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Kenya Moore Addresses Breakup Rumors: “Matt And I Are Having Some Issues”

June 2nd, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Earlier today, both Kenya Moore and her boyfriend, Matt Jordan, shared Instagram messages, which seemed to imply that they have decided to throw in the towel — or at the very least, they’re experiencing serious problems.

“Love is never aggressive, hurtful, threatening, vindictive or accusatory, nor distrustful,” Moore wrote in a post accompanied by a photo of smashed sunglasses, which was later removed. “Love is never a c–t or a b-tch. Love is never demeaning or degrading. My love is real. My love is kind. My love is protective. My love elevates not destroys. My love is generous. My love is forgiving. My love is patient. My love is respectful. My love is worthy of the same.”

Jordan later shared his own post, writing:

“Looking back I blame myself totally. I learned very late in the relationship that a woman will not trust a man fully if he seems irresponsible or not up to standard in areas of a relationship. If she doesn’t feel like she can put trust in a man emotionally, spiritually, financially etc. …That will cause a woman to feel resentment and most of all untrusting in her man. Because of what he lacks she does not feel like she will be properly protected or served! So the woman will not feel like she can give her all to a man that is unstable or irresponsible in areas of the relationship. Causing her to go inward emotionally.”

Eventually, rumors began to spread that the two had a violent altercation during Memorial Day weekend, which resulted in Jordan allegedly kicking down the door of their hotel room in Mexico. According to TMZ, once the two were back in the states, Jordan allegedly showed up at Moore’s Atlanta home and dumped a bag full of items in her driveway.

While the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has not confirmed or denied rumors surrounding the breakup or alleged altercation, she has acknowledged that she and the fitness trainer have hit a rough patch. Whether or not they intend to work things out is unclear, but the pageant queen expressed that she still “has love” for Jordan.

“Matt and I are having some issues but there is no question we have love for each other,” she wrote on Instagram moments ago. “Respectfully, please allow me to go through my own process. We appreciate some privacy at this time.”

If things played out the way that media outlets are reporting that they did and the way that Kenya’s initial Instagram post seems to imply that they did, it’s probably time to move on. We’ll likely learn more about what went down and the end result on the next season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

Why Kenya Moore Is Being Vague About Her (Rumored) Pregnancy—And Why We Don’t Blame Her

March 25th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Kenya Moore

Splash News

Pregnancy rumors have been surrounding Kenya Moore for over a month, and the beauty queen’s refusal to address the rumors at Real Housewives of Atlanta’s reunion show taping only fueled them. Many questioned why Moore chose to play coy when she has been teasing fans about having a big “secret” for weeks. Her face has appeared slightly fuller these days, she has that glow, and really, all signs seem to point to pregnancy. It would be amazing news since everyone knows how badly the outspoken beauty wants to be a mom. And really, it appears that she would have every reason in the world to shout her pregnancy news from the rooftops—until you actually think about it.

During a recent interview with Bravo, Moore explained why she’s withholding information regarding her possible pregnancy.

“If I were pregnant, it would be a high-risk pregnancy due to my age,” 45-year-old Moore told Bravo. “I feel more comfortable if and when my doctors feel I am in a safe stage to confirm a pregnancy. I appreciate all the amazing fans who are wishing me well. It feels good to know everyone is rooting for me and my happiness.”

Really, it’s not uncommon for women to wait until they’re further along in their pregnancies before making grand announcements. Unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong and prematurely announcing news of this nature can further complicate an already delicate situation.

We definitely wish Kenya a happy, healthy, full-term pregnancy—if she is, in fact, with child. And if she’s not, may she one day be able to live out her dreams of being a mom.

Kenya Moore Pens Memoir, Opens Up About Being Abandoned By Mom

January 13th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Kenya Moore is facing her troubled past with her new memoir, Invisible. According to the reality star, she started the project years ago but never found the courage to complete it. Specifically, the book explores Moore’s estranged relationship with her mother, who abandoned her during her childhood.

Monday, Moore took to Instagram to announce that she would be sharing the first forty pages of her book with fans.

“I AM NOT INVISIBLE. It’s hard to express how I really feel sometimes so I write. I started my memoir years ago but found it difficult to complete,” she wrote. “As a thank you for all your love and support from my difficult and often painful journey with my family I want to share the first chapters with my loyal fans and friends. Thank you for your compassion, kindness, and love.”

In one chapter, the former pageant queen recalls being completely ignored by her mother and even being told not to call her “mom.”

I was trembling. I held my breath. I listened. There it was again, the sweet melodic quality of her voice. It was mild and soothing. When she spoke, she did not yell or scream. Instead, she released the words in a steady, easy manner. “I am not your mother. You can never call me your mother and you can’t come over here anymore.” A burning sensation started in the pit of my stomach, rose to my throat and pushed up until it burst out of my dreamy eyes as tears. These same dreamy eyes that always looked up to her in adoration now wept. They wept for the dreams that would never come to fruition. All I remember was that burn and the hot tears on my cheeks.

It’s unclear whether or not Moore has plans to finish the book, but it’s probably the perfect time considering that she attempted to confront her mother during Sunday night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” It’s obvious that Kenya still struggles with mommy issues, but hopefully, the possibility of revisiting this book paired with confronting her mom will place her on the path to healing.

Read the first 40 pages of Kenya’s memoir here.

Kenya Moore, Glen Rice Jr. And The Problem With Only Looking Out For Black Men And Not Black Women

December 21st, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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#PressPlay: Who watched #RealHousewivesOfAtlanta tonight 😩?

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

If you’re reading this, then chances are, you probably watched Real Housewives of Atlanta or a frantic clip from Sunday’s episode.

Glen Rice Jr., the nephew of Tammy Browning, who is the friend of Cynthia Bailey, pushed down his aunt when he and his friends were invited back to the house the ladies were staying in while in Miami.

It all started so innocently. Or something like that (maybe “freaky” is the better word). The ladies and Rice and his friends were all on a boat, drinking (a lot) while playing Never Have I Ever. We learned a lot about the sexual habits of them all. (And in the exclusive extended scene, we found out who has eaten the booty like groceries, who has paid for sex and who has given and been given a golden shower. A lot of mental images Lord knows we didn’t need.)

Things did get awkward at one moment during the boat ride when Kenya Moore snapped her fingers at Rice to get his attention. When he told her that she “damn sure” wasn’t snapping at him, she took his response as a joke and claimed Rice was a “spicy” guy. In the beginning, it was something that she seemed to like.

But in no time flat, Rice went from spicy to just drunk and irritable. Back at the ladies’ house, he snapped at Kandi Burruss for not having the response he assumed she would display after he congratulated her on her pregnancy. He told her that he was willing to play nice with folks as long as they weren’t disrespectful to him, and said he didn’t want anything to do with her. Though she was visibly annoyed and confused by his response (“Did I have an attitude?”), Burruss decided to keep her mouth shut because she’s pregnant, and she didn’t know what he was capable of with all those drinks in him: “He might be crazy.”

Rice finally took himself to the hot tub, where most of the ladies were soaking and having fun. And during that time, he proceeded to call everyone “b—h a–es” and act up in general. Moore felt that his behavior was getting more and more aggressive, so she decided to tell Browning that her nephew needed to leave.

In an intoxicated state, Browning told her nephew that he and his friends would need to go. And when Rice asked Moore what her problem was, that’s when things really went left.

Sure, she could have ignored him and allowed Tammy to try and escort him out, but she decided to tell him straight up why he needed to go, saying, “I’ve been trying to talk to you all day. You’ve been really weird. You’ve made other people feel uncomfortable here. I just want you to leave.”

That’s when he went to Moore, calling her a “little b—h” multiple times. And when security stepped in to calm him down, as did Browning to hold him back, he pushed his aunt to the ground. She hit her head and was rendered unconscious. She had to go to the hospital.

And somehow, all this was Kenya Moore’s fault.

I think we can all agree that Moore is one to stir the pot and then play victim often on the show. But let’s be honest, Rice was out of control. Blame it on the alcohol, blame it on his personality, blame it on whatever–but don’t blame Moore for that.

And while we’re on the subject, Phaedra Parks, please, let’s not compare him to Mike Brown.

I think it’s a very serious issue, the misplaced fear of Black men. And yes, some people see a threat in young Black men that is really just false intimidation, and things escalate in dangerous ways. Police are called. Guns are pulled out. Lives are lost.

But there are some situations where that fear is not misplaced, and where some men do things that are truly out of control. As Jodi Walker of Entertainment Weekly put it, “we do need to protect black men. But we also need to protect black women.” Just because we’re all Black doesn’t mean that when we feel someone is acting up, we can’t ask them to leave and just hope they’ll oblige as an individual with good sense. And just because we’re all Black doesn’t mean that we as women should sit back and take whatever happens to us. What sense does it make to look out for everyone but ourselves?

Instead of taking Moore’s opinion for what it was and just agreeing to disagree and leaving the premises, Rice got upset and made things worse. And as more drinks flowed, who knows what would have happened if he had stayed and someone said the wrong thing to him? For him to even feel comfortable enough to fuss with a pregnant woman, he clearly had zero f–ks to give.

I think people’s irritation with Kenya Moore as a character on TV causes them to fail to be able to relate to her, and the decisions she makes, some decisions that are made in the interest of looking out for self and others. And that includes her castmates, Phaedra Parks, Porsha Williams, Sheree Whitfield and Kim Fields, who all felt that she was creating a problem where there wasn’t one. And considering that Whitfield saw the way Rice talked to Burruss, and left the house after the altercation, I was surprised at her response. But as Burruss reminded everyone, “Tammy was knocked out for a few seconds. That could’ve been either one of us. He was way to [sic] aggressive for no reason.”

And during that time that Tammy was on the ground, her nephew was not preoccupied with her condition. It was the rest of the women who were there, cleaning up his mess, trying to provide her with some aid. The same women who turned around and said he didn’t seem that bad and that things were blown out of proportion.

We need to stop trying to clean up the mess of men who “didn’t seem that bad” before they did x, y and z. We need to stop trying to provide a scapegoat for grown men with misplaced anger and aggression that they feel so comfortable displaying with women. We need to stop talking about what “we didn’t see on camera” and focus on the fact that we did see a grown man shove his own family member to the ground (so he really wouldn’t have cared about strangers). We need to stop acting like just because something doesn’t happen to us, it means that the discomfort other individuals feel around someone means nothing.

And we need to stop trying to use people we don’t like, and the so-called provocation they show (a.k.a., just being themselves) as an excuse for individuals putting their hands on people. No “He was bad, but…” excuses. Kenya Moore may be a character who is hard to like, but she didn’t push Tammy Browning and knock her out cold. Who she is on TV is fakity-fake, but the violence we saw play out in a few seconds flat was all too real.


Porsha Williams Reportedly Laid Hands On A Friend During “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Holiday Party

December 7th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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If there’s one thing that we’ve learned about Porsha Williams, it’s that she’s quick with those hands. Like when she pulled Kenya Moore’s hair and body down to the ground two reunions ago in the blink of an eye. Or how she recently pushed a friend down, reportedly over the company the woman keeps.

According to TMZ, during a recent Real Housewives of Atlanta shoot where Williams was at a holiday party, she attacked friend Jami Ziegler over the guy Ziegler brought to the shindig. It’s unclear what it was about that man (whether they had a history or he’s a shady character) that caused Williams to be up in arms, but she was not happy to see him. The entrance of the woman and her date was caught on camera.

After an argument ensued, Williams reportedly tried to have Ziegler escorted out of the function, but the woman and her partner left without much fuss. However, despite exiting stage left on her own, TMZ reported that Ziegler was followed outside by Williams, and things got heated to the point where Ziegler was shoved down to the ground by the RHOA star, who started pulling at her hair.

Sources at the function said that the squabble was broken up fast enough that cops weren’t called, and Ziegler wasn’t seriously harmed in any way. It also happened so quickly that RHOA cameramen missed the altercation. (Andy Cohen is somewhere kicking himself.)

TMZ said they reached out to Williams’s people, but no one responded. And Williams’s page shows no signs of any drama. It’s unclear whether or not Ziegler will press charges like Kenya Moore did against Williams, but she did post this on her Instagram page:

I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s clear that Williams has been hanging around the wrong people–because she’s fought three of them in less than two years (Moore, Ziegler and Cynthia Bailey).


Does Porsha Williams Owe Cynthia Bailey An Apology? Or Is It The Other Way Around?

November 30th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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So I watched Real Housewives of Atlanta yesterday. Well, most of it at least. Sometimes the shenanigans and drama between the ladies is so over the top I find myself flipping channels. (And if you’re wondering why I don’t do recaps or live tweet for the show anymore, I’m sorry, but it’s like a second full-time job trying to sit on the computer for two to three hours every Sunday evening for almost six months straight.)

Still, I did check out last night’s episode, which featured the argument between Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey during the “Bachelorette” boat party. In case you missed it, Kenya Moore got into it with Williams’s friend, Shamea Morton, over some jabs taken during her hair care launch party (Moore having water in the product bottles is kind of hilarious).

After Moore acted as though she were going to have the boat operator pull over to kick Morton off, Bailey got up to try and calm Moore down. When she did, Williams made a quip about Bailey being Moore’s “best friend.” Bailey responded by telling her that they should all question some of the people they call “best friend” in their group. From there, Williams said, “Who b—h?” and all hell quickly broke loose.

Bailey told Williams that she didn’t need to call her out of her name because she didn’t do that to her. According to Bailey, it was about respect, and Williams was showing very little. Williams, however, seemed shocked that she was being reprimanded. Especially since they had called one another b—h, allegedly as “a term of endearment” throughout the boat party. But Bailey was heated. More heated than we’ve seen her in a long time.

When Williams tried to address Bailey about it, the former model was still on edge. Even insulting at times, going after Williams’s appearance and intelligence while Williams sat their calmly, taking Bailey’s long finger in her face: “It’s very dismissive and very disrespectful, and your a– know it is. So stop playing like you’re dumb. People call you stupid, but I know you’re not that damn stupid.”

And in no time flat, Williams’s hand was in Bailey’s face, which seemed to be an added affront to Bailey despite her own finger-wagging habits. She grabbed Williams’s hand and just like that, the screen went black–Porsha had been hit in some way (reportedly kicked in the stomach) and had to be held down by one of the production crew.

It was quite the mess. And in my mind, I initially felt as though if I were in that situation, I would have just apologized so everyone could move on. But that’s just who I am. People are entitled to their feelings, even the silliest of reactions. I often feel that we sometimes fail to acknowledge those feelings when we refuse to say “I’m sorry,” and we usually fail to apologize because of our pride. We’re human. We say and do things we don’t mean sometimes, and people may feel some kind of way about it. To keep the peace and to move past such minuscule matters (there was a party going on for goodness sake), I would have just apologized for offending her if that truly wasn’t my intention. That’s just how I operate as someone from a big family.

But should Porsha? Probably not.

Honestly, I thought she was joking with her use of the b-word. To be clear, she didn’t say, “Whatever b—h” as Bailey claimed, but rather, “Who b—h?” Afterward, she made a reference to Bailey throwing “slight shade” with a smile on her face. However, Bailey was already upset at that point. All the more reason folks should stop throwing around “b—h” if they’re not really about that lighthearted, jokey-joke life.

And Williams did approach Bailey like an adult to try and hash things out, confused at how she had offended someone whom she traded playful “b—hes” with all day. But Bailey wasn’t trying to hear it.

In that moment, I would say that Bailey didn’t operate like someone deserving of an apology.

That’s right, sometimes being offended ins’t enough to warrant an apology, especially when you’re behaving in an extremely aggressive manner. Like sticking your finger in someone’s face, which Bailey has done way too many times (remember her spat with Burruss at NeNe Leakes’s pajama jam?).  In fact, I would say that her whole beef with Williams stemmed from the fact that Bailey has misguided anger. She popped off on Williams because just a few seconds before she made her “best friend” joke about Bailey and Moore, Kandi Burruss had encouraged Bailey to go talk to her “best friend,” to which Bailey responded, “Shut up, Kandi.” Hyped up on drinks, she was sick and tired of being the butt of folks’ jokes.

And Bailey had been dealing with the anger of finding out that her husband has been out here living foul, and so recklessly that he’s been caught on camera at that. Since that reveal was made, their relationship has supposedly been on a rocky road, so much so that Bailey told Burruss the following, according to Us Weekly:

“It’s just too hard,” the Bailey Agency owner admitted. “I’m going to bed every night by myself. His little side of the bed doesn’t ever have to be made up. I’m not going to be 50 sitting in a marriage and I’m not happy.” Kandi gently urged her to give it the old college try before throwing in the towel, prompting Cynthia to admit that things were, at least for the moment, a bit better. “Right now, we’re speaking again.”

And that’s the real issue with Bailey, and a lot of people who go off on individuals in unexpected ways. They’re dealing with personal issues, whether it’s ones in their relationships, lack of employment or emotional scars never healed. Take that sh-t out on the treadmill, a punching bag, in a diary–but not out on me.

With all that being said, I try to operate on the side of being the bigger person. As my pastor instructed, sometimes it’s best just to step up and say sorry when you know you’ve caused someone some pain–even if you don’t fully understand how.

But then again, I usually only do all that for people I care about, and considering that these on-screen friendships go from good to bad in a flash, if I were Porsha, I would save that sorry. Because Bailey is the one who should be trying to make amends.


Bet You Didn’t Know: Celebs Who Own Production Companies

November 23rd, 2015 - By Nneka Samuel
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Splash News

Splash News

We all know about Spike Lee’s 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, Shondaland and the empires belonging to Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, but did you know the following stars have production companies?

Kenya Moore: There Aren’t Many Eligible Black Bachelors For Black Women To Choose From

May 27th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Kenya Moore

Splash News

Whether you believe she exaggerated her relationship with “Millionaire Matchmaker” beau James Freeman or not, we can probably agree that Kenya Moore’s last dating experience was a complete disaster. Weeks after the fiasco, the former pageant queen spoke to Hello Beautiful about Black women who are down with the swirl and why she believes options are so limited when sisters choose to exclusively date within their race.

“For Black women, we just have to be open because there’s not a lot of eligible bachelors, that are Black, for us to choose from anymore,” she explained.

Moore went on to refer to statistics that suggest that the dating pool for Black women shrinks significantly after you subtract Black men who are gay, unemployed, convicts and those who are interested in women of other races.

“If you take away the ones that are gay, in jail, this is a real issue. Statistics show why we don’t have the choices. You take the ones that are gay, in jail, don’t have a job, the ones that are already married and the ones that are dating and marrying outside our race, what do you have left? You don’t have much to choose from.”

For this reason, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star encourages interracial dating.

“The nicest thing is that you have options.”

What are your thoughts regarding her comments?

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Vivica Fox Shades Kenya Moore, 50 Cent And Talks “Chocolate City”

May 22nd, 2015 - By Raven Carter
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Tonight your chocolate dreams will come true on screen as Robert Ri’chard, Tyson Beckford, Darren Dewitt Henson, and more fine brothers of brown hue take it all off in the film being pegged as a Black “Magic Mike,” “Chocolate City.” The film stars more fine men than a little bit alongside Vivica Fox, who plays Ri’chard’s on-screen mama, so when she came by the office with her movie son and Henson we had to ask her how she handled being around all that chocolate on set.

More than that, we got a little personal with Miss Fox and delved into her dating life — past and present — whether she still has plans to adopt, and what she thinks about archnemesis Kenya Moore’s latest relationship flub. We don’t want to give it all away here, but just know the words “toxic trick” were used and the level of shade was unprecedented. Check out the video above and let us know what you think.

Are you going to see “Chocolate City” tonight?

Patti Stanger Breaks Silence On Kenya Moore’s Married Ex: “He Was Single”

May 15th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Patti Stanger

Instagram, WENN

Now that we know Kenya Moore and James Freeman are dunzo because he married another woman, many are wondering what Patti Stanger has to say. We were kind of wondering the same thing, considering that she’s the one who introduced Moore and Freeman.

Extra TV’s AJ Calloway recently caught up with the “Millionaire Matchmaker” star at NBC upfronts, and she says that there was no funny business on her end because Freeman was as single as a dollar bill when she introduced him to Kenya. Stanger explains:

“He was single when he shot the show which was in November, they basically dated, they broke up, he did not date his old girlfriend and marry her, Wendy Williams got that wrong, he met a new girl in January and he ended up marrying her.”

She went on to say that marriage was Freeman’s goal when he appeared on the show, which explains why he married his new wife Jaimi Gregory so quickly after meeting her.

“It was very fast, he was marriage minded and the bottom line is long distance relationships are tough,” she continued. “If you don’t get exclusive and get monogamy, anything can happen.”

Moore, on the other hand, told Calloway that she’s quite confident that there was some overlap between her relationship with Freeman and his relationship with Gregory. According to the former pageant queen, she got together with the real estate broker for her birthday in late January 2015. As you’ll recall from our post earlier this week, Freeman’s wife says that they met on in December 2014.

“We did the show in November and there’s evidence of me being out, and [having] birthday dinners together. My birthday was at the end of January, so that’s pretty clear, but it is what it is,” Moore explained.

It looks like Kenya has a point and an actual receipt to prove the overlap, which you can check out below. However, it remains unclear whether or not she was in an exclusive and committed relationship with Freeman.



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