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Don’t Think You’re Irreplaceable! 10 Up-&-Coming Celebs Giving Established Stars A Run For Their Money

July 19th, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Beyoncé named as the world's most powerful celebrity by Forbes magazine.

Source: WENN

“Replacing you is so easy!” It’s a line from Beyonce’s hit song Irreplaceable that applies to even the most established stars. There will always be someone to take your crown, fill your shoes, and have you exiting “to the left, to the left.”

Take The View for example: It’s the fourth-longest day time talk show in history.  Though it was once the best of its kind, backstage politics are causing the top-rated talk show to slip right down the totem pole. Unfortunately for The View, there’s another all-female talk show that’s right on its heels…

Let’s take a look at the up-and-coming celebrities that are giving established stars a good run for their money, shall we?

It Is Time For Some New Ideas In Black Romantic Comedies

July 16th, 2014 - By Charing Ball
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It appears that I am not the only one, who was just not feeling a sequel to Think Like A Man.

In the piece entitled, Why Think Like A Man Too is proof that Hollywood fails black audiences, Dominick Mayers explains how despite Hollywood’s sudden interest in black film over the last five years, very few of these films are “particularly original” or even ambitious in plot. More specifically, how Think Like A Man 2 felt just like The Hangover for black people and how Ride Along, which came out earlier this year was just like Beverly Hills Cop and how the Best Man Holiday was like every Tyler Perry film he has managed to don a dress in.

Mayers also writes about this formulaic and predictable treatment of black films by Hollywood:

In this respect Think Like A Man Too is all the more disconcerting. The vestiges of progress (a film with an almost all-black cast, the follow-up to a sleeper hit, coming out during the hottest time of year for big-ticket movie releases) are ultimately undercut by a film that’s at turns derivative of already existing films, as though assuming the target audience would only watch The Hangover if Kevin Hart were in it, and centered around telling the least culturally specific stories possible.

Grantland’s Wesley Morris puts this imperative in focus: “No one who ends a movie with Hart fighting another character for money that’s rained from an actual Steve Harvey slot machine cares about charges of literalism and redundancy — only getting more.”

It’s not that these films are just bad — or derivative. It’s that they’re homogenizing the black film to a point where anybody could sit down and enjoy it, lest audiences be asked to relate to characters that may not be completely identical to their own lives and ethos. And in a film market where 12 Years a Slave underperformed, where the towering Fruitvale Station barely saw a prominent release, this isn’t a solution, or really even progress. It’s a means of avoiding larger issues of audience identification.

If this still seems like it’s not an issue, let’s speak simply: it means we’ll keep getting more phoned-in Kevin Hart movies. And nobody wants that.”

I agree: death to the black romantic comedy – or at least a nice long moratorium until we figure out how to make the topic fresh again. As of right now, the genre of film is stale and overwrought with cliches.

I think Hart is funny; however, I agree: I have no interest of seeing Hart in a billion and one films, doing the whole “I’m little so laugh at me” routine. And I pretty much penned a piece expressing this very point before. I have also written several pieces about the lack of diversity in Hollywood-backed black cinema. It’s what I was thinking when I wrote about the lack of adventurous black women with a passport in film and or as I wrote most recently, why we can’t have sexually liberated black women on television without it being a threat to our virtue?

But above all, it is the lack of originality in the black romantic comedy, which gets under my skin the most. I’m tired of seeing stories about the career-centered and power-hungry black woman and the struggling, no-good black man, which seems to plot every Tyler Perry production? How many times can we see sequels and remakes to black rom-com films we should have left in the 80s? Why are so many of these films devoid of anything, which is culturally black? And where are all the diverse faces of black love on screen?

The short answer is Netflix:

That’s where I found this unique piece of black cinema called Newlyweeds, which is basically about a couple love affair with each other – and the sticky icky. Yes, this film is a black stoner comedy. Written and directed by Shaka King, focuses on Lyle (Amari Cheatom) and Nina (Trae Harris), a young, unmarried couple living in Brooklyn whose penchant for pot gets in the way of their personal and romantic ambitions.

The film itself is okay. At some points, I wasn’t quite sure if this was supposed to be a comedy or a serious drama – and even as both, it didn’t quite flow as smoothly as perhaps the writer/director intended. However not since Medicine for Melancholy have I seen such diverse portrayals of black love and people on the screen. What’s cool about this film is their total lack of upward mobility. Like, Nina is no cold-hearted, high powered executive; instead she works as a tour guide in a museum. And while she is from an middle class background, Nina, with her long dreads, is constantly dreaming of a wanderer’s life abroad. And Lye, with his scruffy beard and unkempt afro, repos cheap rent-to-own furniture for a living. Neither seems to be hard-pressed about their status and succumbing to middle class values as money to these two, is only meant to get them from one aim to the next – in this case, buying weed.

Their personal aesthetic is only added by the cultural diversity of Brooklyn itself, which features a microcosm of characters representing just about every facet of black life – from the drug dealing hustler, who steals your weed money through the mail slot on the basement security door of brownstone, to the more stately and dignified blacks, who live like Cosby’s the Huxtables on the top floor. Lyle and Nina walk and talk like black Brooklyn. And unlike Think Like A Man (and its other counterparts, which have hit the big screen recently), these characters are not black people dressing up like white folks, instead this film embraces all the cultural uniqueness of what it can mean to be black and in love – while high.

What’s most interesting is that as unique a concept as Newlyweeds appears on paper, it is not the only piece of black cinema, particularly the black romance film, which has sought to tell a culturally rich and original story about black folks contemplating love. An Oversimplification of her Beauty is one. I’m Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks) is another. There is also Night Catches Us, Middle of Nowhere, Love, Sex and Eating the Bones, Restless City, Big Words, Things I’ve Never Said and a whole host of other films.

Contrary to popular belief, black people do support our own. And there are very little doubts that the black community would take to these films in the same ways they take to the monotony of black rom-coms like Think Like A Man.  Thankfully Netflix appears to be at least willing to provide a platform to these independent features. However the problem has always been getting these films in places where the masses of black folks (as well as non-black folks, who just like good cinema) not only knows that they exist, but also has an opportunity to see them. And that can only happen when mainstream Hollywood expands its ideas of how they choose to envision black people and start offering their platforms to artistically diverse black content creators. And until that occurs, we will keep being fed the same old, tired and cultural-less romantic comedy plot and characters, which seem kind of written for white folks, but performed in blackface.



“Who Are You To Define The Definition Of Rib To Me?” Kevin Hart Checks Fan Questioning Eniko’s Loyalty

July 2nd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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If you hadn’t been paying attention, for quite some time now, Kevin Hart has been referring to his current girlfriend, Eniko Parrish, as his “rib.” It’s a sweet gesture, but for those not in the cutesy bubble of their relationship, Parrish seems like anything but a ride-or-die “rib.” Someone went as far as to tell Kevin that on his Instagram page, after he posted a picture of himself with Parrish at the BET Awards (the above picture).

The follower asked him, “Would she be your rib if you worked at Wal-Mart? I love you Kevin but I’m just saying! Your rib is that women[sic] that’s there when you have nothing to offer but yourself!”

But I’m sure that individual was shocked when he responded, saying the following:

“Well @atldiva65, we will never no[sic] know the answer to that because I don’t work at Walmart. Even more important who are you to define what the definition of RIB is to me???? The meaning of RIB to me is a woman that I can’t live without because of the pain that it would cause if she was gone….it’s a play on words genius….if I took ur RIB out you would be in a bunch of pain regardless of what you did in life. That’s what I call PUTTING YOU IN YOUR PLACE PROFESSIONALLY. Thank u and goodnight”

You can check out the correspondence here, courtesy of Bossip and sipthetea.

Parrish seems to deal with a lot of shade from people these days when it comes to her relationship with the famous comedian, but according to her Instagram account, she’s not going to let it bring her down. She posted this for the haters:

“I guess it’s easier to assume huh? people swear they know you. Once again you know NOTHING.#FactsRwhatMatter”
What do you think of Hart’s response to his “fan”? Do you think people are unfairly critical of their relationship, or should he keep his eyes wide open when it comes to her?

Style To Steal, Or Girl Stop: Best And Worst Looks From The 2014 BET Awards

June 29th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Getty

Source: Getty

Keke Palmer

Miss Keke is looking amazing and all grown up in this gold accented mini with quite a few risqué cut outs. The 20-year-old beauty, whose chic little get-up was designed by Alon Livne, is nominated for the YoungStars Award.

Does Size Matter? How 14 Comics Stack Up At The Box Office

June 27th, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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Forget what you heard. Big things can come in small packages — just ask many of the funny people dominating movie theaters with their hilarious films. The folks at Entertainment Weekly hinted inside their June 27 issue at an interesting correlation between a comic’s height and their success at the box office. Do “height-challenged” actors in comedies have more success? Let’s take a look at comics, their height, and how much success they have seen at the box office*. We, of course, use the word comic loosely as it defines one who provokes laughter, or is humorous.

*Estimated box office power is based on average of top three films with starring roles — not including animated features.


So Here’s How To Know When You’ve Found The One, According To Kevin Hart…

June 24th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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SourceL WENN

SourceL WENN

Kevin Hart is not shy about letting the world know how he feels about longtime girlfriend, Eniko Parish. He has gone on record several times referring to the long-legged beauty as his “rib.” It’s apparent that the “Think Like A Man Too” actor is convinced that he’s found “the one” and he recently offered tips on how we can know when we’ve found that special person as well.

“That’s my rib!” Kevin exclaimed during an interview with HipHollywood. “I’m going to tell you what it is for me. I’ve been through my ups and downs in relationships. Despite them all, I have the utmost respect for anyone I’ve dealt with.”

Kevin—who has been going back and forth in the media with his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, due to her claims that Eniko ruined their marriage—then went on to credit the model with helping him to be the “best version” of himself.

“It’s about finding somebody that gets you to be the best version of yourself.”

The comedian was sure to add that it’s not a one way street when you’ve found the one. Finding the one also means that you make that person better as well, says Kevin.

“And then not only can you best that person with, but you can get that person to do the same.”

According to the father of two, finding “the one” isn’t just about being with someone who makes you happy.

“A person that uplifts you—it’s past happy. It’s, I’m a better person with you. I love this version of myself. That’s when you know you’ve found ‘the one.’ Someone brings things out of you that you didn’t know you had. It’s past physical, it’s past sex. It’s mental.”

Controversy aside, it’s a great feeling when you realize that you’ve finally found that person.

Watch Kev’s interview below.

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Kevin Hart Does It Again, Tops Weekend Box Office With “Think Like A Man Too”

June 23rd, 2014 - By Tonya Garcia
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Source: Rainforest Films

Source: Rainforest Films

Kevin Hart scores again at the box office, taking the top spot for the debut weekend of Think Like A Man Too with $30 million. Despite some harsh reviews, the movie unseated 22 Jump Street, last week’s top movie. Moreover, USA Today says the box office win “cements star Kevin Hart’s position as summer’s most bankable comedian.” Ride Along and Laugh At My Pain are just a couple of the other recent Hart movies that have had big ticket sales.

The movie was expected to make $35 million at the box office, but certainly, no one is crying any tears over the money. Sony Pictures took the top two box office spots with these movies. And Think Like A Man Too only cost $24 million to make. Sony is predicting that weekday ticket sales will also boost sales. The original movie opened with $33.6 million.

The other debut this weekend was Jersey Boys, directed by Clint Eastwood. That movie only brought in $13.5 million, coming in at number four.

In the third spot was How To Train Your Dragon 2, the animated movie, with $25.3 million. And rounding out the top five is Maleficient with $13 million. That movie has already made $186 million at the box office.

Did you see Think Like A Man Too? Thoughts?

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas? Kevin Hart And Romany Malco Share An Accidental Kiss

June 18th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Steve Harvey Show

Source: Steve Harvey Show

Although they were there for business reasons, the guys of “Think Like A Man Too” apparently had a lot of fun while filming in Vegas as well. During a recent appearance on “Steve Harvey” co-stars Kevin Hart and Romany Malco told the story of how they accidentally kissed during a birthday celebration for LaLa Anthony.

“We threw this birthday party for LaLa, right. And everybody was enjoying themselves,” Romany told Steve. “It got a little late and I looked down and seen Kevin holding the bill by himself. We had all been having a good time, so I jumped down and said, ‘Kev, you can’t do it by yourself.”

From there, the two began to argue over who would pay the tab.

“Kev is like, ‘Rom, I got this.’ We had a little tug-of-war going on. It’s loud in the club, so he’s whispering in my ear and I’m whispering in his ear. And somehow, our lips touched,” Romany continued.

Kevin corroborated the awkward story.

“I wanna say he’s lying. It was the most awkward moment. Listen, it might’ve been the most awkward moment because we’re arguing. Afterwards, we both shut up. We didn’t say nothing and Rom just walked away.”

“I didn’t talk to him for two days,” Romany added.

Catch Kev, Romany and the gang on “Steve Harvey” Friday, June 20.

Kevin Hart and Romany Malco Share An Accidental Kiss

Source: “Steve Harvey”

Watch them describe the awkward “kiss” below.

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’22 Jump Street’ Soars: 2014 Movies That Have Been Surprise Hits

June 16th, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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We are halfway through the new year and there have  been some surprises at the box office so far. Some highly anticipated movies you thought would have been great turned out to be duds while others put lots of butts in the seats. Here’s a look at several 2014 movies thus far that we might not have expected to do so well, but did. Were you surprised by any?

“At The End Of The Day, That’s The Mother Of My Kids. I Love Her To Death”: Kevin Hart Speaks On His Issues With Torrei

June 16th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Kevin Hart

On the red carpet of the premiere for Think Like A Man Too, Kevin Hart was asked by our sister site Bossip a range of questions, including his thoughts on Tracy Morgan, if he had reconciled with Mike Epps, and of course, his feelings on ex-wife Torrei recently saying that Kevin’s current girlfriend, Eniko helped destroy the former couple’s relationship. If you’ll recall, Torrei said this to Entertainment Tonight:

“It does hurt that my kids have to be around a woman who broke up a marriage. I was with [Kevin] when he was selling sneakers for five dollars an hour. I was at every show. I was at his first show where he ever did standup … I was his muse. I was there from the beginning.”

So at the premiere of Think Like A Man Too, Bossip asked Kevin how he dealt with her statements going public (aside from just getting on Twitter to lash out) and he said that even though it was a disappointing display, he only wants what is best for his ex-wife.

“What do I do when my wife is going at my girlfriend? I handle it by not paying it very much attention. At the end of the day, that’s the mother of my kids. I love her to death. I wish her nothing but the best, I’m always going to wish her nothing but the best. It’s nothing to really entertain on our side. I’m happy, I’m in a great relationship, me and my girlfriend are in a great place, I have nothing else to really do or say.”

He also shared his thoughts on why she didn’t share her feelings with him and Eniko over the phone and not on a public platform in an interview:

“Whatever you feel you need to do I guess is what you’re going to do. We’re all adults. I guess we handle ourselves differently. But once again, that’s the mother of my kids, I only want to see her happy. “

There’s no telling what went on behind-the-scenes with Torrei and Kevin after all that drama, but I hope they were able to keep the peace for the sake of the children they share. Check out the rest of Hart’s thoughts in his interview with Bossip and share your thoughts.