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Do You Look For Your First Love In The People You Date Afterward?

October 11th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Happy Birthday to my Day 1🎉🎉🎉

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It’s very clear that Lil Wayne and Toya Wright, his only wite to date and mother to his first child, still share a very strong connection. They always come together when it’s time to celebrate their daughter Reginae. I can’t recall a time when I heard him speak ill of her publicly. And after the recent passing of her brothers, Lill Wayne was visibly by her side during and even a bit after. So, perhaps it should come as no surprise that there’s still a lot of love there.

And in Toya’s forthcoming memoir, In My Own Words: My Reality” an excerpt of which was obtained by our sister site Bossip, we see just how much.

A message from Wayne: Hey fat sry for hittin u so early but I’m up at work as usual and I wanted u to know something that u may not know…& pls don’t respond to this msg but keep it forever kuz it’ll ALWAYS be true.

I want u to know that no matter what woman or relationship I involve myself with, I look for u or a piece of u inside that woman. And why I do that is bekuz we are only creatures of habit and accustomed to what we know and believe, & what we know and believe to be love is what we learn when we first experience it, & for me that experience was with u…

First, I thought the message was really heartfelt and incredibly sweet. And I still do. But then I wondered if other people, specifically other women felt like this. So a crafted a quick group chat thread.

I asked six friends: What do you think about the notion of looking for qualities of your first love in everyone else you date afterward? Yes, no? And why or why not? 

V: Qualities or signs that I DON’T want in other people tbh. Look for him so I can avoid him lol

Other than that I think it is limiting

Me: [escalating gif]

Coco: PTSD just reading that question lol

J: Lol

B: lol I agree with “V” that you look for qualities to avoid but you also I think aware of the things you liked and seek those as well. And then there’s the physical aspect too (if you are always limiting yourself to a particular type, whether subconsciously or intentionally)

And then I think too, what impacted your choice in your first love as well? What was the example in your life that led you to him but that may be another topic lol

And V it couldn’t have been all bad, you know something kept you for awhile!

Me: Right! She’s simplifying quite a bit.

J: Hmm tbh I think it is kinda limiting but it also depends on what you’re looking for. Like, I still like the fact that my ex is a kind person who really wants to make a difference in the world…but that doesn’t mean I’m only gonna date someone who wants to make a difference in the exact way my ex does. I think you have to open yourself up to good qualities that may (and probably should) manifest differently in a different person

Me: I feel that J! Thank you!!

J: Yaaasss girl!

A: Not at all! I was so young and who I wanted then is very different from the kind of man I want now

V: Nah it wasn’t all bad. It was my first love so there were definitely good times. But when I think about looking for him in others it’s more the qualities that I am trying to avoid.

J: But I def see what you’re saying V because there are other qualities of his that I run from if I see them in someone else 😑✋🏾🙅🏾

V: Mm hmm

J: We were together for a reason but we broke up for a reason too

V: Exactly

C: Hey Ladies!!

A: In my second major relationship he had a terrible relationship with his mother and I didn’t realize how major that red flag was until much later

Me: Huuuuuge!

C: I think that men (and some women) often have more than one person because each individual brings something different to the table and have different qualities the other may not. So if one has a loving heart, the other can cook, clean, better sex, etc. To look for all of the ideal traits in one person is rare for some.  So when they find that they put that woman on a pedestal as the standard of what to look for. If he wants Toya’s traits (the full package in his eyes) in each woman he dates then he may never find it, because no two people are alike and everyone does things differently.

Me: And for you personally, C?

C: Yea, same concept applies to my life..Lol.. I’d have to literally custom build a man. Not my first love, but there are qualities I’ve seen in different people I’ve dated I wish the other had. I have yet to get all the qualities in one, not even my first love had them all.

Me: I’ll answer as well so y’all don’t feel like I’m taking without sharing…I would definitely say I was looking for someone to amplify and CONSISTENTLY make me feel how I occasionally felt with my first love: valued, admired, respected. I wanted someone who could make me laugh like he did. The problem with him is that he was/is just too wayward and I never knew which version of him I’d get! Smh. So to your point V I learned–after too long– that inconsistency is not something I could fix. So any inkling of that, I gotta go.

V: Preach, preacher

So, now I pose the same question to you all, do you look for your ex in the next person you date? Is that a good strategy or does it limit your dating pool? Also do you use your ex as more of what you do NOT want versus what you do?


Veronica Wells is the culture editor at She is also the author of “Bettah Days.” You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter @VDubShrug.

Do You Mind If He Plays His Degrading Music Around You?

February 23rd, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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degrading music


In middle school and in my earlier years of high school, I played volleyball. And for volleyball we had summer training. And since I hadn’t gotten my license yet, my friend’s older brother would pick us up from our house and take us to volleyball practice at my high school, which, in hindsight, was completely unnecessary since we literally lived across the street from my high school.

But, truth be told, both of us had a thing for each other, so it worked. Every time he’d pick me and my sister up, he’d be bumping something. I remember I was in his car this first time I heard 702’s “I Still Love You.” Usually, he played some jams on our two minute ride from my driveway to the gym. But one day, we got in the car and as soon as he pulled out of my housing edition, he started blasting Three 6 Mafia’s “A$$ and Titties.” 

For those who are unfamiliar, the lyrics are far worse than the title. It goes, “A$$ and titties, A$$ and titties, A$$ and titties and big booty b*tches.” Later, one of the group’s members talks about how he’s just got to get his dick sucked. Real classy stuff.

It was pretty awkward. Not only was he the only boy in the car, his sister was riding shotgun. That was a song for a solo ride or for him and his boys riding around. But y’all know high school boys can be a little oblivious. So it was his sister who had to tell him to turn that off. Suddenly, it was as if the words and their meaning started seeping into his head. “Oh! Yeah.” And he switched to something else.

I would end up in his car as I got older and that never happened again. But that moment stayed with me.

I was reminded of it again when I listened to Toya Wright’s interview on The Breakfast Club. Toya told the crew that she’s all about respect. And she doesn’t allow the men she’s dating or the boys her daughter is dating to play derogatory music around them. Charlemagne was quick to remind her that Lil Wayne was her ex husband and father to her child. But she said, it doesn’t matter. And Wayne knows better than to bring that around her.

It was pretty interesting. I guess because the assumption is that if you get with a rapper, you automatically approve of his content. But for Toya, not only is that not the case, she doesn’t even want to hear it being played around her. Interesting indeed.

Her interview made me wonder what our readers thought about this topic. There’s no shortage of music that degrades and derides women. It’s everywhere, especially in Hip Hop. And seeing that Hip Hop is a Black art form, it’s supported heavily by Black people, men and women alike. We’re not going to even pretend that many of us haven’t, at one point or another, listened and enjoyed songs that didn’t exactly uplift us. “Loyal” was a huge hit. Still, some of us have made a conscious decision not to engage in that type of listening. But if our dates, boyfriends, or husbands haven’t, how do you want him to juggle his musical tastes with your need to be respected?

How Do you Turn Social Media Into a Career? “She’s The Boss” Season 2 Episode 1 – Karen Civil, Founder & CEO of Always Civil Enterprises

October 5th, 2015 - By jade
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Meet Karen Civil, Social Media Maven, and Founder of Always Civil Enterprise. After crafting social media campaigns for artists and brands, including Lil’ Wayne and Beats by Dre, this entertainment powerhouse leveraged her connections and name to create a strong lifestyle brand that is slowly becoming a household name. Find out why She’s The Boss.

Do you have any questions for Karen? Let us know in the comment section below. We will be doing a live Twitterchat with Karen on 10/6 @ 1pm PST/4pm EST.

More information on Karen Civil.

Always Civil Enterprise

Want more She’s The Boss?

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Fighting For What’s Right: Celebrities Who Aren’t Afraid To Get Political

August 29th, 2015 - By Iva Anthony
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Some celebrities understand the power they wield, using their celebrity status as a platform to discuss social issues such as racism, police brutality and injustice. These famous people weren’t afraid to talk about political or social issues in public, and we salute them.

"Janelle Monae pf"

Getty Images

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae’s appearance on “The Today Show” last week double as a public confessional as she expressed her views on the ongoing issue of police brutality in the country. Monae, who was joined by her artist Jidenna, performed “Hell You Talmbout,” a song that pays homage to several victims of police and racially motivated violence. She concluded the performance with a message about police brutality, but producers of the show weren’t having it and pulled the plug on her performance. Viewers at home watched as the camera panned to one of the show’s anchors in the middle of Monae’s message.




Birdman Breaks Silence On Indictment That Ties Him To Lil Wayne Assasination Attempt

July 29th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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The legal war between Dwyane “Lil Wayne” Carter and Brian “Birdman” Williams took an appalling turn earlier this month when a 30-count indictment named Williams and artist Jeffery “Young Thug” Williams in a conspiracy to assassinate the “How To Love” rapper.

The indictment alleges that Jimmy Winfrey, who is facing charges for allegedly opening fire at Carter’s tour bus in Atlanta last April, is an associate of both Williams and the “Lifestyle” rapper. The indictment goes on to alleged that the controversial rapper and the music mogul were collectively involved in a plot to kill Carter. As previously reported, neither man has been charged in this alleged conspiracy.

In an exclusive interview with veteran radio personality Angie Martinez, the Cash Money Records founder broke his silence regarding the allegations and spoke on his deteriorating relationship with Carter, who he still refers to as his “son.” According to Williams, the claims are absurd.

“It’s like the craziest shit I ever heard in my life,” he told Martinez. “I’m passionate about my family, my kids and my life. Nothing means more to me. I was born without parents in a boarding house. My children mean the world to me. Ain’t no way in the world—you crazy if you think that. I ain’t tripping you tripping. Y’all tripping … I love him. That’s my son. I ain’t with none of that. I don’t play them games.”

The sit-down interview, which went on for hours, consisted of Williams mostly blaming the media for supposedly blowing up said drama between himself and Carter. He went on to boldly deny even the most obvious of facts relating to the $51 million lawsuit Wayne lodged against Cash Money Records earlier this year. According to Williams, the “Lollipop” rapper never expressed that he wanted to leave the company because had he done so, Williams would have allowed him to walk.

“What’s going on now, I don’t really know how it’s going to turn out. But I do know that that’s my son and I’m going to support whatever he do,” Williams told Martinez. “It ain’t going to take nothing away from how I live my life. I’m going to still support his life and I’m prepared to give anything for that. That’s my son. Whatever he gon’ do, I’m with it.”

When asked if he would be willing to let Carter go, the music mogul responded:

“I ain’t going to let him go, but if he wants to go, I’m going to respect it.”

Of course, you’re probably a little confused at this point, just as Martinez was, considering that a major component of the lawsuit is Carter wanting to leave Cash Money.

“Can he go? Because contractually he can’t go. Isn’t that what the lawsuit and everything is about?” Martinez questions.

“If he say he wants to go, I’m not going to stand in his way,” said Williams. “That’s my son. I can fight it if I choose to. But if he tells me, ‘Pops, it’s time to move on.’ … I haven’t heard it from his mouth.”

He remains hopeful that he and Carter will be able to reach some sort of settlement behind the scenes. As for Carter’s Young Money Cash Money artists Nicki Minaj and Drake, who are also under contract with Cash Money Records, Williams had this to say:

“Nicki and Drake ain’t going nowhere, regardless.”

Stay tuned.

Birdman Sues Tidal For $50 Million Over Lil Wayne’s Music

July 16th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Birdman Sues Tidal For $50 Million Over Lil Wayne's Music

Splash News

Bryan “Birdman” Williams has made another power move in his legal feud with ex-friend and business partner Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter.

According to TMZ, the Cash Money Records founder filed a lawsuit against Tidal for streaming music from Carter’s new album, FWA.

In the suit, the record executive argues that Cash Money Records has exclusive rights to Carter’s music and that Tidal’s decision to stream the project is “a desperate and illegal attempt to save their struggling streaming service.”

Tidal, however, has claimed that Cash Money does not have exclusive rights to Carter, adding that he specifically gave them the right to stream the music in exchange for partial ownership of the music service.

Interestingly, Cash Money has countered that argument by stating that Carter doesn’t legally have the right to license his music to anyone without the record company’s approval.

In other Birdman news, according to WSBTV, a recent indictment alleges that Williams and Cash Money recording artist Jeffrey “Young Thug” played a role in a conspiracy to kill Carter. In April, shots were fired at Carter’s tour bus and suspect Jimmy Winfrey, who is said to be an associate of the “Lifestyle” rapper, was arrested in connection to the crime. The indictment claims that Williams’ new protege threatened to take Carter’s life, and Winfrey attempted to carry out that threat.


Lil Wayne Says He’s Signed A Deal With Roc Nation

June 14th, 2015 - By Tonya Garcia
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Lil Wayne used his time on stage at Oakland’s KMEL Summer Jam to announce that he has signed a deal with “his idol” Jay Z and Roc Nation. According to The Fader, it’s unclear whether he’s signed with them under a management basis or whether there will be new music coming. But Weezy has had some very public disputes with Cash Money Records, going so far as to sue the label for $51 million and saying outright that he wanted out. So whatever the deal, he sounds happy about it.

The Fader notes that Lil Wayne has joined Tidal, putting out a single through the service.

Whatever the deal, fans are certainly eager for any new music that Wayne is ready to serve up. A clip of his Summer Jam announcement above.

Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shot At In Atlanta

April 26th, 2015 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Jessica Alexander/Future Image/

Jessica Alexander/Future Image/

Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot early this morning in Atlanta. 

Reportedly, the rapper’s bus was shot at around 3:30 AM after leaving a performance at Compound Nightclub. The shooting took place after Lil Wayne’s two tour buses pulled away from the venue. 

In addition to Lil Wayne, several Young Money artists and executives were also aboard the bus. However, no one was injured. According to TMZ, after the bus left the venue, it drove straight to a local hotel and the police were called. Officers are currently investigating the incident. No arrests have been made. 

This story is still developing…

Celebrity Scares: 15 Stars Who Fell Into Comas

April 23rd, 2015 - By Rich
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The majority of these stars who fell into comas actually made it through. Some of the causes were drug related, accidents or health scares. We wish them all continued health.

Images courtesy of WENN

Source: Ranker, ListVerse

15 Stars Who Fell Into Comas

Somebody Call VH1! Stars Who Need Their Own Reality Show

April 23rd, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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Solange Wedding 15 Celebs That Need Reality Shows

Image Source: NY Post


Who doesn’t love this beautiful image of the Knowles and their extended family and friends? The only thing better would be an hour-long reality show that followed Queen Bey, her sis, and her fabulous family as they possibly argued over photos, wedding food, and nearly missed a meltdown when Solange’s “Just Married” bicycle caught a flat on the way to the reception.

While we may never get an uncensored look into the lives of some of our favorite celebs, it doesn’t mean we can’t do a fantasy draft of the top 15 celebs who we think need reality shows. Get on it, VH1!