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‘I Came With A Full Career:’ LaLa Anthony Talks To JET About Maintaining Her Independence

April 17th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Alani “LaLa” Anthony may be married to one of the most popular players in the NBA, but “basketball wife” doesn’t even begin to describe who she is or what she does. The mother and media personality recently opened up to JET magazine about maintaining her independence and what drives her hustle.

“I have an independent, hustler’s spirit,” the “Love Playbook” author tells JET. “That drives me to this day. I never want to ask anyone for anything. And that simple thing has kept me motivated because there is something about having your 26 own.”

While it may seem like she has it all together on the outside, the “LaLa’s Full Court Life” star admits that being a devoted wife, mommy and mogul isn’t always easy. However, keeping these tips at the forefront of her mind helps her to keep things in perspective.

“1. Never Stop Doing You – “The difference with me is that when I first got to know my husband I was already hosting MTV’s Total Request Live, so I came with a full career,” she says.

2. Accept That Having It All Will Require Blood, Sweat and Stilettos – When asked about balancing a family, career and friendships, Anthony responded saying, “It’s tough. I always say that people who think it isn’t aren’t being honest.”

3. Sex May Sell, But Love Keeps You Off the Market – “If you don’t try to spice it up and keep it sexy, anyone can get bored but the key is really taking time with each other,” advises Anthony.”

Reality TV star LaLa Anthony talks to JET about maintaining her independence and what drives her hustle.

Source: JET

Read LaLa’s full interview in the latest issue of JET, which is schedule to hit stands Monday, Apr. 21.


One And Done: Celebrity Moms Who Stopped After One Baby

March 19th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Some celebrity moms have seen their families grow by having multiple children while these stars have closed up shop after having only one child.

Celebrity Moms Who Only Had One Child


Tamar Braxton

When fans met Tamar Braxton as part of the hit reality show “Braxton Family Values,” she was adamant about not having a child at the time. Ready to finally kick off her solo career just right, the baby sibling of six wanted to focus on her singing even though husband Vince was ready to become a father. Last June, Tamar gave birth to her son Logan and insisted this will be her first, her last, and her only.

Business-Minded Beauties: Celebrities With Their Own Cosmetics Lines

December 3rd, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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cosmetics lines

Celebrities are often paid thousands of dollars to lend their notable faces for the endorsement of popular products and beauty services, but these business-minded beauties have decided to go after much larger pieces of the pie by going into business for themselves and establishing their own product lines and brands.

He Put A Big Ol’ Ring On It! Celebs With Huge Engagement Rings

November 6th, 2013 - By Meghan Reid
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Famous people do everything bigger and celebrity engagement rings are no exception! Beyonce said “Put a ring on it” and the fellas lined up, with their wallets of course. Engagements are a symbol of love and commitment, but they can be costly, ranging from $70,000 to $5 million if you’re a celebrity. Check out 15 celebs who literally have million dollar homes on their ring fingers.

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 12.24.41 AM
Source: Instagram


Future knew what he was doing when he chose a beautiful 15-carat emerald cut diamond ring by Avianne & Co for Ciara. Yes, she had the birthday celebration that many girls dream of. Her man got on one knee in front of everyone to pop the question with a three-stone cut ring made of flawless diamonds with a price tag of $1 million to 1.5 million.

‘I’m Somebody’s Wife Now’ LaLa Anthony Raves About Marrying Her Best Friend

October 31st, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Lala Anthony

Source: WENN

Reality star LaLa Anthony is sometimes referred to as the First Lady of the NBA due to her marriage to New York Knicks small forward, Carmelo Anthony. But when you ask the 34-year-old Brooklyn native which perks she believes married life has afforded her, she admits that she’s just happy to be married to her best friend.

“Well you know for me I’ve been with my husband for 10 years now and we’ve been married for three and after all those years really much doesn’t change when you get married—but it is something inside you that knows, ‘I’m somebody’s wife now’ and that is a little bit of a bigger responsibility,” she told The Jasmine Brand.

“But, I’m married to my best friend and I’ve been with him for so long… since we were kids in a sense, so it’s great that I’ve been with the same person for such a long time,” she continued.

She also offered a few words of advice for young girls.

“I would just definitely say just be confident in yourself, be a leader not a follower. You know nowadays—I even see it with my nieces, so many of these girls are talking about each other and being catty and hating on each other—why not get together and support each other and uplift each other just like we do at an event like this. You know you get so much further that way than ‘kinda’ trying to bring people down.”

Sounds like great advice!

Watch LaLa’s interview on the next page.

LaLa Anthony Talks To Bethenny About Loving Sex And Why She’s Not Worried About Melo Cheating

October 24th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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LaLa Anthony

Source: FOX

Thanks to reality TV, we’ve heard like a million stories about cheating athletes. But if you ask LaLa Anthony how she feels about those stories and whether or not she worries about her husband, Carmelo Anthony, being faithful when he’s out on the road, she says that she tries not to concern herself with it. During a recent appearance on Bethenny, LaLa dished on being a secure basketball wife and the importance of sex in a relationship. Check out some of her interview highlights below.

On not worrying about Melo cheating:

I’m just very secure in myself. I cant worry about what’s happening on the road. I know our relationship. I know we have a great relationship. He’s my best friend and that’s what I put my energy on. If we think too much about what’s going on when we are not there and checking phones and cracking email codes, that will drive a woman crazy. You have to be secure in yourself and hope that’s the best.”

On traveling with him:

“Sometimes I go on the road. I work so much that I am just not able to pick up and go on the road but if he is going to a fun place, Chicago, Miami somewhere that I want to visit, yeah I’ll jump on the road and hang out.”

 On the importance of sex in relationships:

“Wow that’s a good one. I love sex. I think emotional definitely but I love sex, I think it’s very important.I think they are definitely related if you guys are compatible on an emotional level you guys will just be magnetic and great. One thing with sex with me is, I’m not into scheduling sex now. I am just not into that. I don’t think that’s Hot, I like being spontaneous and things just happen and you’re like whoaaaa.”

Watch a clip from her interview below. Check page two for an additional clip.

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Moving On Up.. Radio Personalities And DJs We Love!

September 14th, 2013 - By Davisha Davis
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Many of these radio personalities or DJs have expanded their brands and can be seen on TV or have moved to the bif time in radio and have syndicated shows.  They made radio fun and kept us yearning for more. Some of them, of course, have us wondering, “Where are they now?” So while the internet has certainly changed the course of radio, one thing is for sure: it can never replace the mark these people left behind in traditional radio.

Reality Stars LaLa Anthony And Tamar Braxton Take On New Projects

July 23rd, 2013 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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via DJDM/, FayesVision/

via DJDM/, FayesVision/

For Tamar Braxton and LaLa Anthony, reality TV has extended their careers into new big business ventures. TV personality LaLa Anthony is now the new face of Caress Body Wash. “Love and War” singer Tamar Braxton is set to join John Legend in his “Made to Love” tour as the opening act, reports

With LaLa’s Full Court Life vitality hanging by a thread, Anthony is salvaging her cash flow as Caress Body Wash’s new Fabulista Style Expert.

She has already used her platform on reality TV to pioneer her new cosmetics line, Motives. But now as a spokeswoman for Caress Body Wash, Anthony can continuously interact with an audience by showing “women how fragrance can inspire them to live fabulously,” said TheYBF. She will post weekly videos to talk about the latest fashion and beauty trends on Caress’ Facebook page.

“For me, fragrance is an essential part of any look because it sets the tone for my day, from how I feel to what I wear,” LaLa Anthony said. LaLa will also help launch Caress’ new Tempting Whisper Fine Fragrance Elixir Body Wash.

Tamar Braxton, on the other hand, by being the most entertaining sister on Braxton Family Values, has launched her music career to new heights. Along with a well-received “Love and War” soulful ballad under her belt, Braxton has caught the eye of John Legend.

Along with being a new mother and a member of The Real, she will be adding her soft-as-butter voice to John Legend’s “Made to Love” tour. The music duo will make 22 stops all across the country including Boston, New York, Atlanta, Miami, and Las Vegas, reports. She did that.

The tour will kick off on October 20th in Mashantucket, Connecticut and ending with their trek on December 1st in Los Angeles.

Should You Have Sex On The First Date? Lala Anthony Offers Her Two Cents

July 18th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Is it okay for a woman to have sex on the first date? An age old dating and relationships question with an answer that is almost always contingent upon the individual’s personal beliefs and convictions. Lala Anthony, who recently penned relationships book, The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex and Happiness, took a stab at the question during an interview with Access Hollywood.

“The number one rule I did put out is to make them wait a little bit just because they will respect you more and appreciate you more. If you give it all up in the beginning, then what do they have to look forward to?”

She went on to say that although she doesn’t recommend first date sex, in the event that things go there, all hope for the relationship may not be lost.

“I think it can work. I wouldn’t say it’s a good idea; you probably shouldn’t do it, but things happen,” she added.

During the interview Lala also cleared up rumors that the book is a tell-all about her relationship with hubby Carmelo Anthony.

“I’ve always been that girl that all of my friends come to for advice about relationships, about dating, about life. So I figured put it into a fun book, but it’s not a tell-all about my marriage to ‘Melo.’”

“’Melo is so supportive of everything I’m doing. I do talk about my relationship and marriage to ‘Melo in reference to advice and things. I want to be honest, but…it’s not that kind of book. It’s a fun book for women to just get advice to learn about love, happiness and sex.”


Turn the page to watch Lala’s interview. Are you for or against sex on the first date?

Oh, Heeeey…It’s You Again: 10 “Celebrities” You See Everywhere, But Don’t Really Know Why They’re Famous

May 29th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Before you get your panties all in a knot, this isn’t about really dissing anybody. But have you ever noticed certain faces and people everywhere, but don’t really know why they’re such a big deal all of a sudden? You can probably blame it on blogs and Instagram, but it’s something that’s been going on for years and years. Hence the rise of folks like Paris Hilton, everyone from Laguna Beach and The Hills, and other people who are famous just for being in front of a camera. Some of these people finally did something with their talents, while others are still just trying to be seen everywhere to make you care. And it seems to be working. Here are 10 celebrities who are famous but we still aren’t 100 percent sure why…

Lia Toby/

Lia Toby/

Rita Ora

So Ora is one of the “First Ladies” of Roc Nation, but is it just me, or do you rarely hear her music on the radio? Maybe she’ll have the same type of upward mobility that Rihanna’s career eventually had after “Pon de Replay,” but for right now, I don’t get it. I see pictures of her coming out of every place, yet I’ve never seen her perform at an awards show. Every time I turn around on fashion site’s, I’m being asked what I think of her style, but I’ve only seen one of her videos on MTV. She’s gorgeous, but honestly, I don’t know this baby from Adam. She needs to shake Jay-Z to put her music on somebody’s station because I don’t know anyone that can name more than maybe two of her songs. But we’ll see what the future holds for her…her vocals aren’t bad!

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