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How A Woman In Love Talks (And Doesn’t Talk) About Her Man

July 22nd, 2016 - By Julia Austin
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

You can tell a lot about how a woman really feels about her partner based on how she talks about him. If you are finally in a relationship with the man you think you’ll spend your life with, you probably even notice that the way you speak about him is drastically different than the way you would speak about your exes when you were with them. In fact, you’re probably a little embarrassed and a little sad that you ever thought it was normal to talk about the person you allegedly loved in that old manner. No relationship is perfect, but when you know that this is the relationship you’re willing to stick with through all imperfections, there are just certain things you never say about your boo, and certain things you can’t help but say! Here is how a woman who truly loves her man talks about him.

Signs You Feel Totally At Home With Your Boo’s Family

July 20th, 2016 - By Julia Austin
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When you find the right partner, you’ll feel right at home with his family. Your body instinctively knows that his family will be your family one day, and so you quickly start behaving around them the same way you behave around your own blood relatives. That means you don’t suck up, you don’t make conversation for conversation’s sake, you don’t fear judgment every second, and you generally let it all hang out. When you’re with the wrong guy and know it, you can’t help but try to get every moment with his family perfect, because you know your moments with them are limited. But when you’re with the right guy, you know you have a lifetime to bond with his relatives, so you’re more relaxed. You’ll know it when it happens, but in case you need some guidance, here are 20 signs you feel totally at home with your boyfriend’s family.

7 Times You’ll Feel Confused About Your Feelings For Your Man

March 19th, 2013 - By Julia Austin
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No couple feels one hundred percent enthusiastic about each other every single day, for their entire relationship. Even the man who is “perfect” for you may fail to excite you, sometimes for months at a time. But it’s important to know when it’s your partner’s doing, or life’s doing. Sometimes what feels like the end is just a bump in the road and if you’d stick it out, you’d be so happy you did. Here are seven of those bumps that will make you question your feelings for your partner.

Quirks That Will Only Annoy A Guy If He’s Not Really Into You

March 13th, 2013 - By Julia Austin
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It’s said that love is blinding, and that’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes true love makes us hone in on the things that matter, and somehow forget all the things that don’t. The opposite is also true: when we don’t care deeply for someone, all we see are the unimportant things. What should otherwise be cute quirks feel like unbearable flaws. Side notes become the point. And you can bet if a man can’t stop complaining about these “quirks” about you, he’s just not into you.

Stop Playing With That Man! Signs You’re Not Really Serious About Him

February 1st, 2013 - By Julia Austin
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Source; Shutterstock

Source; Shutterstock

Let’s face it: everybody wants to fall head over heels for somebody. Even the self-proclaimed lifetime players would give up that lifestyle for someone who swept them off their feet because you can’t choose when you fall in love. And just like you can’t decide not to feel in love if you are, you can’t decide to feel in love, if you’re not. But, since the concept seems so good on paper, sometimes we (yes, mostly women) will tell ourselves, “This is love” when really he’s just not the one. Here are signs you’re not that serious about him, hard as you may try to be.

One Of The Boys Or THE Boy? How To Decide If He’s Really Boyfriend Material

January 28th, 2013 - By Ashley Page
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While we all have girlfriends, it’s always nice to have a few guy friends in the loop who you can talk to and chill with. In many cases when you have guy friends, it’s likely that you’re bound to experience some sort of chemistry — it just happens! If you’re on the fence and completely unsure as to whether this guy is best as a friend or if he’d make a good boyfriend, here are some tips and advice to keep in mind. Don’t let the indecision ruin your relationship!

Convenience or True Love: Which Is Your Relationship Made of?

April 6th, 2012 - By Julia Austin
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We’re taught to be “mature” about love, to not get “in over our heads” and so on and so forth. But all that conditioning to feel just a little less, has taught some women to believe they don’t need to look for passion anymore, but just something that works. And that’s a shame, because you can definitely have both. Here’s how you know if your love is true love, or just a relationship based around convenience.

8 Dynamics That Should Never Exist In A Relationship

January 12th, 2012 - By Julia Austin
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"Couple yelling"

“I’m sure other couples do this.” That’s what goes through a lot of men and women’s heads when there is a dynamic in their relationship that they sometimes wonder, “Is this bad?” when they already know the answer to the question. But when you don’t want to be out on the singles scene again, you would be surprised what people will allow themselves to deal with in a relationship. You can tell yourself, “this is normal, but there are some things that should never be justified: like the following.

How You Know Your Friends Don’t Like Your Man

December 1st, 2011 - By Julia Austin
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If you’re lucky, you have no-nonsense, tell it like it is girlfriends who won’t hesitate to tell you to get rid of him if they think a guy is no good for you. But, if you’re not lucky, you may just have to pick up on these cues:

Attention Brokenhearted: The ‘Move On’ Movement Starts Now!

August 17th, 2010 - By China Okasi
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Last week, we were awarded the distinct (read: farty, stinky, stupid) pleasure of discovering that one in five people in relationships are in love with someone else. We were disgusted, appalled, defiant, and teary-eyed over this news at the Madame Noire offices. We asked ourselves: how could a man look a woman in the face and pretend to love her when he’s really still pining over someone else? How could a woman look her man in the face and be secretly in love with Makulaka from the fourth grade?

“Just get over your ex!” we yelled. “Move on, you shameful people,” we judged…and judged the filthy people, until suddenly, we turned the plaid-embroidered Gucci mirror on ourselves and asked if we were still in love with someone from our pasts. Maybe we were. Maybe we weren’t. Either way, we decided to champion a “move on” movement. And now, the Madame Noire MOVE ON movement has been born! It’s time to MOVE ON from love lost (especially if the love was never good for you anyway)!

In the ‘Comments’ section, write two sentences of closure to any love you’ve lost.


Dear C.R.

I ended our relationship because you were broke as hell & your comedy job sucked. Now, I’m letting go of the past, because we’ve grown up, and you’ve blown up & I guess now the joke’s on me.

Love, June


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