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Ready for a New Set of Wheels? Find The One That Suits You Best

June 20th, 2013 - By Candace Smith
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Buying a new car is one of life’s biggest decisions. It becomes a more arduous task when dealing with an extremely discerning eye. If you are thinking about buying a new car for yourself or a special person in your life and you’re overwhelmed with the many options to choose from, check out our list of the best cars to purchase.

The Nine Most Anticipated Super Bowl XLVII Commercials

February 1st, 2013 - By Blair Bedford
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AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

If you’re not into NFL football, Super Bowl parties or even Beyonce for that matter, Sunday’s big game might not be a highlight for you, but the multi-million dollar commercial advertisements might be!

You might have already seen a few ads here or there gearing up for the Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and San Fransisco 49ers and the record-breaking audience it will receive, including Beyonce’s Pepsi ad for her sponsored halftime show, but there are many more to come. From big household names like Toyota to smaller, but well-established products like Mio drinks, we are anticipating some of the biggest Super Bowl commercials ready to premiere this coming Sunday evening. Are you?

Have We Seen The Last of The $10,000 New Car?

April 15th, 2011 - By TheEditor
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"nissan versa"By Charlotte Young

If you were planning to purchase your brand new car with a lower budget, think again. It appears that the end of affordable, $10,000-range new cars is near.

Next week in New York, an auto show is expected to showcase the latest models with a guaranteed higher price tag. One of those models is the 2012 Nissan Versa.

According to USA Today, the Nissan Versa has been described as “cheapest car in America.” Although the company’s website still has the vehicle listed as $9,990, the price of the new model is expected to rise at its auto show debut, or within a few months.

Another car on the cheap new car list is the Hyundai Accent, which is also in the sub-$10,000 range. But as with the Nissan Versa, its price will most likely rise at the showing. The Accent’s South Korean equivalent, the Kia Rio, has already seen a price jump. It is now listed at more than $11,000.

These price changes are sure to affect those looking to save, including college students, young professionals and working families. For those who still want a car on a smaller budget, perhaps buying a used car isn’t so bad after all.

Case Study: The Best and the Worst Hip-Hop Inspired Marketing Campaigns

February 1st, 2011 - By TheEditor
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By Brittany Hutson

As hip-hop became the soundtrack for a younger generation, companies took notice and have been utilizing hip-hop’s prime players to endorse their products in the hopes of reaching those younger and potential consumers. Mike Street, senior digital strategist for Syndicate Media Group, a communications and marketing agency, explains that in order for a company to have a successful marketing campaign featuring hip-hop artists, brand managers must find an artist who is aligned with the culture and mission of the product. “If the artist doesn’t even really use the product or have a passion for the product, consumers will see right through it and it will be money wasted,” he said.

TAP consulted with marketing experts to critique some of hip-hop’s more successful inspired marketing campaigns, as well as those that fell short.

Mos Def and Air Jordan XVI

"mos def"

Nike and Michael Jordan made a slam dunk in 2001 when they combined “basketball, hip-hop and sneakers into the perfect 30 second piece of art,” said Street. To promote the company’s Air Jordan XVI sneaker, Mos Def was tapped to include his melodious track “Umi Says” from his solo debut album, Black on Both Sides, as the commercial’s background music. Even today, people still associate Mos Def’s “Umi Says” to the Air Jordan XVI commercial.

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