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Ready Or Not! Did You Know Lauryn Hill Joined Instagram?

June 4th, 2015 - By Ann Brown
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I’m here!!! #instagram

A photo posted by Lauryn Hill (@ms_laurynhill) on


Lauryn Hill pulled a fast one on us. While we’ve been distracted by all the social media buzz about Caitlyn Jenner, we totally missed the fact that she has up and finally joined Instagram.

Hill made her social media move without much warning or fanfare.

L-Boogie made her debut by posting photos from her 40th birthday party. On her first ‘Gram day Hill shared of 16 pictures, reports Vibe.

Says Hill on her page bio, “I was a bit skeptical about using Instagram but ya girl is here!! Let me give this thing a try!”

Right now, has 18.4k followers.

Meanwhile the once-reclusive Hill has been busy performing. She recently joined Jazmine Sullivan on the stage of NYC’s Apollo Theatre to sing Nina Simone songs at a screening of the new Simone documentary and is scheduled to headline with Lenny Kravitz and Grace Jones at the upcoming AfroPunk NYC festival.

Are you following her?

Who’s Having The Worst Week Ever?… The Mayans & Everyone Else Claiming The World Would End Today

December 21st, 2012 - By Veronica Wells
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mayans and jesus

Source: Instagram

Though the day’s not quite over yet, I would guess that the world is probably not going to end today. So all of that bottled water, the “in case anything happens, I love you phone calls,” and the incessant surveillance of the weather were all for nothing. (Except for those “I love you” calls, those are always a good idea.) We’re still here. And while this is a good thing for most of us, I’m sure some Mayans and all those who believed their calendar, are feeling more salty than a little bit right now.

We’re not here to laugh at their pain but we will admit that the doomsdayers are probably having something like the worst week ever. Running around claiming that the world was going to cease to exist is a huge thing to be wrong about, even though these claims are made like every other year. We just hope that no one  made any rash decisions, like not showing up for work the past week, or refusing to pay their bills. Yikes!

And through their pain, we find pleasure. The end of the world was a trending topic on Twitter and memes like the one above were reposted on Instagram. Apparently, Jesus wants us to take care of some things before we’re wiped away.

Did you think the world was ending today? Did you know anybody who did?