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Stevie J Reportedly Ordered To Spend 30 Days In Rehab After Failing 10 Drug Tests Due To Cocaine And Weed In His System

December 23rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Stevie J dodges jail time (for now) by remaining sober for seven whole weeks.

Source: IG

Even when the cameras aren’t rolling, Stevie J consistently finds himself in some drama.

According to the New York Post and the AP, he’s been ordered to spend 30 days in rehab after failing not just a few drug tests, but 10 since he was initially arrested for his failure to pay $1.1 million in back child support for two of his kids, who reside in Pennsylvania. Stevie J has been out on bail trying to get that situation taken care of.

Stevie J, born Steven Jordan, was ordered to submit to random drug tests as part of the terms of his release, and in 10 urine samples taken from June up until this month, Jordan was caught with weed and cocaine in his system. Judge Andrew Peck just ordered Jordan to rehab to deal with his 0bvious drug habit, which his lawyer tried to argue against. According to attorney Michael Bellinger, if Jordan was sent to rehab, he wouldn’t be able to pay down his debts because he wouldn’t be able to work (Jordan is still out here making music when he’s not filming “LHHATL”). But Judge Peck said in court that at this point, Jordan is pretty lucky that he hasn’t been put in jail for violating the terms of his $25,000 bond agreement.

It’s clear that it’s time for him to sit down somewhere and deal with his drug abuse problems before things get any worse than they already are.

Mimi & Nikko Still Smashing? And Other Memorable Moments From The Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Part 3

September 9th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Last night VH1 aired part three of the season 3’s “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion, the last and final part. And up until now we really haven’t discussed it too much. Honestly, that’s because aside from a few clips here and there, we haven’t been watching it. Everybody knows that the cast of LHHATL has been known to do too much. But last night, my sister who is still a fan was watching it and so I decided to join her to see how they ended this whole thing.

Eat Da Cake, Stevie J! Stevie J. and Joseline Are Going On Tour

August 9th, 2014 - By Toya Sharee
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danger zone tour

Source: Instagram

Although her flow may be a little questionable, Joseline is coming to a city near you this fall. The Puerto-Rican Princess and her boyfriend/manager, Stevie J. took to Instagram to announce their “Danger Zone” tour in a photo shoot inspired by the infamous Ike and Tina Turner. What’s love got to do with it? Probably not much, but I guess they decided to put all that cheating drama behind them and make some money.

The theme of this shoot is fitting in so many ways. They may not be Bonnie and Clyde but who knows? The pair might just give “On The Run” a run for its money. Will you be stalking Ticketmaster for some seats in “The Danger Zone”?

Check out a few pics:

“They Shot Me Down Because I Was On ‘Love and Hip Hop.’” Karlie Redd Says Tyler Perry Rejected Her For Movie Role

July 27th, 2014 - By Toya Sharee
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karlie redd rejected

Source: Vh1

Apparently, Mr. Perry wants no parts of the foolishness. LHHATL cast member Karlie Redd hoped the reality show would get her some exposure in Hollywood and hopefully open up some opportunities for acting.  But it doesn’t appear that things are going so smoothly.

During a recent interview with D.C.’s 93.9, Redd revealed she auditioned for a role in a Tyler Perry film, but they shot her dreams of the big screen all the way down when they found out she appeared on the VH1 hit show:

“I went for a role for a Tyler Perry film and they shot me down because I was on ‘Love and Hip Hop.’

“They said that to me.”

Redd also disclosed that this wouldn’t be the first time she’s lost out on a role due to the show’s reputation:

“There’s been roles that I auditioned for and then they found out…literally I’m on my way to set to work, got the role and everything and then they find out I’m on the show and then they’re like, ‘Uh, no.’”

Besides my suspicion of any actual acting talent on Redd’s behalf, what do these women really think is going to happen post “Love and Hip-Hop”? Do they really see themselves starring opposite Don Cheadle or Viola Davis in the future? I’m no one to dismiss anyone’s dreams, but reputation is everything and I can’t seem to understand how these video vixens and reality stars expect to get taken seriously when their pasts are filled with booty-spreads on World Star Hip Hop and reunion shows where they are beating one another in the head with Valentino pumps. Jesus, be a reality check.

Stranger things have happened. I mean after all, Perry did cast Kim Kardashian in a role. But it just goes to show the easy path to publicity can be very short-term. Well at least she has that promising singing career to fall back on.

Check out video of Karlie’s interview:

“She Sleeps On Me With Over 30 Dudes”: Have Stevie J And Joseline Called It Quits?

July 4th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Fourth of July isn’t a holiday without fireworks, correct?

Well, some drama has definitely been played out on a public platform today, as Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez just had a public spat on Twitter. Earlier this week there was speculation that they had split, as their Love and Hip Hop Atlanta co-star, Benzino, put Hernandez on blast for doing his friend dirty. He said this yesterday in an Instagram post that he went on to delete:

“So the @baddestputa1 is still threatening #thi and still clowning me on #lhhatl but I noticed she was not at the awards with sleaze hmmmmm I wonder what happened, she S**TS ON EVERYBODY and tries to EXPOSE them WELL GUESS WHAT it’s her time to be EXPOSED stay tuned #lhhatl.

“I noticed @hitmanstevieJ_1 erased all pics of him and @thebaddestputa in Cali #betawards weekend hmmmm I wonder what LIL MISS INNOCENT DID? #staytuned #lhhatl.”

Benzino reportedly also jumped in the comment section of one of Hernandez’s posts to name off different men she cheated on Stevie J with, including Kevin Durant of all people. As for what Stevie J had to say about all this, on Twitter, he spoke as though he was a little heartbroken:


Stevie II

Stevie III Stevie IV


And just this morning the producer put his lady on blast:

Stevie V

Stevie VI


Hernandez remained pretty quiet through all this, but this morning she decided to spaz out on Twitter. She posted messages talking about all the men she claimed to have had relations with, with while with Stevie, including Nelly and Drake (yeah right), and posted text messages between herself and the likes of Kevin Durant and Rick Ross. She also claimed to have slept with their driver, NBA star James Harden, given cunnilingus to women at the strip club (there were pictures) and had sex with some of Stevie’s friends. A lot of the messages (especially the images) were a little too explicit to share here, but she hasn’t taken them down yet from her Twitter page. And what is PG (I guess) that I can share is this:


Seeing as how Benzino and Stevie J keep saying “stay tuned,” I’m thinking this is all a big stunt for the reality show, and in a way, I also think Hernandez is just joking about this list of men she’s been with, and just talking crazy out of spite. But then again, it wouldn’t be the first time these people did the absolute most for VH1. But what do you think?

“Girls Look Up To Me” LHHATL’s Ariane Davis Talks Tiring Of Reality Tv, Maintaing Mystery & Mimi’s Sex Tape

May 29th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Rolling Out

It’s a generally understood fact that the cast of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” have very little act right. Though occasionally, we’ll find exceptions. Enter, Ariane Davis. If you’ve noticed, she keeps a pretty low profile on the show. She’s the friend who provides the necessary side eyes whenever Mimi starts waxing poetic about her strange relationship with Nikko. Who hasn’t been in that position, listening to your girl go on and on about a man everyone else knows isn’t right for her?

What I’m saying is, if we can relate to anyone on the show, it’s Ariane. For the most part, she’s kept her nose clean. The one little bit of juice she ever had associated with her name is her sexuality. Davis is bisexual and  last season, she announced that she was seeing a woman. But unlike other lesbian relationships on reality television, Ariane’s seems sincere. And I say sincere because she hasn’t flaunted it and she’s not using it to get more camera time on “LHHATL.” (Looking at you Erica Mena.)

And just because Ariane is currently staring on a reality tv show, don’t think that she doesn’t know how audiences are tiring of them. It won’t hurt her to say this. Davis seems to be clear about the fact that reality tv is a steppingstone into other avenues, not a place for her to rest her hat. And in an interview with Rolling Out, Ariane explained her approach to appearing on camera, why it’s important not to put all of your business out there, why Mimi’s sex tape won’t ruin their friendship and why she’s keeping her relationship out of the public eye.

Why people are losing interest in reality tv shows?

“I think that it has a lot to do with people’s storylines and it not seeming as real as it was before. Things just don’t seem authentic to people anymore. And I can see why people would feel that way. I absolutely feel like oversaturation [also] has a lot to do with why people are losing attention. Nobody wants to continuously see the same thing. It’s cool at first, but you get tired and you don’t give people anything to look forward to.”


Maintaining Mystery

“This is why I am taking my time with really letting people get to know who Ariane is. I’m not pushing myself on people or forcing anything on people. Everything that I’m doing and how I’m marking my territory in this reality world, I’m doing it strategically and how I wanna do it. That’s what people really love about me. There’s still a mysteriousness to me and a lot of people don’t have that mystery anymore.”


On why Mimi’s sex tape won’t end their friendship 

“No judgment toward my friend, everybody knows I really don’t care for Nikko [but] I’ve accepted her happiness. She says she’s happy. As far as the tape goes, I still have my reservations about it. But it’s here now. It’s out there. She has to live with it. I support her as a friend. I don’t condone what happened. I don’t know if it was a mistake or if it was purposely done. My thoughts stay the same. I feel like it was definitely given to Vivid and I’m sticking to that. That’s just how I feel. But as far as Mimi goes, I feel like we all make lousy decisions sometimes and I feel like this is her one. One huge one. I hope she can make the best out of a not-so-positive situation, so to speak. I hope she can come out on top of this.”

My relationship with Mimi is not new and it’s been over 10 years that we’ve been friends,” says Davis. “I wholeheartedly know her outside of TV and outside of the aggression that everybody else sees. I know Oluremi Faust. And she’s really like my sister. I don’t think a situation like this or anything else can change how I feel about her. Of course, I have some say in how I feel about something. That doesn’t mean I’m going to turn my back on her. Never that. It can be extremely hard to maintain friendships and relationships if you don’t have that control and balance. That’s something I try to keep: control, balance, patience and no judgment. I think that helps me a lot.


Protecting her relationship 

My personal relationship won’t be happening on ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ ” she declares. “My personal drama with my significant other, if I have any, is mine. It’s not for anybody to see. If I have any personal drama, that’s my s—. It’s not to be shared with the world like that. I maintain my healthy relationships with privacy, control patience, balance and love.”


The love she gets from fans

“I get all the love in the world,” she says in regards to the public reaction. “I don’t get a lot of negative feedback at all. … People admire me even more now. Because I am so open with who I am. I don’t hide behind anything and I’m not running from myself or trying to please this person. I’m a real person. I’m not a robot. I live my life for me and not for what others think. But it feels really good to know that people recognize real people and embrace it. Girls look up to me — even if they’re not in the LGBT community. They still admire who I am. I’m still a lady and I carry myself like a lady. My sexuality doesn’t define me. I still am Ariane — I just have a girlfriend.”



“The homophobia is real. When I meet people who seem to be homophobic, they’re usually the ones who are into same sex, undercover.”

You can read the rest of Ariane’s interview, where she talks about bisexuality being a fad and what she regrets about her time on reality tv. here.


What do you think about the thoughts Ariane expressed in this interview and her portrayal on the show? Do you think she’s a type of role model for the way women can and should behave on television?


Sex Tapes, Shootings, and Custody Battles: The 15 Biggest Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta Scandals

May 12th, 2014 - By Meghan Williams
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For nearly two years, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta has brought us the rachet drama we can’t help but love and loathe. To celebrate the show’s third season (which kicked off last week) we’re taking a look back at 15 of the biggest scandals to come out of the Atlanta franchise… so far.


Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta Scandals

Mimi and Nikko’s Sex Tape

Last month Mimi and Nikko devised a whole new use for shower rods in a sex tape salaciously titled Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta.

“Where Them Eggs At?!” The Most Outrageous Moments From LHHATL Episode 1

May 6th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: VH1

Source: VH1

Last night Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, or as some folks on the Internet have dubbed it, As The Hood Turns, returned to our television screens for a third season of drama and tom foolery.

Monday’s season premiere was far less dramatic than what we’ve come to expect from Atlanta reality TV’s wildest bunch of characters, but we have a feeling that was just a mild introduction to the craziness that is to come over the next couple of months. Check out some of the most hilarious, mystifying, and downright ridicuous moments from last night’s premiere. What did you think?

Yung Joc On Joining LHHATL With Karlie Redd: “I Didn’t Wanna Be The Secret Situation”

May 5th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Tonight it’s going down on VH1, and by it we mean the return of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.” We already know half of the drama to expect on the reality show thanks to Mimi and Nikko, but it seems Karlie Redd and her flavor of the season, Yung Joc, will prove to be quite the entertaining pair as well.

Though we initially had our doubts about Joc’s motives for joining the show, when he stopped by the office he assured us Karlie Redd didn’t pressure him to be on the show. Actually, he decided he didn’t want to be the secret man she was referring to while the cameras were rolling (a la Kim’s big poppa and Kenya’s African tycoon on ATL’s other hot show, “Real Houswives of Atlanta”), which we can understand. Nevertheless, we still had a few questions about their “relationship,” like is Joc cheating on her, which the previews suggest is a big “Yes!,” and how does Joc’s ex-wife feel about their relationship and his foray into reality TV?

Thankfully, Yung Joc was a complete open book — make that a flirtatious open book — so we have all the answers to the above questions and more. Watch the video above and tell us what you think. For Joc’s thoughts on Mimi’s sex tape, click the link here.

“Lemme F*** In The Shower” Nikko Smith Debuts Sex Tape Inspired Song, “New Shower Rod”

April 29th, 2014 - By Raven Carter
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mimi and nikko break vivid pre-sale records


From TMZ 

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Nikko Smith is so in love with his suddenly famous junk … he wrote a song to celebrate it — and TMZ has audio of the phallic ode.

As we first reported … Nikko and Mimi Faust‘s very dirty shower work in “Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta” has been raking in major dough — and it also inspired Nikko to write “New Shower Rod.” 

The song’s an instant Valentine’s Day classic with lyrics like … “Don’t you change a thing, my personal freak” — and “Let me f*** you in the shower, hands up on the rod.”

Listen to Nikko Smith’s song at