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Mimi Faust Responds To Sex Tape Release

April 16th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Mimi Faust Responds To Sex Tape

Source: Instagram

Aside from a few moans and groans and “yeah right theres,” from a p0rn0 trailer, about the only person who hasn’t had something to say about Mimi Faust’s upcoming sex tape is Mimi herself. On Monday we shared the news that the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta vet — and mother — has decided to release a sex tape, which is far less sex tape and much more full-on p0rn, with her suspect boyfriend Nikko. We’re sure by now you’ve seen the trailer and read the hilariously shady responses from Joseline and K. Michelle, but now Mimi Faust has something to say herself, though it’s not much. Posting the meme below to Instagram, Mimi only had a simple caption for this photo: “!!”


Mimi Faust Responds To Sex Tape

Source: Instagram

Guess she told us…or not.

I’m sorry but I personally refuse to believe a sex tape is the only way Mimi can afford to pay her bills. What happened to her cleaning business? Where are those LHHATL checks? Isn’t Stevie J paying child support? Everything about this sex tape screams I want attention and will sacrifice what little self-respect I have left after letting a man I dated for 15 years dog me out on national television and then marry the next woman within a matter of a year or two to get it — and I don’t care about the repercussions for my child, who’s the main one who loses in all this. Mimi might think she’s shutting people down with this weak meme but I guarantee you people will continue to talk ‘cuz honey you got some major ‘splainin’ to do.

Mimi and Nikko stepped out recently at an Atlanta nightclub looking unfazed by all the controversy. In fact the couples donned matching hats that read: “Music, Sex, Fitness.”


mimi responds to sex tape release

What do you think about Mimi’s response?

“There Could Be Worse Things Linked To My Name” American Idol Nikko Smith Confused With LHHATL’s Nikko Smith

April 15th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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Vivid/Nikko Smith

Vivid/Nikko Smith


From TMZ 

Former “American Idol” finalist Nikko Smith wants the world to know … he is NOT the Nikko Smith who stars in a sex tape with “Love & Hip Hop” star Mimi Faust – but he’s not exactly embarrassed by the mistaken identity.

Nikko — who placed 9th in Season 4 — tells TMZ, his phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from concerned friends and family members who read about a Nikko Smith’s sex tape. He says fans have been tweeting him non-stop too.

‘AI’ Nikko says he’s never dated, or even met Mimi Faust — but adds he’s cool with being compared to her boyfriend — mostly because sex tape Nikko’s hung like a moose.

Read more about the American Idol/sex tape confusion at 

Benzino Says He Knows Why His Nephew Shot Him On Way To Mom’s Funeral; Nephew Says He Did It In “Self Defense”

March 31st, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Benzino and Stevie J -  Instagram

Benzino and Stevie J – Instagram

We told you on Sunday that Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, Benzino, was shot during a funeral procession for his mother in Massachusetts. Sadly, as the story goes, the gunman was his own nephew, Gai Scott, 36. Benzino, born Raymond Scott, 48, was riding in a Dodge Charger near the funeral procession, and his nephew was in a Bentley. At some point, their vehicles came side-by-side and Scott opened fire. Benzino was reportedly hit three times, including in his back and in his bicep. The tension between Benzino and his nephew had been growing for some time and obviously boiled over on the way to the funeral.

Now, in an interview with WXIA in Atlanta, the LHHATL star claims that the attack on him by his nephew could have had a lot to do with the fact that Benzino confronted his sister, Maureen Scott, and her son in the past about taking advantage of his mother (whose funeral the family was attending on Saturday).

“In the past I felt like, yes, my sister and my nephew was taking advantage of my mother. Yes. I spoke up about that, I don’t know what it caused now, but I did speak about it years ago.  There were some loans taken out of her house.”

He also told The Boston Globe what he saw when he was fired upon on Saturday:

“I looked over, there was a car, and all I saw was a gun shooting at me.”

Benzino is home from the hospital today, but his nephew was arraigned this morning in court. He has been charged with armed assault and intent to murder.

Surprisingly, according to The Boston Globe, the nephew’s lawyer,  Jon Ciraulo, says that he shot Benzino in self-defense and he has filed a not-guilty plea for his client. Ciraulo is also a lawyer for Benzino’s sister and says that Benzino has lied on Gai and is just seeking attention at this time:

“When the dust settles, this case will be shown to be self-defense.

My client and his family, including Maureen [Scott] vehemently deny any accusations that Benzino is making. I would suggest that he [the uncle] has an agenda in utilizing and self-promoting at this time.”

But Benzino’s long-time attorney, Martin K. Leppo, says Gai’s behavior was anything but in self-defense:

“Six shots into Ray Scott’s car, and he chased him on the highway. That doesn’t sound like self-defense to me.”

The drama continues, and we’ll keep you posted on new developments.

Can’t Take ‘Em Nowhere: LHHATL Cast Banned From Partying With Non-Cast Members After Fight

February 7th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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LHHATL Cast Banned

While looking around the Internet yesterday, you probably came across a few stories on the ridiculous fight that broke out during a taping of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta at a restaurant opening in the A. As TMZ tells it, the drama erupted when Joseline strolled in with a female friend who instigated an argument, most likely with Karlie Redd, who is rumored to have gotten knocked out, and sooner or later fists were pretty much flying everywhere. Momma Dee was allegedly hit with a bottle that was thrown at her face and several other people are also said to have suffered cuts and bruises.

As you can imagine — and see in the video below — it was a full blown circus, and possibly a costly one at that. According to TMZ’s update, the LHHATL cast has now been banned from partying anywhere with non-cast members because their antics are too much of a liability. Producers are reportedly worried — as they should be — they’ll expose themselves to lawsuits if innocent bystanders get hurt in the midst of cast member brawls, so they supposedly called an emergency after this latest situation to establish a rule of no more filming parties/events/etc. with people who are not about of the LHHATL crew.

Sounds like a smart plan to us. Check out video of the madness in the video below. Shocked at all?

Traci Steele Advises Women To Stop Acting Out Towards Their Kid’s Dads Like She Did

October 9th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Traci Steele Bossip Office

 Traci Steele lowkey gave baby mamas a bad name as the intolerant and forever turnt up mother of DJ Baby Drew’s son on “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.” After nearly every episode, viewers just wanted to ask her, “why you so mad boo?” particularly considering Traci and Drew’s son is 7 years old and they haven’t been a couple for about that same stretch of time. Thankfully, when we got Traci Steele in the office to talk about her appearance on LHHATL and her bitter baby mama issues, Traci said she’s finally done being angry at Drew and she even had some advice for mothers like herself who have made it a habit to act before they think when it comes to the fathers of their children.

Check out our interview with Traci Steele in the video below as she talks about getting over Drew, being a better friend to and co-parent with him, and who she’s dating now. Do you think she finally learned her lesson?

“I Know Him Well:” Bambi Says She’s Not Worried About Scrappy Cheating On Her

October 1st, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Lil' Scrappy and Bambi

Source: Instagram

We know we’re not the only ones who saw Lil Scrappy and “Basketball Wives’” reality star Bambi together and thought, what the hell is this all about?

Ever since Erica and Scrappy called it quits, he’s been since prancing around the A with this new arm candy from a fellow VH1 show, prompting everyone to assume their relationship was just that — a show. But when we talked to Bambi before the BET Hip-Hop Awards last week, she told us that’s absolutely not the case.

“We’re together, we’ve been friends for a couple years,” she said. “When I first moved to Atlanta I met Scrap and we were friends and when his relationship ended ours started — whoever it was he was with, it was multiple people so when he was done with everybody he was dealing with, we started.”

About those multiple people…We’ve seen on “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” how Scrappy likes to keep one lady by his side and another in his back pocket, which is why we don’t understand a woman getting involved with the ATL rapper and somehow expecting him to be all about them. But when we asked Bambi whether she’s worried about Scrappy cheating on her like he did his exes, she said she’s not worried at all because “she knows him well.”

So you think.

Check out the full interview below and all of Bambi’s other naive musings on her new boo. What do you think about their relationship?




Stevie J’s Alleged Mistress, Promise B. Mae, Opens Up About Terminating Her Pregnancy

September 24th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Promise B. Mae

Source: Instagram

Stevie J’s alleged mistress and aspiring recording artist, Promise B. Mae, is speaking out about rumors that she’s pregnant by him and whether or not she’ll be joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for Season 3.

“Unfortunately, I’m no longer pregnant. That’s a decision I thought long and hard about and I just felt like this is not the situation. Although, I am a grown woman and I should of thought about that before we did what we did… but things happened and I’m only human,” she told MStarz.

She also addressed allegations that she was never really pregnant and only out to use Stevie J for financial gain.

“I make my own money and a lot of people on Twitter and Instagram say ridiculous stuff like ‘Oh yea you better get him for child support,’ I don’t have time for that, I make my own money and been doing that, so I don’t need nobody for no money. I have a lot of things going on. First and foremost I’m a music artist, and I just didn’t think this wasn’t the right time.”

As for the diss track she made slamming Stevie and his rumored wife Joseline Hernandez, B Mae says it was never meant to be a diss record.

“The song was not meant to be diss track. Now the guy that I have on the track with me is a long time friend and we go way back, he’s like a brother to me. I heard what he said and I said ‘oh s–t, this finna make it diss track.’ Although, I threw jabs a Joseline it wasn’t suppose to be a diss track towards Stevie J, But when my homeboy laid down what he laid down I couldn’t say no don’t do that because that’s kind of like my brother and I was just like ‘F**k it’ lets take it all the way.”

In closing, she responded to MiMi Faust, who taunted her during an interview for getting pregnant by Stevie.

“He [Stevie J] told you he’ll, make you a star on Twitter and you cocked your legs opened and got pregnant,” MiMi said during an interview last month with The Streetz Morning Grind.

B. Mae responded, saying:

“No boo-boo, I do not know you. And you do not know me either and I don’t understand how you’re going to go on an radio show and say ‘leave me name out your mouth because you don’t know me’, but at the same time my name is in your mouth and it shouldn’t be. Don’t you have new ni**a and his name is Niko-Niko and why are you worried about anything Stevie has going on and you’re not with him anymore. So sit your old a** down and get in a rocking chair like a grandma should and shut the f**k up. Just like your Ni-a said ‘you’re damaged goods’ and you belong on a shelf somewhere all by your lonesome. You don’t want it with me, I’m not hard to find and leave my name out your mouth!”

It also looks like she’ll be joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for Season 3.

“I definitely see myself on a reality show. Have I been contacted by any reality shows? What I can say is -YES. I have been contacted by a few people from Love and Hip Hop and the only thing I can say about that is that you have to stay tuned to see what happens.”

Well, there will be plenty of drama in store for season three, that’s for sure.

“Unfortunately, I’m no longer pregnant. That’s a decision I thought long and hard about and I just felt like this is not the situation. Although, I am a grown woman and I should have thought about that before we did what we did… but things happened and I’m only human.” – See more at:
“Unfortunately, I’m no longer pregnant. That’s a decision I thought long and hard about and I just felt like this is not the situation. Although, I am a grown woman and I should have thought about that before we did what we did… but things happened and I’m only human.” – See more at:
“Unfortunately, I’m no longer pregnant. That’s a decision I thought long and hard about and I just felt like this is not the situation. Although, I am a grown woman and I should have thought about that before we did what we did… but things happened and I’m only human.” – See more at:
“Unfortunately, I’m no longer pregnant. That’s a decision I thought long and hard about and I just felt like this is not the situation. Although, I am a grown woman and I should have thought about that before we did what we did… but things happened and I’m only human.” – See more at:

Harpo, Who ‘Dis Woman? Guess Which LHHATL Star Is Wigged Out And Fabulous!

September 11th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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ariane davis

Source: Instagram

Look closely into her doll face and who do you see? It’s Ariane Davis from “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta!”

If you remembered on this past season of the show, Ariane, who stays with a short pixie, joined K.Michelle for a fun wig-shopping date. She tried on a few styles but at the time didn’t  purchase anything. Until now!

For New York Fashion Week, Ariane decided to switch it up and sport a curly laid ‘do  and we think she looks gorgeous! She displayed her new locks on Instagram saying :

“Walked and wigged out for @avnahlong’s #NYFW’s show!”


Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram 

Do you like Ariane’s new ‘do? 


What ‘Chu Say Boo? Caption This Pic Of Kirk And Karter

September 11th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Kirk And Karter

Source: Instagram

Nevermind the daddy in this pic is plum crazy. Let’s just focus on the adorableness that is Kirk and Karter.

On Instagram, “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” star Rasheeda just uploaded one of the first pics of her new bundle of joy with her husband, Kirk and we have to admit it is simply precious. Rasheeda captioned the pic saying, “#babykarter having playtime w/ his daddy @frost117❤❤ #babylove.” Kirk also reposted it, appearing to be the loving father most of us were skeptical he’d be. You know, after encouraging his wife to get an abortion and everything.

Although we still haven’t seen little man’s face yet, Rasheeda posted another pic of the 3-week-old’s miniature hand. The new momma said, “He’s been holding my finger for hours! #babykarter#babylove” and it’s probably one of the sweetest photos to ever come from a LHHATL cast member ever.

Kirk and Karter

Source: Instagram

We love the way Kirk is looking into his son’s eyes in that pic above, but we can’t help but wonder what’s possibly racing through his mind. Caption the photo and tell us what you think.

Guess Who?

September 4th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Momma Dee throwback pic

Source: VH1

If I told you this was Momma Dee from “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” would you believe me?

Well you should.

A couple of days ago, VH1 posted throwback pics of the cast of LHHATL on their blog, and though the photos of Mimi with pigtails back in the day and Kirk and Rasheeda looking like they haven’t aged one bit were cute, the image I couldn’t get over was the one above of none other than Momma Dee.

I know Glamour Shots can clean people up a lot, but Lil Scrappy’s mother looks downright gorgeous in this shot. Not that she looks terrible now, but it’s just hard to see the woman in this photo shouting “Off with their heads” and retelling stories of being a real-life pimp, and misspelling the word b****. But as they say, pimpin ain’t easy, and when you do a side-by-side of Momma Dee now with this pic, let’s just say, “it’s written all over your face, you don’t have to say a word.”

Momma Dee Throwback

Can you believe this Momma Dee throwback pic?


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