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Is Hazel E Dating Tom Hanks’ Son Chet?

October 21st, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Hazel E Dating Tom Hanks' Son

Source: Instagram

Well, it certainly is a small world. And yes you read that headline correctly. I’d heard about Hazel possibly dating Tom Hanks’ son a while a few weeks ago and I brushed it off because…I mean that just sounds wrong.

But there may be some truth to it.

When you hear Tom Hanks’ son you probably thought of his eldest Colin. But Tom Hanks has three sons and a daughter.  The son we’re speaking of today is Chet. Chet, 24, isn’t exactly following in his father’s footsteps. Instead, he’s pursuing a rap career. Which better explains how he and Hazel managed to cross paths.

Anyway, yesterday she made him her #ManCrushMonday.

Hazel E Dating Tom Hanks' Son

Source: Instagram

And Chet responded to the praise, saying:

You know exactly how to treat a man I’m very lucky to have you in my life #andyousexyaf ;)

Hazel says he’s been real since day one and calls him her partner in crime.

Sounds nice right. Like they might have a little budding romance going on. But that might not be the case. When Hazel first posted the picture, Chet responded with something completely different than what he wrote later. The initial response, quite frankly, sounds like a line Yung Berg would hit her with.

Here’s what he originally wrote:

Hazel E Dating Tom Hanks' Son

Source: Instagram

Good friends, ehh?

He quickly deleted the comment but the delete button is no match for a screenshot. Chet has posted images of himself and Hazel before but he usually refers to her as “the homie.”

When the blogs picked up the image of him and Hazel walking down the street, he wrote:

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

All of this kind of makes me think that Chet wouldn’t mind a spot on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.” It’s kind of the perfect fit right? He could pretend date Hazel (Love). He’s a rapper (Hip Hop). And is the son of one of the most bankable actors of our time (Hollywood).

I’m not going to lie, going through his Instagram page, the dude seems slightly entertaining. And it would be interesting to see what type of dynamic he’d bring to the show.

“He Didn’t Punch Me But He Hit Me” K Michelle Details Violent Episode With Memphitz

September 26th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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K michelle details violent episode with memphitz feat

For almost two years now, K. Michelle has said time and time again that Memphitz, her ex boyfriend and Toya Wright’s current husband, put his hands on her. You may remember, in a meeting with Rasheeda she kept saying, over and over again, ‘He beat my ass.’ She screamed it, tears streaming down her face.

And in 2012, during an interview with The Breakfast Club, she detailed the incident.

I wasn’t just sitting there innocent, but I didn’t hit him first. I did not. I didn’t do anything. He blacked out. It wasn’t just a restraining. I was smothered with a towel. He hit me in the head with a water bottle. It wasn’t nothing small. I was bruised up and bleeding.  What shocked me the most was the smothering. I was crawling and climbing to get away. Once I got away he was doing it again. He yanked me. I had carpet burns. I looked in his face and it did not look like him. I was screaming, “It’s me”. After that I left.

He was texting saying “I miss you, I’m sorry, I made a mistake. I really couldn’t forgive it because then he started saying “I made you”. When he started saying he made me then I started getting mad because I did not press charges because I loved him and I didn’t want him to get in trouble. I didn’t want him to lose his job. I still loved him. I just didn’t want to be with him. It got bad when R. Kelly came in.”

And that same year, in an interview with Rolling Out, she said:

I also hope that they are mature within their situation to let me tell what happened to me. Because you’re at a point where you’ve got it together now. When I was there, you didn’t have it together. So, you know, I’m happy. I kind of feel like Build A Bear. You build a nigga up, you get punched by him and then the muhfucka go…and you build him up, he’s a better person.” 

She said it flippantly but it does represent an inconsistency in her story.

Naturally, Memphitz didn’t like being accused of domestic violence and felt it was having a negative impact on his career. So he sued K. Michelle, Mona Scott-Young’s production company and Viacom. Memphitz is asking that K. Michelle pay his attorney’s fees and cost of litigation for his troubles.

In a recent deposition, obtained by Bossip, K. Michelle detailed the incident.

k michelle details violent episode with memphitz



K Michelle Details Violent Episode With Memphitz

Fix That Flipper: Dr. Heavenly Replaces Momma Dee’s Missing Tooth

September 19th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

We all watched (and laughed) as Momma Dee’s tooth came out during the middle of one of her performances.

Momma Dee took it all in stride, making light of the whole thing, completely unashamed.

But I’m sure she realized if she’s going to do this singing thing, she’ll have to take care of that flipper situation, with something a little bit more permanent. Luckily, Dr. Heavenly, from “Married To Medicine,” was there to step in and help her fellow reality star sister out.

She installed a veneer.

But first, Momma Dee shared the story of how she lost the tooth in the first place.

“I was married to Scrappy’s daddy. We got into it. I remember that night before he went to revival. I told him when I get up, I want the diapers there because I had to put Scrappy on the nursery van. And I woke up and said, ‘Where is the diapers?’ He gon’ say, ‘Well, I didn’t get none.’ So we got into it. He cut off the light, I cut it on. He pushed me, I pushed him. He hit me in my mouth and he did this. (Pulls tooth out of her mouth.) I’m known, I’m a fighter. People were like, ‘Why you ain’t whoop his ass?” I said, ‘Bitch, I was on the floor trying to find my damn teeth.”

Not to make light of a very serious domestic violence situation but Momma Dee is seriously a great storyteller and I watched and re-watched that the video of her tooth transformation, just to hear her say that last line.

Remember how we were all so surprised to learn that Scrappy’s daddy was a pastor? Apparently, he wasn’t always the upstanding kind.

Anyway, now that I know the full backstory, I’m really glad to hear that these women were able to come together and replace her missing tooth. Considering Scrappy was in diapers when her husband knocked it out of her mouth, it’s been a long time coming.

You can watch Momma Dee’s transformation in the video below.

Who Does This Cute Kid Belong To?

September 9th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Who Does This Cute Kid Belong To

Source: Instagram

Look at this adorable curly haired child! This little one year old boy’s mother posted this collage of pictures of him on her Instagram page recently. Can you guess who his parents are? Here are a couple of hints.

1. Both his mother and father are on a hit reality tv show

2.His father has been a bit shady in the past but many believe it was all for the cameras.

3. His mother is a rapper and businesswoman.

Mimi & Nikko Still Smashing? And Other Memorable Moments From The Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part 3

September 9th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Last night VH1 aired part three of the season 3’s “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion, the last and final part. And up until now we really haven’t discussed it too much. Honestly, that’s because aside from a few clips here and there, we haven’t been watching it. Everybody knows that the cast of LHHATL has been known to do too much. But last night, my sister who is still a fan was watching it and so I decided to join her to see how they ended this whole thing.

Oops! Momma Dee’s Tooth Falls Out While Performing New Song

September 8th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Momma Dee's Tooth Falls Out

Source: Instagram

Momma Dee, with her catch phrases and past as a pimp, has always been one of the more entertaining characters on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

And a recent Single Release Party in Atlanta, proved that all of her hilarious moments don’t take place on the show. Recently, Lil Scrappy’s mother sang her new song “I Deserve.” And while several people commended her vocal abilities, they couldn’t ignore a particular little mishap.

During the set her tooth…or veneer popped out.

There’s nothing more to say, really.  You just have to see it to believe it.

Check out the video below.

What I will say is that she caught herself rather quickly and continued on with the show. And since you already know you can’t hold Momma Dee down, check out her response to all those who tried to clown her.

“I Just Let Him Taste It” Erica Dixon Reveals She Has Been Intimate With Scrappy Recently

August 26th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Vh1

Source: Vh1

Erica Dixon and Lil Scrappy get on my nerves. Though I inadvertently gave up on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” this season, they’ve always been my favorite couple. One, because their story, even though full of drama, seems to be the most plausible. And two because deep in my heart, I want them to be together–forever. I want them to stop playing, like yesterday.

And I say that knowing that Scrappy and his mother are not about the right. Scrappy is determined to keep slanging his penis all over town and Mama Dee is hellbent on sabotaging their relationship by any means necessary. Oh, and he’s currently dating Bambi.

But at the end of the day I really want them to be together. And apparently, I’m not the only one. Based on a VH1 poll, 85 percent of voters around the nation want these two to make it work. Duh! Everyone can see there’s still love there.

And after catching clips of the estranged couple flirting heavily with one another on camera, it didn’t come as much of a surprise that they were getting down and dirty behind the scenes.

Erica told one of the producers:  Two weeks ago. We weren’t intimate. I just let him taste it. We didn’t have intercourse but it was oral, down there.

Erica even pulled out a hotel receipt on stage to corroborate her story because she knew Scrappy would lie to the cameras about their recent trysts. The hotel receipt was from a few weeks ago but before that, Dixon said Scrappy visited her at her house. They had a few drinks and badda bing, badda boom, Erica received an oral transaction.

But Scrappy denied it and the producers and Erica insisted he take a lie detector test.

Scrappy failed the lie detector test, of course and offered a pathetic, “I don’t remember” as an explanation.

And while such shenanigans might upset most girlfriends, Bambi seemed unbothered.

“Some days I don’t want to be with him. We just gotta ratchet situation. We’re dating. We have great times together, but I ain’t trying to marry this ni&&a.”

Whew! This is such a hot mess.

And while Scrappy lying on the mother of his child and double dipping should make me want better for Erica, I just can’t shake the idea that they were meant to be. I want Scrappy to grow up, I want them to figure out how to make it work and be one big happy family.

Is there too much mess to sift through though?

Watch the clips of Erica telling the real story and lying azz Scrappy taking the polygraph test.

Should Mona Scott-Young Make Joseline Go To Rehab?

August 25th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Joseline reportedly bit a LHHATL security guard and ripped off a piece of his flesh at the reunion show taping.

Source: IG

Months ago, we learned that the cast of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” threw down at the reunion taping. It was a full out brawl with Joseline attacking Tammy, Althea and Mimi.

A source close to the show, who wanted to remain anonymous, told our sister site Bossip that the reason Joseline was so hell bent on attacking her cast members was because she was under the influence at the time.

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve heard claims or seen evidence suggesting that Joseline is using. Her “husband” Stevie J, even tested positive for cocaine when he was arrested for back child support.

But at this point people are starting to worry about Joseline’s safety as well as the safety of those around her.

The source told Bossip bluntly, “They need to send her a$$ to rehab! Having her film anything else says to Tammy, Althea and Mimi that it’s okay for her to put hands on them. She doesn’t get to act up just because she’s been tootin'”

The source said she’s watched Joseline get high on several occasions but doesn’t know whether or not she’s done so on the set of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she called her connect to get high right before shooting scenes, but that set is closed once the cameras start rolling and no one can come on set.”

The source said that Joseline is not only a threat to herself but to Stevie as well.

“I’m definitely concerned she might take it too far and kill him. Not necessarily on purpose, but Joseline is uncontrollable when she’s high. Who knows what might trigger her to pick up a weapon and use it.”

The source partially blames “Love and Hip Hop” creator Mona Scott Young, who reportedly knows about Joseline’s habit.

In fact, the source claims that Mona has created a monster.

“She needs help and if Mona wanted to do the decent thing she would require her to go to rehab before doing any more filming. Mona created that monster.”

This isn’t an unusual suggestion. Tammy suggested that she wouldn’t be taking part in this show until they started requiring drug tests.

Mona always says their show doesn’t promote violence but that certainly hasn’t been the case in the past. And if the reunion is going to be as bad as the rumors suggest it’s still not true.

But the question is, should Mona require or ask Joseline to take a drug test? Does Mona allowing her to keep working on the show pose a danger to the cast members or somehow suggest that Mona condones the crazy behavior because it increases ratings?

At this point, I can’t think of a reason why she shouldn’t.

Breaking Through The Silence: Why You Must Speak Up About Domestic Violence

August 24th, 2014 - By Kendra Koger
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Breaking Through The Silence: Why You Must Speak Up



I have to admit something, I finally caved.  After three seasons I FINALLY decided to watch “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”  I didn’t want to do it, but I reconnected with someone I used to work with.  I found out that she does recap videos on Youtube and I wanted to support her so I watched a few, and they were all about L&HHA.  Not only she, but all of the other people in the comment section were so excited to watch this reunion that hadn’t even aired yet.  So, I finally decided to see what was this media monster that people have been talking about for years.

I started with the first episode (full episodes are on, and I just started the second season a few days ago.  Now, I finally understand where the phrases “put the paws on ‘em,” “…in that order,” and “Do you lub me, Steebie” finally mean.

But on top of that, I also finally saw K. Michelle in action.

I was only familiar with her music, and I couldn’t understand why people came at her so hard in certain comment sections.  Even though she has a reputation of being messy, she didn’t seem that bad to me.  Especially when, during first season she and Rasheeda got into the argument about her past abusive relationship.

In the comment section of the video there were a few people who seemed a little annoyed that K. kept on mentioning it, but I couldn’t empathize with that, and here’s why.

So many people are victims to their own silence.  Sometimes when you go through things that are very tough, some people might feel that not talking about it makes it better.  The reason why is because some people are bold enough to either make you qualify your feelings, or challenge them as if they’re not valid.

Not to get on Rasheeda, but that was a little bogus to say:  “maybe he didn’t do those things to you?”

The problem in society, is that sometimes with victims you get people who do that to you.  There are always people who think that you made it up or they can’t imagine someone they love hurting other people.  The truth is, some people are angels in public and monsters behind closed doors.  You can’t judge how a person is in a relationship if you only know them on a friendly level.  They’re not going to show you how they really are, not like they do to someone in a relationship.

So with that, victims have a tendency to silence themselves, thinking that they’re saving themselves from the scrutiny that comes with their truth.  In actuality, it does more harm than good.  In situations like that, or even during depression, silence keeps you captive, while empowering the person or thoughts that are hurting you.  It allows other people a sense of peace as they sleep at night while the person that’s hurting is lying in bed trying to figure out what’s wrong with them.

To that, I say, SPEAK UP!  I know that it’s hard, and it’s scary, and people might even condemn you for living in the past, but being able to be open and finally say what you’ve been going through is one of the most empowering feelings you will have.

Who cares if people are tired of hearing you talk about it.  Just don’t talk to them, talk to a counselor, therapist, or a group of people who will understand and will allow you to use your voice.

The worst thing that people can do is silence themselves when they’ve been hurt, but it’s a common thing to do.  Speak up, because you have a voice that deserves to be heard.


On another note… what’s the deal with DJ Traci Steele and Baby Drew?

Kendra Koger is slowly working her way through the second season of L&HHA, and slowly tweeting @kkoger.

I See A Strong And Weak Woman: Mimi Faust On What She Sees In The Mirror, Nikko & Concerns For Eva Around Stevie & Joseline

August 19th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Mimi Faust on what she sees in the mirror

Image Source:

Mimi is an interesting character…and I do mean character. Try as she might to make us believe she really finds herself in these sketchy situations with one man after another; at this point, we all know that most of this is certainly staged for the cameras. It’s just too far fetched. I decided a while ago that “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” was just a soap opera, masquerading as a reality show. Still entertaining.

Either way, it’s entertaining to contemplate the stories she’ll tell in her next interview. This time she spoke with TheJasmineBrand about the ending of her relationship with Nikko, his wife, making up with K. Michelle, concerns for her daughter spending time with Stevie and Joseline and what she sees when she looks in the mirror. Take a look below.


Did you ever have any inclination that Nikko was married?

I’ll tell you what was very odd, the year before when Erica and I went to the psychic, the psychic said, ‘The guy that you’re with is married.’ I didn’t know what she was talking about. I wasn’t with Stevie but Stevie is my daughter’s father, so I just assumed that she was talking about Stevie. It never occurred to me that it was Nikko.


Have you spoken to him since the episode aired?

No, I have not. Absolutely not.


Have you ever met his wife?

No, never met his wife.


Does Nikko have any children

If he has kids, he doesn’t have any that I know about. And I did ask him and he said no.


What’s your relationship status?

We’re not together. There’s no relationship, there’s no status.


When did it end?

It hadn’t been good for a little while but that day that I found out that he was married, is when everything just got…it was just bad. And it was never right after that. I wasn’t able to get back on board with him with that was the case.


Did you see any red flags?

The wife would call an awful lot. And when I would ask him about it, he would say, that’s his ex, they’re still friends, they didn’t have a bad breakup like Stevie and I and they still communicate, would be his response. He would refer to her as his ex.


Do you feel like there’s any way you forgive him?

I can forgive him. I will probably never trust him again. Yeah, I can forgive him and move on.


Did his lying about the wife make you believe even more that he leaked the sex tape?

As far as the tape is concerned, the tape, the bag was stolen. That bag did not come off the plane. So I really cannot point my finger at him 100 percent.