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Meet John Legend & Chrissy’s Teigen’s Daughter, Luna! And See 9 Other Memorable Celeb Baby Reveals

April 20th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Some celebrities are very private when it comes to their children. The little ones don’t ask to be brought up in the same limelight that their parents inhabit, and therefore, some famous moms and dads keep their children out of the public eye. That’s exactly why you probably won’t see Kerry Washington’s daughter, or Michael Ealy’s son until they’re probably adults with their own kids…

But other people want to share their joy with the world when it comes to giving birth and bringing up little ones. So they show off their kids in simple ways, like on Instagram, and in grandiose ways as well, like on the cover of magazines. Here are 10 memorable times our favorite ladies showed off their babies–many babies who are now well into childhood and have grown up right in front of our eyes.

We’ll start with a baby who just made her debut online this week:


hi my lulu!

A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

After giving birth to a baby girl named Luna Simone Stephens last week, Chrissy Teigen showed off baby Luna yesterday. And based on her parents, we’re sure Luna will be gorgeous–and quite the vocal little lady on social media.

A photo posted by John Legend (@johnlegend) on

Stop The Madness: 10 Things And People We’re Still Tired Of In 2016

March 17th, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Bad Habits That Women Can't Stand

Image Source:

If 2016 looks and feels strangely familiar in a déjà vu sort of way, there’s a reason.  We’re still in the first quarter of 2016 and yet so much of this new year (can we still call it a new year?) is filled with the same old antics we hoped and prayed would be left in the past where they belong.  Here’s a list of things we’re still tired of in 2016.



Attacking Young Black Celebs

“Comedian” Julie Klausner straight up attacked Zendaya Coleman by publicly body-shaming the young star’s weight.  In proper fashion, Coleman clapped back at Klausner, asking if she wants to be next to be set straight (remember, Zendaya schooled Giuliana Rancic after she made disrespectful comments about her faux locs).

And a New York Post writer recently trashed siblings Jaden and Willow Smith, saying “any reasonable parent would be ashamed of them.”  What’s shameful is these grown adults thinking it’s okay to behave in this manner.  If the tables were turned and someone came after their children in the same way, they’d be up in arms.

Sexually Liberated Or Shallow? The Feminist Dilemma Over Sharing Nude Pictures Online

March 10th, 2016 - By Charing Ball
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There is nothing more controversial than a naked woman.

And that is weird considering the naked and nearly naked female form is everywhere.

It’s exploited in film and television. It is used to sell us everything from cheeseburgers to religion. It is pimped out on street corners as well as in the halls of Congress. And sometimes, our bodies are used with no real justification or reason at all.

And yet, let a woman get naked and suddenly the whole world cries foul…

Yeah, I’m talking about Kim Kardashian’s nude picture. Who isn’t?

For the umpteenth time since becoming a wife and mom, Kardashian has tweeted a semi-to-fully nude photo of herself to her million or so followers.

And for the umpteenth time, the general public has reacted in one of two ways: either they welcome her nude picture as a celebration of feminine expression, or, folks get preachy.

Like award-winning actress Bette Midler, who humorously tweeted out:

And taking a more subtle jab was Pink, who also tweeted out:

And this is coming from a woman who once hung upside down wearing a bodysuit with nothing more than strips of fabric no bigger than Kardashian’s black censor bars at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

It would be hard not to notice the hypocrisy in this. Women with long histories of championing feminism and girl power, who have in the past reveled in being revealing – if not nude themselves – are suddenly finger-wagging at another woman for basically doing the same thing.

Such hypocrisy is something the notoriously naked Amber Rose recently pointed out:

Damn Pink we were all born naked society sexualizes our breast and bodies. If a grown mother of 2 is comfortable with her body and wants to show it off that's none of ur business or anyone else's. Now, if u wanna talk to kids and be a mentor to young teens, tell them to go to school and to not use their bodies to get ahead?! I'm all for it! But please as a grown woman let another grown woman live as she wishes. That's our problem! We're so quick to down each other instead of uplifting! Pink, We've seen u damn near naked swinging from a rope( Beautifully) but what's the difference between a rope, a pole and a pic on Instagram? Classism. Because u sing while ur half naked does that make it "Classy" or is it because u have a "talent"? I'm not dissing at all Pink just curious after u said "You'll never have to make a silly excuse for yourself".

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Right on!

However, we can not deny that the male gaze is a thing. Body dysmorphic disorder is a thing. Eating disorders are a thing. Women dying from butt implants is a thing. Skin bleaching is a thing. And the idea that the same woman who has makes tons of money emulating and becoming the beauty standard is now being considered a symbol of empowerment is somewhat laughable – if not opportunistic.

As bell hooks once said about Madonna and her former pseudo-sexually liberated but very boilerplate risque image, “Let’s face it. There is always going to be more money to be had, and more stardom to be had, in patriarchy.”

Honestly, it is hard to say for sure what side of the nudie a conscientious feminist should fall.

But personally, I tend to look at this issue as a matter of power and control.

In short, it not just a matter of what and who we see in the picture but who is sharing the image as well.

It’s a point that I had to learn to appreciate during the recent hoopla over the film Chi-Raq. If you recall, the film was partially inspired by the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace movement, which held a sex strike in the hopes of ending the civil war in that country. A lovely gesture indeed.

But as mentioned in a previous essay, the film’s ultimate failure is seeing how Spike Lee – the creator of this image in the film – played up the “sexy” part of their activism while glossing over the more meaningful parts of their rebellion.

For instance, in addition to the sex strike, the women also held a massive sit-in at peace talks in Ghana in which they threatened to strip themselves bare if the warring tribes did not agree to some reconciliation.

As WLMAP co-organizer Leymah Gbowee would tell the Oslo Freedom Forum about the action taken by the women:

So people ask me what is it about a woman stripping naked that makes people run? Or even make the conscience of a group of men who have paid and drugged boys to rape these same women to wake up. The thing is, when you are raped in conflict, when you are stripped naked in conflict, it is against your will. When a group of women, or when a group of people, get to the place where they decided that I am going to give you the last shred of my dignity, that is something to even wake anyone up. Even the most heartless dictators. The peace agreement was signed three weeks after this action.

If we are to believe (that is a disclaimer for all of those who I know have their doubts) Kardashian’s version of events, her rise to stardom wasn’t a matter of free will. But rather, it was a direct result of patriarchal capitalist society – in particular, a porn king and an anonymous thief – that used an intimate moment she had on tape – as well as our obsession with seeing a woman demeaned and stripped bare – to make large sums of money.

Fortunately for Kardashian, she was able to turn what could have been a life-threatening situation into a multi-million dollar brand. There is a lot to be said here about ingenuity but there is also a lot to be said about (White woman) privilege…and I’ll just leave it at that.

Still, there is no denying that Kardashian didn’t have a choice. Her body was going to be used with or without her permission. Her autonomy and agency was stolen away from her. And she was pushed into a corner that left her with little choice but to embrace the image that was thrust upon her.

Without knowing Kardashian personally, I can’t say what her motivations are. But it is clear by a message she allegedly left on her website (which is locked behind a paywall), that she certainly believes there is a deeper meaning to her constant need to get naked in front of the camera.

And as reported by Refinery29, she told her fans:

“I am empowered by my body,” she writes. “I am empowered by my sexuality. I am empowered by feeling comfortable in my skin. I am empowered by showing the world my flaws and not being afraid of what anyone is going to say about me. And I hope that through this platform I have been given, I can encourage the same empowerment for girls and women all over the world.”

As crazy as it sounds, we look for empowerment any way we can. And maybe for Kardashian (and other online nude tweeters), sharing her own nudes is a reclamation of what was literally stolen from her when her tape was leaked to the public in the first place.

The Price Of Fame: Celebrities Attacked By Fans

March 3rd, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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attacked by fans

Image Source: WENN

We’ve all dreamed about what it’s like to be a celebrity at one point or another. But sometimes the road to fame is lined with crazy fans. A$AP Rocky recently found that out the hard way when he was assaulted by three fans in New Zealand when he was just trying to take an elevator ride. And Rocky’s not the only one.

These poor celebrities have had eggs thrown at them; gotten sucker punched during fan signings — some have even been snatched right off of the stage. Now we understand why they’re never seen anywhere without giant bodyguards following them everywhere they go.

These stars probably doubled their personal security after these attacks. And we can’t say we blame them. Could you imagine anything like this happening to you? And do you think that sometimes they regret the fame? Check out 14 times stars were ambushed by fans who went way too far.

“I’m A Pleaser:” Stars Spill The Tea On How They Like Foreplay

March 2nd, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

When it comes to foreplay, not every person is created equal. Some like candles and slow jams, others don’t need much at all. And celebrities aren’t any different. These stars have opened up to let fans into their bedroom. And they have some surprising things to say about what they like in terms of foreplay.

From intellectual stimulation, to a hot bath, to dressing up in costumes on set, you’ll be surprised to hear what these celebrities get into behind closed doors. Whether they shared too much information on social media or gave a few too many details with these confessions, we’ve got all the foreplay tea right here. Get your mugs ready, it’s time for a long sip.

And if you know someone who’s dropping the ball in the foreplay department (side-eye at several ex-boyfriends), maybe slide this list their way and highlight your favorite tips to give them a few pointers.

Are You Surprised Kim and Kanye Waited This Long To Share A Picture Of Saint West?

February 22nd, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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saint west


Kim and Kanye aren’t exactly known for privacy. So we were wondering when we’d get a chance to see their new son Saint West.

And it looks like today is the day.

Kim shared this picture of her son through her website.

Check him out.

saint west

Source: Kim

Pretty adorable, right!

Kim included this note about her reason for sharing the picture today.

Today is my dad’s birthday. I know there’s nothing more in the world he would have wanted than to meet his grandchildren. So I wanted to share this pic of Saint with you all.

His eyes are closed but do you see more of Kim or Kanye in his face?

Are you surprised the couple waited this long to share their son’s picture?

#SpoiledGirlfriendGoals: Celebrity Men Who Give The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 12th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, coupled-up women everywhere are wondering what they’re going to get this weekend. If you haven’t dropped your hints just yet, check out these romantic gifts from celebrity men and get inspired. These husbands, boyfriends (some are now exes) went all out to surprise their significant others with just what they wanted for Valentine’s Day. Or better yet, something fabulous that they never expected.

An $8 million dollar necklace may not be in your boo’s budget. But a girl can dream, right?

Check out the fabulous gifts these guys provided for their ladies and get in the Valentine’s Day spirit. And yes, there is such a thing, thank you very much.

Where you wanna go baby!!!? Tickets for 2…Anyplace in the world…You decide.

A photo posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on


Plane Tickets To Anywhere In The World

Right on time for a Valentine’s Day trip around the world, Russell Wilson, who was crowned MVP at the Pro Bowl recently, was given plane tickets to anywhere he wants to go. He said he’s taking Ciara with him, and they will go wherever she chooses!

Is The World Ready For A Kirk Franklin And Kanye West Gospel Collaboration?

February 11th, 2016 - By Charing Ball
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#WAVES studio session. January 29. #RP @godsmessenger

A photo posted by TeamKanyeDaily (@teamkanyedaily) on


Honestly, there are very few things that Kanye West can do or say that will shock me.

Still, I was not expecting this.

According to Rolling Stone, West’s latest hip-hop album is actually a gospel album. Although it was initially titled So Help Me God, changed to Swish, and most recently was Waves, the album has been renamed The Life of Pablo and will “premiere” in New York City tonight.

It will also reportedly feature no other than Grammy-Award winning gospel singer Kirk Franklin.

In a recent interview with Big Boy in the Morning, West said this of the album:

I’m trying to open up hearts, minds. You know when I was sitting in the studio with Kirk [Franklin] and we were going through it, I said ‘This is a gospel album with a whole lot of cursing on it.’ But it’s still a gospel album. It is the gospel according to ‘Ye. It is not exactly what happened, you know, in the Bible, but it’s a story, an idea of Mary Magdalene becoming Mary. I played some of it for somebody the other day and they said, “Good luck.” Man, I am offended by the word “luck” because of the amount of work I put in. And the fact that this is a God’s dream, my pastor um, pastor Rich explained what that means when you say “a God’s dream”: It’s a dream that can’t happen without God. That means whatever amount of energy I got, in the hour in the morning when I can play with my daughter or go back and see my wife or go work out, I spent every other waking moment working on this album. And I am still only doing one percent – two percent – of the work. And God is doing the rest of the work. And my mom had Teddy Riley change his flight and come back to the studio. Robert Kardashian is making sure that all of the deals is getting done. He is still doing deals for controversial Black people from up in heaven [laughs].

It’s like, West always starts out making a point and then decides to get weird…

Naturally, folks, particularly in the church, are upset. For instance, Craig Lewis, who is a writer for, called the duet “ blasphemy.”

More specifically he writes:

Jimmy Iovine of Interscope (pictured with Kirk Franklin) has worked hard on merging the sacred and the profane to create an apostate form of Gospel Music aimed at removing the true Good News message of Jesus! He has promoted the most vulgar, perverted music our world have ever seen. He has fused this with Gospel Music through Franklin to unleash a great deception and make the true Gospel Message non effective. Now Franklin is causing many to lose their religion and adopt a belief with no boundaries, no regulations, and no biblical precedent! This gives grounds for the acceptance of Kanye West’s project by the Christian community!

The bible speaks explicitly about people changing God’s truth into a lie in the end times. The word also tells us to not have fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness. (scriptures below). This project is a work of darkness if I have ever seen one. And yet, Kirk is in fellowship with it and you will be too if you purchase it! Embracing artists like these in any way is against God’s word and for men to change His word to fit their agendas is blasphemy!

Of course, West’s recent spiritual enlightenment is nothing new. He has long claimed to be a god and has included a lot of religious imagery in his work. In fact, one of his biggest hits was a song about how Jesus walks with even the most disenfranchised and downtrodden among us.

Likewise, Franklin’s involvement with the project, while not exactly the duet most would expect to happen, is not all that surprising either. He has long been criticized for producing songs that incorporate much more secular rhythms and language than “traditional” gospel themes into his glorification of God. And just last year, the “Wanna Be Happy?” singer came under fire for naming his latest project, Losing My Religion.

But in a recent interview with MadameNoire, Franklin said the reason he chose that album’s particular title was because of the following:

So that we could see Jesus. So that they could be content and complete in Him and not try to live up to systems that all they do is create weights for people. It’s almost like the Pharisees that condemn Jesus for the healing on the Sabbath. They were more concerned about the law than they were about the love. And even in the 21st Century, we still see that happen where people may have tattoos and earrings and look a certain way or not the most consistent churchgoer – we condemn them.

Listen, I like Franklin. And I kind of get how a collaboration (at least on a song) with West can work beautifully. As an agnostic person who talks to God (or just myself – who really knows?), I always preferred the idea of a more accessible Christ than the fire and brimstone one, which gets the most play in religious circles.

However, I do see how some religious folks might be bothered by this. There are a lot of people out here using the Bible, Jesus and the spiritual belief systems of individuals for personal enrichment and flat-out debauchery. And I’m talking mostly about West here.

I get it. He’s an artist. And if West is really serious about this project, like he was in his College Dropout days, then I could see it working.

But let’s be also honest: This is Kanye West we’re talking about. And this entire whore into Madonna imagery, while titillating, suggests to me that this is going to be another dark and twisted ode to his lovely wife.

But I am curious to see what folks think. Leave your comments down below.

This Sex Toy Will Make For A Pleasurable Valentine’s Day

February 6th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Image Source:

Image Source:

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time we equip our readers with some tips for making this year’s celebration of love not just a great one but a pleasurable one.

Aside from schooling us on contouring and highlighting and Ben Nye setting powder, Kim Kardashian has decided to curate a Valentine’s Day gift guide, giving us some gift ideas for the big day and insight on what’s going down behind closed doors in her home. From silks blindfolds to melt chocolate body fondue to mesh handcuffs, there’s a lot of great picks ranging in price from $9.99 to $10,000.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Most notable, Kim listed the Lovelife Share Couple’s Ring Vibe ($59) as a gift that’ll leave both you and your man satisfied. Apparently, it’s a “snug silicone cock ring” that keeps a man’s anatomy harder and more sensitive with several different vibration patterns. Plus, during sex, the receiver can enjoy the vibrations as well by grinding against it, so it’s a win-win situation.

Have any of you all tried penis rings before? Check out Kim’s full Valentine’s Day gift guide here.


Did Y’all See? Fake Friends And ‘Fro Woes

February 5th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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On this week’s episode of Did Y’all See? the editors discuss the “natural hair tax” and whether Dominican hair salons are discriminatory, letting your man go on a trip with a friend of the opposite sex, and Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian’s faux reconciliation. Watch the video above and weigh in on these situations in the comments section.