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Are You Here For The Coupling Of Faith Evans And Stevie J?

September 14th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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You might have heard the buzz about town. Faith Evans and Stevie J. are an item these days. I didn’t want to believe it either. But when I read some of the posts, complete with the two musical legends pictures together, I had to accept the fact that it might be so.

The pictures themselves look relatively innocent. I mean, Stevie J is a born flirt. So even though I did notice that the two were spending a lot of time together, I didn’t think much of it.

But, as is generally the case with Instagram, the story is often in the captions. And while Faith has been captioning her images in a very nondescript way, Stevie J has been doing the complete opposite.

Here’s one of Faith’s pictures.

This particular one is a bit more telling.

And what had happened was… #BadBoyFamilyReunionTour #teamfizzy #teamprolific

A photo posted by Faith Evans (@therealfaithevans) on

And then Stevie J nailed it home.

I brag different!

A photo posted by Stevie J. (@hitmansteviej_1) on

Honestly, I’m not really here for this and certainly can’t understand it. I mean Faith is too grown with one too many bad relationships and too many children to be playing around. What is going on? In posing this question to the universe, one of my coworkers suggested that perhaps this relationship is a ploy to get on “Love and Hip Hop.” After all, Stevie J is making thousands per episode. And while I stopped watching the show years ago, I might tune in to see Stevie trying to date Faith with Mimi and Joseline in each of his ears.

Veronica Wells is the culture editor of She is also the author of “Bettah Days.”

VH1 Drops “Stevie & Joseline” Teaser And It’s Everything You Thought It Would Be

September 3rd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Shortly after announcing that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez would be heading to California for their new spinoff, “Stevie & Joseline,” the network released a brief teaser video, which let fans know that they’re going to be in for quite a ride when the series premieres this winter.

Apparently, the couple is picking up where they left off on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” with their relationship still sort of on the rocks. As previously reported, the series follows the couple after their move to Los Angeles as they attempt to chase “their dreams of superstardom.”

“In a summer where the film ‘Straight Outta Compton’ went straight to No. 1, Taylor Swift’s collaboration with Kendrick Lamar topped the Billboard charts and our own ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ ranked as the No. 1 reality show on cable, hip-hop’s dominance of pop culture was confirmed yet again,” said Susan Levison, VH1’s EVP of original programming and production. “We’re excited to fuel our audience’s continued fascination with all things hip-hop by extending the storylines of some of their favorite ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast members.”

Watch the teaser below.

VH1 Orders “Stevie & Joseline” Spin-Off

August 27th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Stevie J

Splash News

The inevitable is upon us.

Since season one of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” most fans knew that Joseline Hernandez would earn a spin-off series sooner or later. Apparently, that moment has arrived.

According to Variety, VH1 recently greenlit a new series, “Stevie & Joseline,” starring the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess and her hit-making “husband” Steven Jordan.

The eight-episode half-hour series will follow the amusing couple as they venture to Hollywood to pursue “their dreams of superstardom,” which would explain all of Stevie’s talk about moving to California this past season.

Of course, Monami Entertainment is producing the series. Mona Scott-Young, Stephanie R. Gayle, Toby Barraud, Stefan Springman, Mala Chapple, Carmen Mitcho, Lashan Browning, Susan Levison, Nina L. Diaz, Ken Martinez and Vivian Gomez are all serving as executive producers.

“In a summer where the film ‘Straight Outta Compton’ went straight to No. 1, Taylor Swift’s collaboration with Kendrick Lamar topped the Billboard charts and our own ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ ranked as the No. 1 reality show on cable, hip-hop’s dominance of pop culture was confirmed yet again,” said Susan Levison, VH1’s EVP of original programming and production. “We’re excited to fuel our audience’s continued fascination with all things hip-hop by extending the storylines of some of their favorite ‘Love & Hip Hop’ cast members.”

Prepare for the foolishness, chile. Something tells us this show is going to be like most train wrecks that are difficult to watch, but impossible to look away from.


Pass Or Play? Joseline Hernandez Releases New Song “Stingy With My Kutty Kat”

May 13th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Joseline Hernandez Releases New Song "Stingy With My Kutty Kat"

Source: YouTube

When you talk about Stevie J and Joseline, music is one of the last things that comes to mind. The reality show couple’s shenanigans consistently overshadow the fact that Joseline is an aspiring artist and Stevie J is a legendary producer, fallen from the limelight.

But, in between rehab, fighting other people and each other, Joseline and Stevie J managed to not only release a song but the visuals for the little ditty as well.

It’s called “Stingy With My Kutty Kat,” and if the title is not of an indication, it’s about how Joseline shuts down all the boys who come to the yard because she’s…stingy when it comes to sharing her vagina.

Lyrics include verses like:

This for all my skeezers

If they please us, 

Blow on their cock

Like you blowing on reefer

or this is what it sounded like to me. Y’all know Joseline’s accent is on some other stuff.

I could front and play like the song is utter trash but I won’t lie, it’s catchy as hell. Don’t be surprised if you hear it in the club this summer.

Catch out the NSFW video below and let us know…pass or play?

Joseline Hernandez Shares How Much Of Love And Hip Hop Is Real And How Much Is Fake: “It’s A Lot Of Acting”

March 11th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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If you watched the most recent “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion, I’m sure you remember that the finale made headlines because Joseline Hernandez decided to get up from her seat and lay hands on just about any and everyone she didn’t like. The original target of her madness though, was Althea Eaton, the fiancée of Benzino. Interesting enough, as we also can all remember, Eaton and Benzino were kicked off the show after the brawl–not Hernandez and her man, Stevie J, who jumped up to fight first.

Feeling some type of way, which is understandable, Eaton decided to sue Hernandez (interesting that she didn’t sue those behind the show though). She alleges that Hernandez got high on cocaine and then attacked her while under the influence. As we previously told you:

In the suit, Althea alleges that several eyewitnesses saw Joseline smoking crack out of a pipe backstage during the taping. She also argues that her sworn enemy was high when she attacked her. Considering that Joseline was caught on film punching a sitting Althea in the face, it will be quite interesting to hear what her defense will be. Interestingly, VH1, Viacom and Monami Productions were not mentioned in the suit, which makes Benzino’s previous claim that the fight was staged look a bit shaky.

But it looks like Eaton is the only one from the cast in the dark about whether the fight was real or staged. As part of her suit, Eaton’s lawyer wanted to know if Hernandez fought her client because she wanted to, or if producers instructed her to try and fight Eaton–and she just took it to the next level.

In the taped deposition with Hernandez, obtained by TMZ, she was asked the question, but she didn’t give a straightforward answer. Instead, she reminded everyone of what I think we already knew: There isn’t much reality in reality television.

“Well with reality TV, it’s mostly–it’s called reality, but it’s a lot of acting in the reality world. I say that because a lot of the girls that’s on the show, they act. It’s a lot of acting in a reality TV show, whether it’s “Love and Hip Hop” or another show.”

She went on to say that despite often being so proud to let folks know “I’m Joseline Hernandez, baby” the show doesn’t really show who she truly is.

“I mean, the reality TV show showcases a lot of who we are NOT. I say that because it’s just like, you never know what happens in reality TV. They’ll showcase your music, they’ll showcase certain things, but that’s not who Joseline Hernandez is…”

As I said, she didn’t give a straightforward answer to whether or not her fight with Eaton was encouraged or not, but considering how wild she looked during the three different fights she started within a span of 15 minutes, I would say that was ALL the Puerto Rican princess, honey.

Check out the deposition for yourself below:

“I Know Cookie Been Taking Some Lessons From Me”: Joseline Hernandez Says Cookie Is Inspired By Her

February 12th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Say what you want about her, but there’s something about Joseline Hernandez that cracks me all the way up.

VH1 caught up with Hernandez recently and during their brief chat, they asked her if she had been keeping up with everyone’s new TV addiction: “Empire.” The “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star is not only a big fan of the show, but she can relate to it because she thinks that Taraji P. Henson’s character of Cookie pulls inspiration from “the Puerto Rican princess.” In her best NeNe Leakes wig, Hernandez had this to say:

“Yaaaaaas. I love Empire, honey! I know Cookie been taking some lessons from me. I mean, where you think she gets it from? That ain’t all her character, that’s Joseline Hernandez’s character, honey. I know it for a fact. Shout out to Miss Cookie though.”

You gotta love Joseline.

But in case she missed it, Henson already shared with Vogue that a few feisty women, including Lil Kim, inspired her portrayal of Cookie. However, she made no mention of the Puerto Rican princess…

“Is she influenced by Foxy Brown? Certainly. That’s where a lot of her style comes from—Salt-N-Pepa, all of that. That era of hip-hop was her heyday, those are the woman[sic] she identifies with.”

Anywho, check out Hernandez’s comments on the show below:

“They Were Boring As Sh*t”: K. Michelle Says Benzino And Althea Eaton Deserved To Get Fired From “LHHATL,” He Responds

November 6th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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When everyone found out that Benzino and Althea Eaton got the boot from “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” I think we can all agree that it was somewhat of a shock. Okay, a little bit of a shock. A lot of wild things are done for storyline purposes on these shows, but considering the fact that Joseline Hernandez went buckwild on everyone at the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion, and Benzino and Althea were a big part of Stevie and Joseline’s storyline, it seemed odd to cut them. Obviously, Benzino was pissed:

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.19.27 PM

But surprisingly, one person who thinks the firing was justified is former “LHHATL” star, K. Michelle. She told Wet Paint why:

“If it’s your time to go, then it’s your time to go. I thought Benzino was wilding. I mean, they were boring as sh*t to me, so it is what it is.

I mean, there were other reasons they were let go that I’m not at liberty to say, and he deserved that, to be let go. It was a serious situation…I’m queen of “Love & Hip Hop.” And with Joseline and Stevie too, everybody else is replaceable. Bye! [laughs] I’m just being honest.”

A still testy Benzino was quick to respond, and took the time to do so on his website, Hip Hop Weekly:

“The thing with K Michelle is that you don’t want to get into a negative debate with a former cast member especially when the show did record numbers this past season after she left. I have had many successes in the industry for many years, so she has a long way to go before she can say anything about Zino. Bottom line is the facts are the facts; K Michelle came on the show in season one and made up a story about being beat up, which was a lie, which came out in her deposition in the case with her former boyfriend. When she left ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ after season 2 is when I stepped in and became a main character. I was intertwined with everyone’s storylines, so how is my storyline boring? And then from having Hip Hop Weekly on the show, to opening Sleazy & Zino’s, to my mom passing away and me getting shot, all of these were major parts of this past season. Also, I brought my fiancée Althea on the show, and she became a very important factor in the show’s storyline as well. We broke ratings records without K Michelle! If anything was boring, it was her involvement with the New York cast last season, you barely knew that she was even there. She better hope that her new show does better numbers than that VH1 special they did on her that basically flopped. She better hope it’s not a one and done like ‘Gossip Girls ‘, the Hot 97 show and ‘The New Atlanta.’ But once again, she is one of Mona Scott’s favorites–Mona manages her so of course I expected to hear K Michelle speak on their behalf. In my opinion it’s unprofessional to be the leader of a company and take sides and show favoritism, when it clearly was the whole cast, not just one person, that has made ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ so successful.”

But what do you think? Was Benzino and Althea’s storyline strong enough to keep them on the show? Do you think the couple being fired from the show was fair?


Joseline Hernandez Wanted By NYPD

November 5th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

So it looks like another member of the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise may be in trouble with the law for attacking a cast member.

According to TMZ, Joseline Hernandez is wanted by the New York Police Department for her infamous reunion show brawl. Cast member Althea Eaton recently filed a police report with the department claiming that Joseline was the instigator of the fight. Investigators have since opened a case against the reality star regarding the incident. Because there is now an open case, if she is pulled over or spotted by officers while in New York, Joseline will be taken into custody for the alleged crime and may face charges.

Last August, Althea filed a lawsuit against Joseline over the fight. In her suit, she claims that several eyewitnesses saw Joseline smoking crack in her dressing room during the taping. She argues that because Joseline was high on drugs during the altercation, she should be the one to assume responsibility for the brawl.

It’s unclear exactly when the police report was filed with the NYPD, but there’s a good chance that it may have been after Althea and her fiancé, Benzino, learned that they had been fired by “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” producers over the reunion altercation.

Clearly, these two aren’t going down without a fight.

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Stevie J Hints At Potential Spin-Off Following Explosive Reunion Fight

September 3rd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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The second installment of the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion revolved completely around Joseline Hernandez and her troubled relationship with Stevie J. It seemed like the perfect set-up for producers to further delve into the lives of Stevie and Joseline and explore why they are the way that they are. However, judging by a recent tweet posted to Stevie’s Twitter page, producers may have something a bit different in mind.

Yes, it looks like there may be a spin-off in the works; however, fans seemed to have varied reactions to the news.

It would make perfect sense that these two would get a spin-off since often times that seems to be the solution when major stars of the franchise can no longer get along with their cast members. After fighting with her co-stars throughout the duration of last season, K. Michelle announced that she would be leaving the show to star in her own spin-off. The same happened with Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones after the pair fell out with co-star Yandy Smith and the show’s executive producer Mona Scott-Young.

Would you watch Joseline and Stevie’s spin-off?

Is K. Michelle Defending Joseline’s Disturbing Reunion Show Antics? ‘I’ve Never Seen So Many Holy Perfect Pennys’

September 2nd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

Last night, Joseline Hernandez flew into a violent rage, attacking almost every co-star she has ever had an issue with during part two of the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion show. Judging by her behavior, she clearly has multiple issues that she should probably seek professional help about. The entire cast, with the exception of Stevie J and Karlie Redd, expressed concern and disgust regarding Joseline’s wild behavior. Former LHHATL star K. Michelle, however, appeared to be defending Joseline against critics on Twitter last night.

“They should’ve just past out a bottle of Jesus Juice and halos. I’ve never seen so many Holy Perfect Pennys,” she continued.

The singer then went on to reflect on a time where she was misunderstood by her co-stars.

Joseline also took to Instagram to point out that the entire second installment consisted of cast members chiming in on her life, but did not acknowledge what was said about her.

Did you watch part two of the reunion last night? What do you think about how everything went down?