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Kenya Moore’s Kontrol Magazine Cover Is Breathtaking

April 8th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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kenkontrol (1)

Kenya Moore is welcoming spring in an amazing way for the of the 25th issue of Kontrol magazine. On the cover, the beauty is showing off that lovely hair while flaunting those killer curves in a little black dress. Inside, she opens up about her hair care line, which drops in August, and of course, some RHOA related drama. Check out some highlights from her interview below.

On Moore Hair Care line:

“Healthy hair is hair that isn’t dry, damaged, split or frayed. A lot of women are not happy with their hair and they think the only option they have is to wear weave, wigs extensions or clip –ins. Healthy hair has movement and shine.”

On how she feels about her portrayal on RHOA this season:

“I feel this is one of the best seasons because it shows who I really am. I have people around that genuinely know and love me.”

On her feelings regarding Phaedra and Apollo:

“I definitely feel redeemed from the feud with Apollo and Phaedra.” This was quite evident with the airing of Sunday’s show with Kenya and Phaedra making amends and hopefully slowing working to build a better friendship. Only time will tell.

On fans considering her and Cynthia to be an unlikely pair:

“How so? We’re both models/beauty queens that love fashion, worked in New York, and know most of the same people.” Now that things have changed between Cynthia and Nene, it’s been a lot easier to develop a deeper friendship for Kenya. “You no longer have someone constantly telling you who to be friends with and to choose.”

On if she thinks Nene will ever cut a check to Detroit Public Schools:

“No, I don’t think so. People can see the type of person she is. She used it to show the world how disgusting and evil she is. Why would you shortchange some kids because you want to be in a pissing contest with someone?”

Check out Kenya’s full interview in the new issue of Kontrol.

“You Can Spend Your Whole Life Looking For Prince Charming When A King Arrives”: Kenya Moore Still Dating “Millionaire Matchmaker” Boo

March 24th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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If you watched Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker on Sunday night, then you know that Kenya Moore made an appearance on the show in attempt to find her ultimate match. The reality star and former Miss USA shared that even though she’d been proposed to seven times in the past, she was never able to settle down with any of the men because of her abandonment issues. She’s struggled with this since she was young because her mother has never really been a part of her life.

After doing some counseling with Patti Stanger and Cynthia Bailey and meeting some eligible bachelors, Moore went on a date with a handsome fella named James. The two had an immediate connection while learning the tango, and during their dinner date they even shared a kiss (two kisses actually).

But that was on TV. A lot of the time, stars who appear on the show connect with the individuals they’re matched with, but once the cameras stop rolling, things don’t work out. So where do things stand with Kenya and James now? According to Moore, he’s stolen her heart.


While she didn’t reveal all his business on the ‘gram, based on the episode, we know that James is from Washington, D.C. and has been living in Los Angeles for five years now. He’s a former model who wants kids just as much as Kenya does (within a year of dating allegedly), and a divorcee who was married for less than three years. He’s a good catch, and Moore is geeked to have caught him! As she said during her date, “What else could a woman look for? If he’s not it, I give up.”

Kenya 1.1

Kenya 1Kenya 2What do you guys think of James? Cute, right?


Janet Hubert Says Kenya Didn’t Pay Her For Appearing In Her Sitcom Pilot: “She Fooled Us All”

February 18th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News, SFTA

Splash News, SFTA

It looks like Kenya Moore can add another enemy to that ever-growing list. “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” actress Janet Hubert, who is widely known as the “original Aunt Viv,” is accusing Moore of stiffing her out of money.

Back in November, we told you that the Bravo reality star was filming a sitcom pilot for a new series titled, “Life Twirls On,” which she said would be loosely based on her life. Among the actors and actresses cast to appear in the pilot was Hubert; however, things went left when she refused to sign a form giving Bravo permission to film her for “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” According to Hubert, she declined because she finds the show to be “quite demeaning to Black women.” While she says it appeared that Kenya respected her decision not to film for RHoA, she apparently felt a way about it because Janet says the reality star refused to pay her. And now, she’s calling folks out on Facebook. Her initial post reads:

“Many thanks for all the likes. For Blacktors and Blacktresses everywhere…beware the new Reality TV Scam. Obtaining SAG contracts to promote their own story lines. I was used…beware Reality TV personalities! And all extras, when they want to pay you 10.00 an hour as they tried to do with me. Lost time sheets…Please share and beware!”

A couple of days later, she followed up with this:

“For all the actors that appeared on the Kenya Moore so called pilot, don’t feel bad she fooled us all, and used the wonderful Winsome Sinclair to cast this mess. My advice to you all next time never sign the release that Bravo tried to get me to sign. Only sign what you are supposed to and that is what is related to the union contract. These reality shows are not governed by unions. That is why they can get away with the stuff they get away with. It is like a freak show, do not be fooled by it. They will ask you to sign your life away…don’t do it.”

And then, this:

“I was in Kenya’s corner, I simply don’t understand someone who can turn on you like this. Last time I worked with someone this evil was on Fresh Prince. No more black shows for me.”

Hubert also released a video where she further explained the situation, which you can watch here. She then concluded the shade tour with an impersonation of Kenya for her “Blacktress” web series. So far, Kenya hasn’t responded to the allegations, but we’re sure that it’s only a matter of time. In the meantime, check out footage of Janet’s impersonation below.

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Kenya Moore Goes Topless For Rolling Out

February 13th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Kenya Moore isn’t my favorite person in the world, but I’ll never deny the fact that she is strikingly beautiful. The former pageant queen appears on the cover of Rolling Out magazine, and unsurprisingly, she looks amazing.

“For me everything is about the future of my family,” Moore tells the magazine. “Every decision that I’m making right now is about securing my brand, parlaying that into what that means to family down the road.”

While many reality stars can’t see beyond their stints on their respective shows, Moore says that she’s thinking way beyond her final episode of RHoA.

“When ‘Real Housewives’ is over … when the last show is over, what will I have left?” she questioned. “At the end of the day, I am an aspirational brand that people want to buy into. People want beautiful hair, beautiful skin and they want to feel good about themselves — you know, workout gear and workout videos and things that just make you feel good when you see more products, and that’s just what I’m building to — and that’s not only securing a future for myself but for my family and my kids.”

The issue includes a stunning photo spread, which includes photos of the reality star posing topless. And speaking of being exposed, the pageant-queen-turned-producer discussed how being a celebrity opens a person up to more negativity and criticism than the average person—especially when it comes to new projects and endeavors.


“Any celebrity or any person that is known, you’re always going to be a target to a degree for people,” she explained. “Number one, your haters, they’ll come out in droves just to say I didn’t like that, which they probably never even saw it to begin with. … I’ve seen it all, and for me it’s just always [about] keeping your own integrity and that’s just the best you can do.”

Although Moore was a public figure well before her RHoA days, she insists that she never encountered negativity from the public prior to signing on with the Bravo reality show.

“Before I started ‘Real Housewives’ I was never attacked, I was never attacked in the press or no one ever said negative things about me, I was just kind of like a version of America’s sweetheart. No one really bothered me and I never bothered anybody else, and then that changed when I came on board such a powerful machine like ‘Real Housewives.’”

Kenya Moore goes topless for magazine spread and discusses how joining "Real Housewives of Atlanta" has opened her up to more negativity than she's used to.

Check out the rest of Kenya’s interview and additional photos here.

“She’s Been Rewarded For Bad Behavior” Vivica Fox Talks Tension With Kenya Moore

February 10th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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 Vivica Fox Talks Tension With Kenya Moore

Source: Wendy Williams

Now that Vivica Fox essentially fired herself from “Celebrity Apprentice,” she’s making her rounds on the talk show circuit. She swung by “The Wendy Williams Show” as well as Huffington Post Live to talk about her tenure on the show, how she’s managed to maintain a career in the entertainment industry and of course, her on-going beef with Kenya Moore.

Check out a couple of highlights from her interviews.

First, her “Wendy Williams” appearance:

Wendy: At what point did you realize that she stole your phone?

Vivica: Let me answer a couple of things for you guys. A lot of people are saying how did she get her phone and get into her phone. I’m used to be around people I trust. So I didn’t have a lock on my phone. I didn’t. I had just gotten my phone and I’m used to handing my phone to the assistant, to the make up artist–I got legitimate things going on, ok?

And so when I sat my phone down, they rushed me out to go do an interview and when I came back, it was gone. We tore up that room, looking for my phone. And guess who was the one person who had their back turned and didn’t bother to help.

Kenya’s comments about menopause…Kenya is only seven years younger than us, so you’re on your way. 

Yes, it’s going to happen to you too boo. But for me, it made me take better care of myself, workout, drink more water. You just push through. It happens! It is life.

Kenya’s Malificent plastic surgery reference. Do you think that she crossed the line?

I just need to say this. If this reminds you of Malificent, it made 700 million dollars worldwide, so thanks for the comparison boo.

Then, on her interview with Huffington Post Live, she dug a little bit deeper about Kenya’s real issue, not just with Vivica, but with herself.

About Kenya: 

That one there, she’s something else. And it’s sad because I’ve known Kenya for a very long time, when she won the crown, Miss America or Miss USA–whichever one it was. But the Kenya Moore that I knew then is absolutely nothing like the Kenya Moore now.

Huff Post Host, Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani: How has she changed?

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. And she’s been rewarded for bad behavior. So I think what happens is, it’s like an addict, they keep pushing, they keep pushing and she lives scandal after scandal that’s how she gets down. Myself, I do the work. I have talent and I’m glad that I get to go back to doing movies, doing legit projects that I produce and star in.

Do you feel like she has enough talent to be anywhere on your level?

Do I think she what?


Well, and there you have it. Silence is in the room.

Well, you can look at my resume and look at hers. You know. I don’t like to be the mean girl but the thing that was most upsetting about Kenya was that she doesn’t show respect. I’ve been doing this for 25 years and I’ve done the work. I think at one point she said that I have limited talent and that was just like…wooo.

You can watch Vivica’s full interview in the video below.

[Watch] Kenya Moore’s Shadiest Interview EVER

February 3rd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Wedny Show


Last night, Kenya Moore was fired from “Celebrity Apprentice.” Today, the RHoA appeared on “The Wendy Show” to discuss her dismissal, her nasty feud with contender Vivica A. Fox and her recent experience with Lupita Nyong’o. Check out some highlights from her interview below.

On if she stole Vivica’s phone and tweeted about menopause:

“No, absolutely not. I think the whole thing is quite ridiculous. I don’t think that I needed to send out a tweet or take someone’s phone to win. I was a strong player through the end so I don’t need to resort to such ridiculousness.”

On being fired:

“I think that I was made a scapegoat. I think that they tried to fire me the week before and I fought my way out of it. I made a bad decision in terms of the creative and that’s why I was eventually fired.”

On Vivica calling her booty lopsided:

“Nobody talks about her face. For her to say that, it wasn’t nice. I have been I natural girl. I’ve never tried to turn myself into ‘Maleficent.’ I’m okay with being a natural girl.”

“If I need a little tune-up and I need to go to the doctor and say, ‘You need to raise these boobs up or put it back together,” I don’t judge. But go have some good work. No shade. That was no shade, no tea. I promise.”

On NeNe’s cease and desist letter:

“I need to send a cease and desist to whoever makes her wigs.”

On her feud with Lupita Nyong’o:

“I’m huge fan and I saw her and was in my feelings. I fanned out and was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Lupita.’ She’s a chocolate girl. She won an Academy Award. Of course I’m going to be in support of her. My friend went to go ask her for an autograph and she was turned down. I was just like, ‘Aww really?’”

“I never even spoke to her, but I’m still a fan. I still want her to win.”

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“That’s A Dirty A** B***h”: Vivica Fox And Kenya Moore Go At It On “Celebrity Apprentice” Over Phonegate

February 3rd, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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For months we’ve heard about the issues between Kenya Moore and Vivica Fox, but we finally had the chance to see them unfold before us on last night’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Moore had to team up with Fox to work on a campaign for King’s Hawaiian Buns, and she was the project manager for Team Vortex. When they went with Moore’s theme that “buns are like butts,” an idea the company was NOT feeling, their team lost the challenge and had to face Donald Trump in the boardroom (Moore, Fox and Geraldo Rivera were specifically put on the spot). Things started out civil between the women, but when Moore tried to claim that Fox wasn’t a team player because she was dealing with menopause, Fox went off.

“That’s a dirty a** b***ch right there.  That’s why I tried to tell you that this child has toxic tendencies. You are just a toxic trick!”

Moore tried to stay above the name calling in front of Donald Trump, but she didn’t have a problem with calling Fox “ghetto”:

“Oh my God, really? This is not the ghetto. Please don’t take it there.”

But Fox was not trying to hear it:

“You’re there, honey. That’s the only place you can be prevalent in, honey. Baby, I’m an international star. You’re a ghetto star. Don’t do that.”

The whole menopause conversation came up because Moore claimed that Fox sent out a tweet saying that she had been “acting a damn fool” because of such a stage in life. But Fox said that her phone went missing for some time, a claim that Rivera backed her up on, and that she never tweeted out anything like that. In fact, Fox says that she rarely tweets in general. It was Fox’s belief that Moore is the one who took her phone and sent the tweet.

After some thought, Donald Trump decided to send Moore home, despite Fox having five different losses in the competition so far, and Moore being pretty successful in the past. It didn’t help that Trump had to ask Moore beforehand, “Why are you so mean to everyone?”

When Moore was sent packing, she tried to pretend like she wanted to extend an olive branch to Fox, but things didn’t go as planned. Fox let her know how she really felt:

“I could care less. Bounce. Trick. She stole my phone. I’m glad they saw you for who the hell you are. Bye, trick.”

Watch the scene in full, starting around the 33 minute mark:

Time for you to figure out, as Fox says, who was “living a lie all day…”

Kenya Moore Refuses To Be Silenced By NeNe’s Legal Tantrum: “She Cannot Control Freedom Of Speech”

January 29th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Yesterday, we told you about Nene Leakes firing off a stern cease and desist letter to Kenya Moore. Apparently, Leakes was disturbed by some of the things Moore had said about her. In a bold attempt to let Nene (and the rest of the world) know that she ain’t never scared, Moore posted a snapshot of the letter and shared it on Instagram. But she didn’t stop there, now she’s doing press about the letter.

“I have not done anything to warrant this,” the 44-year-old reality star told the New York Daily News.

According to Kenya, Leakes, who also sent a C&D letter to Claudia Jordan, is simply being a control freak.

“I think this is a way for her to control everyone and everything around her,” she reasoned. “However, she cannot control freedom of speech particularly when she has done and said worse over the course of seven years to numerous housewives.”

Moore then went on to recall some of the terrible things Leakes has said about her in the past.

“(NeNe) has called me a liar, crazy, insinuated I was sleeping around, and stated I should be fired amongst a host of other things, however, her opinion of me has never mattered,” said the “Celebrity Apprentice” star. “I do wish she finds peace.”

As much as Moore may try to brush off the threatening letter, Leakes’ attorney Akil Secret means business.

“If any future post, directed as Ms. Leakes, are defamatory, aggressive legal action will result. If Ms. Moore has any doubts about what constitutes defamation, she should seek legal advice before posting on the blog.”

Do you think NeNe overreacted when she threatened to take legal action against Kenya?

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NeNe Leakes Slaps Kenya Moore With Cease And Desist Letter, Kenya Responds By Posting It On Instagram

January 28th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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The feud between Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes has been kicked up a notch, as Leakes’ attorneys have now jumped into the petty squabble. The legal team representing the “Cinderella” star recently fired off a cease and desist letter to Moore, threatening that if she continues making “false, destructive and defamatory statements” about their client, she may face legal consequences.

“Your postings on Bravo TV have been false, malicious and ostensibly made with the intent to cause damage to her reputation by exposing her to public hatred, contempt and ridicule, and injuring her in her trade and/or profession.” the letter continues. “Particularly, your statement was made with intent to directly injure and defame Mrs. Leakes’ and the perception of her in the broadcast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), her brand as a member of the cast and her brand in the entertainment and celebrity industry in general.”

Moore, who is clearly not taking the letter seriously at all, responded by sharing a snapshot of it on Instagram for the world to see.



“I guess this is @neneleakes way of saying happy birthday! #RHOA #HypocrisyAtItsBest #byegirl #SheTriedIt #SoNastySoRude,” she captioned the image.

Considering that both Moore and Leakes have spoken poorly of each other, it’s pretty surprising that NeNe would go as far as to get the law involved. However, she’s been pretty gung ho to put her attorneys to work these days. Just last week, a family-owned boutique came forward stating that they, too, were served with a cease and desist letter by the Bravo star’s team of attorneys. Apparently, she was looking for them to stop selling their popular “Girl Bye!” t-shirts—even though they were producing the shirts way before Leakes came out with her own t-shirt line.

I suppose we’ll have to stay tuned to see what becomes of both of these disputes.

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Kenya Moore Denies Responsibility For “Black Wives Matter” Ad

January 26th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Last week, we told you that the advertising firm responsible for printing the controversial “Black Wives Matter” posters alleged that they were hired by “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore.

“We were hired by who we believe was a representative of Ms. Kenya Moore in early December to design and print these posters,” a representative for the company explained in a letter.

“We are deeply sorry for propagating social injustice and pain in America. We are coming out about this because it has conflicted with our morals as a multi-racial design team. Major corporations and celebrities continue to exploit our culture for economic gain and as designers need to begin to stand our ground.”

Black Wives Matter

Reality Tea

A spokesperson for the reality TV star has since responded to the claims made by the ad company and they insist that Kenya had nothing to do with the creation of said posters.

“I am not sure where this story surfaced from, but it is a lie and Ms. Moore had nothing to do with those posters. She has nothing but respect for RHOA and Bravo and would never disparage the show,” the rep told Jet magazine.

It seemed quite odd that Kenya would do something so extremely inappropriate, so it’s no shock that she’s denying the allegations. However, we’re very curious to know who is actually behind all of this. Clearly, it’s someone hoping to throw the “Celebrity Apprentice” star under the bus.

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