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A Financial Waste Or Good Investment? 10 Expensive Ways Celebrities Spend Their Money

October 28th, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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worst celebrity hairstyles


It must be real nice being a celebrity that makes millions a year. Some act as if the money will never end–and kudos to those who can keep it coming. While us regular folks need to budget in order to keep our homes in order, it never gets old to hear about crazy spending sprees. Check out these celebrities and how they waste their money. Guess if you got it, you got it?

Move Over Barbie! North West Plays With Kardashian-West Doll Family

October 6th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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North West Plays With Kardashian-West Doll


Recently, North West captivated us with her adorable cheeks and her Mommy & Me couture while becoming the youngest front row guest at Paris Fashion Week. Instead of living vicariously through her, children everywhere can have playtime like the one-year-old Chanel model.

In an Instagram post, Aunty Khloe Kardashian revealed the dolls North plays with. Unsurprisingly, they were modeled after her parents Kanye and Kim Kardashian West. The Kanye doll wears a faux fur vest and leather pants and the Kim K. doll flaunts a cheetah print top and fitted skirt that accentuates the doll’s curvaceous hips.

The manufacturer of these toys, Celine Dolls, posted the parental dolls along with North’s own version on their Instagram.






North’s doll is seen wearing a pink dress with a Eiffel Tower sequin patch. Although the doll is cute, Hollywood Life reports Kim has noted pink is not North’s favorite color or “thing.”

If you are interested in purchasing the West Family dolls or perhaps create your own, Celine Dolls’ starting price is $198 with a deposit of $100. Please note, these are the base prices per doll.

Will you be purchasing a doll family?

H/T Time 

Poor Babies: Why I Think Pop Culture Is Ruining The Lives Of Celebrity Children

October 3rd, 2014 - By La Truly
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I’m usually unmoved by celebrity gossip, but when it comes to children, I’m sensitive. The thought of celebrity parents parading their offspring around like accessories in a desperate attempt to stay relevant in pop culture really sickens me. So when a recent photograph of Kanye, Kim and the beautiful little North West dressed alike in lingerie-esque black Givenchy ensembles made its way down my Twitter timeline, I was equal parts horrified, mystified and empathetic for the child.

On a night out with paparazzi swarming, attention-gluttons Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attended a NYFW show to support Kim’s sister, Kendall Jenner. In tow was their adorable infant, North West… only she wasn’t dressed like an infant at all. It seems that she was dressed to match her mother’s very adult, sheer, black get-up in a see-through lace blouse of her own. She walked along with little black pants and sneakers that looked less than comfortable for a child who can barely walk securely on her own two feet.

I absolutely applaud parents for taking interest in their childrens’ appearance. I love that we are seeing so many fashion-forward ideas for the little ones. What I can’t endorse is the trend of dressing children in outfits that are clearly too grown up for them. Why is an infant dressed in a see-through blouse? Whose idea was it to design such a thing for a baby?

Little North West looked uncomfortable to say the least, and who can blame her? I can only imagine that she was dying for a comfortable onesie and her toys at that time of night. I doubt that she was excited about some scratchy lace get-up and dozens of photographers rushing her in a hail of flashing lights.  To my way of thinking, a baby has no business being put on display and opened up to any and every kind of criticism and energy before they can even learn to speak. Babies aren’t accessories or props. They aren’t pets we dress up for show. They’re little humans that need a whole different standard of care than adults, but for some reason, we’ve decided to ignore this as pop culture seems to drive most of everything nowadays.

It’s unfortunate that we’re not more careful about what kind of attention we invite to our own offspring, the ones we’re supposed to be protecting and nurturing the most. Perhaps it’s the times we are living in that give acclaim and reality shows and front pages of magazines to people who have done nothing but simply exist. This, in turn, creates the struggle to stay in the public’s eye, and too often, pop culture celebrities thrust their children into the fray in a way that is less than smart, chipping away at their ability to truly be innocent children. It’s not impossible for celebrity parents to raise children AS children, but I suppose that if being famous for being famous is your bread and butter, you’ve got to maintain visibility in any way possible–even if it that means sacrificing your child’s childhood.

Here’s to hoping that North West gains some sensible adult allies as she grows and develops.

La Truly is a writer, higher education professional and young women’s empowerment enthusiast. She mixes her interest in social and cultural issues with her life experiences  to encourage thought, discussion and positive change among young women of color. Follow her on Twitter: @ashleylatruly and check out her musings on her ever-evolving website:

Kim Kardashian Attacked While Entering Paris Fashion Week Show With Kanye And Mom, Kris

September 25th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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While entering the Balmain Womenswear show for Paris Fashion Week earlier today, Kim Kardashian got quite the scare–and it came at the hands of a known troublemaker whose behavior is getting more and more out of control.

As Kanye and Kim exited their vehicle for the show, photographers and fans swarmed their car. Security was present, but things quickly went left as Kardashian stepped out. A man grabbed her by her legs and tried to pull her down.

Security stepped in quickly to pull her away, and mom Kris Jenner could be heard screaming “stop it!” as the scene unfolded. Kanye, who was on the opposite side of the car, pushed through the people to get over to his wife, but she met up with him to calm him down and let him know that she was fine. Reportedly, other photographers were the ones who held the man down as she was whisked away. The Wests continued on into the show with security all around, and the scene as they entered was ridiculous to say the least. A sea of people crowded around and flashes went off like crazy.

TMZ reports that the attacker was Ukranian “prankster” Vitalii Sediuk, and his rep says that he is taking credit for the lunge at Kim. If you’ll recall, he’s the same guy who tried to give Will Smith a kiss on the red carpet of one of the actor’s film premieres (and was smacked by Smith for it). He’s also the guy who jumped on Brad Pitt on the red carpet of the Maleficent premiere. AND at the premiere of “How To Train Your Dragon” at the Cannes Film Festival, Sediuk crawled underneath America Ferrera’s dress before security grabbed him.

Sediuk was a reporter for the Ukranian TV channel 1+1 and used his credentials to do most of these things. He was fired ONLY after the incident with Ferrera, so it’s unclear how he keeps getting access to events and places in order to do these things. Either way, he needs to be stopped before he gets even more brazen with his so-called “pranks.” And this is also a sign that these celebrities need better security. What if wasn’t a prankster, but a complete crazed and violent person? Scary.

Check out TMZ’s video of the incident HERE.


Yeezy Taught Me: Student Recounts Kanye West “Teaching” College Course

September 24th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Kanye West Teaching College Course


On September 19, students at L.A. Trade Technical College received the opportunity to learn from Grammy award winning musician and producer Kanye West. In order to serve his court-mandated 250 hours of community service for confronting paparazzi, West volunteered at the college.

The students who participated were a part of the school’s digital communications department along with high school dropouts who were in the college’s bridge program. During his appearance West taught the students about his personal experiences in the music and fashion industries. And of course, Kanye was Kanye.

Complex magazine interviewed Andre Pitts, a visual communications major, to find out what the students learned from Professor Yeezy. Pitts says West allowed a Q&A session after his almost two-hour speech about life and what it means to be successful. Here are a few highlights from Pitt’s interview:

So once the excitement died down after he walked in, did he just start talking?

​No, he walked through the door and then nobody was yelling or anything obviously, but everyone kind of just started talking to the people around them and he went over to the instructors of the class and spoke to them quietly for a minute. And then he introduced—well he didn’t introduce himself—but the teacher kind of said, “Well all of you know who this is obviously,” so then he started talking.

That’s crazy. What do you remember him speaking about?
A lot of stuff. He was all over the place, but I mean, one of the main things he was talking about was…he was giving examples of different things and saying that having a Rolex or a Benz is not something that actually represents your success because there’s always something more expensive to buy. So, he was saying that success was really being able to do things for others as well as the people around you and yourself.

Is there anything else that really stuck with you that he made sure to emphasize as a significant point?
He was all over the place. He reminds me of my brother, the way he didn’t really stick to one thing. He talked about Tupac. He was watching the movie Juice, and he was inspired by Tupac being in the movie. He talked about how Ice Cube is one of his biggest inspirations and one of his biggest let-downs. He talked a little bit about Steve Jobs. He mentioned a little bit about how the media portrays him negatively, but he’s saying that he’s not anything negative, it’s just him being real and calling out bullshit all the time. He spoke about his grandfather, actually, and him being in Chicago, and after that it was kind of cut off short, and he had us go into questions and answers.

Read the interview in its entirety, here.

[Watch] Wendy Williams Eats A Crow After Losing Bet About Kim & Kanye Actually Making It Down The Aisle

September 15th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: FOX

Source: FOX

Last year, Wendy Williams made a bold declaration. The daytime TV host was under the impression that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s engagement was a sham and expressed extreme doubt about the high-profile pair actually making it down the aisle. However, her suspicions turned out to be incorrect.  Kim and Kanye exchanged vows during an Italian wedding ceremony.

“I could be wrong, and if I am let it be known on today, Monday June 24th, if I am wrong and they actually get married, I will eat crow right here on this stage… with a lot of hot sauce.”

She later noted that she would chow down on the bird on the couple’s “73rd day” of marriage. Well, the time has come for Wendy to eat her words, literally. For the new season of her daytime TV show, Wendy tried crow gumbo prepared by a gourmet chef.

“So last season of the show I made a bet that Kim and Kanye’s marriage wouldn’t last longer than 72 days and I told you that if it did, I’d eat crow. That’s an expression we use; that’s not something we’re supposed to do! But I lost the bet,” she explained before introducing Chef Kevin Burrows.

Once the dish was prepared, Wendy dug in.

“It tastes kind of like chicken liver. You know, it’s not so bad,” she expressed.

“But there you go, I’m a woman of my word.”

Of course, Wendy couldn’t allow the segment end without resorting to her usual shenanigans.

“Just because they’re married doesn’t mean they’re happy! We’re watching you for the next 73 days Kardashian-West,” she concluded.

Oh, Wendy!

Kanye Wasn’t Feeling Jay Pharoah’s VMA Impersonation: ‘They Want To Make A Joke Out Of How Hard We Work’

September 3rd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Sources: WENN, MTV

Sources: WENN, MTV

When Jay Pharoah hit the VMA stage with his Kanye West impersonation and the camera panned to Kim Kardashian looking on uncomfortably, it was probably safe to assume that Kanye wouldn’t find the skit funny either.

According to, Kanye revealed during his performance at the Made in America music festival that he gave the “Saturday Night Live” comedian a call after hearing about his VMA impersonation.

“It’s all funny and everything, but don’t distract what we’re doing up here. What we do is not a joke. What we do culturally is not a joke […] I know everybody’s doing their job,” he told his audience before revealing that he gave Jay Pharoah a call after the MTV Video Music Awards. “But before we go to the next song, what I want people to realize is what we do we put our love, our heart, our pain, our story, our lives into it.”

“I called Jay Pharoah right after the MTV awards. I said, ‘I appreciate your show, but let me tell you about my story. Let me tell you about what I went through to get to that position.'”

He went on to express his disapproval of Black comedians spoofing hardworking people.

“We ain’t gonna have no black comedians going up (on) stage spoofing the people that’s working hard to open doors not only for black people, but (for) any creators, anybody that wants to add a contribution to the world.”

It’s unclear what note that call ended on, but Lord knows I would love to have been a fly on the wall for that one. Kanye also addressed a “South Park” spoof that poked fun at him.

“They want to make a joke out of how hard we work. It’s fine and all funny and everything, but don’t distract from our vision. It’s not a joke what we do up here. This music that we do is not a joke. What we do culturally is not a joke.”

Jay has yet to comment on Kanye’s reaction to his impersonation.

Braid My Hair…Or Not: Famous Men We Were Glad To See Let Their Cornrows Go

August 28th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Cornrows have been popular since the ’70s, but everyone (and their mother) was wearing them in the early ’00s, including many of the famous fellas whose music we do or did jam to. Here are 10 celebrity men who we were glad to see leave these looks behind:

Jason DeRulo

When you see Jason DeRulo these days, he looks like this:

Judy Eddy/

Judy Eddy/

But as you’ll see if you click on the video below, at one point, while trying to get his career off the ground, DeRulo rocked some very interesting cornrows and a whole different sound:

‘Pregnant & Dumped:’ Kimye Latest Target For Breakup Rumors

August 28th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Sharpshooter Images/Splash

Source: Sharpshooter Images/Splash

Gossip tabloids have been especially focused on divorce rumors lately. Although the Jay Z and Beyoncé breakup rumors don’t appear to be true, sadly, the Nick and Mariah ones were. Now, there’s a new rumor: Kim and Kanye are already headed for splitsville. While the two have not even been married for a full year yet, Life & Style is reporting that the Hollywood couple’s marriage is already deteriorating.

In their September 8 issue, which has a headline that reads, “Pregnant & Dumped,” the magazine claims that Kim and Kanye have been doing a lot of arguing about their future. Sources allege that things have gotten so bad between the two that it’s only a matter of time before one of them files for divorce. However, it won’t be as easy for Kim to walk away from this marriage like she did with her last one because she’s supposedly pregnant again.

A rep for Kim recently spoke to RumorFix and explained that while Kim does want a second child, she is not currently pregnant. As for the breakup rumors, the rep says that those are false as well. Kim also took to Instagram to shut down the rumors in a subtle way.

“On my way bae,” she captioned a photo of herself using her cell phone.

Maintaining a healthy relationship takes work, but being in a high-profile relationship has to make things even more difficult.

Jay Z, Kanye West & Frank Ocean Sued For $3 Million Over “Watch The Throne” Song

August 26th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Jay Z, Kanye West And Frank Ocean


Kanye West and Jay Z’s critically acclaimed “Watch The Throne” album is back in the news today for their track “Made In America.” The Jasmine Brand exclusively reports, the duo along with Frank Ocean are being sued by musician Joel McDonald for $3 million for copyright infringement.

McDonald claims West, Jay Z and Ocean plagiarized work he released in November 2009 via iTunes. The Jamine Brand writes, “The musician is suing for the trio stealing his music and he wants them to pay for their actions and making money off his work.”

Read the court documents regarding the case here.
Listen to the”Watch The Throne” version of   “Made In America,” below.

Jay-Z & Kanye West – Made in America (feat. Frank Ocean) from John Deer on Vimeo.

Here is McDonald’s version of “Made In America.”

Do you think both songs have similar content?