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Leonardo DiCaprio Sues Magazine For Claiming Rihanna’s Having His Baby

June 7th, 2015 - By Rich
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There have been rumors floating around for months about the possibility that Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio were secretly dating. Well, French gossip magazine Oops took it too far and used a fabricated story about Rihanna being pregnant and him not wanting the baby on the cover of their magazine.

Gossip Cop reports that he is suing because of the claim and because pictures used of him violate France’s strict right to privacy laws. Plus, he is seeking 18,000 Euros which comes out to $20,000 and is the maximum you can seek legally in France. The case is set to go before a Paris court on June 16.

According to  Gossip Cop:

In an exclusive conversation with Gossip Cop, Frederic Truskolaski, an owner of Oops and a defendant in the lawsuit, acknowledges that the magazine knew its “scoop” was untrue. He says his staff read numerous stories “saying they were together,” but noted “we didn’t know” if Rihanna was pregnant, adding, “We thought she might be. We were not sure, of course.”

And yet, Truskolaski, who received the lawsuit on Thursday, says he’s completely shocked that DiCaprio has sued Oops. He tells Gossip Cop, “Why is he doing this?” The magazine’s part-owner thinks it may be “the first time an American superstar has sued a French magazine.”

According to the court papers, in addition to the erroneous claim that DiCaprio is having a baby with Rihanna, the magazine is being sued under France’s strict right to privacy laws. The lawsuit points out that Oops does not have the right to print information about DiCaprio’s personal life nor was it allowed to publish two paparazzi photos of him on the street. DiCaprio’s side is also asking Oops to print a retraction on an upcoming cover, and if it doesn’t, his legal team has asked the court to impose a 10,000 Euro fine (approximately $11,100).

Wait, What? Rihanna Denies Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Rumors

April 1st, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Generally, I’m not one to run with unfounded celebrity dating rumors, but reports about Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio being Hollywood’s new “it” couple had me somewhat convinced. I mean, the two have been spotted together on several occasions, but according to the singer, they’re not an item.

“It sounds to me like you should stay away from the blogs because they will screw you every time,” she told Hello! Daily News when asked about her relationship with the Wolf of Wall Street actor.

According to RiRi, she doesn’t have time for a relationship.

“I’m so busy right now that I just don’t have a lot of time to offer to a man so it wouldn’t even be fair to be thinking of pulling somebody else into this life,” she explained. “But if I did, he would have to be man enough to live with my schedule and not get scared.”

Earlier this month, an insider claiming to have knowledge of the actor’s personal affairs also denied RiCaprio rumors.

“Leo and Rihanna are just friends,” a source told Page Six. “Leo is and has been single for some time. He has been working on/shooting ‘The Revenant’ in Canada for months.”

Were you becoming comfortable with the idea of Rihanna and Leo being an item? Are you disappointed to know that there’s nothing going on between them?

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How Long Do We Have to Wait? 10 Films With Delayed Release Dates

June 5th, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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Hollywood movies=big money. Once the budget is figured out you need to pay the director, actors and other key employees. And then there are the costs for props, design and film locations. This is why production companies dish out some serious cash to market their pictures in efforts to make them box office hits.

But what happens when the film gets delayed? Unfortunately if it does, it can lose a lot of steam. After all, out of sight is out of mind. Here’s a look at films with delayed release dates. Some were able to come out okay while others didn’t do so well.

Don’t Feel Bad For The Oscar Losers! The Nominees Get An $80,000 Goodie Bag!

March 5th, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Adriana M. Barraza/

Adriana M. Barraza/

It’s almost gut-wrenching that Leonardo DiCaprio, who has never won an Academy Award. Or Chiwetel Ejiofor did not win a well-deserved golden statue at the Oscars for Best Actor. But don’t cry for them Argentina — they went home with an $80,000 luxury goodie bag to help dry their tears!

Companies donate their products to the Oscar “swag bag” — yes that’s what they call it, I didn’t make it up — in hopes of luring an A-list clientele to their business. Unfortunately, they won’t get the likes of Lupita Nyong’o or Jared Leto to gush about their goods because the swag bag is only given to the Oscar losers.

Empty-handed actresses such as August: Osage County’s Meryl Streep, Gravity’s Sandra Bullock, and American Hustle’s Amy Adams opened up their swag bag to see a voucher for a $16,000 hair transplant system, vacations to Kauai, Mexico, Western Canada, and Japan worth $27,000, a home spa system valued at $2,560 and more — all for free!

Now if that’s losing, who would ever want to win?

Amy Boatwright, owner of Secret Rooms Events, a branding/marketing firm, hosted a luxury red-carpet style event for the 86th annual Academy Award attendees. In this event, which was held at Beverly Hills Montage Hotel, guests get another round of luxury swag bags! Vendors pay Secret Rooms Events $1,500 and $25,000 to get their products seen by Hollywood’s elite, according to LA Times.

“Boatwright’s swag bags included cosmetics and skin care products as well as such products as Mouth Party caramels and a Poopy Carrier canine cleanup bag,” the paper adds.

Take a peek at what some of the vendors said about their contributions to Secret Rooms Events’ swag bag:

“Obviously, there’s celebrity interaction. But there’s quite a business strategy to it — advertising, marketing, networking, resources. I did a lot of research about these kinds of events [and] honestly I have to say it’s surpassing my expectation. I’ve gained really strong relationships and more interaction,” said Annamarie Sabo who paid $10,000 to bring her jewelry company to the event.

“There’s so much buzz around the Academy Awards anyway, so it’s just one more thing we can use from a marketing perspective to sell products,” said Monica Flores, the senior marketing manager for Nerium International, a skin care product company. LA Times made no mention of how much she spent.

Nearly 250 people RSVP’d to attend the event, but due to rainy weather — and the Film Independent Spirit Awards occurring at the same time — not many celebrities collected their swag bag this year.

I’ll be glad to accept their luxury goodie bags on their behalf.

Last year, the Oscar’s swag bag was worth significantly less at $55,000.

Hip-Hop To The Small Screen? Q-Tip Teams With Hollywood Heavyweights To Create New Show!

January 11th, 2014 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

If rapper Q-Tip gets his way, we’ll be seeing a lot about his life during one of the most important times in the hip-hop era.

According to Deadline, the rapper has joined forces with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, stars of The Wolf of Wall Street, to create a television show based on Q-Tip’s life when A Tribe Called Quest and the Native Tongues were one of the most popular groups and hip-hop collectives, respectively, around.

The Native Tongues included De La Soul, The Jungle Brothers, DJ Red Alert, Queen Latifah, and of course, A Tribe Called Quest.  While they would have been known today as “backpackers,” The Native Tongues were mostly a group of artists who didn’t necessarily fit into the mold of what hip-hop artists were back then but used their “eclectic” style to bring what some would call “conscious rap” to the forefront.

The show doesn’t have a primary writer behind it yet, but it is described as a drama project that “will draw from Q-Tip’s experiences with the group and with The Native Tongues collective that A Tribe Called Quest was a member of, which brought together late 1980s and early 1990s hip-hop artists known for their positive-minded, Afrocentric lyrics. The show will reflect on the stories of their friendship and how their music played a part in culture then and influenced the music of today.”

DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way, will produce it and they are expected to shop the show to various networks next week. By the way, Tip and DiCaprio have been close friends for years.

You know what? I’m really excited about this idea. Members of the Native Tongues have influenced almost every one of our favorite rappers and it would be great to see that time recreated.  The DiCaprio name alone can probably get the meetings to with almost every network but if HBO shows any interest, that would be an ideal situation.

Would you watch the show?

Good Luck! Good Riddance! Did Reggie Bush Take A Shot At Kim Kardashian On Instagram?

November 18th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian haven’t been an item since 2010. They’ve both started relationships with other people, and have even brought children into the world (little girls) since they split, but folks are saying that despite all the time that has passed, Bush is out here throwing shots at his former flame.

On his Instagram page, the running back for the Detroit Lions posted the above image of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby on Instagram that says “When you see someone else dealing with the BS your ex tried to put you through,” and he captioned the image “Cheers.” Bush also posted emoticons that were smiley faces laughing so much that they were in tears. And while he didn’t say any names or direct the image at anybody in particular, Kim Kardashian stans took to his Instagram to go all the way off on Bush about what they deemed a diss:

“Seems like you loved this BS as u begged her to take u back every time she left u”

“You sound salty just like Ray j…you just had a baby and are suppose to be so happy but you still have to bring up Kim..u stay losing”

“…but u when & got a Kim lookalike! The only way those two don’t look alike is bank account cuz ur b***h broke!… So u settled for a broke version & u won lmao. I’m not a Kim fan but I hate when “men” act like lil catty b***hes!”

But others also defended Bush, reminding the angry folks that Kardashian isn’t the only ex he has:

“you do realize HE refused to marry HER. And he kept breaking up with her. Go watch the first 3 seasons of keeping up w/ the kardashians on netflix”

“calm down ladies the man has more than one ex. Sure Kim is the most known but he could just be speaking in a lose manner and not necessarily referring to Kim K.”

“Hahaha!! Regardless of who it’s directed towards…….#priceless!”

Seriously though, it is priceless, and we can all relate to the meme. Whoever this was about, Bush should have known that even if this message wasn’t for Kim, it was going to get attention. And I’m sure Ray J was somewhere laughing about this and wishing he could repost it to his own page. But what do you think of Bush posting the image? Harmless or straight shade?

Need A Pick-Me-Up? Watch Leonardo DiCaprio “Turn Up” At His 39th B-Day Party To 2 Chainz

November 12th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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We here at the office are Leo DiCaprio-heads. If you’ll recall, my colleague wrote a piece for the site this year about how the talented actor can basically do no wrong in his films. And it looks like he can also do no wrong in everyday life as well (well, you know, for the most part). DiCaprio had a pretty swanky birthday party this past weekend as he celebrated his 39th year in the world. For the shindig, he invited 2 Chainz and Kanye West to pump up the crowd, and as captured by folks Instagramming throughout the party, Leo was clearly having a pretty awesome time. Dressed in a suit, with a hat on down to his nose, the Wolf of Wall Street star jigged to 2 Chainz’s “I’m Different” and a slew of other hits by both rappers while being showered with love by the ladies. Please check him out putting one hand in the air, and waving it like he just doesn’t care to 2 Chainz:

This isn’t the first time Leo has broken it down like a crippled clown on the dance floor:

The above gif is actually from his upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street, set in the ’80s. That comes out on Christmas by the way. DiCaprio has been a hip-hop head for years now, kicking it with Q-Tip (who was also reportedly at the party) and citing Nas as one of his favorites. When promoting his film The Great Gatsby, he showed love to some of his other favorite MCs right now:

“Kendrick Lamar is great, 2 Chainz is great too — don’t forget 2 Chainz. By the way, he’s my age — I’m very proud of a guy emerging in the hip-hop world at my age.”

Anywho, hopefully that video provided you with a little chuckle this morning. If not, just run it back another 15 times and I’m sure it will work…

And The Award Goes To…The Wrong Damn Person: Actors Who Should’ve Won But Didn’t

October 14th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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After watching this year’s Emmy awards, many people felt as if actress Kerry Washington was robbed. After losing out to Claire Danes in the category for “Best Actress,” the “Scandal” star took it in stride but here is a list of other actors who were passed over for their stellar roles.

"Denzel Washington pf"


Denzel Washington: Malcom X

Denzel Washington has had a long and stellar career in Hollywood that has spanned almost four decades. In addition to playing various characters, Washington also had to flex his acting skills when it came to playing real-life people. He received critical acclaim for his portrayals of Steve Biko, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, Melvin B. Tolson, Frank Lucas, and Herman Boone but it was his starring role in Spike Lee’s Malcolm X that should’ve earned the native New Yorker an Academy award. Although he was nominated for Best Actor, Washington lost out to Al Pacino. Lee was very vocal about his feelings saying, among other things, “I’m not the only one who thinks Denzel was robbed on that one.”

Successful Actors Who Avoided The Curse Of Child Stardom

September 9th, 2013 - By Meghan Williams
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Following the tragic death of “Rizzoli & Isles” star Lee Thompson Young, the question of child stardom and its effects has once again surfaced. Except this time, the conversation has taken somewhat of a different turn, considering the fact that Young, who rose to stardom in the ‘90s on the Disney Channel’s “The Famous Jett Jackson,” seemed unlike many of the more destructive child stars of today. After the show ended, Young continued acting on television and in movies and even graduated from the University of Southern California with Honors. He also wrote his first screenplay in 2007.

Young’s tale reminds us of the hard truth that we may never know the depths of these former child stars’ innermost struggles, but there are many who have successfully avoided or overcome those battles to become successfyl adults in the industry, Like Lee Thompson Young, these child stars’ professional lives have been clean, drama-free, and accurate representations of their multitudinous talents. Check out which stars made the list.

Child Actors Who Played Very Adult Roles As Kids

August 23rd, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Sometimes a young star will go above and beyond to shake the child-like image that follows them throughout their career, but these 15 child actors didn’t have to worry about that. These former child stars raised major eyebrows by taking on parts in very adult-themed movies.

child actors


Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson was sitting on the steps of a building in the East Village of Manhattan one day when a director of a movie saw a budding star. Cast in the 1995 film Kids, a 16-year-old Dawson played a wild and loose teenager whose concerns over contracting AIDS forced her to take an HIV test. Dawson has gone on to star in many projects, including independent movies and documentaries. Up next for the native New Yorker is a reprisal of her Sin City character Gail.