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Editors’ Picks: Products for ‘Fros, Locks, Extensions, Pressed Hair & More

October 24th, 2011 - By MN Editor
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"Black hair"

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You know how in those fancy magazines, they recommend hair products and clothing items that cost a grip and you find yourself looking confused? Well, this here ain’t Vogue, and we understand the idea of finding the things you NEED for the low low. Starting up top, a woman’s hair is a big hassle. While it’s a beautiful thing to look at a well-coiffed ‘do, there’s a lot that goes into getting it that way. And though your beautician can work wonders, you need products in-between appointments that can work wonders. We’ve got your back. Or better yet, your head. Here are our editors’ picks for their favorite products you should try.

The Recipe for Healthy African-American Hair

January 19th, 2011 - By Veronica Wells
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We hear you talkin’. In the past two hair articles, How to Grow Long African American Hair and Biggest Myths about African American Hair, you asked us, or each other, for a list of products or ingredients that produce healthy hair. Well wait no more that list is here. Here are some ingredients you need to look for, ones you need to avoid, and which products may work for you.

10 African-American Entrepreneurs In The Black Hair Care Business

August 20th, 2010 - By TheEditor
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by R. Asmerom

It’s no secret: the black hair care industry is big business. Very big business. According to marketing research company Mintel, sales of black hair care products in 2008 exceeded $165 million. Although a third of those sales went to corporate conglomerates like L’Oreal and Alberto Culver, who own many ethnic product lines from Soft-Sheen Carson to Mizani, there are still many independent African-American players in the hair product game. From old businesses like S-Curl manufacturer Luster Inc. to new product lines like Kimble Hair Care Systems, black entrepreneurs are thriving. Here, we included a list of 10 independently, black owned businesses that continue to fuel the ever-evolving market for black hair care products.

Miko and Titi Branch – Miss Jessie’s Original

"Miko and Titi Branch"

Behind Miss Jessie’s hair products are founders  Miko and Titi Branch. The sisters launched their company out of a Brooklyn brownstone and it’s been uphill ever since. Their unique blends of puddings and cremes are primarily targeted to those gals looking to  enhance their curls and waves. These type of products were barely present on the market. The sisters realized this market opportunity by drawing from their challenges with their own hair and from their experiences with “hair recipes” learned from their paternal grandmother, Miss Jessie. The duo has wracked up many accolades for their savvy entrepreneurship and hair treatments. The sisters have also opened up a salon in New York city to cater to their curly haired fans.