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The Unfriendly Skies: Celebs Who’ve Been Kicked Off Airplanes

August 19th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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They may be known as the friendly skies but these celebs who’ve been kicked off airplanes found out the skies can be really unfriendly when you act a fool.

"Soulja Boy pf": celebs who've been kicked off airplanes


Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy has been making headlines as of late and not for his music. The “Crank That” rapper was booted off of an American Airlines plane earlier this month for his rude and disruptive behavior. After boarding the flight, Soulja Boy remained standing while watching the rest of the passengers sat down. A flight attendant asked Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, to take his seat. That’s when he got disrespectful and was then kicked off. “It was a bad night and me and the flight staff didn’t see eye to eye,” the rapper later said in a statement. “In hindsight, I’m extremely sorry for all inconvenience caused to the passengers and employees of the airline.”

Started On The Soaps Now They’re Here: Hollywood Actors Who Got Their Start On Soap Operas

May 7th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Soap operas are pretty much a dying genre now, but there was a time when daytime television shows were a springboard to launch some of Hollywood’s biggest careers. Don’t think so? Here are 15 stars who got their big break on the soaps.

"Brad Pitt pf"


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt may have turned heads as a hitchhiker in the 1991 movie Thelma & Louise, but the future Hollywood hunk began his acting career on daytime television. In 1987, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button actor appeared on two episodes of “Another World” as Chris. Pitt also appeared on an episode of “Growing Pains” that same year. He went on to have a hugely successful career in Hollywood and a successful dating life before settling down with Jennifer Aniston. Although that marriage didn’t work out, Pitt has found happiness with actress Angelina Jolie.

When’s The Baby Carriage Coming?! Celebrity Couples We Can’t Wait To Have Children

January 8th, 2013 - By M A
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Ian Wilson/

Ian Wilson/

Most celebs are some good-looking folks. And while we enjoy their brand of attractive for as long as they’re in the spotlight, who is going to carry on that beautiful tradition in the years to come? Babies, babies and more babies. With news of some of Hollywood’s most attractive people hopping on the baby train in 2013, we decided to take a look at 15 wildly pretty couples who we can’t wait to bring a little one into the world. And no we’re not trying to perpetuate the whole baby mama/baby daddy phenomenon that’s going on, we’re just saying these folks will have some cute babes worth talking about whether they decide to put marriage before the carriage or not.

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