?

9 Pieces Of Martial Advice To Ignore

April 18th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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From YourTango

I sees many clients who are having marital problems because of the following bad habits. If you find yourself doing any of these things, consider changing your behavior or getting counseling.

1. You place social media above real communication.
This can be a big problem, especially with younger couples. Feeling that you’ve discussed something because you’ve texted, or because it’s on Facebook is not the same as actually communicating. Spending your free time surfing Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter when you could be having “face time” with your partner is a bad choice.

2. You start a fight after a bad night’s sleep.
Whether it’s bad night’s sleep, trouble at work, lack of sex, or being ill or in pain; nothing is a good excuse for fighting. When you’re cranky it’s your responsibility to be aware of that and ask for some extra space, or find a way to take care of yourself. If you let your partner know it’s a difficult day, that gives him or her a chance to be more thoughtful and considerate than usual…but every day can’t be a bad day, so if you’re always cranky, take a look at your lifestyle, and what you need to improve.

3. You talk money all the time.
Money is important, and I rarely see this problem in the couples I deal with. Most of the time, it’s that they don’t talk money enough, and problems are discovered too late. If your spouse thinks you talk about money too much, pay attention. Are you obsessed? Or do you need some information about how to have effective money talks? Financial planning is very important for a happy marriage, but financial nagging and haranguing aren’t the ways to go about it.

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‘She Went So Hard, She Doesn’t Want To Be Wrong:’ Kandi Burruss Shares Why She Thinks Mama Joyce Is Still Anti Todd

April 18th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kandi Burruss explains why she believes Mama Joyce is still anti Todd.

Source: Instagram

When Mama Joyce first began her campaign against Todd Tucker, most of us figured that she was trying to prevent her daughter from making what she perceived to be a terrible mistake. But now that Kandi is officially Mrs. Todd Tucker, we’re kind of wondering why Joyce is still campaigning against him although he’s technically family now. Well, Kandi believes that her mother went so hard against Todd in the beginning that she’s still putting up a fight to save face.

“She’s still not giving him any credit,” the newly married star confessed during an appearance on “Bethenny”. “I’m still trying to figure it out myself. I think at this point, she went so hard, she doesn’t want to be wrong. So maybe she’s just sticking with it.”

Speaking of husbands and marriage, Kandi also spilled on her unusual bachelorette party, which she says Phaedra took to a whole new level.

“She’s always been one to turn up the party. She didn’t do the norm. My friends were like, ‘Are we going to have another male stripper Kandi?’ But this time she went totally left and made if fun. She had a little person come and do some things, an old lady come. It was out of the box, people that you wouldn’t expect to see doing something like that.”

As for rumors that Porsha Williams may be fired from the show for her altercation with Kenya Moore, Kandi says she doesn’t think the fight is a good reason to fire Porsha.

“There was a lot going on, I can’t tell you everything. She was definitely provoked—I would think. If you’re going to let someone go, it shouldn’t be because of that.”

“No one has told me they’re getting rid of Porsha, so I haven’t given my opinion either way. There have been other times where violence was had—whether it’s been NeNe choking Kim or when Sheree pulled Kim’s wig. It’s been other things that have happened that people didn’t get fired for so I don’t think it was fair to do that to her. I feel like everybody on our cast was great this year, as far as the storyline. I want to see everyone go to the next season, even Kenya. I personally, but I don’t know how everyone else feels.”

Watch a clip from Kandi’s interview below. Turn the page for another.

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The Reason Why White Wedding Dresses Are Going Out Of Style

April 18th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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From StyleBlazer 

This Bridal Fashion Week, we noticed something that we hadn’t seen before. Nearly all the designers showing new collections forgo the traditional stark white-colored dresses for shades of champagne, eggshell and ecru– to name a few. Essentially white is being phased out for a variety of reasons, and we had to get to the bottom of it.

On the eve of the new year, actress Kaley Cuoco wore a bubblegum pink custom Vera Wang gown for her wedding to Ryan Sweeting. As bold as the dress was, she was just one of the many women opting to wear a color other than white– and it paid off. Many will say stark white doesn’t photograph well or is limited, but we think there’s something more to it.

To speak on the subject, we asked experts in the field of wedding gowns about the transition from white dresses to colorful options.

See what they had to say at 

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