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Keyshia Cole Flips After Radio Host Asks If She’s ‘Wifey Material’

March 24th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Keyshia Cole is infamous for flying off the handle. However, in the “Rick James” singer’s defense, it also seems that many times she is provoked. Take her recent interview with V103′s Ryan Cameron for instance. The soon-to-be divorced star called up the station to discuss her new single “Rick James” and naturally, the hosts also asked about her split from estranged husband, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

“Some things just don’t last forever,” Keyshia expressed. “We definitely are co-parenting right now. He’s a great father. You know, I wanna stress that issue. A lot of guys out there don’t care of their children after the relationship doesn’t work. He makes sure DJ is well taken care of, not just financially. We good, we working it out and we’re straight.”

The hosts then began to probe, insisting that she sounded like she was offering “politically  correct ” answers.

“It’s not an easy thing to deal with,” she added.

Keyshia appeared to be rolling with the punches and even responded to questions about whether or not she rushed into her marriage with Daniel. But she was clearly thrown off when Ryan’s co-host Wanda Smith asked if she felt that her occupation allowed her to be “wifey material” during her marriage.

“Do you feel like you were wifey material?” Wanda questioned.

“You know what? Y’all really f**kin’ with my sh** right now,” Keyshia responded. “I got some other sh** going on. What y’all wanna talk about? Tell me now.”

“You were so busy, you had your career popping off and you were doing your thing,” Wanda explained. “Then you had to phase out and start doing the wifey things, the cooking, taking care of the kids. Were you really ready for that or were you still trying to do your music thing?”

When Wanda compared Keyshia to Monica Brown and her decision to sort draw back from the music industry, to make her point more plain, Keyshia responded:

“So you trying to insinuate that I was one dimensioned?”

“Listen! Monica [Brown] I’m sure is doing her thing. This isn’t ain’t no first rodeo for Monica. She’s been through the ringer, this, that and the other. But at the end of the day, we can handle all that! It’s a point of a man taking care of his business. Straight up on that. We good! We handle our sh**. We do what we do! Period! I don’t know what to tell you about that.”

Keyshia managed to keep her composure for the remainder of the interview; however, once she had a moment to think things over, she quickly took to Twitter and blasted the station over it.

“I’m done wit interviews for a minute! That interview with V103 left a very bad taste. And to be honest, I don’t deserve that kinda treatment,” she tweeted.

“Y’all can kiss my a**! With that phony sh**.”

“Y’all should be ashamed of ya selves! Not cool. Never another interview from me!”

“Man. Y’all don’t even have to play my record. I’m cool wit that!”

“Man. It’s good tho. All love. God Bless. I’m gonna keep my head high and keep puttin one foot in front of the other! #BelieveTht Neva again tho.”

Divorce is obviously an extremely sensitive subject for a person who is going through it, so we understand why she wasn’t 100% comfortable with the questions being asked.

Listen to Keyshia’s  interview on the next page. Do you think she has a right to be upset or did she overreact?

“No Matter How Much I Dislike This Man, It Will Never Be To The Point Where He Can’t See His Son”: Keyshia Cole On Daniel Gibson

March 20th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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keyshia cole


To promote her new song, “Rick James” (you read right), Keyshia Cole stopped by The Breakfast Club to give a very interesting interview about everything that has gone on with her marriage (she and her husband are on social media beefing terms), her issues with Michelle Williams and Beyoncé (including why she was so critical of “Bow Down”), her drama with her sister Neffie and her mom (they no longer speak), and more. Here’s what stood out:

Her Statements About Beyoncé:

“I was not hating on Beyoncé. No, it was not directed at all as hate. I’ve seen Beyonce a few times. She’s always a very sweet girl. To me, that just wasn’t her, her thing you know what I mean? But I don’t know. Like dude said, she switched it up or something. So, I don’t know, you know? But that’s just not what I know of her so it kinda hurt my feelings a little bit.”

Her Issues With Michelle Williams And Working Things Out:

“Well she stared that you know what I mean? She started that and it really hurt my feelings too because she’s Christian and she’s a church girl and all of this but yet we talk on the phone and you say you apologize for taking a Tweet down that you said about me in the first place. You know what I’m saying? And I mean, it just felt like everybody just jumped on me ‘cuz I’m from Oakland, I’m the ghetto chick and I’m always starting everything when in actuality I just say how I feel. You know what I’m saying and I don’t feel like I was starting nothing. But I was just getting her back for what she said to me. It was just like, I felt real like, everybody going in on me. You got ol boy, the Hamburgler up here talking about me. The-Dream [laughs]. You got Rico Love up here going in on me, but everybody was defending her. But in actuality she called me and apologized and said she never should have tweeted that or whatever. She called me and apologized and I said ‘Well next time you get a chance, address it, because you got people going in on me and that ain’t even the case.’ She said, I was at the Soul Train Awards and she was like, ‘I ain’t even know you could use Auto-tune at the Soul Train Awards, what’s that about?’ It’s cool. It’s over.

The State Of Her Marriage:

“I just, you know what I mean, I just wanna put my music out. And just, you know, sit in my own craziness. You know what I’m saying? And just chill out for a minute. Like, I don’t even really know what I wanna do right now. I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t really want go into it.”

Where They Are Now:

“We co-parent. He’s a great father though. Exactly, 8:30 come take DJ to school every morning and I pick him up.”

On Thinking Her Husband, An NBA Player, Wouldn’t Cheat:

“I did. I really did. I believed in that, you know what I mean? And on top of that, we just had so much of a great relationship. I felt like, I felt like it wouldn’t be possible.”

If They Can Work Things Out:

“I’d just rather avoid questions like that for my son’s sake. We’ll know it as the time goes by whats going to happen. You know? This we’re talking about now involves a child…I want the situation to play out. I just want to protect my son. I’ll never be the kind of woman who–No matter how much I dislike this man, it will never be to the point where he can’t see his son. Period.”

If She Can Work Out Issues With Neffie And Frankie:

“No. I mean, it’s just chaos and I don’t want that around him [son Daniel]. I have to protect him from that type of chaos. I haven’t even spoke to my mom, Frankie, in a minute. They don’t have my number. It’s just a respect thing for one. Last time I had my mom around I sent her through rehab and I tried to help her and I spent a lot of money…and she just took it way too far, yelling in my house. Luckily my child was asleep. After that I was like, ‘Naw.’ You gotta make an adult decision to move that out…I just need…not right now.”

Growing Up:

“I’ve grown a lot. I’m 30 years old. Ain’t the same way I used to do it. Take my anger out and just go ahead and approach you and do something about it.That ain’t the way I do it no more. You know? I’m a mother.You know what I mean? Whatever I do from here on out, I want my son to be proud of. Regardless of what it is.”

Putting All Her Business On Social Media:

“Well I have feelings, you know what I’m saying? I guess sometimes I have to put my phone down like ‘yo, I need to put my phone down because I’m about to go in.’ But I’m chillin’.”

She addressed quite a bit. Check out her full interview and Keyshia’s answer to the question of whether or not she’s really happy at the point and difficult time in her life.

‘Don’t Get Blocked:’ Keyshia Cole Snaps At Fan Who Offered Words Of Encouragement

March 6th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Stans, fans and trolls can get extremely out of hand when it comes to celebrities on social media. So it’s not a complete surprise that some celebrities are naturally in defense mode. But one fan who attempted to offer some encouraging words to Keyshia Cole regarding her family and her marriage received a response that she probably wasn’t expecting.

“@KeyshiaCole Remember that you stood before God,” the fan tweeted “I know everyone talking about ‘She hurt, that album is going to be hot.’ This is your life. Fight.”

Seemingly taking offense to the fan’s words, Keyshia responded:

“Don’t get blocked.”

Noticing her aggravation, the fan quickly offered an apology to the “Enough of No Love” singer.

“I apologize. I didn’t mean to offend you or your family.”

“Again, I apologize.”

Keyshia eventually accepted the fan’s apology and explained that she was speaking on something that she had no knowledge of.

“It’s all G,” she replied. “You just have no idea what you’re speaking on, love.”

We get it, Keyshia. It has to be pretty annoying for celebrities to have complete strangers commenting on your personal business day in and day out. But honestly, the fan seemed to have good intentions.

Signs Your Relationship Might Be In Trouble….Via Keyshia Cole

February 17th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Keyshia Cole’s marriage troubles have been one of the most public celebrity relationship meltdowns in recent memory (although T.I. and Tiny may soon give her and Boobie a run for their money). Keyshia may have over-shared, but letting fans in on her struggle made a lot of people realize that they can relate. If you’ve ever watched your relationship go down the tubes, you know the signs that your relationship might be in trouble. And if you haven’t here they are:

Signs Your Relationship Might Be In Trouble

Image Source:

You Start Listening to All the Salty Jams

And if you were Keyshia Cole, you’d probably write the lyrics to a few too.

‘People Can Be So Mean:’ Keyshia Cole Talks Family Drama And Her Beef With Reality TV

February 7th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Bethenny & Keyshia Cole

Prior to the 2006 debut of her reality show “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is,” many never realized that the singer was raised by an adoptive family, but the show allowed her to share that part of her life with the world.

“I am thankful for my mother even adopting me, very thankful,” she said during a recent taping of “Bethenny” “My mother loved me like her own and I don’t feel any different. Me and my brothers and sisters are still close.”

Now that she’s an adult, reflecting on the loving household that her mother provided makes her want to adopt a child of her own.

“I do want to adopt, I do,” she continued.

While her unique familial structure helped to bring positivity to her reality show, the 32-year-old mom says it also garnered some negative attention as well—mostly targeted towards her biological mother, Frankie.

“You know it’s just so up and down for me because I really love when young women come up to me they approach me and they say, ‘Oh my God, to see you do it and know that you came from nothing and you didn’t allow adversity to change anything, you just really went after your dreams.’ So there’s that side of it and then there is the, ‘Oh your mother is on drugs and dadadada.’ It’s like people can be so mean and cruel and evil. It feels a little intrusive when people speak like that about my mother, my family, my sisters and stuff like that.”

Keyshia adds that due to the public’s obsession with her biological mother and her issues, her adoptive mother didn’t receive the recognition that she deserved from the show.

“I had a great mother. My mother instilled amazing morals and values that I live with today.  I feel like my foster mother didn’t get enough recognition for all she’s done for me.”

Keyshia’s “Bethenny” interview airs on Feb. 10

Watch a clip from her interview on the next page.

That Was Quick: Celebs Who Dated For 2 Seconds Before Getting Engaged

January 28th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Sometimes you know within a matter of minutes if the person you just met is your soulmate and partner for life. That appears to be the case with these celebrity couples who wasted no time moving from dating to engaged within a matter of months or even days.

"Big Sean and Naya Rivera pf"


Big Sean and Naya Rivera

Rapper Big Sean had a longtime girlfriend back when he signed with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label. Even though she was there for much of his success, the couple parted ways in 2013 and soon after that the Detroit rapper was in the arms of another woman. Big Sean met actress Naya Rivera on Twitter first before taking their romance offline and into the real world. After dating for just six months, Sean popped the question this past October.

Celebs Who Put Their Lovers In Their Music Videos (Sometimes More Than Once)

January 21st, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Being in love is always a great feeling and it’s even greater to share it with the world, like these artists who weren’t shy about having their boos star in a music video with them for all to see.

Celebs Who Put Their Lovers In Their Music Videos

Usher and Chilli

In 2001, Chilli made a lot of women jealous after she started dating Usher. Although their relationship only lasted for two years, that was enough time for Chilli to appear in two of Usher’s videos: “U Got It Bad” and “U Don’t Have To Call.” After their relationship came to an end, many speculated the songs off of Usher’s Confessions album (which hinted of an affair and a love child) were about their relationship, but the TLC member revealed that Jermaine Dupri’s love life was really the inspiration behind it all.

Over It: 15 Celebs Who Need To Give The Blonde Hair A Rest!

December 16th, 2013 - By Meghan Reid
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Apparently if you’re a black woman who happens to be a celebrity, your hair must be dyed blonde at some point and you must have an arsenal of blonde lace fronts in your closet. It’s like once you reach a certain level of success blonde hair becomes the standard and changing it up just doesn’t happen anymore. Even if blonde hair looks terrible on you, that is of no importance. Check out 15 celebs we’re begging to let the blonde dye job go.
Black celebrities with blonde hair
Photo: WENN

Mary J. Blige

We may never see Mary J. Blige without blonde hair again. She is one celebrity that just doesn’t seem to change up her hair color at all. She’s always rocking the honey blonde and we’d love to see her change it up every now and then.

Is Keyshia Cole Cheating On Boobie? Rumors Spark As She’s Spotted Looking Cozy With Promoter

November 10th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"KeyshiaRugs2 - Keyshia Cole cheating"

Source: Prince William/

Keyshia Cole and hubby Daniel “Boobie” Gibson just cannot seem to figure out what do with their marriage.  With rumors of Boobie’s infidelity always sky high, it looks like it’s the wife’s turn: Is Keyshia Cole cheating too?

On Friday night, Drake threw an after party to celebrate his big concert in the city. Keyshia was there and she looked pretty comfortable with Atlanta party promoter, Mr. Rugs. Of course, it could be “nothing,” but then again, married people don’t just allow people of the opposite sex that far into their space, do they? She even seems to be hiding her ring finger (which she does quite often lately in party photos).

If you’ve heard anything about the Gibson marriage lately, you’re well aware that they take their anger out on each other via social media.  Boobie has taken to posting pictures that express how angry he’s been over whatever is going on in his life.  Keyshia, on the other hand, has been ignoring most things – including the talk about these latest pictures.

So, is it really over for the Gibsons? Is Keyshia Cole cheating or are they separated at this point? Who knows but at the very least, hopefully they can figure out some peaceful ground so they can co-parent and raise their son. Only time will tell.

Cover image source: Prince William/

Keyshia Cole’s Contemplating Adoption, Says Her Mom Will Help

November 8th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Keyshia Cole's Contemplating Adoption

Source: Instagram

Despite the incessant rumors of marital trouble surrounding Keyshia Cole and her husband Boobie, the Oakland singer is thinking about making a major family change. According to Keyshia’s Instagram musings, she’s surprisingly contemplating expanding her family by way of adoption. She wrote a few days ago:

Keyshia Cole's Contemplating Adoption

Source: Instagram

Many may forget that Keyshia was adopted. After being born to the mother we’ve all grown to know, Frankie, real name Francine Lons, and her now-deceased father Sal, Keyshia was adopted at age two by family friends Leon and Yvonne Cole, who changed her last name to theirs. Given that upbrining, it makes total sense Keyshia would want to adopt, and we all would love to see more African American children brought into stable African American homes, but therein lies some of the confusion with Keyshia’s statement.

Knowing the marital issues she’s working through, it is odd that Keyshia doesn’t mention her husband at all in this post, only her adopted mother. But perhaps in mentioning Mama Cole, she means her adopted mother will help her through the adoption process, not to raise the child, which is one way this message could be (mis)interpreted. Also, to say you’re contemplating adoption in the same breath as you say you have too much work to do to have a child is a bit contradictory. Sure, you won’t have to physically carry the adopted child, but the work required to raise him or her will be no less than a child she’d give birth to, if not more. I’m thinking Keyshia might want to give this decision a little more thought and make sure her home is right before going any further, but this is none of my business…

What do you think?


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