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Guess Which Dysfunctional ‘Love & Hip-Hop NY’ Couple Reportedly Has A Baby On The Way

July 1st, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram "Tahiry Jose" "Joe Budden" "baby"

Source: Instagram

Surprise, surprise.

I could probably count on my hands and toes the number of people who actually believed Tahiry when she claimed that she was done with Joe a couple of months back during the Love & Hip-Hop New York reunion special, but I must admit that this little news bit is rather shocking.

Rumors that voluptuous video vixen Tahiry Jose is expecting her first child by on-again, off-again boyfriend Joe Budden have been swirling for some time now and lately, the cryptic tweets being posted to Joey’s Twitter page have only been helping to fuel the rumors. Judging by the “She Don’t Put It Down” rapper’s recent tweets, things are currently off between the tumultuous pair, but something larger than their heart-wrenching, fiery soul tie may keep the reality stars glued together for at least the next 18 years.


Now Tahiry has yet to officially respond to the tweet or the rumor, but she did release a subtweet, in which she appears to be urging her Twitter followers not to believe everything they hear.

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 7.48.07 AM

Now we would take her word for it, but she said the same thing a few months back in response to rumors that she and Joey were giving their relationship another shot and well, we see what happened with that. In her defense though, she recently posted a photo of herself with a glass of wine at co-star Yandy Smith’s Time Warner Cable event, but that too could’ve been a ploy to throw us off. I suppose we will all have to sit back and watch it all unravel. As always, we will continue to keep you posted as this story develops.

What do you think? Does Tahiry have a bun in the oven or is Joe just being Joe?

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When Is Atlanta Coming Back Again? “Love & Hip Hop NY” Ratings Hit A New Low

March 21st, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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"Love and Hip Hop"

If you were wondering when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was coming back on air, it’s April 22nd. And after watching almost a full season of Love & Hip Hop New York I’m sure you were wondering, because this installment of the show, with a whole host of new faces, is just not hitting the spot for a lot of people. And that’s evident by the ratings that are coming in these days.

According to Shadow And Act, the series has brought in some of the lowest views of the L&HH shows in New York (this is the third season in NY by the way) and of course, it can’t compete with the Atlanta version that had no trouble pulling in more than three million viewers during its run last year. According to S&A, the very last episode of L&HHNY, which included a proposal from Mendeecees to Yandy, and the admission from Rich Dollaz’s ex that she had been messing with crazy Erica on the low-low, sexually that is, barely pulled in more than 1 million viewers. So what’s the problem?

If you ask a lot of folks around here, we’d say that the storyline is reaching a tad bit. If we’re not watching Jen The Pen cry about everything with Consequence, we’re watching Tahiry and Joe Budden do the same song and dance, pretending like they don’t love each other when they do even though he has a girlfriend (who we assume just likes being along for the ride), and who isn’t sick of watching Erica Mena act the fool in every situation? Hard as they may try, the drama with these folks is a bit extreme but still isn’t all that interesting compared to the simple yet ratchet love triangles in Atlanta, marital strife caused by career aspirations, relationships moving too fast, relationships gone sour…and K. Michelle. This dip in ratings shouldn’t be something Mona Scott-Young worries about though, because it will probably just make those who follow the Atlanta installment all the more ready to tune in come April. But as for this one here in NY, if Chrissy and Jim and Emily B aren’t involved, it’s just not the same. NEXT!

Why do you think ratings have dipped? Are people not feeling the cast? The storylines? Are they just tired of this show altogether?

Tweet It Or Not With Dawn Richard: Why She Won’t Talk About LHH, KimYe, Or Scandal on Twitter

January 16th, 2013 - By madamenoire
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Even though Dawn Richard has been hanging around the entertainment industry for a while now, one thing you can say for certain is she’s never been in any mess. Perhaps that’s because she keeps her thoughts to herself rather than her Twitter account, unlike some of her fellow celebs. *cough cough*

When Dawn dropped by the MN office yesterday to talk about her new album release, “Goldenheart,” we chatted with her about keeping her personal biz offline in a game of Tweet It or Not where the singer told us the things she’ll talk about on the net and the topics you’ll never catch in her timeline. Check it out here!

In Case You Missed It…Love & Hip-Hop NY Reckless Reality Wrap-Up: ‘If I Kick A N*gg* In The Neck It’s For A Reason’

January 15th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Well we bet you can tell how last night went from that headline alone. Erica Mena continued her pattern of being all the way turnt up all the time when it comes to her supposed boo Rich Dollas and someone almost got kicked in the neck like her baby daddy bish. WHOAA!

We also met some new characters like Consequence and his girlfriend Jen the Pen, who apparently is not about that non-baller life, and Lore’l — the “rapper,” not the cosmetics persons. We know what happens when too many people get up in too many other people’s business, but in case you missed all that went down last night, catch yourself up with our reckless reality wrap-up.

Love & Hip-Hop NY Reckless Reality Wrap-Up, Episode 1: ‘You Better Check This B****’

January 8th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Last night, VH1 kicked off it’s third season of “Love & Hip-Hop NY” and let’s just say there was plenty of recklessness to go around. Mona Scott-Young and the cast set a new record for the number of drinks thrown in one episode, let alone the first one. And we wouldn’t be surprised if viewers already picked out cast favorites and pinpointed a few shady characters they could do without this season (*cough Raqi*). Check out everything that went down in episode 1 in our reckless reality recap.

So How Does That Work? Erica Mena Tells MN She Doesn’t Want To Be A Role-Model — Even Though She’s A Mother

January 7th, 2013 - By madamenoire
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By now, Erica Mena has generated more than enough publicity for her stunts with supposed boyfriend Rich Dollas, but Madame Noire is more concerned with another man in her life — her son. When we caught up with the “Love & Hip-Hop NY” cast member at the Season Premiere last week, she had tons to say about her new relationship, but when it came to questions over her suspect behavior — like fighting girls, throwing drinks, and slobbing down her new boo on camera — Erica was quick to say she’s nobody’s role model. But with a little boy at home, we couldn’t help but ask, how does that work?

Check out our exclusive above to hear what she had to say.

All The Way Turnt Up: 6 Secrets We Learned During The Love & Hip-Hop New York Premiere Screening

January 4th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Stephen Knight

Source: Stephen Knight

Last night, VH1 and Mona Scott-Young held a premiere screening of “Love & Hip-Hop New York” and we were there to catch all the ratchetness as it unfolded. I wish I could say some of the things we witnessed was just for the cameras but it wasn’t — most times they weren’t even rolling. That means what you see of these people when the third season premieres Monday night at 8pm is absolutely who they are in real-life — skin-tight dresses, drunken slurs, ragged weaves, stank attitudes and all. Though next week we’ll show you all our exclusive one-on-one chats with the cast members, we couldn’t wait to bust out the classic moments and insider info we peeped last night. Oh and here’s the super trailer in case you need a debriefing before you dig in. Happy ratchetry!

Are These Chrissy and Emily B’s New Replacements on ‘Love and Hip Hop’?

July 3rd, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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With the attention that “Love & Hip-Hop” Atlanta has been getting, I know Mona Scott-Young can’t wait to bring the show back up north, but not before she finds two women who can take the place of Chrissy Lampkin, who is getting her own show with Jim Jones, and Emily B, who’s probably chasing Fab around somewhere. Rumor has it Mona has already found those two women though, in the person of Tahiry Rose, Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend, and a video vixen named Yoncee.

Here’s a little background on Tahiry, according to Necole Bitchie:

Joe was with his main squeeze Tahiry for about 5 years strong until they called it quits back in 2009. Later that same year, Joe snatched up Latina model/music artist Somaya Reece [From Love & Hip-Hop NYC]. For a hot second, he was flaunting her around as his new arm candy but it wasn’t long before that relationship ended badly and, in true Joe Budden fashion, he went in on Somaya and aired her out via Twitter and YouTube. Needless to say, things got real ugly real fast.

To make a long story short. Homemade youtube videos were made from both Somaya and Joe Budden with “F***in lunatic” insults and “erectile dysfuntion” claims by Somaya. In the meantime, Tahiry managed to stay pretty lowkey for the most part until a video of her mocking Somaya surfaced on the internet. Now Somaya and Tahiry hate each other. More recently, rumors of Tahiry and Joey rekindling their spark have been swirling since an emotional viral video of the two discussing their past relationship woes hit the net last December. This was after Joe Budden put his girlfriend at the time, Esther Baxter on blast in a song.

Though it seemed like Somaya wouldn’t be returning to the show because she felt like she didn’t get enough attention last season, if Tahiry is in fact joining the cast, producers are probably willing to give her just about anything she wants to come back and stir up drama—and give her that camera time she wants.

Nicole Bitchie also figures that if Somaya doesn’t come back, Esther Baxter will be the next best thing for the makings of ratchet TV. I wonder if Joe Budden will appear on the show though?

In other replacement news, The Jasmine Brand has an unconfirmed report that Yoncee will also be taking a vacant spot in the cast. Considering she’s a close friend of Tahiry’s and she has the same manager as Emily B and Erica Dixon (of ‘Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’) we can probably consider her addition to the show a done deal. Though it doesn’t appear she’s romantically linked to any rappers, she’s a part of the industry as a video model and will essentially be the Erica Mena of the group.

Speaking of, Olivia’s manager Rich Dollaz is now managing Erica, who had the beef with Kimbella, and Nicole Bitchie speculates the two might try to force a relationship to give themselves a better story line. Unfortunately that means Olivia will still be the girl trying to make her career happen 12 years later, and I think we’ve all seen enough of that.

We’ll have to wait for VH1 to confirm the reports before we know anything for sure, but this definitely sounds like an interesting, drama-filled circle, i.e. exactly what they’re looking for.

Would you be interested in seeing Joe Budden’s ex and her best friend join the cast?

Brande Victorian is the news and operations editor for Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

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