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“Every Action Warrants A Reaction” K. Michelle Responds To Tamar’s Break Down

March 26th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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K. Michelle Responds To Tamar feat

Yesterday, we reported that the ladies of “The Real” had another serious conversation about bullying. Tears started flowing when Jeannie Mai asked Tamar what advice she would give to her son, Logan, if he was ever bullied. She said that she wouldn’t know what to tell him because she’s still going through it herself and then, with tears streaming down her face, she referenced K. Michelle likening her to a muppet.

The jab stuck with Tamar. So much so that she had to ask Vince, her husband, if she really did look like a muppet. I thought it was sad.

But it was you, our readers, who reminded me that it was Tamar and not K. Michelle who initially started the years-long (and ongoing) beef between the two R&B singers. 

The fact wasn’t lost on K. Michelle and, in response to Tamar’s tears, she tweeted this yesterday.


Now, I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty much #TeamTamar but wrong is indeed wrong.  And sometimes, if you find yourself in Tamar’s shoes, you just have to take that medicine, no matter how much it might hurt. Plus, everyone knows that K. Michelle is something like a wordsmith. If she comes for you, it won’t be nothing nice.

But seriously, at this point, with these two going back and forth at least since 2013, it’s time for them to just drop it. Enough already.

Yesterday’s lesson was about being careful with the words we hurl at others. And that’s still true. But today’s lesson, as I’ve since been corrected, is another good one, from the good people of  Crime Mob: “Run Up Get Dun Up.”

“I Even Asked Vince Do I Really Look Like A Muppet?” Tamar And The Real Hosts Talk Bullying

March 25th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: The Real

Source: The Real

You know we love the women of “The Real” for their honesty and willingness to talk about prevalent issues, in ways that other talk shows hosts can’t or won’t breach. And today, on their show the ladies discussed being bullied. Not as children but being bullied now that they’re adults, especially on social media.

Tamera said that her strategy is to love the hell out of people. She said that she finds when she looks at their personal pages, she’s able to determine that they don’t even really love themselves and the things they say to her are really just projections of their own issues.

The discussion was already weighty but it got emotional when Jeannie Mai asked Tamar what she plans to teach her son Logan about responding to bullies.

And that’s when Tamar got emotional.

Jeannie: I do want to ask Tamar, being a mother and being someone who still goes through it today, what advice, if it was maybe Logan or if you had a chance to say something to that person that was bullying you, what would you say to them? How would you deal with it today?

Tamar: Oh God, I feel like a terrible person. Cuz I don’t have any advice to give my son because I’m…

Tamera: …she’s still dealing with it. 

Lonnie: You’re still a new mother so you’re still growing. 

Jeannie: I get scared. You know they say fight or flight. I flight like crazy. I go and I hide. I think where is the bed that I can hide under to get everybody to just go away. I feel weak. This is really interesting that you say this Tamar because you’re so strong.

Tamar: I’m not.

Jeannie: You come off so strong. I didn’t know that you also have that you don’t know what to do.

Tamar: It’s so crazy that you think I’m strong. I would have never known that you’re bullied and that things that people say affect you because you move in stride like nothing’s wrong and everything’s good and the world is peachy cream and it tastes like strawberries. 

I feel like right now in this moment I’m learning from you. So thank you for that Jeannie.

I was just asking my husband the other day…You know when you say Lonnie that you’re just not going to talk about my girls, I know exactly what you’re talking about because a particular person started saying that I looked like a muppet. And people say it so much that sometimes I start to believe it. And so I even asked Vince, “Do I look like a muppet?” And he’s like “Absolutely not.” But this person has the whole world calling me that. And it’s just so devastating because it takes me back to high school and there’s nothing I can do about it. But what I can do is what Jeannie does and thank you Jeannie. I can act like the world is all peaches and cream and tastes like strawberries. And so I’m going to take that with me today. Thank you. Thank you friend.

If you’ve been following our site or Tamar on Instagram or Twitter, you know that the person she’s talking about is K. Michelle.  The two have had their fair share of nasty exchanges that K. Michelle has turned into personal attacks, on occasion, when she started likening Tamar to Miss Piggy. Though it seemed like Tamar wasn’t particularly fazed by the insult, the tears on the show, proved that she was.

I know many of you are tired of the bullying conversation. But if people like Tamar who have a little bit of money, a decent family life, talent and a successful career are still affected this strongly by the words of another, then hopefully this discussion and video will serve as a reminder to all of us to be more careful with our words on and offline.

You can watch the full emotional and teary discussion in the video below.

Toya Talks New Book “How To Lose A Husband” On Wendy Williams

February 18th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Wendy Williams YouTube

Source: Wendy Williams YouTube

Ooo wee. If we thought Toya was going to take the high road during this separation between she and her husband Memphitz, we might have been mistaken. In promotion for Reginae’s episode of “Super Sweet Sixteen,” she stopped by the “Wendy Williams Show.” And since her personal life is really juicy these days, she also talked about her marriage and how she’s handling things.

And child, she kept her cool for most of it but there was some drama. Check out the highlights from the interview below.

Do you think the party was too extravagant?

Reginae is a great child and it’s her sixteenth birthday. Everybody do it big for their kids’ sixteenth birthday party…if they can. If you can go all out, go all out.

What do you think about Wayne and Christina Milian?

I don’t think about that.

Then Wendy got right into the state of her relationship with Memphitz.

Why are you separated?

My husband started to feel like he was living in my shadow. When I met him he was a big music executive. He discovered talent like T Pain, K Michelle, all different types of artists. And to go from begin a music executive to being known as Lil Wayne’s ex wife’s husband…it just started to take a toll on him.

What happened to his career?

He started mixing business with pleasure. He got into a relationship with his artist, K Michelle and it was a lot of allegations that he beat her and stuff like that. The person that you see right now, that’s a person who’s dealing with a lot of hurt and pain and that’s just how he’s choosing to deal with it.

Have her allegations affected your marriage?

I wouldn’t say she affected my marriage. This is how I feel about the whole situation, there’s three sides to every story: her side, his side and the truth. And to be honest with you, no one knows the truth only the people in that room. And you know, we’re all going off the information that we believe to be the truth. So we all are entitled to our own opinion.

How is he mentally right now?

You see he’s acting out on Instagram. How he chooses to deal with his stuff is how he chooses to. How I choose to deal with mine is different. I’m hurt too. I decided to write a book called “How To Lose A Husband.”

Would you like to reconcile?

I would love to work things out with my husband because here’s the thing Wendy, a lot of people get married and when things go wrong they give up on their marriage. You make a vow, it’s for better or for worse.

Did his appearing on Tiny and Toya affect his position at Sony?

Absolutely. I just feel like they didn’t accept him in a tv world. They were looking at him like, you’re more of a behind the scenes type of guy now you’re “mister tv man.” In that world, the tv industry, reality that is, is not really respected.

Memphitz asking Toya to join “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” 

Mona Scott Young asked Memphitz and I to join the show. And to me, that’s not something that I want to be a part of. And I didn’t feel that was the right thing to do for my marriage. We were newlyweds. To go on a show to go back and forth with your ex…I was like ‘No. You go on the show. I’m not going on the show.’

After Wendy and Toya had time to talk all of their grown women talk, she called Reginae out to chat about her recent birthday party, the drama between Birdman and Wayne and her future plans.

The best part was getting my car because I love driving. My security…he’s been teaching me how to drive since I was 14 years old.

I home-school now. This is my first year of homeschooling, so up to ninth grade.

Wayne and Birdman

With me, I love them both and that’s business. My loyalty belongs to my father, anything that he goes through. I love my father and I love my godfather. When my father was in jail, my godfather, he took care of me. So I love them both and I’m praying that they get through whatever they have…

Why Memphitz wasn’t in the show

Toya: He was at her Super Sweet Sixteen. They cut him out of the special, I guess because of what is going on. But he plays a very important role in her life.

Are you going to college or are you going into the industry?

I’m going to, of course, go to college still. But I am going to sing and rap. But right now, with the label goring through what they’re going through I’m on hold as well as my father.

Why did you leave the OMGirlz?

It was business . With the different labels and who to sign with…it was just a business thing.


“I Was Just Trying To Keep it Real”: K Michelle Says She Tried To Warn Toya Wright That Memphitz Was A “Grown A** Boy”

February 17th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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As Toya Wright continues to try and make sense of everything going on in her strained marriage, K Michelle has started her “My Twisted Mind Tour,” and is celebrating all the success she has been having in her career.  During a show in Baltimore yesterday, the singer took a second to warn her fans about “grown a** boys” posing as grown a** men–and that includes Memphitz. K used this time to remind everyone that the same guy she that she claimed had mistreated and even abused her, is the same one that Toya Wright is going through hell and high water with right now. And by telling her story about all that she went through with Memphitz years ago, K was, in essence, trying to “keep it real” and warn other women about him–including Toya. Check out what she had to say to the packed house:

Part 2: "Toya I was just trying to keep it real." #KMichelle #MyTwistedMindTour #ToyaWright #Bmore

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

“Every day he’s a different, crazy a** dude. These are the signs of a grown a** boy. Better run for the hills! Toya I was just trying to muthf**kin’ keep it real!”

Back in 2012, when we first met K Michelle and heard her allegations against Memphitz (she never said his name on TV, but people eventually connected him to K and called him out as her alleged abuser), Toya Wright was not here for anything she had to say.

“I love my husband. It does not matter what you say, I’m not leaving him. Show me the proof. That’s what I wanna see. If you can show me where he beat you. If you can show me the police reports. If you can show me the emails, the messages. If you can show me where he stole your money. You have all these false allegations, but no proof. Show everybody.”

Who knew that almost three year later, things would have turned out like this…?

Memphitz On His Issues With Toya Wright: I Love My Wife, But “I’m Starting To Love Myself A Little Bit More”

February 13th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Since Toya Wright decided to speak to Necole Bitchie about everything going on with her marriage, I’m sure you saw a response from Memphitz coming, right? Not only did he post a very interesting photo on Instagram, but he sat down to talk to Sister 2 Sister about what he claims are the real reasons they grew apart. He cites career sacrifices (he was V.P. of A&R at Jive Records), outside criticism about him not being on the same level as her ex-husband, and of course, the K. Michelle situation, as some of the bigger issues that caused their separation.

Where They Currently Stand

I’m definitely separated from my wife. Now, I love my wife, don’t get me wrong. Nothing has changed as far as the love. It’s just the fact that I’m starting to love myself a little bit more. And when I say that, I mean it as I don’t think a lot of people know that I gave up a lot for my wife, a lot of my life for my wife.

On Not Wanting To Be Married In The First Place

When I met my wife, of course, we fell in love and we were friends first. But at the same time, when it started to get a little more serious, and we were talking about getting married, I had already told her that I would never get married. I had seen people married, and I just didn’t like what I was seeing. I came up with both of my parents and my parents were having a rough time. And I would just see what type of things were going on. I had always been scarred from marriage from that, and from friends of mine that got married young. I told her that I would never do that, and she said, “okay.” But then all of a sudden my feelings started to change. When you love someone and you see they kind of doing their own thing, it’s like, you know what? I think I need to take this another level to keep her around and for her to solely belong to me and be mine.

When Things Changed

I asked her to marry me. I’m still happy about that choice. But I think the fact that we got married on television, I think that’s when everything kind of like…I wasn’t expecting what came with that. And even though I knew what came with marrying my wife — just the fact with her history and who she was already married, people told me, “It’s a million girls out here, you got all these girls, why would you want to marry that one?” I was like, because that’s the one I love. But when we got married a lot of stuff came with that. The public hate that I was receiving, which I’m cool with because I don’t care about what people say too much. Like, “Oh, he’s not Wayne…he doesn’t make money like Wayne, why would you f**k with him?” Even my kids’ moms, they used to live in Atlanta, and all of a sudden they just broke off and left when I got married.  It was like everybody was trying to make it hard for me. Even with the K.Michelle thing…

On Being Given An Ultimatum By His Wife After Trying To Defend Himself From K. Michelle’s Allegations

Over time, when I was offered to go on the show [“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”] to defend myself, Mona called me and was like, “You should come on the show and defend yourself.” And even though I had warned Mona already that this stuff never happened…they did it anyway, they let her do it. And even though [K.Michelle] didn’t say my name, she led people to me by the description. So Mona called me, and she said, “You should come on the show and defend yourself.” I was like, “Okay, I’m on my way, I’m coming.” So I tell my wife that. We were in Vegas and I’m telling my wife, “I just got a call from Mona…” And she’s like, “You not ’bout to go on that show and defend yourself. You about to go on that show and be arguing back and forth with your ex-girlfriend over some petty sh*t like that? That’s disrespecting me. I was like, “Disrespecting you?”

She was adamant about no, I’m not going on that show. So I kind of got an ultimatum after a couple days of Mona waiting on my answer. My wife was kind of like, “If you go on that show we might as well call this over with because I’m not dealing with that kind of disrespect. I took a few days and thought about it. I just left the room, I slammed the door, I just left. I’m like, ‘How she want me to just walk away from this?’ She was like, “You just need to do the right thing and sue.”

How He Feels His Personal Life Hurt His Career

So that’s what I did. I called some attorneys and I sued. I sued everybody, but at the time, I didn’t realize what I had just done. I had just sued my career.

I was in full bed with BET, MTV, VH1, all things under Viacom, and they supported anything I had done up to that point. But the fact that I’m with the my wife and I get put between my wife and my career…a part of me was like, at first, looking at my wife like, ‘F**k what you’re talking about, that’s my career. I have a career, I have to go defend myself.’ And soon as we got married I get fired. Jive Records/Sony fired me. Soon as I got married and I was on my wife’s show, they was like, “Oh you’re Mr. TV man now, you don’t be at work and this and this and that. And I was like, I’m getting caught up in a world that’s affecting my career. So at the point where I got that ultimatum and it was like, my wife was like, “What are you going to choose?” So I’m looking at her like, my wife or my career? So I close my eyes and said, “I love my wife” so I chose my wife…

You can check out the first part of Memphitz’s interview in full below. What do you think about his statements?

K. Michelle Says “Karma” Is Behind Memphitz And Toya Wright’s Marital Issues As He Puts Both Women On Blast On IG

February 12th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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We told you earlier this week that Toya Wright decided to speak out about everything going on in her marriage with Mickey “Memphitz” Wright. She told NecoleBitchie that part of the reason why he’s so stressed (and having a nervous breakdown in her mind) is because of the whole K. Michelle situation. Although K didn’t put his name out there, once it came out that he was the ex who allegedly abused her, Toya said that it was hard for Memphitz to clear his name and make money. That made her the breadwinner, which caused animosity:

“I mean, what is going on with my husband, like I said when I spoke on it, is bigger than me. Micky[sic] has been going through something for the last few years since the whole lawsuit thing against his ex [K. Michelle] and Viacom and it really took a toll on him and it caused him to be a different person. So I think that, going through all of those things, and having all of that stress and the world looking at you one way as a “woman beater” and person that steals someone’s money. It’s hard for you to get back into your industry when you had a career and not a [just] job and somebody defames your character. I mean, it’s a lot to deal with day to day.”

And while that’s obviously not the only big thing behind their marital strife, the abuse claims from the singer definitely didn’t help. But K says that when you don’t do right, you can’t expect things to go right in your life. She posted this on Instagram yesterday:

Do right and right will come to you. Stop blaming others for your faulty decisions🌻

A photo posted by K. Michelle (@kmichellemusic) on

Well…that’s true…

As for Memphitz, he’s still displaying odd behavior on social media, and just a few hours ago, he posted this image of his estranged wife, his ex, with himself in the middle holding up an x with his fingers. Guess that means he wants ‘no parts’ of either of the women (we know the feeling is mutual in terms of K).

The CoCo Drove Me LoCo. @servedfresh thanx 4 accepting #Me as Iz. 💯

A photo posted by f/k/a @BillionDollarBoyBizz (@therealmemphitz) on

And as for Toya, well, she’s just trying to stay positive by leaning on her faith.


This thing just keeps getting messier and messier…

Toya Wright Talks Separation From Memphitz, K. Michelle’s Accusations And Declining ‘Love And Hip Hop’

February 10th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Ever since K Michelle made her initial claims that producer Memphitz physically abused her, we wanted to know who this guy was. And it turns out, not only was he still involved in the industry, he was romantically linked–and then married to another recognizable name and face, Toya Wright.

And while both Memphitz, Toya and even some of their friends have always vehemently denied that he abused K. Michelle, the association alone took a great toll on Memphitz’s career and ultimately his marriage to Toya. Essentially, she believes it’s the reason they are separated today. And in a recent interview with Necole Bitchie, she explained what all of this did to Memphis mentally and how it hurt their marriage.

The current status of their relationship: 

The current status of me and my husband [is] we are separated at the moment. And, we’re just- everybody has their marital issues. And right now, you know, we’re separated.

I mean, what is going on with my husband, like I said when I spoke on it, is bigger than me. Micky has been going through something for the last few years since the whole lawsuit thing against his ex [K. Michelle] and Viacom and it really took a toll on him and it caused him to be a different person. So I think that, going through all of those things, and having all of that stress and the world looking at you one way as a “woman beater” and person that steals someone’s money. It’s hard for you to get back into your industry when you had a career and not a [just] job and somebody defames your character. I mean, it’s a lot to deal with day to day.

And I watched it. I went through it with him for three years. And I’ve been to counseling with him and all types of things so he can get back strong. It’s a lot for him that’s on him and choosing to live our marriage publicly. Everybody has an opinion and when somebody has the bigger platform to share their story and the other person doesn’t, it kind of gets one sided.

And for him- I always get upset when he reacts out of anger on social media because I know that’s not really him and that it’s coming from a bitter, angry place because the world has turned him into that person, constantly accusing him of doing this and doing that and he’s constantly struggling to get back to what he had.

On fighting for her Marriage

When I met him, he had a career. He was a self made guy with his own. And then to fall back into my shadow and then to be known as a “woman beater” it’s kind of a lot.

I’m just praying for him and praying for our situation. I’m a person that is all about love and our family and I don’t like to give up. Especially being married two times. I don’t even like to go through the whole dating stage and all of that. I love my husband and I’m praying that we can get through this and he can get back right to the person that I met because he’s not the person that I met. This whole situation has changed him into someone else.

Where his resentment toward her came from…

You know he started to blame me, for- you know- he had the opportunity when it first happened to go on the show and um-

Love and Hip Hop. He wanted me to go on the show with him. Well, the producer wanted me on the show but that’s not really my thing and I was like ‘No, we’re newlyweds. And we have kids.’

That show don’t really represent what I represent as a woman. I was like, ‘Na, I don’t want to do that,’ because it’s so much drama.  Not that I have anything against it, it’s just not for me.

So, he felt like, it was my fault that he didn’t go on the show and he had the opportunity to defend himself. We took another route and that route caused him to get blackballed in the industry and he kind of blames me for that and I have to deal with that everyday.

At that point, we had just got married. And to go on a show and argue with your ex, even for me to be put in that situation, I just felt like it was too much. I was totally against that and he just felt like, this was the opportunity for him to defend himself and  was like, ‘No, I don’t think so. If this is not true, then you should handle it accordingly.

If someone is defaming your character, you gotta sue them or do what you gotta do. Especially after you ask them not to mention your name or likeness and they did it anyway, and it’s like [the show] lead people- even if they didn’t say your name- it lead people to my [husband] and… he started to resent me for that.

At the end of the day, I can’t go against what I believe in. That’s not something I was cool with. I don’t want my husband on a tv show, going back and forth with his ex, [while] we’re trying to move forward. You’re in another relationship, that’s your past.

What Does K. Michelle Think About Toya Wright And Memphitz’s Split? “They Put Me Through Hell”

January 12th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Reality star and singer K. Michelle breaks down on stage while discussing the abuse allegations she made against ex-boyfriend, Mickey "MempHitz" Wright.

Corbis Images

While you were enjoying your Sunday night, on Twitter, K. Michelle was taking questions from her fans, the Rebels, about all kinds of things–her relationships, her rumored boos, her music, her sleeping habits and more. It wasn’t to promote anything, but rather, to keep the singer entertained since she was battling a case of insomnia during a flight. But one question that was definitely an interesting one came from a fan who asked K her thoughts on the marital discord going on between her ex, Memphitz, and Toya Wright. I probably would have skipped over that one if I was her, but she decided to respond:

K Michelle

The hell that she is referring to is the fact that the estranged couple spoke out against K’s past claims of domestic abuse at the hands of Memphitz, and often tried to call her a liar. Friends of the couple also backed them up by publicly questioning the singer’s claims (including Rasheeda from “Love and Hip Hop” and even Tamar Braxton). And just recently, Memphitz was out here trying to crack jokes about K, calling her K. NoSales when her new album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, didn’t move the numbers I’m guessing he thought account for a hit.

“& the First Copper Plaque ever in the World goes toooo…Drumroll please…K. NoSales!! AMAZING!!! The People want to know! How’d you do it!???”

But in the end, those jabs taken at her just seemed to be an attempt to cover up all that he was dealing with in his own personal life…and it didn’t work.

What do you think about K’s response?

K. Michelle Sends A Comical Message To Idris Elba And All The Men She Dated In 2014, Who Won’t Make It To 2015

January 1st, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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VH1 star K. Michelle admits she may have a sex tape floating around starring her and two women. One of the participants has been threatening to leak it.

Corbis Images

After a year of relationship ups and downs and shedding tears over what was and could have been with Idris Elba, K. Michelle is looking forward in 2015. But not before looking back real quick to chuck the deuces to the men who she was involved with for a time in 2014.

The Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart singer says she won’t date a man if he doesn’t inspire her to want to write, and while Elba was the main inspiration behind the AWBAH album, she gave a few other guys a chance here and there. Last night, as the year prepared to close, she decided to bid them all farewell from her life one last time, and that also includes former boyfriend and NBA player Lance Stephenson, and Bobby Maze, the handsome fella featured on her reality show, “My Life.”

I thought we’d get to see forever

Une vidéo publiée par K. Michelle (@kmichellemusic) le


I couldn’t help but bust out laughing when I realized that I was hearing “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.”

Check out the send-off for yourself and share your thoughts on her goodbye to 2014 and the men who came along and exited with it.

Café Mocha Focuses On Hope & Healing For The Holidays

December 26th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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"K. Michelle and Idris Elba pf"


We send our heartfelt condolences to the families of the two slain police officers in New York and we hope that we can begin the healing process in our communities.

Café Mocha revisits Ferguson with two celebrities who were there. The stories they came back with will shock you… or maybe they won’t. Don’t miss Café Mocha this weekend.

Did Y’all See? Segment

Did y’all see the story of K. Michelle spilling the tea on her past relationship with actor Idris Elba? Well, the ladies of MadameNoire aren’t buying it. Catch Did Y’all See on Café Mocha Radio this weekend to find out more on this alleged love story.

Tune in this weekend to Café Mocha Radio and go to to find out what the ladies have to say about the hottest topics.