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Teens Are Creating Viral Videos On Being Kidnapped And We’re Disturbed

December 8th, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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YouTube is a hub of information; from insightful discussions to music videos and hair and makeup tutorials, it is our visual “Google” search engine. Though, despite how much we learn from the video site and its users, it unfortunately, gives people platforms to share strange personal experiences. In their latest report on trends made viral by teens, Broadly notes that kidnapping stories have become the latest video blog phenomenon.

Although Broadly categorizes certain testimonies as survivor stories, there are thousands of “I Got Kidnapped” videos that do not focus on abduction but rather street harassment. “Typing ‘My Kidnapping Story’ into the YouTube search bar delivers around 223,000 results. Titles include “I got kidnapped??!”, “My Creepy Stalker Story–HE TRIED TO KIDNAP ME!!!!” and “Storytime: I was almost kidnapped.” The ‘almost’ here is important: A vast number of these videos are about ‘almosts’, with varying degrees of severity.” Broadly continues to reveal that videos like the latter are formulated with a click-bait approach to attract viewers to delve into their exaggerated story-telling world where YouTube users decorate videos with “photo-shopped black eyes” or have hit music singles to set the tone of their videos.

During their research, Broadly learned that some YouTubers were even bold enough to recount the kidnapping dreams they had, all for the sake of receiving sympathy for traumatic experiences they sometimes caused or only experienced during their REM cycle. Broadly notes of one video blogger they followed:

“Nessa and her videos have attracted over 908,905 subscribers, leading many to emulate her clickbait-style with all-caps titles and thumbnail pictures of photoshopped-on black eyes. …Another turns out to be about an Uber journey where the narrator simply refused to pay the driver. Another is about not being kidnapped, but about a dream the narrator had one time where she was kidnapped (no, really.)”

Despite shifting through the authentic and forgery accounts of kidnapping told online, Broadly claims teens are making people discuss sex trafficking and child abduction more, since the two issues are repeatedly swept under the policy rug. Most important, YouTube video bloggers claim to receive healing from sharing their kidnapping narratives, but at what cost?

Personally, I believe teen video bloggers who share personal accounts will alter how their generation will view and  change the language used when discussing kidnappings. By everyone sharing variations of real or fabricated kidnapping stories, people may become desensitized to the gravity of these heinous crimes. The other problem with these shared experiences is the comparisons video bloggers use to attack one another’s character and authenticity. These attacks push teen video bloggers to compete with one another to see who has the “best” or most outrageous story that may become viral. No matter the intentions, it’s clear teens are succumbing to same narcissism that’s swept over all of society since the the dawn of social media. There’s certainly a place for survivor tales to raise awareness on a serious issue but what we don’t need are fantasy retellings of events that, for some young women, have been a real nightmare, as the woman below demonstrates.

Yikes! Man Sets Up Abduction By Using Nicki Minaj’s Name To Lure 12 Year Old

October 17th, 2013 - By Raven Carter
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Nicki Minaj

Photo Credit: Lia Toby/

From EurWeb 

New York police are searching for a man accused of luring a 12-year-old girl into his car after promising her a meeting with rapper Nicki Minaj.

The victim and two friends were approached by a black male in his 20s posing as a modeling scout in the rapper’s native Queens on Sunday (Oct. 13). He convinced the teen pre-teen to get in his SUV while her friends left.

He is then accused of exposing himself and sexually assaulting the girl. She managed to escape and reported the incident to police, before receiving treatment at a local hospital.

Read more at 

Teens Check Out Woman, End Up Saving Her Life

September 7th, 2013 - By Rich
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Two boys who started out going for a ride and checking out girls ended up becoming heroes. Dallas’ Aaron Arias, 19, and Jamal Harris, 17, saw an attractive woman in the backseat of the car next to them. But when the woman mouthed “help me”, the boys called police and tailed the car along the highway until police arrived. Turns out, the woman was allegedly forced into the car by gunpoint. The man is being held on $50,000 bond.

These boys deserve a big hand for taking action when something seemed wrong.

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Watch these Kids Fail the Stranger Danger Test

August 1st, 2013 - By Rich
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You know you can’t protect your kids every minute of the day, so you hope that you teach them the skills to fend themselves. We know this scary video will have one or two parents wondering if they’re teaching their kids enough. On HLN’s “Raising America”, Kyra Phillips tests 20 kids on a playground and a shocking number of them are tricked into leaving with a stranger.

Parents watched from a hidden location as the show’s producer approached the playground with a dog on a leash. They were all confident their kids would listen to what they’d been told, which is to never go anywhere with a stranger, or even talk to one. But the kids flocked to the producer, thrilled to see a cute dog. He asked kid after kid whether or not they’d like to help him give his furry friend food and water, which of course are in his car.

When asked why these kids went to the parking lot with the man, one kid said, “He doesn’t look mean. He looks like a nice man that takes care of puppies.”

Do you think your kids would pass this test? How do you teach them about how to deal with strangers?

Ohio Kidnapper Ariel Castro Accepts Plea Deal Of Life In Prison Plus 1,000 Years For Rape & Abduction

July 26th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Source: USA Today

Source: USA Today

After facing more than 970 charges for kidnapping three women in Cleveland and holding them captive and sexually assaulting them for about 11 years, Ariel Castro is finally facing justice. While he was able to dodge the death penalty, according to USA Today, Castro accepted a plea deal today that will give him life in prison without the chance of parole, and a whopping 1,000 years. By accepting the plea deal, which was Castro pleading guilty to 937 criminal counts that included rape, kidnapping and aggravated murder (of an unborn child after it was claimed he starved and beat one of the women until she miscarried), allowed for the three victims, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight, to be able to keep from testifying in court and having to face him again.

When the judge told Castro that there would be no trial, Castro said that he understood and tried to share an excuse as to why he committed such heinous acts:

“My addiction to p**nography and sexual addiction in general has taken a toll on my mind. I would like to state I was a victim as a child and it just kept going.”

Despite the deal he accepted, on August 1, the judge presiding over the case, Judge Russo, will hand down a final sentence. No matter what though, it’s clear that Castro will not see the outside world again. As for the victims, they spoke out at the beginning of the month to thank their supporters for all the encouragement, including Berry, who has a 6-year-old daughter born while she was kidnapped. Castro, of course, is the father:

“I want to thank everyone who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal, everyone who has been there to support us. It has been a blessing to have such an outpouring of love and kindness.

I’m getting stronger each day and having my privacy has helped immensely. I ask that everyone continue to respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life.”

Horrific Details Of Rape, Beatings And Miscarriages Endured By Ohio Kidnapping Victims Emerge

May 8th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: CBS News

Source: CBS News

Yesterday we reported on the miraculous escape of three Ohio kidnapping victims who were allegedly held captive for over ten years by Ariel Castro and two of his brothers. As America continues to celebrate the victims’ safe return, gruesome details have begun to emerge regarding the inhumane treatment suffered by these young women during the 10+ years that they were confined to Castro’s home.

One source told ABC 5 that there were “multiple” pregnancies between Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Michelle McKnight. The source went on to say that one of the victims suffered two to three miscarriages during the years spent in Castro’s home because she was malnourished. A police source revealed that there were “five pregnancies inside” the Seymour Avenue residence. The source did not disclose whether or not Berry’s 6-year-old daughter was included in that number, but they did reveal that more children were recovered from the home.

According to WKYC, the women were also repeatedly raped and beaten during their pregnancies.  Ariel, Pedro and Oneil Castro were arrested on Monday night in relation to the kidnappings. Investigators continue to comb Ariel Castro’s home for clues. It is being reported that “disturbed dirt”was discovered in the backyard, but it has yet to be revealed whether or not this clue has any relation to the aforementioned crimes.

We will continue to keep you posted as this story develops.

3 Kidnapped Girls Found 10 Years Later

May 7th, 2013 - By Rich
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Three families’ worst nightmares ended yesterday with a miracle. CNN reported three women who were kidnapped as teenagers in separate incidents were found in the same Cleveland, Ohio home.

Michele Knight was taken at age 19; Amanda Berry was kidnapped leaving her Burger King job just days before her 17th birthday in 2003; and Georgina DeJesus, 14, was taken a year later. The three women were found alive in the same Cleveland house after neighbor Charles Ramsey saw Berry screaming and frantically trying to get out of the house. The man helped her escape the house and Berry fled to a neighbors house to call the police. He called the police as well.

Police arrested 52-year-old former bus driver Ariel Castro as well as two men identified as his brothers. Two years ago, a neighbor called police to the home when he heard yelling but police left when no one answered the door. The three women were taken to the hospital and seem to be in good health.

DeJesus’ mother says she always felt her daughter was still alive and said she’s receiving the best Mother’s Day gift she could ever receive.

No Reward: Man Who Found Nai’alla Robinson Stiffed by Government

April 6th, 2013 - By Rich
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Our sister site MadameNoire reported that Nelson Mandela Myers, the man who made national headlines for finding an abducted girl, isn’t getting the hero treatment he anticipated. Myers saw Nai’alla Robinson partially clothed and hiding under playground equipment. It later came to light that the girl had been taken by a woman wearing a full niqab and was tortured and sexually abused. Myers covered the girl with his jacket and stayed with her until the police arrived.

Myers was more than happy to be able to help a grief-stricken family recover their daughter, but he also felt relief himself when he was told he’d receive a reward of $10,000. He and his wife face a staggering amount of debt and the reward money would help them rest easy.

“Mayor @Michael_Nutter, full $10,000 reward to Nelson Mandela Myers, who saw [the girl] in an Upper Darby park and did the right thing,” Mark McDonald, [Mayor] Nutter’s spokesman, Ttweeted that day. Janie Myers thought her prayers had been answered, too. “Twenty-four hours before that I was crying and praying to God,” she said. “Honestly, that $10,000 was literally a blessing that fell out of the sky for us.”Nearly three months later, Nelson and Janie Myers have yet to see a penny of the reward money, and the young couple say their calls and emails to city officials have gone unanswered. “We’re up to our necks in bills,” Nelson said. “It’s a blessing that they’re giving me the money, but I just really can’t explain why we haven’t gotten it yet.”

The couple says their repeated attempts to contact the city have gone unanswered.

Photo via

No Reward: Man Who Found Naialla Robinson Stiffed by Government

Owe Me Back Like You Owe Your Tax: Promoter Suing Nas for $10 Million Over Kidnapping

December 22nd, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Judy Eddy/

Judy Eddy/

A promoter who found himself in a bad situation is determined to hold Nas accountable for it, one way or another.

Concert promoter Patrick Alloco is suing Nas for $10 million dollars for what he believes in Nas’ role in a kidnapping and TMZ has, of course, obtained the documentation.  Not sure if you heard about this but the concert promoter was kidnapped in Angola after Nas did not show up for a concert on New Year’s Eve in December 2011 after he was paid $300,000.  Singer Jeremih was also part of the bill and didn’t show up but the assumption is that he was only paid $15,000 for his performance. The Angolan promoter that was involved, Henrique Miguel, was allegedly very upset because he put up a lot of money for Nas’ appearance and when he didn’t show up, he allegedly sent his “henchmen” out to capture Patrick until he got his money back.

Alloco and his son were held captive for 50 days – until February 2012 – when the U.S. Embassy finally stepped in and were able able to get them released (the Angolan authorities were aware of what was going on – they, in fact, held Alloco for over seven hours for questioning).

In the lawsuit filed in federal court on Friday, Alloco said he was threatened constantly and beaten during the time he was held hostage.  He also states that as a result of him being away from the states for so long and being unable to do business, he has lost his company and his home.

That is a lot of money and we already know Nas has had IRS money problems, ex-wife money problems, etc.  This case seems like it’ll be interesting (if Nas doesn’t settle out of court) because the only reason Alloco was kidnapped was because Nas didn’t show up for the show.  Now, who knows if he’ll actually get $10 million but you have to wonder if a judge would see things in his favor in some part.

What do you think? Should Nas be held somewhat responsible?

Missing Mommy: April Michelle Pickens (Asheville, NC)

December 14th, 2012 - By Rich
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December 26, 2012 will mark one year since the last time anyone has seen April Michelle Pickens. When most of us will be celebrating the holidays with our families, April’s 5 children, between the ages of 1 and 10 years-old, will be wondering if their mommy will ever come home.

That’s right. 5 children. Myasia, 10, Christian, 6, Neveah, 4, Silus 2, and Serenity, 1, will not be sitting around the Christmas tree this year opening presents with their mother.

Ms. Pickens, 29, was last seen on December 26, 2011 by her sister Kimya Pickens. April stopped over her sister’s house to borrow some perfume because she was on her way out with a new male friend. Unfortunately, no one knows the name of this new person, but from what her sister said, April was in very good spirits when she borrowed the perfume.

That was the last time anyone has seen her. April has seemingly vanished into thin air.

So where’s the news coverage? The silence on April’s disappearance is quite deafening. How can a mother of 5 go missing and not a buzz from the national media? According to the FBI, out of the 678,860 people reported missing in 2011, 270,680 were minorities. That’s 40%. The national media coverage of missing adults and children is overwhelmingly white. It nowhere nearly represents the 40% that are missing. Help Black and Missing but Not Forgotten get the word out about April’s disappearance.

Case Type: Endangered
DOB: 1983
Gender: Female
Race: Black
Age at time of disappearance: 29
Missing Date: December 26, 2011
Last Seen: Pisgah View Apartments, Asheville, NC
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 155
Complexion: Medium
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Brown
Identifying Marks: 3 tattoos: Chinese letters on her right breast, the Gemini sign on her right thigh and “Eric” on her upper back.

If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of April, please contact: Asheville Police Department (828) 252-1110 or make an Anonymous call to A-B Crimestoppers at (828) 255-5555.

Black and Missing but Not Forgotten is an organization dedicated to raising awareness for missing African Americans and addressing the racial disparities in the mainstream media reporting of missing persons of color. To report a missing person case or to keep up-to-date with Black and Missing but Not Forgotten:

Words: Angela Childs