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Questions To Ask Yourself To Ensure A Happy Life

March 30th, 2015 - By Kendra Koger
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Questions To Ask Yourself To Ensure A Happy Life

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There is a negative connotation that people have with talking to themselves.  Whenever there’s a problem, people tend to go to others to help figure it out.  However, I think that we need to take the negative stigma off of self-conversations and begin asking ourselves questions before we ask other people.

I’m not saying that getting advice from others is wrong.  What I’m saying is that by having an open and honest discussion with yourself can help you move closer to a solution, or pinpoint a problem that others might not be privy to.

Questions like…

9 Relationships That You Should Distance Yourself From

December 30th, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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Woman saying no


The New Year is all about making changes in your life. Whether you plan to make upgrades to your finances or your career, most of us have goals in mind that require some adjustments. Have you ever considered adding some distance to draining and toxic relationships? Here’s a look at nine “friendships” that might deserve the ax.

How To Fake A Good Night’s Sleep

December 4th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Whether you partied or Netflix-binged all night, we’ve got the tips to help you fake a good night’s sleep and feel better in the morning.

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Open The Blinds

Squinting in the sunlight for a few minutes will give your body a shot of the sunlight it needs to reset your body clock.

Even if your brain is saying “go back to bed,” your body will start preparing for the morning.

Ridiculously Easy Ways To Add Years To Your Life

November 7th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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What if we told you you could live longer by putting for almost no effort at all? Get ready to feel silly that you haven’t been doing these all along.

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Run For Five Minutes A Day

Just 300 seconds of jogging in place, right by your bed, can extend your life by as long as three years.

15 Simple Morning Rituals That Will Save Your Day

October 17th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Can’t seem to reach your goals? Grumpy all day? Feeling “off?” The problem could be the way you start your day. Spare five minutes for these simple morning rituals and you could change your life. After all, you are what you do every day.

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Wake Up Hella Early

A poll of successful executives found that 90% of them get up before 6 a.m. on weekdays. Those early hours give them time to squeeze out some me-time before the demands of the day start pouring in.

Life’s Just Not Fair: Things Men Can Do That Women Can’t

July 25th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Things Men Can Do

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It’s 2014 and we’re all created equal…right? Men and women may be on more even footing than ever before, but there are still a few limits on us ladies lives. Quite a few if you really think about it.

K. Michelle Bails On Tour To Self-Reflect In South Africa: ‘So Much Has Happened So Quickly’

June 20th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Bad news for K. Michelle fans who were looking forward to the second leg of her Rebellious Soul Tour. The controversial reality star recently announced that she will be canceling part two of the tour and taking a bit of a hiatus for some self-reflection and to pursue musical inspiration.

“Dear Rebels,” the former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star wrote in a Facebook post earlier this week. “I will not be doing the Rebellious Soul Tour (Part 2). I personally decided that I wanted to take the next couple of months to journey off to some different places. A writer has nothing to write about with no inspiration.

I will be traveling to South Africa to spend some time preparing for my new album #AWBAH, and reflect on the woman that I’ve become. I need this time for myself. So much has happened so quickly and I’m forever grateful. The only noise I desire to hear is the inner music. My soul has a song to sing and I have to be quiet to hear it. I have so much in store for you. I promise! Love y’all!”

Though fans are probably disappointed by the news, this time away may be exactly what K needs. Hopefully she comes back calm, refreshed and ready to give fans the new music they’ve been hoping for.

What Is Up With Black Folks And The Hook Up?

June 11th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Black Folks And The Hook Up, black woman borrowing money

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By my title, I’m pretty sure you’ve assumed this post is going in the typical direction of business owners/service providers complaining about black folks always wanting a hook up, but actually I have a bit of a gripe about black employees who are always trying to give black customers a five-finger discount of some sort. I know, who complains about the opportunity to save money? But stay with me.

Sunday I went into Staples to pick up postcards I’d ordered and one of the black men assisting me began acting very strange. He was the same man who’d helped me last time so I wasn’t sure if he was trying to make small talk to see if I was the same customer, flirting with me, or just weird when he had me go back and forth from register to register just to make one transaction, and then once that was done asked me to stick around for a second. Great, he’s about to ask me for my number, I thought. Instead, he told me he was going to give me the hook up if I was paying cash, but since I paid with a card he couldn’t. “That’s OK” I told him, partially thinking now you tell me? and on the other hand reminding myself that this was getting expensed anyway and he sounds suspect. But then the merchant went on to detail some elaborate ploy for how, if I could just wait a few more minutes, I could come back to the register and say my order was messed up and then he would refund the money on my credit card and I could keep the postcards and purchase something cheaper but give him cash and I was like huh?. Waiting for “Punk’d” cameras to jump out at any minute, I politely declined and thought to myself, you’re going to get fired that way.

Instantly, I was reminded of the black girls of yesteryear at my local Hale & Hearty. I’m not sure what sparked their (illegal) generosity, but all I know is one day I came in with a co-worker of mine whom they had built a rapport with and the next day I was paying $3.56 for a large soup and sparking water,  and you know good and well that’s at least an $11 purchase at the overpriced eatery. Now I won’t lie and say I turned down the discount (I know I’m wrong), although the first day I did question the girl. Another time she raised the price to $5 and some change, which I guess was supposed to be a happy medium, and another time instead of a super discount she just marked off every bean on the bean card so my next soup would be free. And then one day I came in the store and all the hook up girls were gone, just as I’d expected.

I suppose I could look at these incidents as examples of improved race relations within the black community because helping each other out certainly beats throwing drinks at each other and shooting folks up. But on the other, this Robin Hood-like steal from the rich white corporations to pay back the common black worker setup just isn’t smart. I get the logic of trying to get over on the man when we can, but that’s also how one finds themselves terminated and back at home on the couch looking silly and broke because they got fired for stealing. I appreciate the comradery — trust me, I do. But I personally don’t feel right underhandedly saving a few pennies when the reality is the person hooking me up doesn’t have the authority to do so and is likely going to be worse off in the long run, even if they don’t see if that way.

How do you feel about black folks hooking you up with different services: is it overdue reparations or bad business?


8 Things Women Are Ashamed To Admit But Shouldn’t Be

May 27th, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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Women Are Ashamed To Admit


No matter how far we’ve come, women will always feel a little (if not a lot!) pressured by society to want certain things, like certain things, condone certain things, disapprove of certain things…you name it. And as the social climate has it today, a lot of women are ashamed to admit the following things, but they shouldn’t be!

Yaaaas! The Best #MyFaceWhen Memes…

May 16th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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If you haven’t jumped on the #MyFaceWhen Memes yet, you are missing out! Check out the 15 most hilariously accurate ones we’ve seen to date.

#MyFaceWhen Memes

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I know you see me.