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“They’re Some Real Clowns” Ex Manager Dawn Heflin Talks Stevie & Joseline’s Drug Use, Bold Lies & Freaky Sex Lives

July 29th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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dawn heflin talks

Source: YouTube

To say that Joseline’s former manager Dawn Heflin is a bit bitter about the way things went down with Stevie and Joseline this season would be an understatement. Some of us remember watching Dawn throw Stevie’s business and his papers in his face when he told her Joseline was dunzo. And while some of us might be wondering why she was so upset about leaving Joseline and Stevie and all of their messiness, in an interview with VladTv, Dawn explains that she did quite a bit to help Joseline out just to be left out in the cold like that.

And so when she was asked to spill some tea on Joseline, Stevie and their relationship, she was more than ready to talk.

See what she had to say and in the full transcript below or watch the video.

VladTV: There was, about a month ago, a sex tape with Joseline, a guy and a girl that leaked out. What’s up with that?

Dawn Heflin: Joseline’s been a slut. You feel what I’m saying? She was sleeping with one of Stevie’s friends who was with them producing. That’s what she did. She slept with like two or three guys. There’s video of her sleeping with three different dudes on stage. She’s sucking a$$, they sucking pu$%y. I mean, it is what it is. That’s who she is. She still likes women, she still likes men. Stevie’s f*#king a nail tech, she and the nail tech are cool. I guess that’s what they like.

VT: Working with Joseline, what were some of the craziest things that you saw?

DH: The craziest thing was her snorting cocaine. She used to always talk about how the people in the club wanted her to do that. But that was the craziest thing I ever saw because she always used to talk bad about people that did it. And then when I confronted her about it, it was basically her and Stevie. She was like Stevie put her on it. And that’s what she likes to do. Because I always wanted to see why she didn’t do a work out video. But the loss of the weight wasn’t from the workout, it was from getting high from the coke and the molly and they smoke that weed and they do what they do. That was basically like the craziest thing because she always downplayed it or talk bad about others. So, when I actually saw her do it, that was like the worst sh*t I could have seen, coming from her.

What she wants people to know.

DH: I really just want to let everybody know, these two frauds–like I said before– they’re just living a lie. We all know they’re not married. They can’t produce a marriage certificate. Poor Eva comes over to the house…Joseline despises Eva just because of Mimi. Mimi’s never done anything to Joseline and it’s like she just wants to make this thing so personal with Eva. I’m just surprised that Mimi would still even allow Eva to still go to the house.

Even Stevie’s father doesn’t like Joseline, he knows how she is. I think she just got caught trying to sleep with one of Stevie’s friends in the house while Stevie was away, a guy named Rich. It’s just so much that goes on with them.

And you know the music, even with the music, she always wants to push this music that’s straight garbage. And then you look at Stevie, coming from being a Grammy award winning producer, it’s like where does the line draw? Has he lost his ear for music, for good music or is he putting out some stuff just to appease his girlfriend? I don’t know what it could be. All I know is that when I started this thing with them I signed for Joseline a place, paid her light bill, paid her gas bill. I also furnished all her clothes for first season, her shoes, her shoe game wasn’t up, her purse game wasn’t up. Second season, she tried to elevate a little but really couldn’t do what she wanted to do because she still had bills and trying to help Stevie out with his broke a$$. I mean it just…both of them just robbing Peter to pay Paul. You ’round here acting like you’re living good but that’s not the case. And I want to give a shout out to Johnny Cabel (sp) for even allowing them to stay in his home. They’ve destroyed most of the home by knocking the blinds out, they fight all the time. It’s just crazy. And then they left the lights and the gas in Johnny’s name and the cable bill, it’s not being paid. They about to turn the lights off. It’s just so much going on with these people, they’re some real clowns.


I can understand why Dawn is a little perturbed but it’s interesting that all of the foolishness didn’t seem to bother her until she was fired. It makes you wonder what type of stuff was she doing that allowed her to even associate herself with these “clowns” as she calls them.

“Mona Need To Check Her Workers”: Joseline Refuses To Accept Blame For LHHATL Reunion Riot

July 21st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Last week, when we told you about the major riot that went down at the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion show taping, it was apparent that the common denominator in every conflict was Joseline Hernandez. According to reports, the reality star and aspiring recording artist attacked co-stars Althea Heart, Tammy Rivera and Mimi Faust. It was also reported that she bit a security guard and ripped off a chunk of his skin. But now, the self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess” is refusing to accept responsibility for the fights at all.

“Is [sic] funny that 2 n—as beefing about 1 p—y and start a riot and I get blame [sic] for everything. Roll the camera please,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“All the bullsh-t I gotta deal with cause motherf—ers will do and say anything for a story line,” she continued. “Funny #lahhatl know exactly what I’m talking about. Mona Scott need to check her workers cause I will have a lot to say asap rocky.”

“1 mad cause the other 1 f—ed his b—h at his house. Now he about to marry the h*e. We all f–k doe. LMAO.”

What’s interesting about the entire Stevie J/Benzino/Althea love triangle is that just last season, Stevie and Benzino were at odds after Benzino started claiming that he slept with Joseline. He even released a diss track about the drama called “Smashed Da Homie.”

Speaking of their feuds, Stevie also took a jab at his former friend and business partner by sharing a video of copies of of Hip Hop Weekly being burned. Earlier this season Benzino invited Stevie to be a partner of the magazine.

We’re wondering what this means for Sleazy & Zino’s Bar & Bistro. Hopefully he doesn’t plan on burning that down too!

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Joseline Hernandez Reportedly In Danger Of Being Fired After Allegedly Biting The Flesh Off Of LHHATL Security Guard

July 17th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Yesterday, we told you about the violent brawl that went down at the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion show taping. In case you missed it, witnesses were claiming that an all-out riot broke out after Benzino took a jab at Stevie and Joseline about their alleged drug use. Now, more details have seeped out about the taping and from the looks of it, things were a lot worse than we thought. Although the fight is reported to have begun with Stevie and Benzino, the true insanity began after Joseline attacked Althea.

According to TMZ, Joseline went from attacking Althea—reportedly punching her in the face and pulling out her weave—to running towards Wacka Flocka’s fiancée, Tammy, and yanking off her ponytail. After Joseline attacked Tammy, witnesses say Wacka’s mom, Deb, jumped in, punching Joseline in the head and yanking out her hair extensions.

Shortly after, security kicked Joseline off of the set. But on her way out, witnesses say the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess passed Mimi in the stairway and shoved her down the stairs. Additional footage from the night of the brawl has also been leaked.

At this point, witnesses say security tried to subdue Joseline, which is when she allegedly bit one guard, ripping off a piece of his flesh. Sources say cast members are now pushing to have her fired. We’re not 100% sure what’s going on with Joseline. But it’s looking more and more like those drug rumors are true.

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Stevie J Shares Nude Photo Of Benzino’s Fiancée On Social Media

July 15th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

Stevie J took his feud with Benzino and his fiancee, Althea Heart, a step further last night when he shared a nude photo of Althea on Twitter. In the photo, a nude Althea can be seen in a bathtub leaning over the edge and looking up at a man who is standing in front of her.

“Lettuce anyone?” Stevie wrote in the tweet.

While Stevie tried to lead folks to believe that the man in the photo was him, Althea quickly responded stating that it’s actually Benzino who is in the photo.

“That’s me and Zino. What you want tickets??” the singer questioned.

“No, I already been to the zoo,” Stevie responded.

The real question should be how did the photo find it’s way to the Internet and end up in Stevie’s possession. We can only imagine what the reunion show will be like.

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Watch: Leaked Footage Leads Fans To Believe Joseline Hernandez Has A Serious Drug Problem

July 14th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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When the world was first introduced to Joseline Hernandez via “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” fans couldn’t get enough of her unpredictable personality. Executive producer Mona Scott-Young even referred to her as a “gift” from the reality TV gods. But is her wild, made-for-TV behavior fueled by more than her simply having a carefree attitude? Upcoming rapper Ferrari Ferrell recently uploaded footage from a studio session with Joseline to Instagram and the reality star appears to be high off of something serious.

In one clip, an apparently out-of-it Joseline can be seen sweating profusely and screaming into the microphone:

“Get that money, b–ch! I want it! Waka Flocka, eat this b–ch!”

Ferrell also captioned the video:

“Do not pass me her blunt #drugfree #loopygang #loopgod.”

In another video, Joseline raps:

“Shout out to Rick Ross. Shout out to Future. Y’all n–gas staying down. Lil’ Wayne, you aight. You do your thugthizzle, but you just be tripping.You stay, on, that lean, that lean, that lean that lean that lean.”

Out out of all the clips, the most disturbing one shows the aspiring recording artist screaming about being a “dirty sl-t” who “gets butt-f—ed every night.”

We can’t confirm whether or not Joseline struggles with substance abuse. However, these videos are quite disturbing. Once the reality star caught wind of the video leak, she took to Twitter and denied being high in a roundabout way.

If she does, in fact, have a problem, hopefully she finds the strength to seek the help that she needs. Either way, she should probably reexamine who she allows in the studio with her. The person who leaked this video obviously had malicious intentions.

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“She Sleeps On Me With Over 30 Dudes”: Have Stevie J And Joseline Called It Quits?

July 4th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Fourth of July isn’t a holiday without fireworks, correct?

Well, some drama has definitely been played out on a public platform today, as Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez just had a public spat on Twitter. Earlier this week there was speculation that they had split, as their Love and Hip Hop Atlanta co-star, Benzino, put Hernandez on blast for doing his friend dirty. He said this yesterday in an Instagram post that he went on to delete:

“So the @baddestputa1 is still threatening #thi and still clowning me on #lhhatl but I noticed she was not at the awards with sleaze hmmmmm I wonder what happened, she S**TS ON EVERYBODY and tries to EXPOSE them WELL GUESS WHAT it’s her time to be EXPOSED stay tuned #lhhatl.

“I noticed @hitmanstevieJ_1 erased all pics of him and @thebaddestputa in Cali #betawards weekend hmmmm I wonder what LIL MISS INNOCENT DID? #staytuned #lhhatl.”

Benzino reportedly also jumped in the comment section of one of Hernandez’s posts to name off different men she cheated on Stevie J with, including Kevin Durant of all people. As for what Stevie J had to say about all this, on Twitter, he spoke as though he was a little heartbroken:


Stevie II

Stevie III Stevie IV


And just this morning the producer put his lady on blast:

Stevie V

Stevie VI


Hernandez remained pretty quiet through all this, but this morning she decided to spaz out on Twitter. She posted messages talking about all the men she claimed to have had relations with, with while with Stevie, including Nelly and Drake (yeah right), and posted text messages between herself and the likes of Kevin Durant and Rick Ross. She also claimed to have slept with their driver, NBA star James Harden, given cunnilingus to women at the strip club (there were pictures) and had sex with some of Stevie’s friends. A lot of the messages (especially the images) were a little too explicit to share here, but she hasn’t taken them down yet from her Twitter page. And what is PG (I guess) that I can share is this:


Seeing as how Benzino and Stevie J keep saying “stay tuned,” I’m thinking this is all a big stunt for the reality show, and in a way, I also think Hernandez is just joking about this list of men she’s been with, and just talking crazy out of spite. But then again, it wouldn’t be the first time these people did the absolute most for VH1. But what do you think?

‘You Can’t Be The Baddest Without An Education:’ Benzino Goes After Joseline For Threatening His Fiancée

June 25th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Sources: IG

Sources: IG

As usual, the feuds we see unfolding on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” have spilled over into social media. This time, it’s Benzino and his fiancée, Althea Heart against Joseline Hernandez. As we’ve witnessed over the course of the season, Joseline played nice with Althea to her face, but had an arsenal of nasty things to say about her behind her back. To be honest, Joseline seems extremely catty this season, picking fights left and right. At first, it was Waka’s wife, Tammy Rivera.  Now, she’s going after Althea. Whatever her reason is for attacking the singer, Benzino clearly is not amused. The reality star recently took to social media with a throwback mug shot of Joseline and a message advising her to slow her roll.

“Can someone please tell me why this animal keeps threatening my girl on TV?” he questioned. “She went from a stripper to a street-walking prostitute to an escort and now a reality star. Althea has never once said anything bad about her, but trust the GREEN-SCREEN GANGSTA won’t lay a finger on her.”

Source: IG

Source: IG

Though Joseline pretty much implied that Althea was everything but a child of God this season, Benzino says that physical threats is where he draws the line.

“I can take the jokes and insults but when she keeps talkin’ about violence is where I draw the line. She need to go get her GED and uplift herself cause her music is lacking.”

He also expressed sympathy for his BFF Stevie J.

“I feel sorry for Sleazo violence will not be tolerated.”

Considering that Benzino is feuding with Joseline again and the fact that Stevie’s past with Althea was revealed on national television, the future of their bromance seems uncertain. As for Althea’s past being put on front street, the Hip Hop Weekly owner is sticking by her and is even defending her to fans.


Are you still watching “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?” What are your thoughts on all of this?

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Celebs Who Prove How You Get ‘Em Is How You Lose ‘Em

May 22nd, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Sometimes how you get with a person is how you lose them. After being the “other person” in the relationship, these sidepieces turned main chicks found out what it felt like to be cheated on.

How You Get 'Em Is How You Lose 'Em

Source: Twitter

Tara Wallace

If “Love & Hip-Hop” is nothing else, the reality show is beyond messy. In season four we were introduced to former rapper Peter Gunz and his artist Amina Buddafly. The chemistry between the two was obvious and it was clear Gunz was dipping out on his longtime girlfriend and mother of his two sons, Tara Wallace. But we soon found out afterwards that Gunz and his artist were actually married. And when Tara found out about their union, her on-and-off relationship with the “Uptown Baby” rapper, which actually began when with her being the other woman, was over. Amina is currently pregnant with her manager’s baby.

‘Nothing Happened To Me:’ Joseline Hernandez Says Stevie Didn’t Abuse Her

May 21st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Yesterday, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” fans were shocked to stumble across a few tweets sent out from Joseline Hernandez’s Twitter page that implied that Stevie J had beaten her.

“Y does he bruise me up. Steebie stop,” one tweet read.

“Mona told me to hide it Stebbie knew I was f***ng weed man so he beat me I’m still a bad b*tch,” said another. “I’m not being hacked I want the truth come out I have demons in me that need to be released I hate myself even though I say I’m the baddest.”

The controversial reality star eventually released a video via Instagram, refuting the allegations and letting fans know that her page had been hacked.

“What’s up y’all, it’s the Puerto Rican Princess,” she says in the video. “Nothing happened to me. I’m all good. My page was hacked last night. It’s nothing wrong with me. Shout out to all the haters.”

Stevie also sent out a tweet to inform fans that Joseline’s page was hacked and to send a special warning to the person behind the hacking.

Joseline Hernandez Says Stevie Didn't Abuse Her

Sources: Twitter, Instagram

Well, it looks like that’s settled.

“You Have A Whole Lot Of Skeletons Up In Your Closet, Sir”: Mimi Faust On Steve Harvey’s Criticism Of Her Sex Tape, And Stevie J’s Threats

May 19th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Mimi Faust has had a rocky past month or two. That sex tape got out and the criticism poured in from everyday folks, Steve Harey of all people, and many of her co-stars. She’s been followed my TMZ photogs. She just lost her father. And if that wasn’t enough, she was threatened by Love and Hip Hop Atlanta co-star, Stevie J. Talk about a rocky start to 2014.

We caught up with Faust this morning to talk about moving on from her grief after losing her father whom she had been close with since meeting him when she was 16 (“We were just frick and frack [laughs]“). We also talked about those ugly statements from Stevie J after her dad’s passing (Bang Bang!! Your dad ain’t gonna be the only one. Karma is a b***h!), that sex tape, if Nikko is a user, why she’s not really feeling Love and Hip Hop Atlanta anymore, and how she deals with the heavy criticism from people, including Steve Harvey.

On Stevie J’s Comments After The Death Of Her Father:

“You know, he never ceases to amaze me with the stuff that he does. The day before I was on the radio, V-103 here in Atlanta, and they asked me about him taking care of his kids. I told the truth, and I think he got mad. So the day of my father’s passing, he sent me that text message. To this day he hasn’t apologized. He has not said ‘I’m sorry for your loss,’ he hasn’t said anything. I don’t even know who he is anymore. I have no idea who that person is. I really don’t. It blows my mind.”

She Hasn’t Been Watching This Season Of LHHATL:

“I’m a little indifferent. When you film, you think it’s one way, once it gets edited and you see it, it’s something completely different from what you thought. Honestly, I think we’re going on episode four–I haven’t really watched. It will just make me mad. It’s been that way since the beginning so I’m used to that. They keep you kind of in this box where they want you to be. It takes all different types of characters and people to run the machine of Love and Hip Hop. You have to have a villain, you have to have the stupid girl, you have to have the naive one, you have to have the bad girl. I get it, but am I doing cartwheels about it? No [laughs]. I mean, at this point, it’s a job and I look at it as such. So if the rest of the world wants to watch five or six minutes and judge my whole life and me as a person on five or six minutes that they see on a television show, then that’s there ignorance and there’s NOTHING I can do about that. I’m going to keep doing what I do, they can keep doing what they do, and it’s not going to make a damn bit of difference.

K. Michelle, Stevie J. And Joseline’s Response To Her Sex Tape

“First things first: K. Michelle and I are not friends. K. Michelle is a very messy girl and she likes the attention to be on her so whatever opportunity K. Michelle gets to have the attention on her, she takes it, grabs it and runs with it. K Michelle does not pay my bills. K. Michelle has no idea what really happened, so for her to comment on something she knows nothing about, again, is ignorant. If K. Michelle would like to sit down and ask me so she can be clear, she’s welcome to do that and she has my number and she hasn’t done it yet. So that’s her running her mouth, so I really don’t give a damn about what K. Michelle has to say about anything I do.

I want to be clear on Stevie J: He left his family for a known prostitute and stripper and “wifed her up,” so anything I do in my relationship with the person I’m with now, after you left me, should be none of your business. Don’t worry about anything I’m doing in my life. You’re not with me, I’m not with you. You’re “married.” Worry about your wife.

And Joseline Hernandez has no right to open her mouth and say anything about me. I’m trying to figure out why she’s upset or mad. I’m not with her man, I’m with my man. So why are you commenting on anything I’m doing with a completely different person. You took my man and this and that, and everything she kept saying last season. She has the big house and husband, why do you care about what I’m doing? The only thing I could figure out is that she puts her private parts on WorldStar for free. Maybe she’s mad about that. I’m not putting anything out there for free. Once I realized that my tape was out there and those people, Vivid, contacted me, I sat down and I did business. That tape was going to run around  the world for free, and I would be damned if it did that and I didn’t profit off of it. I was smart about mine. Don’t get me wrong, if I was your average person and was not on television, I probably, 9 times out 10, would not have made a deal with Vivid. But because I’m on reality TV and I am a public personality, do you know how far that tape would have been on every website? It would have been everywhere, like hers was. But I said no, if this is going to be out there, I might as well get something from it. That’s what we did. Period.”

About The Tape:

“This tape was leaked out. This was something we did in the privacy of our own home and that’s what we like to do. I didn’t make a mistake. I’m not making excuses for anything I did. I made love to my man. We filmed it. It got out. The only thing I did was I decided once it got out to make a business decision. I’m going to be taking care of my daughter, so I don’t know what anybody is talking about saying I made a mistake.”

Steve Harvey’s Criticism Of Her Decision:

“First and foremost, Steve Harvey is doing his job. If he didn’t sit and talk about the hottest thing that was going on, he wouldn’t be doing his job. So I’m going to commend Steve Harvey for even sitting down and taking the time to discuss little ol’ me all over his nationally syndicated TV and radio. Thank you, Steve!

Steve Harvey has no idea what happened, and why I made the decision I made. I didn’t make the decision just for me. I think I would be a fool if this tape was coming out and my daughter was seeing it and I couldn’t do anything with it and it’s just all over everywhere for free. At least I will be able to take care of my child, in some form or fashion, and pay my bills. Stevie J does not help me with Eva, at all. Once again, I did not make a mistake, I did not make a foolish decision. This wasn’t something that I said, ‘Okay, let’s just do this.’ I had to think about this long and hard, trust and believe, before I decided to do what I did, as far as doing business with Vivid. Steve Harvey can not throw stones,  because you’re not a perfect man. We’re not going to go there. You have a whole lot of skeletons up in your closet, sir. Please….”

Explaining Her Sex Tape To Eva When She Gets Older:

“I will explain everything to her. I will explain to her how it happened. I will explain to her why I made the decision to do what I did when she comes to me. I will sit her down and let her know, just like I’ll have to sit her down and explain why she has to go to high school and there are kids stabbing up kids and shooting kids in class. There are a whole lot of worse things in this world that I will have to explain to my daughter than mommy and her boyfriend making love.”

People Saying Nikko Is A User:

“They don’t know Nikko. Love and Hip Hop will only show Nikko for two minutes. So you’re getting two, three minutes of a 24-hour day of a two-hour taping that they edit, and everybody is making judgment upon that. If I felt that Nikko was a user, I wouldn’t be with Nikko. We’re still together to this day.”

If They Plan To Marry Soon:

“I’ve never been the ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to get married, I’m 35 I have to get married’ type of girl. If the time is right  and that’s what we want to do, that’s what we’re going to do.  But that’s not where I’m at right now, and neither is he.”

Secret To The Shower Rod:

“[Laughs] The secret is that your partner has to be able to support your weight. I wasn’t just holding on to that bar, swinging from the shower rod by myself, he was holding me up. So ladies, please don’t go and hold on to that rod by yourself and start swinging because you’re going to fall, you’re going to break your neck, you’re going to hurt your back, it’s not going to be a good situation [laughs]. Your man has to be able to support your weight and hold you up. Nikko works out three times a day. Very, very strong. So that’s the secret.”

Dealing With The Negativity:

“I know who I am. What someone else has to say about me who has no idea about who I am, I have to laugh at it. It’s assinine. It’s ludicrous.

In the beginning, I was criticized for being so stupid. ‘You’re so stupid.’ ‘You’re a doormat.’ ‘You’re an idiot.’ ‘You’re a fool.’ That to me was bizarre as well. These people are acting like I’m the only person, man or woman, in the world, who has ever been cheated on. And I’m like, are you kidding me? ‘How could you let Stevie J cheat on you?’ I let him cheat on me? I know who I am and that’s the bottom line.

I would post things about my father, and I have people commenting on my father with the most horrible things you can imagine. I have people calling my daughter, my 4-year-old, a slut. It really shows me how much of the world is really screwed up. When I see people in the street, I’ve never had one person, not one, even to date, come up to me and say something negative to my face. If I’m out in public, I bet you they’ll ask me for a picture talking about ‘I love you Mimi! I love you, girl.’ And I kind of laugh at that too. I bet you won’t say it to my face, and they don’t.”

What do you think about Mimi’s statements? Follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.