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Did Y’all See? Justin And Kyrie Disappoint, Plus #BlackWivesMatter

July 1st, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Jesse Williams proved to be the only bright spot in this week’s news between Kyrie Irving living up to every successful Black male stereotype with his melanin-absent championship celebration party and Justin Timberlake offering up the tired “we’re all the same” explanation as a solution to racism. Is it fair to say these famous men need a reality check or are they free to see the world like they do?

Watch and weigh in with the editors as they debate these men’s behavior and play and interesting game of #BlackWivesMatter.

As Down As Justin Timberlake Is, Does He Really Understand What’s Up?

June 28th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Image Source: WENN

Image Source: WENN

Jesse Williams’ speech during the BET Awards was everything. And by everything, I mean it was truthful. It was inspirational. It was factual. And most of all, it was a message our country needed to hear. Many of us were moved. Among that number was Justin Timberlake.

After Williams’ speech, he tweeted

Immediately, someone questioned the sentiment.


I’m not going to lie, at first glance, I felt like Ernest might have taken things a little too far. I’m among the group of Black people who believe that while Justin certainly could have spoken up in defense of Janet Jackson, I don’t think he needed to apologize to her when “Nipplegate” was clearly a well-devised plan. But that’s another story for another day.

No doubt I thought Ernest had done too much because I’ve been a fan of Justin Timberlake for a long time. Just yesterday, I had an intense discussion about why N’Sync was better than the Backstreet Boys. I was here for the curly fro and cornrows.  I’ve loved all of his collaborations with the likes of Timbaland and Pharrell. (“Brand New” literally makes me dance in the street.) He is a personal friend to Beyoncé. Hell, I even loved the romantic comedy he was in with Mila Kunis. And don’t even get me started on his performance in The Social Network. I’ve been here for Justin.

But it was his response to Ernest that made me think, for the very first time, that despite his affinity and appreciation of Black culture, Justin still just really doesn’t get it.

Ok…yeah, but no.

Of course, we’re all the same. But the point is, all of us are not treated as such. I’m talking about women. I’m talking about Black people. I’m talking about the people whose hair you’ve tried to emulate, the people whose music you’ve co-opted, with the help and cosigns of some big-named Black people. For as much as Justin appears down, does he really understand what’s up?

Perhaps Justin didn’t notice the distinction in the way he was treated vs. the way Janet was treated after the Superbowl performance. Perhaps Justin hasn’t noticed that while he might have acknowledged that he borrowed from Black culture with his hair and musical choices, there are far too many other White celebrities and the White publications who write about them who have never mentioned that these styles were originated by Black people. As much as I love and have supported Justin’s career, maybe he doesn’t realize that as a White man, his performance of traditionally Black music is privileged. Maybe he doesn’t recognize that while his sound is embraced commercially celebrated, there are tons of Black artists who will never receive that same recognition.

And I’m not suggesting that Justin give up the music that he has worked so hard to make. I told y’all, I think it’s great. But still, if you’re going to profit off of Black culture, as he, no doubt, has, he should be willing to acknowledge the differences in our experiences. Black folk realize we’re all the same. We don’t need to hear that. It’s the very reason we’re fighting. And for Justin Timberlake to use his position and platform, with access to a gang of White folk, to attempt to educate a Black man about our shared humanity is not only unnecessary, it’s insulting. This is the first time, to the best of my knowledge, that we’ve seen Justin speak on race and race relations in this country. And this is what he says?! There are other people, his people, southern White folk, in his native Memphis, who would been better served hearing that message.

After that response tweet, Black Twitter came for Justin and his “we are the same” comment, reminding him of Janet and even the demonization of Black men who wore their hair like him …

…and the fact that the point of Jesse Williams’ speech is that we are not all the same in this country.  He eventually  issued an apology.

Yes, we’re all the same. But the problem with White, male privilege, a privilege Justin enjoys, is that it allows for the dismissal, the belittling or the straight erasure of the plight of another, unlike yourself. And while I think Justin may recognize that we’re not all treated equally; despite decades worth of profiting off of Black culture, he seems to have done very little to actually address that discrepancy.

We all have our blind spots. And now that Justin’s has been exposed, it’ll be interesting to see what he does with this new bit of insight.

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Welcome First Child

April 12th, 2015 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Image Source:

Image Source:

Justin Timberlake is officially a dad.

Yesterday afternoon, Justin and Jessica announced to the arrival of their son to the world. Silas Randall Timberlake arrived earlier this month. According to People, “Silas was the middle name of Timberlake’s maternal grandfather Bill Bomar, who died in 2012, while Randall is the musician’s own middle name, as well as his father’s first.”

It sounds like baby Silas is named after some awesome people and already set up for greatness. We’re sure he will just as talented as both his mother and father.

This is the first child for both Jessica and Justin. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Confirmed! Justin Timberlake Expecting First Child With Jessica Biel

February 1st, 2015 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Justin Timberlake may have just celebrated his birthday but he definitely has another important birthday coming up.

The superstar just confirmed he is expecting his first child with wife, Jessica Biel. Timberlake posted a picture on Instagram of him kissing a large belly. The caption read, “Thank you EVERYONE for the Bday wishes! This year, I’m getting the GREATEST GIFT EVER. CAN’T WAIT. #BoyOrGirl #YouNeverKnow #WeDontEvenKnow #WeAreTakingBets”

Jessica and Justin got married back in 2012 after dating for some time. Rumors have been speculated for a number of weeks regarding Biel’s pregnancy. There has been no due date announced and we doubt we’ll ever find out. The couple is known for their privacy.

Nonetheless, we’d like to send our well wishes to the pair. Congratulations to the Timberlakes!

Justin Timberlake’s Best Suit and Tie Moments

October 6th, 2014 - By Rich
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With a successful career in film, music and a hot Hollywood wife (Jessica Biel), Timberlake seems to have it all. And it’s a plus that he’s humble about it all. The “Suit & Tie” singer possesses a swag that can not be ignored. We are loving the way the 33-year-old has been styling lately. Whether in his favorite designer Tom Ford or rocking a causal look, Timberlake never fails to amaze us.

In an interview Timberlake spoke on the importance about being in the moment

“Playing concerts and touring is very much about creating a moment. I think making music is about being in the moment as well. Being in the moment to me is more about when you don’t have to analyze what it is that you’re doing, when it just feels right. I think you find the same moments in acting, when you don’t have to go back and think about it. You don’t have to ask as many questions when you know what you felt when you were in the moment portraying that character.”

Click continue to see our gallery of the multi-talented and fashionable Justin Timberlake’s best suit and tie moments!

Justin Timberlake’s Best Suit and Tie Moments

Beyoncé To Perform And Pick Up The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award At MTV Video Music Awards

August 7th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Daniel Tang/

Daniel Tang/

Another day, another big accolade coming Beyoncé’s way.

According to Rolling Stone, ‘Yoncé will pick up this year’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. For those who don’t know, the award is something of a Lifetime Achievement Award for artists who have had an impact on MTV’s culture. It’s been given to directors (Hype Williams picked up one in 2006 for example) as well as musicians whose videos and work have transformed the way people watch music videos and watch MTV in general. Considering that her visual album from December was a huge success, I guess it makes sense that she would be the next artist to be honored. Justin Timberlake picked up the award last year and put on a pretty epic performance that included ‘N Sync reuniting, and a medley of all his solo hits. With that in mind, I’m sure Beyoncé will put on quite the show. Other Vanguard winners include Jackson of course (the award, once just the “Video Vanguard Award” was renamed after him in 1991), Janet Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears, LL Cool J, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and more.

On top of picking up that award, the singer is also the most nominated artist for this year’s awards ceremony. She is nominated for eight awards, including Video of the Year for “Drunk in Love” with her husband, Jay Z. This will be her first time at the show since she revealed to the world that she was pregnant with Blue Ivy back in 2011.

The show will take place on August 24, 9/8 c.

Don’t Think You’re Irreplaceable! 10 Up-&-Coming Celebs Giving Established Stars A Run For Their Money

July 19th, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Beyoncé named as the world's most powerful celebrity by Forbes magazine.

Source: WENN

“Replacing you is so easy!” It’s a line from Beyonce’s hit song Irreplaceable that applies to even the most established stars. There will always be someone to take your crown, fill your shoes, and have you exiting “to the left, to the left.”

Take The View for example: It’s the fourth-longest day time talk show in history.  Though it was once the best of its kind, backstage politics are causing the top-rated talk show to slip right down the totem pole. Unfortunately for The View, there’s another all-female talk show that’s right on its heels…

Let’s take a look at the up-and-coming celebrities that are giving established stars a good run for their money, shall we?

Bend It Like Bey: The Funniest Beyonce Impersonations

July 2nd, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Since her start with Destiny’s Child, Beyonce has amassed a legion of fans who cheer her on at every move. She’s also inspired a lot of people to channel their inner Sasha Fierce and impersonate the “Bootylicious” singer. Here are some of the best and funniest Beyonce impersonations.

Maya Rudolph Talks About Elevator Beat Down

When the public got its hands on the now infamous video of Solange physically attacking Jay Z in an elevator while her big sister Beyonce silently watched, we all knew an “SNL” parody was right around the corner. Show regulars Sasheer Zemanta and Jay Pharoahe played the younger sister and the Brooklyn rapper respectively but when Maya Rudolph walked on as the R&B diva, she stole the show.

15 Short Celebrity Romances You Probably Missed

June 24th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Sometimes it’s over just as quickly as it starts — it being these ridiculously short celebrity romances you might’ve missed if you blinked an eye.

"Jennifer Lopez pf"


Jennifer Lopez and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

When Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony tied the knot back in 2004, it seemed like a match made in heaven so fans were understandably shocked when they announced their split in 2011. J. Lo moved on to back-up dancer Cris Smart and they remained a couple until early June of 2014. While hot on the promo trail to get the word out about her upcoming album, Lopez started making different headlines. Reports leaked that Lopez had hooked up with “Dancing with the Stars” dancer and recent mirror ball champ Maksim Chmerkovskiy. But as quickly as it started, things have seemed to fizzle out. Reportedly, Chmerkovskiy was turned off by the media attention Lopez garnered and was looking for something a little more low-key.

Get A Sneak Peek Of The Nominees! The 2014 Billboard Music Awards… By The Numbers

May 16th, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Both photos courtesy of

Both photos courtesy of

It’s that time of year again — when we shout angrily at the TV when our favorite nominees lose and figuratively throw tomatoes at the host’s awful jokes. Yep, that’s right, it’s  the 2014 Billboard Music Awards! Who will sweep the all the trophies? Who will be presenting? Will Pharrell wear that dang hat again? Our answers will be answered on Sunday night. Until then, let’s take a look at the BMAs by the numbers, shall we?

What makes the BMAs unique from other award shows is that there’s no mysterious, secret panel of industry “experts” (ahem, Grammys) that choose the winners. The BMAs look at airplay, sales, and downloads via Nielsen data which makes them slightly less biased. Slightly. So the top nominees are guaranteed to be popular artists that polluted the airwaves and made a mint off digital and record sales.

That being said, here are this year’s nominees for “Top Artist”: Miley Cyrus (I know, I know), Justin Timberlake, Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry.

Miley Cyrus, in terms of album sales, hasn’t exactly done her best. Bangerz made $4.5 million and falls flat compared to her first two albums (Meet Miley Cyrus, Breakout), but Bangerz did way better than her last album, Can’t Be Tamed ($1.6 million). The tongue-wagging twerker surely can’t be tamed as her erotic Bangerz Tour has reeled in a sweet $6.9 million, her best tour yet! The pop princess has proven to be versatile as she crossed over to hip-hop (against many of our wishes) and turned singles into gold (’s Feelin’ Myself and Mike Will’s 23). And as much as we hate to admit it, Wrecking Ball and Can’t Stop are catchy.

But the question still remains — does she deserve to win as the BMA’s Top Artist?

Justin Timberlake  had the best selling album and top selling digital record of 2013 thanks to 20/20 — 2.43 million units sold. After a seven-year hiatus, Timberlake came back and permeated the airwaves with hot singles such as Suit & TieMirrors, and TKO.  Not to mention Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Tour grossed $200 million so far, Billboard said. I don’t know about you, but looking at the rest of the nominees, I’m rooting for JT — he’s got 11 nominations.

Who are the Imagine Dragons anyway? They’re a four-man rock band with a record-breaking song called Radioactive. They also killed it at the Grammys with Kendrick Lamar, which you probably remember if you watched. (There was lots of colored powder involved.) It shattered Billboard’s 55-year chart longevity record as they endured atop the Hot 100 for 87 weeks — they knocked AWOLNATION’s Sail (79 weeks) right off the throne.

“It’s unbelievable,” lead singer Dan Reynolds told Billboard, “. . .we could never have expected to see one of our songs have legs like this.” Their album sales for Night Vision, though, flopped with $2.1 million in U.S.sales. Imagine Dragons (along with Lorde) lead the pack with a whopping 12 BMA nominations! I’ve got a feeling this unassuming rock group may take the win.

Bruno Mars melted hearts this year as he slayed the Super Bowl halftime show and said that he wanted to Marry You. Billboard named him “Artist of the Year” in 2013 and his three singles, Locked out of Heaven, Treasure, and When I Was Your Man “landed in the top 10 of the Hot 100 in 2013,” Yahoo said. The Hawaiian-born firecracker is also nominated for “Top Male Artist” and “Top Radio Songs Artist.”

As for Katy Perry, people really love Dark Horse. She rode that baby for 46 weeks at No.1 for Billboard’s Pop Song Radio Airplay chart — that’s more than any other artist in its 21-year history. She surpassed Mariah Carey who has a record of 45 weeks. Katy Perry’s fourth album, Prism, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and sold more than 286,000 copies the first week. This is the “largest debut week for a female artist’s album since Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ in April 2012,” Yahoo wrote.

She currently has 10 nominations under her belt (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis follow with eight nominations). Think Ms. Perry has a chance? Tune on on Sunday, May 18th, at 8PM ET on ABC.

Performers include Imagine Dragons, Ariana Grande, Iggy Azalea, Jason Derulo, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Ricky Martin, Lorde, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, OneRepublic, and many more.