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“It Really Pissed Me Off What You Said”: Kandi Burruss And Tameka Raymond Settle Beef Over Kandi’s Past Crush On Usher

January 30th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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In today’s ‘Who knew?’ I’m wondering how many people actually knew that Tameka Raymond and Kandi Burruss had some bad blood over the years because of Usher?

Kandi broke it down on a recent episode of her show, Kandi Koated Nights. According to the singer, when Burruss joked about having a crush on Usher (who she was good friends with), Tameka Raymond talked very crazy about her on social media, because Usher and Tameka were going through their split. When someone on Twitter claimed that Burruss said that she would have sex with Usher, Raymond said this:

“Girl that doesn’t surprise me, there isn’t many left in town that she hasn’t so…… Go figure.”

From there, Burruss decided she was done with Raymond, and they didn’t speak for some time.

But in an attempt to hold less grudges in life, Burruss invited Raymond on the show so that they could bury the hatchet–and talk sex of course. Check out what the ladies had to say about why they were pissed at one another, and how they were able to let it go:

Kandi Burruss: I had promised myself I wasn’t f**king with you no more, Tameka! Never! Because I’m one of those type of people, it’s like, once I fall out with you, it’s done. I’m working on that. But years ago, we had an internet beef…it really pissed me off what you said.

Tameka Raymond: What did I say though?

Burruss: You said…This is what happened. I was on the show with Andy, “Watch What Happens Live” one year. They wanted me to say, like a person that you have a celebrity crush on. So I was like, “I don’t have a celebrity crush,” but they were like, “Okay, you gotta just say somebody.” So I wanted to say somebody who was black and successful.

Raymond: Hmph. Okay.

Burruss: Which was, at the time, Usher.

Raymond: Oh!

Burruss: Y’all were not together anymore.

Raymond: It don’t matter.

Burruss: How it don’t matter?

Raymond: Let me tell you why it doesn’t matter. My break up was very fresh at the time, the scars were very wide open, at the time. I was still getting a few kisses, at the time. So when you break up with someone and someone that you guys know together mutually kind of puts it out there that ‘that’s my celebrity crush’… my thought was, well how long has this crush been hampering?

I wouldn’t say that we were friends, but I would never as your associate, say that I have a crush on…like if God forbid you and Todd don’t work out, I wouldn’t get on TV and say, “My crush is Todd.” You would be looking like, how long has that been going on? And it felt like because he was local, it was kind of like, well, let me put this out there and maybe he’ll grab it at some point.

Burruss: That’s how you took it. After sitting here listening to you, I see how you took it.  But for me, I was like, ‘What the f**k is she talking about?’ It pissed me off so bad because he and I have been cool for years. So we had some words and at that point I was kind of pissed off. I felt like, ‘we cool!’ So I didn’t understand why you went all extra on Twitter.

Raymond: Listen, I was a little emo. My son might have been a year old when this thing happened. It was a fresh wound. And the break up was fresh and I was hopeful at the time. It was a long time ago. It’s past us. And guess what? Community property is community property…

Afterwards, Burruss spoke further about moving past her issues with Raymond on Instagram:

Nice to see they were able to move forward. But do you think Kandi was in the wrong back in the day, or was Raymond overreacting?

Mama Joyce Experiences A Change Of Heart About Todd: “Todd Is Doing Well Now”

January 14th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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It appears that Mama Joyce has somewhat let down her guard down with her son-in-law, Todd Tucker. In a recent interview, the reality TV mom spoke about Todd’s current projects and how hard he’s been working lately.

“Todd is doing well now,” she told Radar Online. “He has a show and I hope they stay together and be happy. I have accepted that they are together and she loves him.”

Although she made it clear in the past that she did not want her daughter to marry the reality television producer, Joyce says that she has come to accept her daughter’s decision.

“I made up my mind that if that’s who she chose then I am happy for her. I am not going to stress about it and I’m just going to accept it.”

As for why she was so against their marriage, Joyce claimed that she was simply trying to protect her daughter.

“I want my child to be happy and I didn’t want her to be taken advantage of. I wanted Kandi to marry somebody that had as much as she did.”

Of course, some felt that she only wanted to protect Kandi’s finances for her own personal gain, but Joyce says that it wasn’t about her and that she has never taken advantage of her daughter.

“I didn’t take from Kandi, I didn’t use her ever,” she explained. “Kandi respects me and Kandi knows I raised her by myself and I sacrificed for her and I never spent her money. I was the one that helped her accumulate what she has.”

Though she seems to be making peace with her daughter’s marriage, it doesn’t appear that she’s looking to tame that mouth of hers.

“I think I am just straight up,” she continued. “People that know me love me to death. But I’m real. I say what other people are thinking because I don’t think there is anything to hide.”

Mama Joyce will always be Mama Joyce, but at least it appears that she’s at least thinking about butting out of Todd and Kandi’s business.

What Went Wrong? Supergroups That Could Have Been Awesome, But Were A Bust

December 17th, 2014 - By Asha Boston
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A lot of popular musicians admire one another and often work together on projects. But every now and then, these people try to come together to create an actual supergroup of sorts. Multiple established individuals working under one name, one sound. And while the idea of supergroups is cool, many don’t make it. Why? Label conflict, big egos, and sometimes, fans just aren’t feeling what they’re selling. Here are 10 examples of supergroups that have been a bust for a variety of reasons.


Peach Candy

Peach Candy

Ever wonder what it’d be like if “Real Housewives of Atlanta” crossed over with “Love and Hip Hop”? Meet Peach Candy. Comprised of singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss and rapper Rasheeda Buckner-Frost, the duo provided a unique sound of crunk/hip-hop tracks with an R&B flare. The group disbanded because of their busy schedules and never released an album (they ladies are still close friends though). But they did release several singles like “Crazy,” “Bam,” “Wish I Never” and “Rain At Home” featuring Lil Scrappy.

Kandi Reflects On Fighting & Making Up With Miss Sharon

December 15th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Before last night’s airing of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kandi addressed a dispute she had with her late mother-in-law , Miss Sharon. Part of their fight appeared on this week’s episode.

“It’s so weird watching this episode knowing that #MamaSharon isn’t here anymore,” Kandi wrote on Instagram. “I truly miss her! On tonight’s episode you’ll see her let me have it about the things that were said about her, but what you won’t see is how two seconds later she was ready to go have fun.

The cool part about Sharon was that she would speak her mind & put you in your place if she needed to but as soon as she got it off her chest she was giving you hugs & wanting to have fun together. #RIPSharon”

As previously reported, Miss Sharon passed away earlier this month after suffering a fatal stroke. The reality TV mom was discovered by a friend of Todd’s, who rushed her to the hospital. She slipped into a coma that night and passed away the following morning.

Kandi And Todd Speak On Miss Sharon’s Death: “I Don’t Know What To Do. I’m Lost!”

December 3rd, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Last night we reported the sad news that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Todd Tucker lost his mother, Miss Sharon, yesterday after she suffered a fatal stroke. At the time, neither Todd nor his wife Kandi had put out a statement on Miss Sharon’s passing, but last night, in the midst of their grief, the newlywed couple took to Instagram to remember Miss Sharon and express their sadness over their loss.

Todd posted a picture with his mother, writing:

Today I lost my partner, my ride or die my best friend! I don’t know what to do? I’m lost! My heart hurts so much! She was a fighter, a warrior for her son! It was me and her against the world! She’s in a better place!! Mom I love you to death! Rest in peace!

Kandi also took to IG, posting the picture above with this caption:

Today has been a tough day. Our family has suffered a terrible loss. Sharon was the best mother in-law! She was fun, energetic, loving, & caring. I loved how she liked to get up & go all the time. She would get you in check one minute & give you a hug the next minute. She still had a young spirit. It’s unbelievable that she’s gone. I’m so sad for@todd167 because they were so close… He talked to her every morning & all thru out the day, every day. It’s hard losing people that you love but when it’s out of the blue with no warning it just makes it that much harder…. I’m still in shock.

Porsha Williams instagramed a message of support to Kandi and Todd as well, saying “My prayers are with The Tucker family tonight! Todd your Mother Miss Sharon was a beautiful soul & so loving she will be missed. Love you guys.”

We’re sending our prayers to Kandi and Todd as well.

R.I.P.: Todd Tucker’s Mom, Miss Sharon, Suffers Fatal Stroke

December 2nd, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Todd Tucker's Mom

Source: Instagram

Newlyweds Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker have been dealt a hard blow today, as the Daily Mail report’s Todd’s mother, Miss Sharon, has died from a stroke.

Miss Sharon fell ill in New York yesterday and was discovered by a friend of Todd’s before being rushed to the hospital. Todd was in Atlanta at the time and, according to the Daily Mail, when he arrived in New York his mother was unconscious. A source told the site Miss Sharon slipped into a coma overnight and passed away this morning. Kandi was reportedly in Los Angeles at the time.

We’d first gotten to know Miss Sharon on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” a couple of seasons ago when Kandi started dating Todd, and she also made an appearance on the couple’s wedding spinoff. So far, neither Kandi nor Todd has commented on Miss Sharon’s passing. Our thoughts are with them both at this time.

“Cynthia Should Be Setting An Example”: Phaedra Parks And Kandi Burruss Criticize Cynthia’s Behavior With Porsha; Cynthia Responds

November 26th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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As we told you on Monday, Cynthia Bailey received some criticism from people for the way she handled things when she sat down with Porsha Williams to deal with their issues on this most recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” If you’ll recall, after Williams came an hour late for their lunch, Bailey laid into her. Already pissed about her wasted time, Bailey wasn’t holding back and defended herself from being called a flip-flopper by throwing some jabs Williams’ way about her face being long and her intelligence. It looks like Bailey is done dealing with people’s disrespect, but others say she’s doing the most to keep her job by drumming up the drama.

Well, it turns out that a few of her castmates aren’t too pleased with her behavior. Phaedra Parks wrote in her Bravo blog that Bailey’s tone was disrespectful throughout the entire conversation.

“The exchange between Porsha and Cynthia during this week’s episode was disappointing. I have always thought of Cynthia as a nice person, but her behavior last night was unbecoming. Porsha was late and I understand Cynthia’s frustration. However, as Porsha’s elder, Cynthia should be setting an example. None of us are perfect, but we can all strive to be better. Also, timing and tone are often more important than the content of a message. It is unfortunate that the content and intention of the communication were lost due to a distracting tone and premature timing.”

Kandi Burruss agreed that Cynthia did a bit too much, but felt that she’s kind of damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. When she doesn’t defend herself, she’s criticized for being a doormat, but when she does, she’s criticized for being rude.

“Cynthia is a sweet person, but I think people have called her a follower and have taken her kindness for weakness for so long that she just wants to let everybody know that she’s not weak. Therefore every time she feels the slightest bit of disrespect, she goes overboard trying to put that person in check. Now she comes off as this mean girl. It’s like she can’t win for losing — if she’s too nice, she’s weak, and if she’s too aggressive, she’s a bi**h.”

But what does Cynthia Bailey think of how things played out on camera? She finally spoke up and defended herself on her Bravo blog, saying that the only thing she would change is the fact that she didn’t leave after Williams was 15 minutes late instead of an hour.

“I have known Porsha for a couple of years now, and we have never had any real issues until this last reunion. To my knowledge our only issue is I did not support her actions at the reunion. I have always made it clear that the reunion is a provocative environment for everyone involved. I adamantly did not support her choice to resort to physical violence, and I never will. Shortly after, she did WWHL, and claimed that I supported her actions and then I didn’t support her actions. I do not support physical violence. Period! I thought this was clear out the gate during the reunion, when I did not jump off the couch to run to her side.

I feel an ongoing issue in this group of ladies is the blatant disrespect for people’s time. It is just rude and inappropriate. It also says a lot about a person to have no regard for another person’s time (no call or text) and feel no need to apologize. I find this behavior extremely irritating and actually offensive. Looking back, I never should have allowed my frustration to take me out of character. What could have been a respectful and cordial conversation between two grown women ended up being a pointless waste of time. My mistake was not leaving after the customary 15 minute grace period.”

What do you think about what all of the ladies had to say about Bailey’s behavior?

“I Shouldn’t Have Told My Wife You Offered Me Fellatio”: Apollo’s Been Lying On Kenya, And Mama Joyce Is Back And Mean As Ever; RHOA Ep. 2

November 16th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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This week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” included a lot of action and drama, and as usual, Kenya and Apollo were a big part of it.

To summarize: Phaedra and Apollo continue to be at odds, Mama Joyce is back and she still can’t stand Todd, and as it turns out, Apollo has been lying on Kenya all along. Let’s chat about this week’s shenanigans, shall we?

“Phaedra Is Always Assuming I’m Siding With Apollo”: Is There A Rift In Kandi And Phaedra’s Friendship?

November 12th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Kandi and Phaedra


Ever since Phaedra Parks joined the cast of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” in season three, she has been very close with Kandi Burruss. They have been there for one another through marriage, childbirth, momma drama, and now, divorce. But have differing opinions about the way Parks has handled things when it comes to Apollo Nida’s legal troubles caused some tension between them?

In a chat on the Bravo blog earlier this week, Parks was asked about what support she’s received from her cast mates during this tough time, and she didn’t mention Burruss:

NeNe and Porsha have been extremely supportive of me and very attentive throughout this entire ordeal, and for that I am extremely grateful. Unfortunately, some of the others decided to use my personal crisis as an opportunity to further their own interests and talk to the media to get press for themselves. The lack of compassion was, at times, shocking.

I didn’t think anything of the omission of Burruss’ name, as most people are well are aware that she is more than just a “cast mate” to Parks, but damn near like family. Plus, we’ve seen Burruss be supportive during last season and in Sunday’s premiere episode. But when Burruss spoke to Bravo yesterday about Parks feeling like she takes Nida’s side too much, I wondered if there is actually something going on between them at the moment? Here’s what she told Bravo about the struggle of being friends with both Parks and Nida as their marriage crumbles:

It’s very hard. Phaedra is always assuming I’m siding with Apollo, which isn’t true. Todd and Apollo became pretty good friends, so I would say he takes Apollo’s side a lot. Todd and I have serious debates over their issues. Sometimes I get to the point where I’m like, “Listen Todd, we shouldn’t be arguing about their problems.” It’s crazy really… At the end of the day Phaedra is my girl. I’m always going to be honest with her about what I think. Sometimes we have a difference of opinion, but it’s not because I’m taking anyone’s side against her. Never that! It always sucks when two people that you really like are going through something as crazy as this. I’ve always heard that when a married couple goes through a divorce the people close to them end up going through the divorce with them. I never understood what that meant before, but I do now.

And it probably hasn’t helped that Burruss has talked about what’s going on with Parks and Nida in the media over the last few months, but she’s never really said anything negative. When asked about Parks’ situation by the Breakfast Club in September, she had this to say:

For me, if it were my husband or whatever, I wouldn’t leave him just because he was going to jail. I wouldn’t. But if it was about the other stuff that was going on that would be different. If he was just doing me wrong all the time, I would be like, ‘I don’t have time for this.’ There are certain things that could put any relationship in a bad position. But I would just say that I would have been fed up before the jail situation ever came…

They’ve been thick as thieves for so long, I’m sure it’s nothing they won’t talk through in time and move on from. But as Burruss said, divorce can be hard on everybody.

“Save That For Ur Husband!” Kandi Burruss Criticized Online For Racy Pic, She Responds: “Ya’ll Kill Me Sometimes”

November 7th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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As much skin as entertainers show off these days, who knew a little thigh action could get so much criticism?

Kandi Burruss posted a very alluring image on her social media page this week, and she captioned it, “For Bae” @todd167. Of course, the Instagram handle she tagged is that of husband Todd Tucker.

A photo posted by Kandi Burruss (@kandiburruss) on


In the photo, Burruss dons a white lace bodysuit, a strapless bra…and that’s about it. She strikes a seductive pose, and if you ask me, she looks great!

But alas, haters flock to the smallest things these days. While a good number of people loved the pic, there were also quite a few who told her to keep such pics to herself for the sake of her husband:

“Save that for ur husband not for fb!!”

“If it for your bae, why you showing everybody?”

“Y for bae…but for everyone Kandi? What does Todd have to himself??”

“Why put it on FB??? send it to his phone at least. What are you trying to prove here?”

“If it’s for Todd, then why is it on Social Media. #Thirsty4Attention”

The use of multiple question marks and exclamation points is killing me.

But what these people didn’t know is that Burruss has a new single coming out called “For Bae.” Turns out, she stopped for a pic on the set of a shoot for the single and decided to tag Tucker (he IS her “bae”). With that in mind, Burruss decided to respond to her critics:

“Oh quit ya’ll just having some fun!! Ya’ll kill me sometimes. love/hate me I guess”

“Stawwwp taking everything so serious peoples!!! Rolling my eyes lol”

“SO WHAT IF MY NEXT SINGLE IS TITLED “For Bae”…??? Ya’ll act like you don’t know I own #KKN AND Bedroom Kandi. #trippin.

And when a writer for Straight From The A asked if the pics were a “Facebook Fail,” Burruss had words for her too.

“I just saw @iamatlien’s post about the online debate about my post earlier when I said “For Bae”. To be clear the pic wasnt “For Bae”, what was in the pic is “For Bae”. Meaning me. Not that I should have to explain that but…. How about yall just focus on the pic & not try to debate every damn thing people say on their post. SMH…. #CarryOn #ILoveYallAnyway #WatchSomebodyTalkSh*tAboutThisPostToo Lol!”

Whatever all that means…

Do you see anything wrong with the picture?