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11 Songs You Can Thank Grammy-Nominated Singer & Producer Kashif For

September 29th, 2016 - By Michelby Whitehead
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Tragically, Brooklyn-born producer and recording artist Kashif Saleem was found dead in his Los Angles home on Sunday. Updated reports state that he was actually 59, not 56, at the time of his death.

Kashif was an artist, producer and composer who played multiple instruments. At 15, he toured internationally as a member of B.T. Express, whose hits include the funky “Do It.” In 1996, he added author to his list of accomplishments with the best-selling book Everything You Better Know About the Record Industry.

As an artist, Kashif had 17 Top 10 hits. As a producer/songwriter, he sold over 70 million records worldwide, earning him six Grammy nominations in multiple categories. Saxophonist Kenny G credits the multifaceted Kashif for launching his career.

A product of eight foster homes, his later years were spent developing educational music programs for children and aspiring artists. He also taught at UCLA.

Although the height of his solo career came during the ’80s, his musical influence and legacy remained relevant decades later. The artist’s music was sampled by artists of all genres. Here are just 11 tracks you probably didn’t know Kashif was responsible for:



“You Give Good Love”

Originally, “You Give Good Love” was written with the incomparable Roberta Flack in mind. But as the producer of the song, Kashif eventually thought it was better suited for Whitney Houston. He convinced Arista Records to let her have it and the song became her third single from her self-titled debut. It also went on to be a pop crossover hit on the Billboard 100.

And Biggie Smiled From Heaven: Lil Kim and Faith Evans Team Up For New Song

September 2nd, 2016 - By madamenoire
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Faith Evans dishes on trying to collaborate with Lil' Kim on a song, Kim still throwing shade at her and why she's not holding any grudges against her.

Source: WENN

From HelloBeautiful

With their long-standing beef behind them, Lil’ Kim and Faith Evans are moving on to bigger and better things, like making music together. And by the looks of Faith’s Instagram status, the project is going to be dope.

The ladies, who are currently on tour with their Bad Boy family, thanked one another on Instagram, leaving fans craving a sample of the collaboration.

Read more about their new song at

Why Can Lil Kim Be BFFs With Faith Evans But Still Can’t Stand Naturi Naughton? We Have An Idea Why.

July 14th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Naturi Naughton



Despite the fact that Lil Kim was engaged in an affair with the Notorious B.I.G. (the story is, she was messing with him first) during Faith Evans’s marriage to the late rapper, Evans has managed to make peace with the pint-sized rapper. I’m talking about so much peace that she even introduced the MC during the VH1 Hip Hop Honors: All Hail the Queens show this week (to much commotion from the Twitterverse). As Evans would go on to say to X17, “the past is the past.”

But one person who reportedly didn’t get to come anywhere near the Queen B and didn’t get “the past is the past” treatment that same evening was Naturi Naughton. The Power actress played Lil Kim in the biopic Notorious, and Kim was none too happy about it. Among her issues with Naughton’s portrayal and the film as a whole included her allegations that the singer turned actress never bothered to reach out to her before accepting the role. As Kim said during an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood years ago, “How can you write a movie about someone’s life and not even talk to them?” She continued, in reference to Naughton: “She never made an initiative to even try to come to me and say, ‘Well look Kim, I need your blessing.'”

It’s a grudge that Kim has held and continues to hold. As the story goes, according to The YBF, Naughton told Wendy Williams that behind the scenes during Monday night’s Hip Hop Honors celebration, Kim went out of her way to keep the actress as far away from her as possible. When Williams tried to bring up the topic during a game live on air, asking Naughton to speak on running into the rapper, Naughton replied, “You know what? It’s not even worth my energy. Let’s just go ahead. No words. No words.”

When I heard that Naughton was still receiving the cold shoulder from Kim, I raised an eyebrow. I get that she didn’t appreciate the young star playing her in the biopic, but you can be BFFs with Faith Evans and not let that hurt go with Naughton? I couldn’t help but wonder if her issues with the actress were deeper than just “You didn’t call me before playing me in a movie.” Because if we’re being honest, Naughton did a pretty great job in an otherwise so-so film.

If you’ll recall, during Kim’s open criticism of the project, it was the Notorious B.I.G.’s mother, Voletta Wallace, who would claim that Kim’s biggest reason for disliking her portrayal was because Naughton is dark skinned. As Wallace told Hip Hop Weekly, “She felt the character we chose for her was too dark. Do you know why the character was too dark for her? Because she’s a white woman trapped in a black woman’s body, and you can tell the world I said it, because those are Lil Kim’s words. She should be ashamed of herself.”

She continued: “Tell Lil Kim to go find herself, go drink a cup of green tea and get a life! This movie is not about Lil Kim. She felt we used her character to promote [but] this movie is about my son…Lil’ Kim needs to go sit down.”

And there were rumors at the time the movie came out that Kim wanted someone else to play her. Christina Milian’s name even came up, though the rapper would come out and say she didn’t vouch for Milian, but rather, a more known actress with more “sexiness” and “sophistication” than Naughton had to offer.

“I wasn’t even able to choose who I wanted to portray me in this movie,” she said. “I would have never picked Naturi, she doesn’t have a Lil Kim aura at all! She looks nothing like I looked back then. We have NO similarities. Watching her on-screen was so ‘dreadful’ as Simon Cowell would say. She is tasteless and talentless.”

Could Kim’s outright disdain for the actress to this day be because of a so-called “dreadful” job done when it comes to playing her? Or does it have a lot more to do with Kim’s issues with the way Naughton looks? Does her appearance remind Kim of a time when she actually looked similar to the actress? Does Naughton remind Kim of what she used to look like when she was struggling with accepting her beauty in the public eye due to low self-esteem, and trying to keep up a relationship with a man who went off and married someone else? Honestly, if you put a picture of the two women, early Kim and current Naturi Naughton side by side, the difference in looks is not that great. Do a Google image search and you’ll find that the pictures speak for themselves.

While Kim may be right to be upset if Naughton never tried to reach out to her for the movie, at this point, making an effort to keep the girl as far away from her at possible at industry events, to me, speaks to an issue much deeper: Kim’s own problems with the skin she was born in. If anything, Naughton isn’t her sworn enemy, but rather, a reminder of Kim’s past and present belief that “Being a regular Black girl wasn’t enough.” A reminder of everything she’s been trying to run from, with the help of plastic surgeons and more, for years. And while Kim has changed her looks time and again, Naughton has managed to embrace her natural look and be successful — even when those behind her former music group 3LW told her what people in Kim’s life used to tell her: that her darker skin was holding her back.

Granted, Kim is grown and can ignore whoever she wants. But the “tasteless and talentless” actress she’s been downing since 2009 is the star of a popular television show and sharing a message that Kim felt she also had to ignore: “I just try to tell other black women — not just in Hollywood, just in general – you don’t have to compromise or change yourself to try fit into whatever mold is popular. And I’m not even gonna lie, it’s emotional. I go through moments when I’m like, ‘I can’t take it.’ But at the same time, I’m working and I’m in a position where I’m able to be a black woman that’s toted as beautiful…I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”

Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa, Missy Elliott & Lil Kim To Be Honored At VH1’s ‘Hip Hop Honors: All Hail The Queens’

June 20th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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It’s been six years since VH1’s Hip Hop Honors has graced our television screens, but the staple celebratory ceremony known for “recognizing luminaries who broke new ground and propelled the genre into the cultural phenomen it has become,” is making its return live from New York City on July 11. And y’all, it’s about to be one for the history books. Trust!

Dubbed All Hail the Queens, this year’s focus is the ladies of rap who infiltrated the male-dominated industry and laid out the blueprint for female’s who wanted to have their voice heard and make it known that they could go bar-for-bar with the guys, too. So who would be deserving of such a revered status? As expected, the lineup is one of epic portions: Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, Salt-N-Pepa, and Spinderella. All pioneers and trailblazers that truly deserve to be honored by the community for their artistry.

VH1’s Hip Hop Honors will air Monday, July 11 at 9pm ET. Will you be tuned in?

Did Y’all See? Beyonce, Beckys, And Bleaching

April 29th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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This week was all about Beyonce, from the epic visuals that accompanied her latest album Lemonade to questions over the ambiguous “Becky with the good hair” and even accusations the term Becky is a racial slur — if you ask Iggy Azealia that is. Watch and weigh in with the editors as they discuss all things Lemonade as well as Lil Kim’s resurgence as an even lighter and whiter version of herself and the implications of her skin bleaching.

Let’s Be Real, We Know Exactly What Happened To Lil Kim’s Face

April 25th, 2016 - By Charing Ball
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Miami Heat!!! 🔥🌞😍

A photo posted by Lil’ Kim (@lilkimthequeenbee) on Apr 24, 2016 at 3:11pm PDT

Can we please stop asking, what happened to Lil’ Kim’s face?

We already know what happened to Lil’ Kim’s face. And we know why she did it.

And yeah I know: self love, candy-coated rainbows, #BlackGirlMagic and all the jazz hands from the chorus line.

But let me be seriously honest here: it takes a hell of a lot of mental, emotional and spiritual energy to stand in the face of people who hate you and actually love yourself.

Yeah, I said it.

We talk about self-love as if it is a given. But the reality is that loving yourself ain’t always the easy and popular thing to do.

In many instances, loving yourself often means going against the grain. It means ignoring the people who constantly tell you you’re ugly and not good enough; it means looking past all of the flaws and short-comings society says you have and having the courage to find value in yourself anyway.

And that’s real.

As racism is real. And so are many of its spirit-crushing tenets. Like colorism. Like Anti-Blackness. And misogynoir.

The kind that has historically graced the pages of the community’s more affluent publications like Ebony, Jet and other Black publications just as much as it has always existed in Vogue, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. The kind that loves Afro baby hairs and Negro noses when Beyoncé says it, but looks away and shuns those same tight curls and wide nostrils when attached to a person, particularly a woman, with darker skin.

The kind that tends to personally make me feel good when I’m dolled up, looking like someone else and awful when I look more like my regular ol’ Black girl self.

Like when I wear my wig.

Although I prefer my natural hair, I wear a wig for other job purposes.

I do it not because of some unconscious hatred of my natural hair. But less sinisterly, because I dyed my natural curls ombre green and, in short, it’s not really professional.

I get the hesitation to my unnatural hair color.

But what I don’t get is what happens when I put my wig on.


I get whistles. I get stares. I get called “beautiful” and “sexy.” I get approached more. Folks are nicer and have more patience with me. They want to help me more. They want me around. They want to know me. It happens with all races of people but it is most noticeable when all of this positive feedback to my appearance comes by way of us.

It feels good, but I am also conflicted.

Admittedly, as a hairstyle, I look good in it. A short pixie cut that highlights my round face. I’m conflicted because as soon as I hit the front door, I’m ripping that other person’s hair of my head. But I’m also very disrespectful to the hair. I despise it. It’s hot. It gives me headaches. And most importantly, it ain’t authentic to me.

Whoever she is, is not me.

So, I banish it under the car seat where it sit undisturbed until my next gig. I turn on the car ignition and then rub my hair through my short afro. I love my curls. They are soft. They feel good between my fingers. I feel like I’m finally me.



But no matter how good I personally feel about my hair, I know that how society feels isn’t mutual.

I know this because it tells me – in so many words. It tells me in glossy magazine spreads and on billboard ads sprawled across urban landscapes. It comes out of the mouths of rappers and singers with a “thing” for red and yellow bones. It is shown to me on film and television screens where darker skinned women are especially violent and hyper-sexualized while lighter skin is treated as marriage material. It even makes memes about me and shares them widely on social media.

Whereever I go in this world, it is there to remind me that my natural state is not welcome here.

And this is not to say that some folks aren’t checking me out. But the attention is different – cautious, even. Folks assume things. That I’m trouble, an outsider and difficult. They think I don’t need help, that I can take the pain and that I am a lot tougher than I actually am.

I tell myself that it is probably the green hair. It’s bold and authentic. It’s a color a reminder of my yearning to be free and limitless like the ocean.

But then I recall how that the same feeling of invisibility happened when I had my locs too. For thirteen years, I felt invisible. And then I remember that this feeling wasn’t mine alone. And I have heard so many stories over the years of other Black women who too felt rejected for being their natural selves.

I had a friend whose husband went ballistic when she cut her perm out and transitioned to a short afro. As I recall, he threatened to leave her if she insisted on “looking like a boy.” And then there was the nine-year-old dark skinned girl at the day camp where I counseled, who was teased and called horrible names like “African Booty-snatcher” by some of her lighter skinned “play mates.” And also my own grandma, who one day confessed to me that for an entire lifetime she too was made to feel ugly all because her skin was not as light and her nose not as sharp as her sister and her mother.

But love yourself, they say. It doesn’t matter what people think about you, they also say.

But it does matter. It matters when you’re getting passed up for work because you’re not the right complexion.

It matters when folks actually believe that natural hair is “nasty” or not red-carpet ready.

It matters when your hair, your skin and even your movements become synonymous with all of society’s ills like poverty, crime and violence.

It matters when many of the men who you love – your brothers – can’t even look you in the eyes because your hair, your skin and even your movements remind them of everything they are trying to run away from too.

And it matters when these same hazardous messages about your supposed worth in society are told to you over and over and over again.

I don’t care what anyone says but it messes with your psyche. It eats at your soul and invades your thoughts. It brainwashes you. And after a while, you start thinking that maybe you do look a lot better in that wig that you hate…

In an early 2000 article for Newsweek, Lil’ Kim spoke candidly about her changing appearance. In short, she said it had to do with always been told that she was not worthy of love.

More accurately, she said:

“All my life men have told me I wasn’t pretty enough–even the men I was dating. And I’d be like, ‘Well, why are you with me, then?’ ” She winces. “It’s always been men putting me down just like my dad. To this day when someone says I’m cute, I can’t see it. I don’t see it no matter what anybody says.”

In the same interview, she added:

“Guys always cheated on me with women who were European-looking. You know, the long-hair type. Really beautiful women that left me thinking, ‘How I can I compete with that?’ Being a regular black girl wasn’t good enough.” And the implants? “That surgery was the most pain I’ve ever been in in my life,” says Kim. “But people made such a big deal about it. White women get them every day. It was to make me look the way I wanted to look. It’s my body.”

We can try to pretend like we don’t know what happened to Lil’ Kim’s face, but we actually know it – and perpetuate it – very well. Because it happens (ed) to me and I know that it happens to many of you too.

And while we’re all taking this moment to shame her for the carnal sin of “not loving herself” let’s also take a moment to reflect on the ways in which we don’t make it easy for that love to manifest.

Watch Mary J. Blige And Lil’ Kim Reunite For “I Can Love You” At ‘Hot For The Holidays’

December 6th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Last night (Dec. 5), Newark, New Jersey’s Prudential Center was turned all the way up for Hot 97’s “Hot for the Holidays” concert presented by none of other than master of ceremony, Busta Rhymes.

The lyricist brought a number of artists out to celebrate like Puff Daddy, Lil Wayne, Mariah Carey, Fetty Wap, French Montana, Rick Ross, and more. However, the highlight of the night was truly Mary J. Blige’s set when she surprised all and reunited with Lil’ Kim for their 1997 hit “I Can Love You.”

Of course, probably have not seeing the two perform this classic jam together for some decades now, the crowd went absolutely wild when the beat dropped on the smooth, mid-tempo joint. In all of her braggadocios bravado, a pint-sized Kim strutted out on stage in a mink shrug, leather thigh high boots, and a pair of black hip-hugging shorts, as she spit her verse.

The surprise set ended with the two divas embracing each other and leaving the crowd up on their feet applauding.

Check out the performance above.

Remember That Time Beyoncé Announced Her Pregnancy? 15 Epic VMA Moments

August 30th, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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Image Source: WENN

Image Source: WENN


The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards is right around the corner, and if the promos are any indications, the show is probably going to one of the most talked about television events of the summer. The VMAs are where both big moments happen and stars are made. Let’s take a look at 15 of the most epic VMA moments, ever.

“God Gets The Victory”: Lil Kim Accepts Ex’s Apology Following Domestic Violence Allegations

August 13th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Won’t He do it?

After knuckling up for what would have likely been a long and ugly child custody battle, Kimberly “Lil Kim” Jones and her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy “Mr. Papers” Neil, have made amends. As we reported Wednesday, Neil took to Instagram with a lengthy apology aimed at his famous ex (You can check out his full statement here).

Shortly after Neil waved the white flag, Jones also released a statement on Instagram letting him know that she accepts his apology and that they will always be a family. Her response reads:

Look at God ! …. As mad as I am and was .. How can I be mad at this smh .. This is very sweet @mr_papers …. We all make mistakes none of us are perfect, but it’s when we can acknowledge our mistakes is when we begin to grow into the beautiful men and women God intended for us to be.

I love @mr_papers and always have. We have been thru hell and heaven 2gether and have made a beautiful baby girl, we were on our way to being a very happy family but the devil has tried to intervene many of times even to the point of bringing us into court to a nasty custody battle but what the devil meant for bad God turned into good.

The things that he’s done have been a hard pill to swallow, and I know it is for a lot of Kim supporters ……I still want to put some of Royal ‘s dirty poop diapers in his suit case without him knowing. But this Mr. Papers is some beautiful grown man shit. This is the side I always wanted ppl to see. At the end of the day, it’s all about Princess Royal Reign. And now we can move forward to being a happy, healthy family and my daughter will have her Mommy and Daddy in her life. God gets the victory!!!

Thank you #teamkim and the #killerbeehive for always being there through good and rough times. After weeks of going to court…Now it’s back to the money!!! On my way to the studio.

It’s unclear what this means for Jones and Neil’s romantic relationship, but we’re so happy that they were able to put their differences aside for the sake of their baby girl.

Look at God ! …. As mad as I am and was .. How can I be mad at this smh .. This is very sweet @mr_papers …. We all make mistakes none of us are perfect , but it's when we can acknowledge our mistakes is when we begin to grow into the beautiful men and women God intended for us to be  I love @mr_papers and always have. we have been thru hell and heaven 2gether and have made a beautiful baby girl , we were on our way to being a very happy family but the devil has tried to intervene many of times even to the point of bringing us into court to a nasty custody battle but what the devil meant for bad God turned into good  The things that he's done have been a hard pill to swallow and I kno it is for a lot of Kim supporters ……I still want to put some of royal 's dirty poop diapers in his suit case without him knowing  But this 👆mr papers is some beautiful grown man shit. this is the side I always wanted ppl to see  At the end of the day it's all about Princess Royal Reign  And now we can move forward to being a happy healthy family and my daughter will have her Mommy and Daddy in her life  God gets the victory!!! Thank you #teamkim and the #killerbeehive for always being there through good and rough times. After weeks of going to court…Now it's back to the money!!! On my way to the studio team kim.

A photo posted by Lil' Kim (@lilkimthequeenbee) on

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No Female Is Badder Than Her: Mr. Papers Apologizes To Lil Kim

August 12th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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mr. papers


Lil Kim and the father of her child, fellow rapper Mr. Papers, have been through some things. From allegations of abuse to him posting a petty picture of her rival, Nicki Minaj, to a nasty custody battle, their love story has had a few bumps along the way.

But it seems the two are on another uphill swing. Just an hour ago, Mr. Papers took to Instagram to apologize to Lil Kim about the way he’s treated her in the past, particularly about posting that picture of Nicki Minaj. He also expressed his appreciation and gratitude for being reunited with his family.

See what he had to say in the post below.

Do you think they’ll make it work for good this time?