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Mimi’s Boyfriend Nikko On K.Michelle: ‘She Might Be Mad Because I Ain’t Give Her The D’

February 26th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Juicy Magazine

Source: Juicy Magazine

Due to the escalating beef between “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” stars Mimi Faust and K.Michelle, Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club gave both ladies the opportunity to call up the show, speak their peace and clear the air this morning. The hosts also gave Mimi’s boyfriend Nikko a chance to address K.Michelle’s claims that he’s on the down low. Both Nikko and K.Michelle hurled some pretty huge allegations at each other, but the stories are so conflicting, it’s quite evident that someone is lying. Check out both of their responses and let us know what you think.

Nikko’s explanation:

“She [K.Michelle] says a lot of things and I don’t even know the girl. I have no idea [why she thinks I’m down low]. All I know is that she might be mad because I ain’t give her the d. She came at me and I turned her down. I told her ‘You know, you ain’t really my type. I’m with Mimi.’ So, she just wanna throw allegations out there.”

“I just believe she’s a homewrecker. She just don’t wanna see nobody happy around her. I don’t really know much about her, I just hear all the speculations.”

“I am not gay at all. I don’t have a gay bone in my body or a bisexual bone in my body.”

K.Michelle’s response:

“Do you know I had never met him a day in my life until she brought him to my house? Let me tell you what’s going on. The dude is down low. You can’t take my opinion from me. I know you wanna cover stuff up or do whatever you have to do. I don’t know you and I think everybody that knows me know that I don’t date no fairy-looking men. He looks like a fairy. I would never do that. Mimi like them kind of dudes. That ain’t even my type of dude. You don’t have no job. This man has a roommate. The roommate is gay and they have a rap group. They are roommates in Atlanta and the rent isn’t even high in Atlanta. You do the math…”

“I said ‘this guy looks a little suspect.’ Ariane and me, we talked to Mimi as friends and we said, ‘something isn’t right.’ Ariane said, ‘I know for a fact, I have proof that this man [Nikko’s roommate] is gay.’ The gay community [in Atlanta] knows that this man in down low. Now, I don’t care what you do or who you poke, I just don’t appreciate downlow men. If I’m your friend, Mimi I’m going to tell you that this man is really using you. You really are the sidechick again because he has a boyfriend.”

“I understand you don’t want to look stupid on TV, because I took up for you, every show I had and we all go through things and look stupid for men. But, you’re about to damn near get kicked off of the show because he got you running around, just like Stevie, like a little puppet.”

Which story do you believe?

Check out audio of both Nikko and K.Michelle’s interviews on the next page. 

#Shade: The Biggest Celebrity Twitter Beefs of 2012

December 18th, 2012 - By Meg Butler
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Photo Credit: Jessie J/Instagram

Photo Credit: Jessie J/Instagram

Celebrities love to throw shade on Twitter, but nothing is more entertaining than when another celeb throws it right back at them. Check out the best celebrity Twitter beefs of 2012.

Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/

Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/

Chrissy Teigen v. Team Breezy

Team Breezy is agro. All Chrissy said during the Billboard Music Awards this year was that Chris Brown’s performance wasn’t great. Is that really enough reason to threaten to kill a chick? They got so out of line that Breezy had to come in and calm things down. Some people are too crazy to handle 140 characters.