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Mums The Word: Celebrities Who’ve Married Secretly

September 24th, 2013 - By Meghan Williams
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It’s a wonder celebrities are able to keep anything private with the way they’re hounded in the media, but these 15 famous couples have managed to successfully plan and execute lavish weddings – all without anyone knowing. Check out our list of celebs who’ve married secretly.


Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego

Earlier this year, actress Zoe Saldana wed Italian artist Marco Perego in a super secret wedding attended by just a few close friends and family. Although we certainly had no idea the two lovebirds were planning to marry – or even dating – sources say that Zoe and Marco had known each other for a long time before taking the plunge.

We Wish We Could Be Happy But…15 Men Who Crushed Us When We Found Out They Were In Relationships/Married

December 28th, 2012 - By Meghan Williams
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Why is it that we sometimes feel a connection to celebrities that we don’t know personally? We’re happy for their accomplishments, cry when they pass away, are supportive of them through hard times, consider them our – as Wendy Williams likes to put it – “best friends in our heads,” and even sulk when we find out that they’re no longer single – though our chances of realistically being with them are slim to none. I know I’m guilty of this – especially that last one. So I figured I’d spotlight 15 men who we were crushed to find out had been boo’d up. Click through and relive the pain with me.


"Boris and Nicole Kodjoe PF"

Source: WENN

Boris Kodjoe

Boris Kodjoe. The number of hearts he broke when he married Nicole Ari Parker in 2005 could be considered criminal. Why, we wondered, would such a fine piece of man lock himself down before we had our chance at him?! But I believe we’ve all come to our senses, and maybe even love the family man and his lady as a couple more now than ever before.