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To Gift Or Not To Gift The Ex? – That Is The Question

March 22nd, 2015 - By Brooke Dean
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Recently is was reported that Kevin Hart bought his ex-wife a new Cadillac Escalade for her birthday. My first thought was, “Oh, how nice of him” – especially given that they definitely had a contentious relationship at one point due to rumors of infidelity surrounding their divorce. It was nice to hear that these two were putting their issues behind them and co-parenting and co-existing amicably.

But of course I was curious to read the comments on blogs that reported this story. While most responses to the news were positive, many women said that if their man bought a lavish gift like that for an ex – whether that ex was his ex-wife, baby mama or simply an ex turned best friend – they’d have a problem with it. After all, Kevin Hart has a fiancée, and everyone wondered if Eniko Parrish approved of her soon to be husband buying gifts for his ex-wife.

And that’s a good question. Now I understand that Kevin Hart and his ex share children, so many argued that the vehicle was given to her to ensure that her children would have a way to get around in style. And I agree that he should help in any way he can to make sure his children are comfortable. However, others argued that she receives upwards of $20k a month in child support, so she should be able to buy her own car.

Whatever the details of their agreement, it’s very easy to speculate on the lives of celebrity couples and exes. But for us everyday folk, the thought of our significant other giving his or her ex a stick of gum would get us in an uproar. I had to ask myself how I’d feel if my husband bought his ex-wife a gift, and my answer was simply this – what is the gift and why is he giving it to her?

I am my husband’s second wife and he shares children with his ex. Luckily, he’s cordial with his ex, as am I, and he’s actually gotten her gifts after we got together. But those gifts were given to her from “the kids.” Sure, she knew that he bought them, but it was the thought behind it that counted. Each time he decided to get her a gift, he asked me how I felt about it and even asked me for suggestions as to what would be appropriate. None of the gifts came from him, but from all of “us.” And none of the gifts were something that she could misinterpret as “something more” that could give the wrong impression. I’d pick out a nice pashmina and call it day…and all was well.

But if my man bought his ex a car or any other lavish gift, it would give me pause. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t even have to be expensive in order for me to give him the side-eye. Anything that could be considered personal should not be something you give an ex – perfume, lingerie, clothing, or anything that reminds you and your ex of the time you spent together. It’s okay to be cordial with your ex, and if you share children then it’s encouraged. But at the same time, sharing children doesn’t mean you can cross the line into a familiar, personal space that borders on being inappropriate. If you both are single, then you may think it’s no big deal because you’re not disrespecting anyone. But at the same time, your ex is an ex for a reason, and there is no reason to exchange personal gifts if your goal is to move on.

My take on it is pretty simple. If you and your ex share children, you can buy the ex a gift from the kids, and nothing that the ex can read into as being more than a kind gesture. After the kids become a certain age, then give them a little extra allowance and encourage them to buy their mother their own gifts. And if you, your ex, or both of you have moved on to new relationships – especially marriage – then there is no reason for either of you to exchange gifts unless they’re from the children. And if you must, then the gift should go to the ex AND her partner. No personal, individual gifts.

I can’t say whether Kevin Hart should have given his ex-wife a car or not. No one knows the nature of their relationship, nor do they know if Eniko had a problem with it. If I had to guess, I’d say she doesn’t take issue with Kevin treating his children’s mother to something that ultimately benefits the kids. Call it maturity and security, but it’s probably not that deep in their world. But what I will say is that if the children witnessed their father’s generosity towards their mother, then this is a positive gesture that transcends pettiness. But if your man and his ex don’t share children, then only you can decide if your man’s “generosity” is something you can deal with.

Kevin Hart Buys Ex-Wife Torrei Hart A New Car: “Shout Out To My Baby Daddy”

March 19th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Earlier this week we were gushing over Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s amazing co-parenting relationship. It looks like Kevin Hart and his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, are also establishing a pretty beautiful partnership. On Wednesday, the “Atlanta Exes” star revealed on Instagram that Kev bought her a new Cadillac Escalade. Her post reads:

“Big shout out to my baby daddy/friend @kevinhart4real for my brand new @cadillac Escalade. We have had our rough patches but God and prayer can change anything. My family for life. Thanks for always having my back. Now all I have to do is throw some Ds on this B*tch!! #blessed #happy #bestpiscesseasonever #cadillac #escalade.”

The mother of two recently celebrated her birthday in Jamaica with friends, so we’re guessing this was a birthday gift. It’s really inspiring to see how much these two have grown over the past year or so. Back in January, Kevin revealed that Torrei extended the olive branch to him and his fiancée, Eniko Parish, which seemed to be the first step on the blended family’s path to healing.

“I actually, recently called Torrei and gave Torrei the biggest compliment ever because Torrei reached out after the New Year and just said, ‘I want our relationship to be better.’ I thought that was dope on Torrei’s side,” the Get Hard actor explained.

He continued:

“I don’t care if we fight today, fight tomorrow, the mother of my kids is always going to be on a pedestal. All of the people in the media, I talk to this woman every day. Not because I have to, but because I want to. That’s the mother of my kids.”

Love it!

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Acting Brand New: Stars Who Found A New Boo And Decided To Diss Their Old Ones

March 4th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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When we’re in love, our noses are often blasted wide open and we can’t see our lives without the new person who has stolen our heart. And sometimes, when we’re feeling that person a little too much too fast, we start talking about them like they’re the best thing since sliced bread–and throw shade at our exes in the process. These stars found love again and instead of just being happy about that, they decided to crap all over the people they were once in love with. Not cool…




Kanye West

I can partly understand why Kanye West dissed Amber Rose. I mean, she did call his wife a whore on Twitter while beefing with Khloe Kardashian. But West went a bit too far with his jabs on The Breakfast Club:

“It’s very hard for a woman to want to be with someone that’s with Amber Rose…I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim.”

And that wasn’t all he had to say.

“She’s just soakin’ in the moment. If Kim had dated me when I first wanted to be with her, there wouldn’t be an Amber Rose.”

Ouch. Rose would respond, reminding him that since they were in love once, she wouldn’t pull all of his skeletons out of the closet–she’ll just let the Kardashians do it when they’re done with him.

Style To Steal Or Girl, Stop? Black Folks Doing It Big, And Bad, At The 2015 Academy Awards

February 22nd, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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It’s Hollywood’s biggest night, and while black folks might not have picked up many nominations (Selma is nominated in the Best Picture category, and “Glory” is nominated for Best Original Song), I was quite surprised to see how many of our stars showed up for the the big ceremony. What are they looking like? I have all their looks for you to see, and talk about, here. So who looked amazing and who didn’t? Let’s chat!


2015 Academy Awards


Lupita Nyong’o

In a custom Calvin Klein gown, Lupita returned to the Academy Awards red carpet a year after winning. Her heavily adorned pearl dress with its open back and keyhole detail is one-of-a-kind, and she definitely looks one-of-a-kind on the carpet. And while I like what they’ve tried to with her hair recently, I actually prefer this close, cropped and curled look. Steal!

So Far So Good? 2015 Box Office Hits & Misses Thus Far

February 17th, 2015 - By Tanvier Peart
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Have you seen a movie in theaters this year? With the start of a new year comes new opportunities for production companies to release films they hope will capture your attention. Unlike last year, they haven’t been too many standouts, but that shouldn’t discourage you from grabbing some popcorn and supporting your favorite celebrities. Here’s a look at some of the box office hits and misses to date.

Kevin Hart Will Be The First Comedian To Headline An NFL Stadium

February 14th, 2015 - By Toya Sharee
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kevin hart first comedian to headline an NFL stadium


He’s come a long way since Soul Plane. From Think Like A Man to The Real Husbands of Hollywood to Ride Along to The Wedding Ringer it’s no secret that Kevin Hart is on a roll with no intention of stopping.

The North Philly born and bred comedian recently announced the “WHAT NOW?” North-American take over tour compiled of 45 city stops between The United States and Canada. Tickets go on sale February 20 for the tour which will kick off in San Antonio, Texas on April 9 and ends in the City Of Brotherly Love on Aug 30.

In addition to ending the tour in the city where the “Grown Little Man” got his start, he will become the first comedian to headline an NFL stadium when he performs at Philly’s own Lincoln Financial Field. The Philadelphia Eagles announced this first via their official website.

We can’t knock Kevin Hart’s hustle. He may only be 5’4” but his career is coming up anything but short. For tickets and tour dates, visit What Now Tour.

Mo’ne Davis Makes Kevin Hart Dizzy At Celeb All-Star Game

February 14th, 2015 - By Toya Sharee
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mone davis spins on kevin hart


Not only is Philadelphia’s own Mo’ne Davis a star on the baseball field, she’s taken some of that talent to the basketball court too. And fellow Philly native Kevin Hart got to witness up close and personal all the amazing Mo’ne is made of.

Last night in Sprite’s NBA celebrity hoops game, Mo’ne took it to house on Hart in an impressive spin move that had the comedian seeing stars. Hart is a 3 time celebrity hoops MVP who’s decent effort at defense was no match for Mo’ne as she dribbled right past him in a big blur straight to the hoop.

Davis is the first girl to earn a win and to pitch a shutout in Little League World Series history. She is the first African-American girl to play in the Little League World Series and the first to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a Little League Player.

Take a look at TMZ’s video of Kevin Hart getting schooled:

Kevin Hart Explains Why You’ll Never See Him Play A Gay Character

January 20th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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celebs busted for DUI


Kevin Hart has yet another hit on his hands, folks! The Wedding Ringer debuted at #2 at the weekend box office, making a little over $20,000,000 in its opening weekend (a far second, as folks in middle America went in droves to help American Sniper rake in more than $100 million in its opening weekend). While promoting the movie on The Breakfast Club late last week, Hart was asked if he would ever play a homosexual character on the big screen. Surprisingly, he said no, because according to the comedian, it’s not something he’s comfortable with. It all started when Charlamagne asked Hart if there is one role he regrets turning down (start the video at the 32:30 mark):

Kevin Hart: “One role I regret is Tropic Thunder. Brandon T. Jackson, he got the part. But in my defense…first of all, before I say this, I’m politically correct. To the gay community, I respect and appreciate any and everything that you all do. And as people, I love you. The part was way…”

Angela Yee: “Gayer?”

Hart: “Yeah, in the beginning. The dude was doing a lot of stuff in the draft that I read. He was like ‘Yo, c’mon man, let me…let me…”

Yee: “Suck your…”

Hart: “Yeah, it was a lot of…it was real flagrant. It was a lot of stuff and I was like, ‘I can’t do this.'”

Yee: “But could you play a gay role?”

Hart: “No. Not because I have any ill will or disrespect. It’s because I feel like I can’t do that because I don’t think I’m really going to dive into that role 100 percent because of the insecurities about myself trying to play that part. Does that make sense? Like, what I think people are going to think while I’m trying to do this is going to stop me from playing that part the way that I’m supposed to. I’m not at that acting point in my career. Several years later when I’ve done this part and you say, ‘Hey Kevin, I thought you said you would never do it.’  ‘I’m at a point where I want to take a chance. This role made sense, this story made sense.’ I may do it. Everybody got on me about the dress on SNL. ‘Yo, you said you would never do it!’ Thought I wouldn’t. They presented the sketch, I thought it was funny. I was like ‘Yo, I kind of look like the little girl, that would be funny!”

In the end, Hart says that he might find THE role, possibly playing a gay character, and take it on because it could be just the right move for his career at that time. But at this moment, playing a homosexual on-screen is “not on the drawing board” as of right now…

However, Hart has played a gay character in the past, even if it wasn’t a serious character. In Scary Movie 4, he and Anthony Anderson reenacted (in a comical manner of course) a scene out of Brokeback Mountain. They got a little too close in a tent and sang Lionel Richie’s “Hello” before hinting to the audience that they had sex. Throwback moment:

Kevin Hart Hosts SNL Again, What Did You Think?

January 18th, 2015 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Kevin Hart has absolutely NO intentions of slowing down.

The comedian/rockstar hosted Saturday Night Live for the second time last night. The first time Hart performed on SNL was in 2013. Kevin had the honor of hosting the first episode of 2015 for the show.

During his hosting gig, Kevin performed several skits and kept the audience laughing. Some of our favorite skits include “Why’d You Post that?”, “Listening Party” and “Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015.” Take a peek at the different skits and tell us your favorite!

Kevin Hart is truly one of our favorite comedians of the 2010s.

Bushwick Boys 2015

Get On Up

Why’d You Post That?

Listening Party

The Journey

Height Ain’t Nothing But A Number: Short Celebrity Men Who Land Hot Chicks

January 17th, 2015 - By M A
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Judy Eddy/

Judy Eddy/

When it comes to some of Hollywood’s cutest celebrities, size doesn’t always matter. At least when it comes to their height. And while tall, dark and handsome seems like a package deal, we have a number of wonderfully suave, easy-on-the-eyes celebs who haven’t let a shorter stature impact their standing with the ladies.